Web Forms :: Send Email To External Email Id Using C#?

Mar 29, 2010

i am trying to send emails to internal as well external email id(like gmail,yahoo,rediff etc.) .but the problem is that i can send the email to internal email id and recieve it but when i try to send the mail to external email id iam not able to receive the email. the process runs fine cause no errors are occurring.

SmtpClient emailClient;
emailClient = new SmtpClient("", 252);
MailMessage message = new MailMessage("a.b@abc.com", a.b@glass.com", "Report", "Dear All,");
message.IsBodyHtml = true;
message.Body ="Dear All,"+"<br/>"+ "Please find the attached file.";
System.Net.Mime.ContentType mimeType = new System.Net.Mime.ContentType();
message.Attachments.Add(new System.Net.Mail.Attachment("Report.xls", mimeType));
emailClient.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("a.b", "pass123");
emailClient.UseDefaultCredentials = false;
emailClient = null;

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Jul 15, 2010

I have a web application which will send email when user changes his/her passwords and also some invitation emails from the webpage.I have used VS2008 to develop this application. On my development machine the emails are send using the provided credentials as follows:


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Web Forms :: Send Email With Arabic (Persian) Text In Email Body

May 7, 2015

I followed this link, it works fine with English Text. [URL] ....

My problem is when I am adding Arabic text to the message body it displays ???? format.

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Web Forms :: Send Forgot Password Email To Multiple Domain Email Addresses Using Single Program

Mar 31, 2013

i have code for forgot password using gmail account. But i want to send password for multiple domains like yahoo,rediffmail and more.

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May 7, 2015

how to display Chart in Email body and excel attachment.

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Web Forms :: Send Email To Persons Email Address In TextBox

Jun 17, 2012

i will enter an email address in textbox i have button on the click of button i would like to send a mail Hello to the mail address provider

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Web Forms :: Send Email Without Sender Email Address

Sep 20, 2012

These are sender settingcode in web.config

<add key="Host" value="smtp.gmail.com"/>
<add key="EnableSsl" value="true"/>
<add key="UserName" value="neda@gmail.com"/>
<add key="Password" value="xxxx"/>
<add key="Port" value="587"/>

here is sender email but i want there wasn't any email address.I mean i want when users click on button and send me an email there wasn't any email address in sender details.

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AJAX :: Send Email From Modal PopUp Contact Email Form In Master Page

May 7, 2015

how Can i Send Email With Message Using Master Page in Asp.net?

EMail Sending PopUp Open In All Pages To Provide The User Sending Email Facility From All Pages...

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How To Send An Email To Distribution List Instead Of Email Address

Mar 22, 2010

in my web i want to send email to distribution list instead of email addresthis is my code:

message.From = New MailAddress("Innovate_Web@KISR.EDU.KW")
message.To.Add(New MailAddress("mmahdi@safat.kisr.edu.kw"))
'message.To.Add(New MailAddress("innovate@safat.kisr.edu.kw"))
message.Subject = "Email from contact page in Innovate Web"
message.BodyEncoding = Encoding.UTF8

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Unable To Send An Email From .net Using A Google Apps Email?

Jan 16, 2011

I am trying to send an email from asp.net using a google apps email.

I found this question which did not resolve the issue
Send Email via C# through Google Apps account

The part that I am really confused about is that it works with these settings

<smtp from="****@gmail.com" deliveryMethod="Network">
<network host="smtp.gmail.com" port="587"
userName="****@gmail.com" password="****"[code]....

and get the following error message

"The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.5.1 Authentication Required."

I found this article as well http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Google+Apps/thread?tid=2cbb54572fea6939&hl=en and worked through this but that did not resolve me issue either.

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Data Controls :: Send Email With Data From Database In Email Body?

May 7, 2015

how to send email with database contents?

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Web Forms :: Sending Scheduled EMail From Web Application As External Service?

Dec 27, 2010

As indicated in the Subject, I have a web application (say APP) that should feature an e-Mail Notification Service (ENS). Activation of the Service is controlled by a Button in a dedicated page where some parameters are also included to set running Period (FromTime - ToTime), Interval, Recipients, etc.

When said button is clicked, it should maintain those parameters into database then launch ENS. Since ENS is expected to run for good according to set parameters, it logically should run as an external application/service, independent from APP.

When ENS starts, it needs to consult database to fetch parameters, then schedules its Timer to periodically check database for some transactions that when found, should trigger ENS to dispatch e-Mails to concerned Recipient(s).


1. Launch ENS as an external application on button click from APP.Achieved by using System.Diagnostics.Process class. However, I encountered a problem in verifying if the process is already running before starting it. The root of the problem lies in
ProcessName property. Since ALL web applications must be launched via IE, hence, have
iexplore as their ProcessName, which is also applicable to all processes started through IE, it is very likely to have multiple processes utilising IE. How to check which is which? I couldn't figure out that.

Eventually, I ended up with a workaround: when the Process is started from APP, capture its ID and save it to database, then use this ID with GetProcessById() method for later verification. When the Process is terminated, reset stored ID in database.

