All Mails Are Marked As Spam?

Oct 11, 2010

I am using mailbee object for sending bulk mail with smtp authentication but when i am sending the mail, all mails are marked are spam.

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Web Forms :: Mails Comes In Spam Folder?

Mar 9, 2011

my all mail come in spam folder ..

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Web Forms :: Why Sometime Mails Go To Spam Folder And Take Lots Of Time In SMTP

Jul 24, 2012

why sometime mail go to spam folder and take lots of time.

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Site Not Marked As Application In IIS?

Mar 10, 2010

when I try to open a Music ASP.NET website from Visual Studio 2008 (Visual Web Developer) using "LOCAL IIS" option I get the message that the website is not marked as an application in IIS.

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Not Marked Abstract Or Extern?

Jun 30, 2010


Im getting the error message:'User.Id.get' must declare a body because it is not marked abstract or externWhat does this mean? What am I doing wrong?

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Web Forms :: Particular Country Get Marked If Selected From Dropdownlist

Jan 3, 2010

learning and prepare my final year project. i've problem in dropdownlist hope i found answer here. I've two dropdown list each consist four listitem as follows



if anyone of the country selected from dropdownlist1 then dropdownlist2 that particular country automatically get masked or readomly

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Error / Must Declare A Body Because It Is Not Marked Abstract Or Extern? C#/ .NET

Mar 24, 2011

I have a normal web form with code behind, in this code behind I can instantiate a couple of classes I have in the root folder, such as:

public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page

Helper helper = new Helper();

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)[code]....

It's working fine but I now want to move my class files (Helper.cs for example) to the app_code folder but when I run the application I get error on

SharePoint sharePoint = new SharePoint();
public string id { get; set; }

must declare a body because it is not marked abstract or extern,

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EntityDataSource Null Update Parameters Not Getting Marked Modified

Feb 24, 2011

I am using an EntityDataSource with a FormView on VB.NET application. The FormView contains an AjaxControlToolKit TabContains with multiple tabs. Due to the fact that each tab is a naming container, Bind doesn't work properly for updating values (as discovered from reading other posts on stackoverflow). I instead have to declare UpdateParameters on my EntityDataSource. Example markup is as follows:

<asp:FormView ID="fv" runat="server" DataSourceID="eds" DataKeyNames="ID">
<asp:TabContainer ID="tc" runat="server">
<asp:TabPanel ID="tp" runat="server" HeaderText="Tab 1">


This works great, until a customer is edited and their name is set to nothing (assuming in this case, a null name is allowed). The Name UpdateParameter is set to Null but the ObjectStateEntry is not set to modified for Null properties, even if previously the Entity had a value specified. As long as the name is changed to something other than Null, everything is updated correctly.

I found a workaround by putting the following code in the Updating event of the EntityDataSource.

Dim ose As ObjectStateEntry = context.ObjectStateManager.GetObjectStateEntry(action)
For Each p As Parameter In eds.UpdateParameters

This makes sure that each property in the UpdateParameters has its state set to modified. It works, but it seems like a hack and I can see it causing problems down the road. Is there anything else I could do?

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Web Forms :: Why Page Load Event Is Marked As Protected

May 10, 2013

Usually when we create an aspx page and then open the aspx.cs page we can see a protected void page_load().So my question is why that should be protected in default.Can we give other access modifiers.

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C# - Check Compile Time That Type Is Marked With The Serializable Attribute?

Jan 26, 2011

Specifically we're making our application compatible with the Out Of Process Session State server where all types saved in session must be serializable. Is there a way to see at compile time that any type put into HttpSessionState is marked with the Serializable attribute. Something along the lines of this 'non-valid' code

public static void Put<T>( string key, T value ) where T : IsMarkedWitheSerializableAttribute
HttpContext.Current.Session[key] = value;

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C# - Email Messages Going To Spam Folder?

Feb 18, 2011

I have created a community portal, in which user creates his/her account. After successfull registration a confirmation mail is send on registered email address.

I am using the following code to send the mail -


While testing we found that all the confirmation mails are going to SPAM folder instead of Inbox.

Is there anything wrong with the code or is there anything related to security.

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C# - Aspx Send Mail As Spam?

Oct 10, 2010



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.net - Gmail Is Filtering Web App's Email As Spam?

Jan 30, 2011

We have a business web application that periodically sends emails as reminders, links to client data, etc. Our company uses Google Apps for our email provider (with our own domain name), and the web application sends email through Google with SMTP.

The problem is that Google Apps / Gmail keeps marking the messages as spam, even for the inboxes in our domain name. No other email provider seems to mark it as spam (but of course we haven't tested them all...).

We've tried various formulations of the body test: i.e. including more contextual information, addressing the recipient by name, but so far with no apparent changes. This makes me thing it may be something about our email sending process, rather than the content of the email, that's causing the emails to be marked as spam.

Things that we tried but that didn't solve the problem:

"From" address is valid and not spoofed SPF records are correct, and show as "pass" in the email header Since we are connecting to Google's SMTP server to send email, it's not an issue with a blacklisted IP address (however, our website has a static IP address that is not blacklisted). Email is not very spammy: I've checked against several online spam filter tests, and the email body always shows up as extremely unlikely to be filtered. HTML body vs plain-text body seems to make no difference. We send a small volume of email: probably 0-10 emails per day, so I don't see how that would make this suspicious. Whenever we have access to the receiving inbox (i.e. it belongs to an employee of our company), we've been marking the emails as "not spam", since Gmail may be using communal statistics to determine spam. After a couple times this results in emails to that particular inbox getting through, but doesn't seem to help other accounts.

