WebMatrix :: MVC 3 Preview - Idea For Razor Intellisense And Colorization?

Jul 29, 2010

When you do introduce intellisense and colorization to the razor editor, what about allowing the developer to choose the schema that it verifies against? If it could by default use a flavour of HTML, but optionally allow the dev to reference an arbitary XSD file (as supportted by the XML text editor). It could result in a very flexible experience that supports using ASP.Net MVC as a web service returning XML.

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WebMatrix :: Publishing A Webmatrix Razor Site?

Feb 10, 2011

My hosting company states they support .net and razor. However after uploading my website made with webmatrix and razor *.cshtml pages. When i visit my website all i get is 404.17 error messages. As an testcase i decided to add an standard .aspx page. Visiting that page gives the same 404.17 error message :-(

According to my webhoster my web.config is wrong. However that one is generated by webmatrix. Besides my *.cshtml *.aspx a lot of files and directories are added to the bin folder. What can i check and what should my hosting provider check. When using the check compatibility the asp.net version is shown as unknown? My hosting provider claims my site is running asp.net 4.0 in integrated mode and that should be enough.

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MVC :: Can't View Intellisense On Razor And Visual Studio

Aug 22, 2010

I am using VS 2010 with MVC3 and Razor view engine but on the views when I write @... I never have intellisense. Do I need to do something?

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MVC :: Bugs In 3 Preview 1 (DisplayName) And Razor Glitches?

Jul 27, 2010

here some informations from the first minutes.

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Razor View Engine Intellisense Not Working VS 2010?

Feb 7, 2011

Inside VS 2010 I do not have any intellisense working. I have reinstalled everything and still nothing is coming up for intellisense?

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WebMatrix :: How To Preview An Image That Is Being Uploaded Without Using Javascript

Jul 16, 2010

I am working my way through image upload tutorial and have a question. Is it possible to preview an image that is being uploaded without using javascript and using only razor and html? If so,

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WebMatrix :: Writing Xml In Razor Syntax

Sep 21, 2010

i would like to write Rss feed page using the razer syntax in webmatrix and i am facing probem in xml formatting

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Razor Syntax / WebMatrix Not Working - C#

Mar 17, 2011

In Windows Forms I can create a class file called 'Authentication.cs' with the following code:

public class Authentication
public string Name;
internal bool Authenticate()
bool i = false;
if (Name == "Jason")
i = true;
return i;

In WebMatrix, I can insert a new Class file, called 'Authentication.cs', and insert the above code. And in my default.cshtml file, I do this:.........................

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WebMatrix :: Razor Doesn't Get Checked Value

Aug 28, 2010

I have a problem with razor in a checkbox. It does not get a checked value. Here is the code:


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WebMatrix :: Retrieving IP Address With Razor?

Aug 4, 2010

How would I retrieve IP address with Razor? I have tried @Request.UserHostAddress and it returned ::1 to me instead of an IP adress. I am running this of course under IIS8 that came with webmatrix.

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C# - Saving DateTime With WebMatrix And Razor?

Feb 28, 2011

I am developing a project that has a DateTime field.

In it I'm using jQuery for the user to select the date format 'dd/MM/yyyy' taking into account that the date is not a required field.

How do you do to save DateTime fields not required in WebMatrix and Razor?

I was trying to do something like this:

I put only the code which I think is important to complete the code can be found here

//Get data
string TaskForecastCompletion= Request["txtForecastCompletion"];
string TaskCompletedIn= Request["txtCompletedIn"];
DateTime dtForecastCompletion = default(DateTime);


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WebMatrix :: Use @foreach To Organize Limited Preview Rows And Displays The Page Number?

Mar 9, 2011

the helper @grid.GetHtml() You can display the limit rows (e.g. 10) and page numbers at the bottom of the display which can be viewed by clicking on the following sample data.But the helper @ grd.GetHtml() (I figured) there are restrictions in output. For example if I want to display picture < img src =" @ id .jpg" alt = ""/> (I'm doing when working with @ foreach) to do that I need to put in the < img src = ".jpg" alt = ""/> it's not convenient. mene Is it possible to use @foreach to organize limited preview rows and displays the page number to view the data?


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WebMatrix :: Acces The Subdomain From The Razor Syntax?

Jul 27, 2010

How can I acces the subdomain from the razor syntax.forum.mysite.com ==> forumwww.mysite.com ==> www

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Get The Current User ID From SQL Statement Using Razor In WebMatrix?

Feb 19, 2011

I'm learning razor syntax, using the startersite in WebMatrix and trying to display some data from a table. I want to select only the data from the logged in user, so in effect want to say

...WHERE UserId =@WebSecurity.CurrentUserId";but that doesn't work.

