Web Forms ::  using <membership> Tag On Webconfig To Show The Database?

Aug 30, 2010

I got a source code which uses <asp:login> tag

I found the code is using <membership> tag on webconfig to show the database.

How the 'table' from which the data is retrieved is to be given???

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Security :: Membership And Roles SQLExpress Database For Application Database?

Jul 11, 2010

I would like to use the Role Membership and User Security database as my application database too. That is, just add the tables and relationships required by my application's data access layer to the Membership and Roles Database to save on hosting fees, (I have to pay extra for having two databases instead of one). Of course, the connection string would have to be adjusted, but I don't see a downside considering the application's database is actually an Access database. What can I say, it was a requirement at the time.

Basically, I would like to do the opposite of this:

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Forms Data Controls :: Show Database From A Sql Database Not In A Table?

Mar 24, 2010

I have a database and i what to pull different columns from a row without having to but it in a datagrid. I know this is 1st grade stuff. :)

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Security :: How To Show Membership Users That Are Not In Any Role?

Apr 15, 2010

I am using the asp.net membership provider tables in sql server. I'm trying to figure out how to query a list of users that are NOT in any role.

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Security :: How To Show Alrady Logged Inn Message Using Membership

May 9, 2010

I Have an asp.net application in which i have used asp.net membership for authentication. Wat i need is , i need to check whether user is already logged inn. If user logged in , in a computer ... At the same time same user logged inn from another computer , then for the second time logged inn , a message should be displayed Already logged inn

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C# 3.0 - How To Show Roles In Gridview / Using Membership.getalluser() Function

Jan 24, 2011

I am getting user list using Membership.GetAllUsers() function. And I bind this data in a grid view.

But I cannot find the roles information here. I need to show the roles in that grid view.

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Web Forms :: Encrypt / Decrypt Password In Membership Database?

Aug 18, 2015

is there any way to decrypt the membership password?

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Sql Server - Reference Membership Database In Another Database?

Jan 1, 2011

I am making a simple ASP.NET webpage for my school organization using VS2010. When I choose "New Website," I see that Visual Studio already sets up a database for managing memberships. I also have my own database (MyDatabase) that I need to use for the site, which contains information about the members of the organization (for example, email, phone-number, etc.)

I need to have a way to find out who the current logged-in user is, and allow them to edit ONLY their information (email, phone-number).The way I have considered doing it is:

- Add a field in MyDatabase called "UserName" and use it as a sort-of foreign key from the other database.

- Get the username of the logged-in user

- Use this username for my queries For example:

// (PseudoCode)
String loggedInUser = MembersDatbase.GetLoggedInUser();
var MemberInfo = SELECT * FROM MyDatabase.Users WHERE UserName=loggedInUser;

-Then the logged-in user will only have access to their information.

I'm not sure about the code yet, but I could probably figure that part out. I'm more interested in hearing if there is a better way of doing this. I do NOT want to merge the two databases into a single database.

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Membership / Show The Password In The (internal) Web Page Where A List Of All Users?

Mar 25, 2010

I'd like to use the ASP.NET membership provider in the following (low-security) scenario...

My company will create and administer user accounts on behalf of our clients. These accounts will likely be shared amongst several people in the client company (is that a problem?).

There will be 2 types of users (2 roles): client and administrator. Administrators are the people within my company that will have special privileges to create client user accounts, etc.

Clients will not be able to self-register. They also won't get to choose their own password, and they should not be able to change their password either, since that will just create confusion where several people are sharing the same account.

My internal users (admins) will set the password for each client. Here's the bit I'm struggling with: if a client phones up and asks to be reminded of their password, how can my admin users find out what the password is? Can I configure the provider to store the password in clear text (or other recoverable form), and if so can I get at the password through the .NET API?

As I said at the outset, this is a low-security application, and so I plan simply to show the password in the (internal) web page where I have a list of all users.

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Security :: How To Delete The Forms Users Of The Membership Service From Database

Apr 21, 2010

I had created a Membership ASP.NET 3.5 website and selected the Forms authentication. Therefore, I created several users with related information into the ASPNETDB database. Yesterday, I changed the website security to Windows authentication.

This morning, when reviewing the ASPNETDB data for another website, I still can see those Membership Forms users and their ApplicationIDs in the aspnet_Users and aspnet_membership tables. How can I delete those Forms users?

Another question: In aspnet_Applications table, I can see the ApplicationName (e.g. /WebPartsDemo) for the Web Parts websites. I have 2 ApplicationIDs in the aspnet_Membership table. I can not see only one ApplicationID in the aspnet_Applications table, but with an empty ApplicationName, i.e. / only.

Do I miss something when creating the Membership website? What is the ApplicationName for the Membership website?

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Web Forms :: Configure Existing Database And Website To Work With Membership?

Jun 13, 2012

I have a website and a SQL Server Database. I want to use ASP.Net Membership for login and roles.

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Web Forms :: Set Pooling / False In Webconfig?

Mar 5, 2010

I'm not having much fun with connection pooling. The website I've written does dip into the SQL server all the time and quite a lot of times per page. Every time I nip into the SQL Server to get or set something I open a connection...


... do or get what I need and then close it. From what I've read any of the following should close the connection and return "one connection" (?) to the pool (top one, only if reading)....

rdrGeneral = comGeneral.ExecuteReader(Data.CommandBehavior.CloseConnection)

... but that's not really working for me and I keep hitting the default max 100 open pools. So I've been doing all 3 of the above (again, top one, only if reading). But alas, still the stupid thing (Yes, I am aware I'm the stupid one) keeps hitting the max.

