Web Forms :: Is It Possible To Programatically Browse Back One Step, Instead Of Doing That With The Browse Back/forward Buttons In The Browser

Jul 2, 2010

How is it possible to programatically Browse back one step, instead of doing that with the browse back/forward buttons in the browser ?

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Web Forms :: Getting Back / Forward Buttons To Work Correctly?

Aug 31, 2010

My program has 4 pages that have session variables on each page and they are retrieved on the 4th and final page then submitted to a database when the submit button is clicked. When i was testing my program i filled out all 4 pages and then clicked back to refill-in something on a previous page and all my information wasn't filled out anymore. So i added the code in the page load sub btnBack.Attributes.Add("onClick", "javascript:history.back(); return false;") and this cured that problem so i could click back and the data would still be filled out.

Then i saw a new problem....after i went back to fix something on previous pages 1 and 2, i would click the next button to go forward to pages 3 and 4 that i've already started filling out and now the data on those pages were cleared. So how do i make it so that the information from the whole
program stays filled out whether i go back and forth from the 1st page to the 4th until i click submit on the 4th page?

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Web Forms :: How To Handle Browser Back And Forward Button

Dec 14, 2010

How should i handle browser Back and Forward button? I have aspx page . in aspx page has some field with Save Button. i have clicked on save button to save the data, then i clicked on browser back button, then it again execute the save button event. how should i prevent to fire save button event again when user clicked on Browser back button?

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Web Forms :: Disable Browser Back And Forward Button From Code Behind?

May 6, 2014

I am doing online quiz in a Page in my website. How i will restrict users from going backward or forward using Broowser backward or forward button in that page using ASP.Net,C#,JavaScript.

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C# - Controlling Browser Forward / Back Functions In Web Application?

Mar 8, 2011

I'm writing a web-based application for internal use within the business where I work. It's a fairly complex application, with a lot of forms that will allow the user to view and enter data, which once saved will be stored in a database.

One thing I'm anxious to avoid is allowing a situation to exist where a user might enter large amounts of data in the browser, and then (either deliberately or inadvertently) navigate off the page without saving the changes. To this end, I have already implemented an entry page which opens up a new browser window in which there are no navigation controls at all; only what is provided on the web pages themselves.

However, there are two potential ways in which a user could still lose data:

The browser Close button is still enabled, and a user could potentially lose work by clicking it inadvertently. I can probably live with this, as it falls at the extreme end of helping the user not to shoot himself in the foot. In Internet Explorer (and, apparently, in Firefox) the Backspace button works like a Back button. I only discovered this accidentally, and have as yet been unable to find a simple way of stopping this behaviour. This is potentially a problem, as an inadvertent use of the Delete key (e.g. having positioned the cursor in a read-only textbox, or when the cursor isn't on any particular field in the page) will navigate off the page.

What I would like to do, as a minimum, is prevent Backspace from navigating off a page if that page has any user-writable fields on it and any of those fields have been changed by the user since the form was loaded. Ideally, I would like to disable this particular use of the Backspace key completely, while the user is logged into this web application. The two possible ways that I can think of, for achieving this, are: (1) clear the browser's history as each page is loaded, or (2) trap the Backspace key and only allow it to work if the cursor is positioned within a field whose text can be changed (e.g. a textbox).

how I could achieve either of these things? The solution needs to be programmatic, rather than something that has to be manually configured on every browser in the company.

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State Management :: .Net Website Logged In Pages Still Displayed By Pressing Back Button In Mozilla Firefox Browse?

Jun 18, 2010

I want know, If an error has occurred and website is redirected to the Custom Error Page and is also logged out. If back button of the Mozilla browser is pressed, previous logged in page is displayed. I have also used

in Page_init on Custom error page. Also set the values of .ASPXAUTH and other cookies to 1 but again page is not going to the Login Page. These cookies could also not be removed.

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Web Forms :: Create Pdf Like A Textbox Nd 2 Buttons Like Button Name Is Browse?