What else can we try?

If it makes a difference, we're sending emails using an ASP.NET site running .NET 3.5. A typical email gets sent like this:

var message = new MailMessage(new MailAddress(from), new MailAddress(to)) {
Subject = subject,
Body = body
IsBodyHtml = true
// SMTP details stored in web.config
new SmtpClient { EnableSsl = true }.SendAsync(message, null);

EDIT: I've seen this similar question: How to stop Gmail from marking mails sent by my web app as spam?, but the situation is a little different since we can reproduce it by sending and receiving from the same Google Apps domain. Besides, I believe I have covered all of the proposed solutions for that question.

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The Server Response Was: Rejecting Message As UCE / Spam

Feb 16, 2010

I am developing a site on my local server. I am using ASP.NET 2.0 membership provider. When someone signups, an email is supposed to be sent off to be verified. In the createwizard you have the following code.

<MailDefinition BodyFileName="~/EmailTemplates/NewAccountTemplate.htm"
From="[URL]" IsBodyHtml="True"
Subject="Website Email Account">

Problem is that when I run this I get The server response was: Rejecting message as UCE/Spam Is there anything that I can do to stop getting this error message.

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VS 2010 - Email With Link Gets Caught As Spam

Jun 22, 2012

I'm sending emails inviting contacts to login to setup an account on a customers website. I'm using SMTP from web methods in code behind... These emails have clickable links that make them get caught as spam.

<html><body>Please use this link <a href="http://xxx.yyy.zz.aa/asdfasdf.aspx?invite=' + CAST(@guid as varchar(100)) + '">Click Here</a> to create an account.</body></html>

How can I avoid this?

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Security :: Add Email Link While Preventing Spam Robots?

Jan 21, 2010

<asp:HyperLink id="HyperLink1" runat="server" Text="Email" NavigateUrl="" />

This is how I added an email link on my page, but does .net have any built in tool for preventing Robots from finding this address? What is a good way to present an email link that wont be detected by spam robots?

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C# - Email Are Landing In Spam / Junk?

Mar 10, 2011

I am sending Email from SMTP server and all my Emails are landed in Junk in Hotmail ,Live and Yahoo. I am not using any Spam like content and following all the guildline to send Emails.

I check on mail to identify the Issues and found quite a few issues below

1) HELO Greeting Check

Description: Email Server HELO is . HELO greeting does not contain a valid domain. We would recommend to have a valid domain in HELO greeting. Ideally HELO greeting should be the same as Email server host name (in FQDN format).

2) BATV (Bounce Address Tag Validation) Check

Description: Email server is not using BATV format while sending out emails. BATV is recommended to ensure that your users do not become a victim of bounce floods.

3) DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) Check

Description: Email does not contain any DKIM/Domain Keys Signature and the published Domain Keys policy rejects such unsigned emails. Therefore it is very likely that your emails are considered SPAM by Email servers verifying Domain keys. Signing your Outbound emails as per your Domain Keys policy will minimize chances of your Email being considered as SPAM.

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Web Forms :: Registration Email Lands In Spam Folder Of Gmail

Jul 24, 2013

I am developing one web application in this,i am sending mail after registration uing c# in mvc but for gmails its going to spam folder how to send this to inbox?

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Website Email Goes In Spam Or Image Doesn't Show Up In People Mailboxes?

Mar 31, 2010

I send newsletter to all the members of my website, usually i just create simple newsletter with text and hyperlinks

So my times i tried adding images to it but whenever i add images in the newsletter e-mail, the users who are using different mailboxes, either my mail goes in their SPAM folder or if my mail goes in their INBOX then image doesn't show up, it shows a blank space

what's the issue ? what's causing the issue ? code ? or Exchange server on which my website mailbox is for sending e-mail ?

How to solve this issue ?

Almost everyday we recieve newsletters from many websites/companies (there newsletter includes images, colors full templates etc) and still we receive in our inbox and all the images are visible. how ?

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Transfer Mails Automatically?

Sep 2, 2010

i have collection of mails with subject ,and i all the mails should be transfered to the realted dept as according to the subject in emails ?

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Mails With HTML Not Working?

Aug 12, 2010

get this error when I try to send HTML mails: A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client (TextBox2=" in it. <b>This is bold</b> ...").


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Send Mails To Different People Within The Organization

Feb 19, 2010

In every organization there will be mail access project. I want to know the sample application. Can u please tell me the sample application. I know how to send the mails from page, by using one email id. means by setting the mailer host, username and password details in web.config file. But i need to send from different email id's to different id's.

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Unable To Send Automated Mails

Feb 25, 2010

I am not able to send mails thru my pages. If I host site with IP on other hosting server then it will work but if I set the IP provided by my Hosting Provider that time I can't if any other information is required to address this issue.

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Web Forms :: How To Receive Mails From Other Recipients

Aug 19, 2010

I am sending mails from application does the same way can i receive mails from other recipients. how can i achieve that.

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Import Mails From .net Site To Outlook?

Aug 5, 2010

I have an app where the user edits a table that generate some reports, and then mails them to his providers.The client wants to edit this pregenerated emails from Outlook.There is no Exchange Server.

Should i let download the reports generated, and then use outlook automation from the client side? Can I generate a (.pst?) file that the user could import using Outlook?

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