Using the @0 method doesn't work for me either - I get an 'A parameter is missing. [ Parameter ordinal = 1 ]' error.

Do I have to set a variable then use the @0 / @1 / @whichever way? If so - what's wrong with this code?

//Is the user logged in?
WebSecurity.RequireAuthenticatedUser(); [code]...

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WebMatrix :: Accessing Object In Razor Page?

Oct 14, 2010

now if i want to iterate through the object it doesnt seems to work :

var myobject = new{param1 = "value1" , param2 = "value2" }
foreach(var i in myobject){

doesnt work.

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WebMatrix :: Razor Syntax - Separate Code From Markup

Aug 28, 2010

While it has gnerally been advocated to separate code from mark up and all that, with the razor syntax and webmatrix all that is not valid anymore, I think. WebMatrix encourages code and mark up in the same page! So what is the best practice as far as code and mark up is concerned.

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WebMatrix :: Create WebService Like Asmx On Razor Syntax?

Mar 7, 2011

anybody tell me how to create WebService like asmx on razor syntax.

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WebMatrix :: Razor 3, _PageStart Doesn't Display Layout?

Mar 4, 2011

I can not get the _PageStart.cshtml to work for my layout senario. I would prefer to use _PageStart to define a layout for all files in each folder. Each folder represents a different app feature that will contain different layouts.

Until I find a work about I had to copy and past the Layout ="~/folder/_PageStart.cshtml into each page of the folder to get the different layouts to work.

_PageStart isn't being recognized at all as the folders page start. Is there a web config setting missing? The docs aren't fully extensive yet for all Razor related info and I couldn't find anyone discussing this problem via search results.

In order to keep close to code once and separation I need to use the _PageStart.cshtml method rather than code a line in each page in the folder.

On win7 using both webmatrix and vs2010 web engines. Neither recognizes _PageStart.cshtml but hard coding into each file works.

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WebMatrix :: Sending A File Using Email Helper In Webpages / Razor?

Aug 13, 2010

Following this tutorial: [URL]

Under "Sending a File Using Email" section what exactly is the code trying to do.

1: The SendFile.cshtml does not have any option to select file.

2: ProcessFile.cshtml is running fine. I am getting the email but no attachement.

I tried changing fileAttachment input to type="file" but not file is being sent to my email. I just get the message send in body.

Question: How exactly this file attachment works using Email Helper in WebPages.

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WebMatrix :: Is It Possible To Output Some Content Based Upon Some Conditional Check In Razor

Aug 21, 2010

Is it possible to somehow output some content based upon some conditional check in Razor? If not, I hope this possibility will be added in the future. What I want to do is the following:


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WebMatrix :: Razor Needs Shorter Syntax To Prevent HTML Encoding?

Oct 27, 2010

It's great that Razor HTML encodes by default. However, many times I have HTML in a database and want to display it literally on a page. In WebForms 4, we can use <%= %> and <%: %> to choose between encoding options. Raven's syntax is currently @(new HtmlString(Model.Greeting)).

add a shorter syntax to Razor. Something like @=Model.Greeting or @@Model.Greeting, or something else.

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WebMatrix :: Razor Syntax - Insert A "<tr>" Tag Based On A Precondition?

Feb 14, 2011

I am trying to achive the following using Razor syntax, notice the lines in bold. I want to insert a '<tr>' tag based on a precondition.


However when I run this I get the following error Encountered end tag "tr" with no matching start tag. Are your start/end tags properly balanced?

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Web Forms :: Preview Of Web Form On Preview Button Click?

Jun 16, 2010

how to preview a filled web form before submitting finally to database?

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Visual Studio :: VS2010 Master Pages And JQuery Intellisense / Intellisense Only Seems To Work For JQuery

Jan 6, 2010

I think my main problem is actually more to do with master pages that anything else.. Below is a description:

If you use master pages in your website and you have pages in different sub directories then the simplest way to add JQuery references is using <script src='<%# ResolveUrl ("jq.js")%> /> in the master page header??

This means that the .js files are correctly referenced in all pages that use the master. My main problem is that intellisense only seems to work for JQuery when the JQ Script is actually referenced in the header and not by using ResolveUrl('') <script src="/scripts/jq.js" />

I dont want to have to live without intellisense, Surely there is a way to get around this. What am I doing wrong.

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Want To Have Good Idea About Versioning?

Mar 19, 2011

I just want to have good idea about Versioning problem! and how .net recovered from that? Can i have some depth info in the same!?

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