2. What sort of application should ENS be: Windows Application or Web Application?

In either way however, ENS will always run invisible in the background being a Process. If this is the case, how about creating it as a Windows Service instead?

I did a lot of reading but still confused. However, the choice is limited now to either Web Application or Windows Service. Which one is more convenient to the task in hand?

3. What Timer to use?

I tried System.Timers.Timer in a test web application but it didn't fire! Then I used ASP AJAX Timer and it worked pretty well (I still need though to try running it from APP to judge its functionality). I came across some recommendations to use System.Threading.Timer but haven't tested that yet. Would it worth the trial?

4. ENS as a Windows Service.

If I create ENS as a Windows Service, would I be able to communicate with database? How would this influence the Timer to use?

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C# - Send Email To IDN Email ID

Jun 23, 2010

How do I send email to non-Ascii email ID, for example I have adad@ÄÖß.com as emailID and when I try to send email to this emailID using

MailMessage msg = new MailMessage();

msg.To.Add(sendTo) throws an error saying "The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address.". Did you guys face this ever?

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Web Forms :: How To Send Email

Mar 8, 2010

i m a student n making out a website for my project ,i have desined a enquiry form with few attributes such as name, contact no., adress, city , email -id,and message nad i want that when ever any one fills out the webform and press submit button all the detail should go into my e mail id through SMTP plz let me know the code in detail and secondly i have designed a webpAGE WHICH LOOKS OKAY IN ie8 BUT DOESN'T look okay in google chrome (the division<div> does not remain in its desired location plz let me know how to correct it

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Web Forms :: How To Send An Email Using C#

Jan 26, 2010

I use c# Lang .. & I belt page to send msg..

I put this code behind :


and this in web.config :


when I fill the textbox and click send .. the page load about 2-3 min thin i get that the Msg was Sent Successfully ,, but when I check the mail : there is no Msg !

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Web Forms :: Send Email Using C#?

Jun 23, 2010

i want to send email using asp.net. i want to start it from basics. from where should i start ?? can anybody give me simple code to understand?

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Web Forms :: How To Send PDF With Email

Jan 24, 2013

I am having one form with payment integration,if successful payment done members will receive email of all payment and product details.But my customer asked me to send pdf along with email.

how we can create pdf dynamically with desired fields,sending of attached file is there in my project.

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Web Forms :: How To Send Email Without Using Exchange

May 25, 2010

We have a series of sites that run in on an outside server but currently to send email everything is routing through our local inhouse exchange server. We are looking to move our exchange to a ofsite exchange service, but don't want the emails from our apps to route to it for sending. I have seen some third party add ons that will allow you to send email with the smtp but not route through exchange. Does anyone have any experience with doing this? If so what would you suggest. Just looking for a way that we can send mail with out routing back through our servers.

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Web Forms :: How To Send HTML Email In C#

Apr 19, 2010

I have a panel control whose background is an image. Using css, I have some variables inside that panel control. Now, if I want to email the panel control (with the background image and the text in them), how would i do that? Whenever I send an email, it misses all the styles and the background image as well.

Let me know if you need any more info.

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Web Forms :: How To Create And Send Email

Oct 25, 2010

I've been in IT for a number of years on the Infrastructure side but I'm a complete newbie when it comes to ASP.NET programming (I literally started today). I'm using Microsoft Web Expressions 2 to create a website and am used to using the regular HTML based forms to have the forms capture and email me the form data. However, from a need to have more advanced Form Validation I've embarked on changing my forms over to ASP.NET. All was going well when I seem to have hit a bit of a road block here.

I've managed to figure out the RegularExpressionValidator and RequiredFieldValidator Validation controls however I've now added an ImageButton that I want to be the form Submit button and to email me the form results once the user hits Send. But from the examples I've found online I'm still stumped on how to implement this.

Below is the form code from the page. My site is hosted with 1&1.com and I just want the form info to come to me at my email address, preferably in HTML format.


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Web Forms :: Send Information To Particular Email ID

Jan 6, 2011

I want that when i click on SUBMIT button of my form, all the information of the form should be mailed to particular email ID. How can i add that functionality using .net framework 3.5 & visual studio 2008.

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Web Forms :: How To Send Email To Members

Aug 14, 2010

f i send email to first member, everything is ok ,, but next member will have 2 email .. email for him and the message for first one !and i have another problem with ( send to all ) All members received the Message , But without the subject and textthis a contol page .aspx code


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Web Forms :: How To Send Email With Image

Jun 11, 2010

how to send email with image.

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Web Forms :: How To Send Autogenerated Email

Sep 6, 2010

i want to send an autogenerated email from my web application

is this possible using trigger....

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Web Forms :: Send An Email With An Attachement?

Feb 16, 2011

I am unsure of the best method to send an email with an attachement.I am using it on a page .aspx - vb.net that is for careers and I want them to send a resume as an attachment.

I have got it working fine with Internet Explorer using the file control as it has the full path to the file,with every other browser it only has the filename and therefore fails.

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