Web Forms :: Retrieve Large File From Database?

Sep 21, 2010

I have a database table that works as a file repository. Currently there are binaries stored in there and I want to pull the "large" ones out in chunks. Some of these files are in excess of 500 MB. I have business rules that dictate if the file is >5MB to transmit in chunks. <5MB and I can load into memory and rip out. I got the uploading in chunks to work, but how do I get it to pull it out of the DB in chunks?

Right now I'm getting hit with a 'System.OutOfMemory' exception. But when I recreate the byte array of the SAME size (empty though) it doesn't break.

Download Chunks (DAL)

public byte[] getBytesByDataID(int chunkSize, string dataID) { string query = "SELECT data.data " +" FROM data " + " WHERE dataID = @dataID"; openConnection(); cmd = new SqlCommand(query, myConnection); cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@dataID", dataID);


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Retrieve File Name From Database In File Upload Control

Mar 9, 2011

I have form for update product in which I have file upload control, in update product form i have retrieved all other details of product in appropriate text boxes like product name,price,etc. I also want to retrieve name and path of product image in file upload control which is uploaded using add product form. Is it possible to set path of uploaded file to file upload control.

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C# - Retrieve Mp3 File From Database?

Aug 19, 2010

I have a question regarding how to retrieve an mp3 file stored as a byte[] array from the database and display it in a form and let the user to download/play it?

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Store And Retrieve Images From File System Instead Of Database

Mar 17, 2010

I need a place to store images. My first thought was to use the database, but many seems to recommend using the filesystem. This seems to fit my case, but how do I implement it?

The filenames need to be unique, how to do that. Should I use a guid?

How to retrieve the files, should I go directly to the database using the filename, make a aspx page and passing either filename or primary key as a querystring and then read the file.

What about client side caching, is that enabled when using a page like image.aspx?id=123 ?

How do I delete the files, when the associated record is deleted?

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How To Retrieve Large(approx: 50 MB) Xml String From Webpage

Feb 25, 2010

What is the preferred way to retrieve large(approx: 50 MB) xml string from ASP.NET webpage?

Placing the xml string in file and downloading the file is not a choice.(This should be my last resort if nothing else works)

I have following method on ASP.NET server which is exposed through WCF service to silverlight client.


Unfortunately these xml strings are approximately 50MB to 100 MB. Silverlight client needs to retrive these large strings and store it in a file on the client machine at the path selected by the user through saveFileDialog.

My concern is WCF service will not allow such large messages. How can I address this issue?

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Retrieve PDF File Stored On SQL Server Database And Then Display On Page

Sep 23, 2012

In gridview I have two link button that is "VIEW" and "DOWNLOAD" if I click "view" that pdf file will display in an other page if I click download that file will be downloaded.. how can i do this..

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Web Forms :: How To Play Large MP4 File In Website

Mar 6, 2014

How to play mp4 file in website which is having a size of approx 20 mb.

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Web Forms ::store Youtube Or Any Other Video URL Or Link In Database And Retrieve From Database??

Nov 6, 2010

how can i store youtube or any other video URL or link in database and retrive from database
and what control i use in this in C sharp

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Web Forms :: Large File Upload Error Message?

Apr 23, 2010

I have standard asp.net file upload control on a page. If a user try to upload large file they get all the cryptic error messages like page not found etc.I dont want them to be able to upload large files, but still want to show gracefull error message saying that file is too large to upload or something like that. Is there any way to do that?

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Web Forms :: How To Download A Large File With Resume Facility

Feb 8, 2010

how to download a large file with resume facility in asp.net.

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Web Forms :: Upload Large Excel File - Use Multithreading?

Mar 7, 2011

i have a large excel file which has 1 lakh row , i want to insert these data in my table i am using entity framework for insert but it takes more than 45 minutes to insert which is too much, i want to speed up the uploading process what should i do. can I use multithreading for it if yes then how i can use? if any other way to do this process.

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Web Forms :: Large Size PDF File Not Opening Browser?

Oct 15, 2010

I have problem in my asp.net application. I have some file in floder (PDF, .doc, ,txt ) i want to open these files in my web browser .

Now my problem is large PDF files are not opeing in my browser even some less size pdf files are opeing prefectly and other files are also working good.

The following code i have wriiten to open the file


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Web Forms :: Error 400 With Large File When Using FileUpload Control

Apr 30, 2012

There is a requirement like in a web page having FileUpload control and button. I need to upload excel records to sql database. If the excel file having less than 1000 records then it is executing fine and if the excel file having more than 1000 records then it's giving me the error message like bad request (error code: 400). As per my requirement need to upload minimum 4000 to 5000 records on button click. Some times it is working fine in IE browser but not all the times. In mozilla not at all working if records having more than 1000. How can i over come this issue.

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Read Large File Size Text File?

Jan 17, 2011

I have a text file with tab as delimiter. There are about 20 fields in the text file and the file size is about 150MB-200MB.

I need to filter out each row in the textfile based on its field criteria, For Eg: the i should ignore the particular row if the Field A is empty.

I know that by reading out the text file row by row it will be certainly slow.

how to read out the text file fast and also how to do the file processing for the read out text file?

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C# - SQL Server Database Optimization For Large Database?

Jun 7, 2010

I am developing a website with huge data which to be stored in SQL Server database. How should I optimize it to make it faster.

1. Using Stored procedures.

2. Functions / Views.

3. Any other methods

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Web Forms :: Send A Large File To The Response Stream - OutofMemory?

