Add Values To Array and Replace Preexisting Array Items With New Values without The Array Changing Size?

Aug 19, 2010

I need to know what would be the best choice of array to use given the following specifications. This array's size will be predermined upon the loading of the appication. All I want to do is be able to add values to this array and replace preexisting array items with new values without the array changing size. Someone suggested that I use a Dictionary Array Object? I would appreciate any suggestions.

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Web Forms :: Getting An Array Of List From Database To Client Side(javascript Array)?

May 12, 2010

Iam getting an array of list from database to client side(javascript array). Now my aim to place those values in a div one by one and that div should attach to the textbox similar to Autocomplete extender.

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How To Store Array Values Into Datarow

Oct 5, 2010

I have string array values in


Dim _arr_Entry_Ids() As String = Split(_Entry_Id, ",")

i want to store this array values in datatble column


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How To Pass Values To A Javascipt Array

Oct 6, 2010

I am trying to implement the autocomplete method for textboxes.

I would like to use the example based on jquerys autocomplete provided here

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
$(document).ready(function() {
source: ["c++", "java", "php", "coldfusion", "javascript", "asp", "ruby"]

The first and Main problem is that i do not know the way of passing my values to the source:

By saying that i mean, supposing i have a a server-side ASP.NET function GetTheResults as listof(string) or GetTheResults as string ()

how am i supposed to pass those values as source required by the auto-complete?

The second problem is that the specific way does not use AJAX.
Which means i guess on the load of the form i will load all the available values to the source. Isn't that an overkill?

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What Is The Best Way To Get The Number Of Null Values In An Array In C#

Mar 2, 2010

what is the best way to get the number of null values in an array in C#?

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ADO.NET :: Store The Datatable Values Into The 1-D Array

Oct 25, 2010

how to store the datatable values into the 1-D array , i know in for loop

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Getting Array Of Values Of Textboxes With The Same Class?

Apr 16, 2010

I setup custom CSS class for array of dynamic TextBoxes (inputs as HTML)so... now I need to get array of it :

<input type="text" style="width: 50px;" class="DynamicTB" id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_GridView1_ctl02_id" readonly="readonly" value="1" name="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$GridView1$ctl02$id">

sure client don't really knows the count of inputs. That's why I use class and here is what I'm trying to make :

$.each( { id : $("input.DynamicTB").css("value") },
CallPageMethod("SelectBook", success, fail, "id",id);


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Store Multiple Values Into An Array?

Mar 31, 2010

How do you efficiently store and fetch data properties that is stored in an Array?

Public Function Customers() As IList
Dim cust = _dataNorthwind.Customers
Dim latt As New ArrayList()
For Each vlist In cust
latt.Add(vlist.CustomerId) 'how to store multiple properties here then fetch those?
Return latt.ToArray
End Function

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Declare Property - Accept Array Of Values

Feb 27, 2010

As what other member said in this community, the data assign a public variable may be shared among users, therefore, how am be able to declare a property that will accept an array of values using List<string>? The variable will be use in about fifteen pages...if I am going to declare this on each of the page, this will result to difficulty in maintaining the code of my program.

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JQuery :: Get Unique Values From Array List?

Feb 21, 2011

I am geting a json value with multiple stateid amd more statid are multiple,but I want stateid only unique(distinct) in jquery array.

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How To Create An Array Of Values From A Dropdown List

Mar 3, 2010

How do I create an array of values from a drop down list?

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Web Forms :: Compare Array Values With String?

Feb 28, 2011

compare Array Values with String?


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Web Forms :: Read Table Values Into An Array?

Sep 15, 2010

I have the following code to generate table from User inputs for ROWs and COLUMNs and i Have created a new array. I need read the text value from table , convert it to int and save it in the array.

Table tbl = new
Table();// Add the table to the placeholder control
// Now iterate through the table and add your controls


When I run this It throws an error that - Input string was not in correct format

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Web Forms :: Save Textbox Values To Array

Dec 23, 2015

What I want to happen is, I will populate or load the patient NameĀ into TextBox. If the patient are 20, the page will dynamically create 20 textboxes to display the patient name..And when I click save, Changes will be save base on the input on textbox..

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Web Forms :: How To Retain Array Values Across PostBack

Feb 18, 2014

I am using string builder class to store the dropdown selected values .. I am doing this on the selected index change event .. The problem is the previous value does not retainĀ ..

string nums = sb.ToString();
string pattern = "-";
string[] substrings = Regex.Split(nums, pattern);
arraylength = substrings.Length;

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Web Forms :: To Create A 2 Dimension Array And Then Pull Values From It?

Jan 19, 2011

I have scanned the web, and see things but nothing clear to me.

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Web Forms :: Insert Array Values Into Separate Rows?

Mar 10, 2011


I am trying to insert My_Array_Values into database on seperate rows, ie;

6 Java
8 Perl

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Web Forms :: How To Store The Values In Array Variable Using Textbox

Jul 15, 2010

How to store the values in array(variable) using textbox?..

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Mutli Dimensional Array List - Values In Dataset

Jul 6, 2010

I have this data:

5-16-2010, 5
5-16-2010, 3
5-16-2010, 2
5-16-2010, 4
5-15-2010, 2
5-15-2010, 5
5-15-2010, 1
5-14-2010, 3
5-14-2010, 5

I want to group by the date, these values are now in a dataset. What comes up to my mind is an array list with the following: The master array would have each date listed on the dataset above, within each row of this array I would have the list of numbers for that specific date. How do I do that in VB.NET?

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How To Transfer Values Of Array Created At Runtime From One Page To Another

Feb 11, 2011

How would I transfer the values of an array created at runtime from one page to another? I tried using Response.Redirect because single values are getting transferred, but this isn't working properly with the array.

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State Management :: Pass Array Values To Different Pages?

Nov 12, 2010

I had created one array who's value I want to pass to different webpages in,

I am looking for session variable ,,,, Is this correct way ,,,, and hw to insert value in array and fetch from it using session variable

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C# - Passing An Array Of Values In A JQuery Ajax Post?

Oct 13, 2010

I have a ListBox on my page, and I'd like to make an AJAX post containing all the selected items. Here's my code:


I'd like to pass in the selected values either as an array, or a comma-delimited string. What's the best way to pass that data, and how can I do it?

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Web Forms :: Store Values In Session Array And Get Back The Values From Session ?

Oct 1, 2010

i have two text boxes and one button in web form. I need to display the contents of text boxes in a datatable in the same form, when i click on the button.

How can i do this using session array. I need to store values in session array. and get back the values from session when i need .

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DataSource Controls :: How To Convert Array Values To SqlParameterCollection SqlDbTypes

Mar 19, 2010

I have am SqlParameterCollection and an arraylist. I want to be able to loop around both of them and take the SqlDBType of each parameter in the collection, and convert the value of the arraylist to the data type of the parameter.


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MVC :: Arrays And Post Events / Array Values Dont Become Null?

Feb 17, 2010

What are the issues that needs to be addressed while handling the post event so that array values dont become null ?

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