My new plan is to set pooling to false (pooling = false ?) across the entire website and take the performance hit which wont be terrible because I don't really do anything too demanding. Trouble is I don't know how, other than setting Pooling = False, but where exactly in the webconfig would this bit of code go?

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Web Forms :: Data Connectivity From Webconfig File?

Apr 28, 2010

I have a dropdownlist which is connected to object data source for displaying data, now what I need is to connect to database using semicolon seperated list from web.config connection strings and then connect that to dropdownlist.

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Web Forms :: HttpUtility.HtmlDecode = True In Webconfig?

Jul 7, 2010

is there any way to add HttpUtility.HtmlDecode = true in webconfig.i have 1000's of textboxes. i cannot add this all of them.

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Web Forms :: Register Control On Runtime In WebConfig?

Mar 14, 2011

how can i register Control on runtime in webConfig

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DataSource Controls :: Failed To Update Database "C:MEMBERSHIP.MDF" Because The Database Is Read-only

Feb 8, 2010

This is a very common error as evidenced but the very large number of problems and suggested solutions on the web. I finally got around it last week but can't remember what was the step that did it. At that time, I was building a web application rather than a web site. Is that the difference? As you can see, it is no longer in the APP_DATA folder and is named membership.mdf rather than aspnetdb.mdf. I ran aspnet_regsql.exe to create it and actually had it working and was updating it successfully. But for other reasons, I had to scrap the application and decided to re-create it from scratch as a web site rather than a web application. I had been using Visual Studio 2008 to build the web application but am now using Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition to build the web site. Unfortunately, the Visual Studio application will no longer open so I can't verify that the web application still works. Can anybody help? (Please!!!) BTW, ASPNET and NETWORK SERVICE both have full control over the membership.mdf.

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Web Forms :: Make 2 Website Inside Folder And 2 Webconfig?

Jul 14, 2010

i try to make website inside folder and this folder it have webconfig file ex.

root/websit1 this a website

i will make another one inside the first one


and both it have webconfig file and site map. if remove webconfig from seconde websites is work fine but if i leave it show error this msg


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Forms Data Controls :: Datagrid Show Unformatted Data From Database Like Test Want To Show Test?

Mar 3, 2011

i have datagrid , data coming from database but data in database as formated , i want to show data wihotu format

below example:

<B> test </B> data base has this type data

but in grid i want to show test not with format,

i am getting same data from database.

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MVC :: How To Add Values To The Database In Membership

Feb 13, 2011

I am quite new to MVC.

I have code like

string guid = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();

i want to store "guid" to the field named guid_data in table named "Detais" in aspnetdb database.

i have ado.net entity model which i have generated from "detais" table. how do i query to database so that the valu in guid will be stored in table?

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Textbox On Defocus Validate From Database And Show Message Is Exists In Database?

Feb 23, 2011

I have a aspxtextbox and its validated from database.If text exists in database then it shows message Username exist.Now this is all happens on click of a aspxbutton after typing some text into aspxtextbox.I just want that when user defocus the textbox then it will automatically check from database and shows the message if exists.

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Security :: How To Update Database For Membership

Feb 22, 2011

I installed sql server express 2008 R2, no problems.

I created a database and added a table, no problems.

I'm using the entity framework, I created and am using the .edmx file, no problems.

I created a form that reads from and submits to the table, no problems.

I added the membership tables to the database, now I have problems.

I can still read from and update my table fine, so clearly the connection string in my web.config still works. But I can't add a new user or do anything with the website administration tool. It can't find any providers, and under security, it tells me it can't login into the database. When I try to register a new user, I get a failed login error, again for my database user. Yet I can login fine through Server Management Studio with the same credentials.

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How To Add Membership Tables To Existing Database

Oct 5, 2010

I was reading through this post here http://www.misfitgeek.com/op-ed/adding-asp-net-membership-to-your-own-database and thought to my self what the common practice is. What do developers using ASP.NET membership and authorization in their applications recommend as a best practice? creating the membership tables in the same database that stores their applications data or configuring a second database to store ONLY the membership information?.

My current setup is a different database for membership information ONLY but am thinking that increases the number of databases i have to maintain. If I have 5 applications using asp.net membership, then that means 5 more asp.net membership databases. So do you normally create the asp.net membership tables in your main database or you configure a separate membership table? what do you recommend.

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MVC :: What Is The Database Used By The Default Membership.provider

Aug 3, 2010

When a user is registered in an MVC application using the default Register action of the Account controller, where is the user info stored? Can I specify that this user table be stored in the database of the MVC application?

I am reading about writing a custom membership provider. I want to have some linkage between application specific user info ( current orders, items the user has ordered ) and the login database. I want to hook the "register a new user" process so that a new customer is added to the customer master.

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Database - Membership Add Custom Column

Sep 29, 2010

In my master page I have:

MembershipUser thisUser = Membership.GetUser();
loggedInUserID = thisUser.ProviderUserKey.ToString();

thisUser gives me access to all the fields in aspnet_Membership. I want a new field, isSubscribed for each user. I can use an SQL query to fetch the value fine, but I want to know if there is someway to modify the membershipuser object so it retrieves this value as well, so it is accessible from:


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Security :: Connect Database With Membership?

Apr 5, 2010

This code is OK: [URL]

I wonder how to incorporate the view of my table?

I have a table:
- Products
- Customers

I have multiple users, each one to see what Products and the parties if the request with your username and password.

How does this connect to the Membership table?

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