May 20, 2010

I'm using Filestream for read big file (> 500 MB) and I get the OutOfMemoryException. Any solutions about it?? I want this in my app asp.net: Read DATA from Oracle Uncompress file using FileStream and BZip2 Read file uncompressed and send it to asp.net page for download. When I read file from disk, Fails !!! and get OutOfMemory. My Code is:

using (var fs3 = new FileStream(filePath2, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read))
byte[] b2 = ReadFully(fs3, 1024);
// [URL]
public static byte[] ReadFully(Stream stream, int initialLength)
// If we've been passed an unhelpful initial length, just
// use 32K.
if (initialLength < 1)
initialLength = 32768;
byte[] buffer = new byte[initialLength];
int read = 0;
int chunk;
while ((chunk = stream.Read(buffer, read, buffer.Length - read)) > 0)
read += chunk;
// If we've reached the end of our buffer, check to see if there's
// any more information
if (read == buffer.Length)
int nextByte = stream.ReadByte();
// End of stream? If so, we're done
if (nextByte == -1)............................

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Forms Data Controls :: Populate Gridview From A Large Text File?

Jan 26, 2011

I have a very large text file whose data I need to extract and display in a gridview control. The method I'm using now is as follow:

1. Read each line of the textfile using StreamReader, into a String.

2. Split the String and populate the fields of a detail object.

3. Add the detail object to a List.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for each row of the text file.

5. Bind the list to the gridview.

I think most of the time is spent processing the text file data (steps 1, 2 & 3).

Is there any way this can be done quicker and more efficiently? At present, it takes ages to read and process a 76 mb text file.

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Forms Data Controls :: Formatting Text Within Large Comment Field Stored In SQL Database?

Jun 15, 2010

I'm using ASP .NET C# 3.5. I have a multiline textbox on my web form that allows for the input of up to 5,000 characters from the end-user. This text is a basic description of a training course. I need to display it out in a clearly formatted way. For example, I need there to be bullets and bold text.

What I did was I chose certain (not often used) characters and then used the .Replace method when displaying the text in an <asp:Label>. If the text in the database contains the character '~' then I replace that with a line break <br />. If it contains '`' I replace that with <b> and if it contains '^' I replace that with </b>.

Is there a better way of doing this? It is working properly, and I'm displaying the text properly, but I know the end-user is going to hate typing text like this for formatting. I do want this all to stay database driven as well

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Better Way To Large Upload File?

Sep 24, 2010

What is better way to large upload file.using a web service or in application itself.If in application, how can we check that files is to upload in a regular interval.actually i dont want user to wait for complete uploading, when it starts uploading user will get response of uploaded and uploading will be done in backgroud.I am not sure this type of task can be done in webservice also so that user doesnot need to wait for complete uploading.and one more query which event fires when the page redirects to another page.Is it Page_UnLoad or Dispose

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Reindexing A Large SQL Server Database To Lucene?

Feb 24, 2011

We have a web service method which accepts some data and puts it in Lucene index. We use it to index new and updated entries from our asp.net web app.

These entries are stored in a large SQL Server table (20M rows and growing), and I need a way to be able to reindex the whole table in case if current index gets deleted or corrupted. I'm not sure what's the optimal way to retrieve chunks of data from a large table. Currently, we use the fact that the table has PK which is autoincrement, so we get chunks of 1000 rows until it starts to return nothing. Kind of like (in pseudo language):

i = 0
while (true)
SELECT col1, col2, col3 FROM mytable WHERE pk between i and i + 1000
.... if result is empty 20 times in a row, break ....
.... otherwise send result to web service to reindex ....
i = i + 1000

This way, we don't need to SELECT COUNT(*) which would be a big performance killer, and we just move up the pk values until we stop getting any results. This has it's con: if we have a hole greater than 20,000 values somewhere in the table, it will stop indexing assuming it reached the end, but that's a tradeoff we have to live for now.

way of getting data from a table to index? I would assume we are not the first ones facing this problem - search engines are widely used nowadays :)

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WCF / ASMX :: How To Upload Large File In WCF

Dec 29, 2010

I am trying to upload file in WCF.When I try to upload file I am getting following error message. System.ServiceModel.CommunicationException:The socket connection was aborted.

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Getting Newest File From Large Directory?

Jun 25, 2010

I am searching for a way to get the most recent file from a large directory. The directory contains images taken by a webcam. The only technique I have found (which works...but very slowly) is to get all the files using DirectoryInfo.GetFileSystemInfos. The approach is so slow that is unusable. I need to only retrieve the most recent.


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Debugging While Uploading Large File?

Aug 20, 2010

I've checked many threads about this but I'm not sure how to fix this:When I try to upload a 33 mb file while debuggin, control directly falls into application_endrequest even when I've a breakpoint set to first line in application_beginrequest in my global.asax.cs. I can see the page in non-postback case.My maxRequestEntityAllowed is set to 400000, and in web.config I got

<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="1024000"/>

What else do I need to fix? I can upload a 25mb file btw.platform: IIS7, Windows 7 64 bit, .NET framework 2.0, integrated pipeline

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Web Forms :: Retrieve Data From Database?

Feb 23, 2010

my table name is "amountdetails"

it contains the following field "id","name","amount"

when the user enter the "id" in TextBox1 and click the button then the "name" and "amount" to that corresponding id should be dispalyed in the TextBox2 and TextBox3.

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Web Forms :: Retrieve Images From Database?

Nov 10, 2010

i have made a webpage for user registration where i have to save image of user in data base which i have done successfully but i am unable to retrieve that image

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