Web Forms :: Get Information And Save In The Database?

Mar 10, 2011

I am trying to create Modal Web Form to get information and save in the database. when I submit the Modal form, it give me "

The name 'sNewNotes ' does not exist in the current context" message. I am not able to save data. How do I accomplish this?

Following is the Modal Dialogue Html and codebehind code

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Web Forms :: Display Computer Hardware Information And Then Save To Database

Feb 15, 2013

I need a program with asp.ne  that would connect to the computer user  (client) and hardware information Show to me then save to db.

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File Save In .net And Than Save Information In DB

Sep 8, 2010

I am creating the user ,using asp.net + C#.there is the form (UI) who collects the information and send data to Business layer. now, while collecting the information from UI I want to also save the image of user, at file system in application domain.There is function in the business layer as SaveImage, which returns the path where it is saving. Scenario:1) Save image first and then save other information in DB.

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How To Save Table Information As A XML File

Aug 2, 2010

Bellow is my SQL syntax


I want to create a XML file on my project's App_Data folder.This XML use as the source file of my AspxMenu.I know how to bind XML data to AspxMenu but i dont know how to create XML file .I want to save this table information as a XML file on my App_Data folder.how to save table information as a XML file.

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Security :: Unable To Save Any Profile Information?

Feb 4, 2011

I have not been able to save any profile information? All the tutorials seem straightforward but nothing works.



If I am using the default profile provider, why won't this work?

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Security :: How To Save Extra Information About The User In The Cookie

Mar 10, 2010

I'm using the ASP.NET membership framework in my ASP.NET application. I'd like to save a few extra pieces of information in the cookie so that when I need it, I don't have to go back to the database. I want to save user's email address, full name and time zone.How do I save this information in the cookie?

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How To Save And Use Persistent Information Depending On User Type Login

Jun 11, 2010

Iam building a website and i need to store somehow some informations that i will use in the whole site depending of the user type logged in.


1) User XPTO logs in

2) Query DataBase to see where he belongs

3) Store those 2 or 3 fields that i will get in Database in a persistent way to use it in the whole site.

Whats the best practices to do this?

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Save And Use Persistent Information Depending On User Type Login?

Jun 11, 2010

Im building a website and i need to store somehow some informations that i will use in the whole site depending of the user type logged in.3) Store those 2 or 3 fields that i will get in Database in a persistent way to use it in the whole site.My question is: Whats the best practices to do this?

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Data Controls :: How To Save Video Files Into Folder And Save Path Only Into Database

May 7, 2015

How To Save Video files into folder and save path only into database in asp.net using c#.

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When Click On Save Button, Use Jquery To Save Form Entity In Database?

Jul 28, 2010

one button i use to save form entity.and other is to navigate to next pagwhen i click on save button i use jquery to save form entity in database. and form remains as it is

<script type="text/javascript">

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Save Information In LOGIN Page And Display It In Other Pages Line UserName Or AccessRights?

Mar 4, 2011

I m very new in VS (ASP.NET) and using C# in code behind file. I want to define global variables to use in whole application. EXAMPLE

I want to save some information in LOGIN Page and display it in other pages line UserName or AccessRights etc.
Is there anyway to do this without using Cookies and Seassion ?

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Web Forms :: Retrieving Information From Database?

Sep 29, 2010

I have an aspx form that is meant to add a new prescription for a doctor system. I've created the database and dataset needed, but the problem is that the doctorID and patientID has to be able to select from the database, not entered in as a plain text. The form look something like this (I did this in DetailsView in MS Visual Studio 2010):

DoctorID: [textbox]
PatientID: [textbox]
prescription details: [textbox]
Insert Cancel

as you can see, only the prescription details needed to be entered in and the doctorID and patientID needed to be selected from the database (in a dropdown list maybe) and it shouldnt allow any text to be entered in. I did the above tables using a DetailsView in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. However I can't seem to make the doctor and patient ID field be dropdown box which allow me to choose the current doctor and patient in the Doctor and Patient table in the databse. Can anyone tell me how to do it with Design View in Visual Studio?