Jun 14, 2010

My problem is that I want to create pdf file through asp.net.like i have a textbox nd 2 buttons like button name is browse.when i click on button then dialog box appear and select the file path and click the another button to genrate pdf file?

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Web Forms :: Prevent Back From Browser Back Button After Logout

Jul 25, 2013

When I click Logout page redirect to Login page but when click to browser arrow back then it will goes back, I want to after Logout cannot going to back page...

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Security :: Sign Out Link / Click The Back Button On Browser, Still Go Back Into The Site?

Jun 24, 2010

I've created a Sign Out link on my page, just like the one you see on the top right hand corner of this forum.

This is the code i use :

<asp:HyperLink NavigateUrl="~/Login.aspx" ID="hypSignOut" runat="server" Text="Sign Out"></asp:HyperLink>

However, after signing out, I click the back button on my browser, I can still go back into the site. How do I prevent this?

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C# - Force Users To Browse With One Browser Window At A Given Time?

Jan 11, 2011

i have to implement a requirement that's kind of weird for web apps (intranet web app).

after an user login to the app, the user may press Ctrl + N to open the current page in a new window. this sounds perfectly normal except the business requirement is to prevent users from doing this. users must logoff before they can access to the app again with a different browser window/tab.

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Forms Data Controls :: Calendar Moves Back And Forward From A Date?

Jun 4, 2010

i am using an asp calendar in a screen.... i need to move the date back and forward when clicking on previous and next button...

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How To Allow User To Use Back Or Forward Button

Mar 3, 2010

customers does not want to allow user to use back or forward button. Just a clean page without commandbar and toolbar, same for FF an IE. Disabling them is not an option as now.

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Disable Back And Forward Action In IE?

Oct 6, 2010

I have a requirement to disable back and forward action in IE for my web app.

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User Controls :: How To Browse Folder Using Browser Button From Any Location On Server

Apr 17, 2012

i'm creating a asp.net web application in which i need to select source file using browse button to select the Source location from where the files has to be copied from and destination file using browse button to select the destination location where the files has to be copied to .So pls tell me what should be the code for browse button to browse a folder for source and destination and copy the source folder files to destination folder(i want to copy only text and excel files from source to destination folder) and i want user to see the progress how files are copying from source to destination and error also if there is any error in copying.

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AJAX :: How To Get The TabContainer Working With Backward And Forward Browser Buttons

Feb 4, 2011

I'm using C#, asp.net 3.5, Ajaxtoolkit

Is there a setting so that user can go back and forward through the tabs they selected in the same Tabcontainer?

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Prevent Viewing A Restricted Page On Pressing Back/forward Button?

Jan 21, 2011

I am trying to implement Login/Logout functionality in my website without using inbuilt functionality of Login controls in ASP.NET. In some pages, which require the user to be logged in, I have written this in Page_Load

if (Session["cod"] == null && Session["admin"] == null)
Response.Redirect("You need to Login.aspx");
if (Session["cod"] != null || Session["admin"] != null)
LinkButton1.Text = "Logout";
if (Page.IsPostBack == false)

But while I was testing this, I noticed that when I press the Back/Forward button on the browser, these pages are viewable without being logged in. How do I prevent this?

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Forms Data Controls :: Change Gridview Data With Either Back Or Forward Button?

Nov 10, 2010

I have a gridview that does a select statement against a sql database, there is not editing, inserting or deleting just the select statement. What I want to do is have the data in the gridview refresh upon either hitting the back button or the forward button.

If the back button is pressed it should give me yesterdays data from the table. If I hit the forward button it should give me tomorrows data, at the same time i want the forward button to be limited to going forward only 5 days from todays date.

I figure that I have to do this in a Updatepanel however I am unsure as to how to do this.