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Web Forms :: Save File In Folder On Disk Vs Save File In Database

Jan 4, 2014

What is the best way to insert and retrieve images like :

In the database in binary form retrieve it with imagehandler, or

In the database by saving the path of the folder of the images and retrieve it, or

by saving the images directly to the folder and retrieve it...

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Web Forms :: Database Information To Change Images?

Aug 10, 2010

i have an .aspx website, within the site am planing on having a staff directory, i have setup the search, the results and also a more feature to display all there information.

When you click the More button it is supose to display the text with an image of the person. the images are located on a server and are named via staff ref. below is the code i am trying to use to display but am having no luck so far


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Web Forms :: How To Refresh Page And Fetch Information From Database

Aug 9, 2010

Split of from [URL]

tel me some code to refresh my asp page automatically after say 40 minutes to fetch latest data from database.

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C# - How To Move Customer Information From Database To Your Database

Oct 6, 2010

I'm using CreateUserWizard for creating an user but asp.net automatically add user to ASP.NET database
I want to add user in my database and in my customer table. I have tried these code as peer below but nothing happened


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Web Forms :: Display User Specific Information From Database - Based On Login ID

Jan 7, 2011

I have a online game (written in ASP) which i have finally decided to convert to ASP.NET. However i cannot seem to link the login ID's of users to their specific details in the database. I.E when Joe Bloggs logs in, he will be shown the team information for just his club, not every club. in ASP I use code similar to this below


im not convinced that is the right syntax to be using, but when i execute the code in Query Builder it is showing me the correct data (that i expect to see). So im wondering if there is something else im missing? Is there something extra that i need to be adding in Web.Config file or elsewhere?

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Which Sources Information Dynamically From Database?

Sep 20, 2010

I have a gridview which sources information dynamically from database.

Here when i go for the default "AllowSorting" flag equal to true, i am able to achieve sorting of all displayed columns except the textBox control column whose values refreshes to zero.

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Web Forms :: How To Save Image To Database

Jan 29, 2011

I have this path

string path = "~//ImageUploadfolder//"+ab;

In string variable, path contain this file ~//ImageUploadfolder//1.jpg .how to save this image to database as image datatype and retrieve from database to image control.

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Web Forms :: Did Not Save Data In DataBase?

Nov 8, 2010

i put my asp.net project in one of our PC in my company in LAN.I got access through the URL http://localhost/myprojectname from my PC.But am unable to save data from aspx page of my PC to hosted PC.

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Web Forms :: Save The Values To Database

Feb 9, 2011

I have a website project in asp.net (c#). I created some text fields and dropdownlists. the user fills the text fields etc.., the dropdownlists gets data from database (.mdf) and when the user clicks on the <submit> button, I want save all the values from textfields, etc.. in my database table. How can I do this exacly ? I get the values for ddl from database with this method, [URL]

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Web Forms :: Can Save Uploads To Database

Jan 27, 2011

how i can upload files(word or pdf files) from upload control in asp.net C#,

and how can i save it to database?

instructor must add uploads to his page and students will be able to download this files,how i can do this?

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Web Forms :: ListBox Save To Database?

Feb 2, 2010

What is the standard practice for updating your listbox or combobox selections to a database lookup table?

Suppose you have a list of groups that an employee can be a member of. The user selects one or more groups and hits the save button. What is the best practice for updating the database?

Should I first DELETE all groups assigned to that user, in case they exist, and then INSERT the selected ones?

Or should I go through each list item and if it's not selected, DELETE it. If it is selected, check to see if it exists first, if so do nothing, if it doesn't INSERT it?

Or is there a better way to reconcile selections with the database table?

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Web Forms :: Save Textbox Value Into Database?

Nov 27, 2010

i have created a web form, where i have 3 textboxes into a table and one submit button.

i would like to store values from the textboxes into my database (sql server) when i click the submit button.

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Web Forms :: Save Image Name In Database?

Jul 5, 2012

i use fileupload control in my page that save image in my database with binary data is there any way that when i upload file instead of saving binary data it save that imagename in image column?

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