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How To Go Back To Previous Step In Wizard Control

Jul 3, 2011

I'm using the Wizard control to collect information about the users:

- Step1: User personal information
- step2: User account information (email. username, password ...)
- step3: User agreement
- step4: display all the inputted information before submitting

On Step2, after the user has inputted username and clicked the Next button (to go to Step3), I verify whether the username is already being used. If so, I want to display an error message and stop to process to go to Step3.

Here is the code that I'm using:

Protected Sub Wizard1_NextButtonClick(sender As Object, e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.WizardNavigationEventArgs) Handles Wizard1.NextButtonClick
Dim WhichStepId As String = Wizard1.ActiveStep.ID 'Just to see the active step
Dim WhatActiveStepIndex As Integer = Wizard1.ActiveStepIndex 'Just to know active step index


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Web Forms :: Multiple Radio Buttons Are Set As TRUE In Post Back?

May 9, 2010

In my code, I cannot use a radiobuttongroup due to formatting constraints. This is a page where the user can update the data. So I have

<asp:TableCell ID="TableCell1" CssClass="answer" runat="server">
<asp:RadioButton ID="PatientYes" GroupName="Patient" runat="server" />
<asp:TableCell ID="TableCell2" CssClass="answer" runat="server">
<asp:RadioButton ID="PatientNo" GroupName="Patient" runat="server" />

If I have the case where one button is set when the page is displayed and the user changes to the other value, BOTH are coming back as TRUE. How can I just get the value selected by the user?

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AJAX :: How To Update Gridview Data From Back Button Or Forward Button

Nov 10, 2010

I have a gridview that does a select statement against a sql database. What I want to do is have the data in the gridview refresh upon either hitting the back button or the forward button.

If the back button is pressed it should give me yesterdays data from the table. If I hit the forward button it should give me tomorrows data, at the same time i want the forward button to be limited to going forward only 5 days from todays date. I figure that I have to do this in a Updatepanel however I am unsure as to how to do this.

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Web Forms :: Scroll Back To Drop Down List After Auto Post Back In Code Behind?

Feb 22, 2011

Using Vb.Net 2003 Asp.Net 1.1

I have a dynamic data bound drop down list, when the user selects thier selected item I have to use the autopostback feature.

Problem is: when the page comes back it is at the top of the page not where i have the control.

I don't really need it to focus back on the dropdownlist but to scroll to it, I want to do it in the code behind.

Any "New" ways to do it, I mean new as in code from like 2010 instead of old code from the early days.

I really don't want to use Page.Register new Script...... code if I can avoid it.

What would be cool is a ScrollToControl() Function for my code behind that worked but didn't register script.

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Web Forms :: Back Button - Action To Return Back To 2 Pages Before On Single Click?

Oct 15, 2010


I have created a back button on my asp page. However, I would like this back button a a sinlge click to return the user to the page 2 pages before. I have tried to enter the history.back(2) but with no luck it does not work.

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Web Forms :: Redirect Loggedout Users Back To Login Page When Back Button Is Pressed

Jul 7, 2012

i m having problem with logout code in asp.net with c#. this logout code should end session, disable browser's back button and and if somebody try to login by paste the url of any user account page.i used this code in login page

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Session["name"] = TxtUserName.Text;

and in logout i used this

protected void logout_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

nothing happening back button is still visible

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Web Forms :: Browser Back Button

Mar 9, 2014

When i Clicked a logout button the page will be close but the browser back button go to previous page how to solve this....

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Forms Data Controls :: Back Button Doesn't Go Back When Canceling / Updating Edits In Gridview?

Mar 31, 2010

I have a gridview bound to a sqldatasource with editing enabled. If I click Edit, then either Cancel or Update, the update or cancel occurs and the Edit button reappears. However, I cannot then click the browser's back button without having the Update and Cancel buttons reappear. A second click of the back button takes me to a state where the Edit button shows again, *then* another back button click will take me to the referring page (the one before the one with the gridview on it.) IOW, it looks like the postbacks are cached. How can I prevent this and have the back button go straight to the referring page?

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