C# - Clean Up The Surface On WaterMark Of An Image?

Aug 11, 2010

There is an image for the surface, and a text is written on the image for 184 rows of date..
Thus, it is expected to see 184 different text written image files are generated with all the same background images. (The code is declared below...)

The problem is that the first text is written for all 184 different data.. I think I have to remove something in the loop. But what is that ??


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How To Watermark Image In Database

Mar 14, 2011

i have a page where the image,logo,position and alpha details are shown in a gridview...and the page has a confirm button...once the user clicks on confirm button[then actual watermarking happens which gets stored in db] it navigates to another page where another gridview is present but it has an additional column [watermarked image] ...the only problem is that when i want to write code for watermarking in the watermark.aspx.cs page

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Web Forms :: How To Add Image As A Watermark On An Image

Dec 3, 2010

I need to add image as a watermark on an image instead of a text.

I have a small logo that i will place somewhere at the bottom right side of the image, it takes small place.

I need to implement this in C#.

Can I sample code or tutorials on how to get this done?

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Web Forms :: Add Image As Watermark On Image Using C#

May 7, 2015

Refer link [URL] ....

I put text watermark to images but I want I create image watermark to photos like below ...

how I can do it?

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Web Forms :: How To Use Image As Watermark On Another Image

Jul 17, 2015

how do i watermark image, example: when a user registers on the website before the user uploads his or her photo there is a default image and when the user brings mouse close to the image it will show "Update profile picture".

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How To Create A WaterMark For A Image Runtime

Mar 23, 2010

I want to ask how I can create a waterMark for a image runtime in other words I want to write some text at every Image I show in my site.

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DB Image (Save / Retrieve / Watermark)

Nov 2, 2010

I need to create a database in SQL2005 on a webserver (manually (not in code)), have registered users upload an image to a webserver not overwriting if the filename already exists but to append if required Weekly, I wish to review the uploaded images in the uploaded folder, create a user & add the image(s) into the database programmatically for all users to be able to search / When the image(s) are in the database & are searched or shown (ex: profile shown with all those details/pics displayed but before displaying the pics on the form to watermark them. However, a profile could have 1 pick or it could have 20. I would like to have for example 4 pics being shown then the user to click next till the end of the recordset. Then do the same for another profile. Uploading the file is fine but not to append if exists then maybe I should have an upload date as the filename (haven't decided)

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How To Create A Simple Watermark On The Fly For An Image

Apr 20, 2010

I'm looking to create a simple watermark on the fly for an image, taking one image (JPEG) and adding some text to it on the BOTTOM of the image in white, with a solid black background right across the bottom. haven't been able to find anything that does it on the bottom of the JPEG.

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How To Watermark Image With Copyright Symbol

Jan 3, 2013

I want to save an image with watermark as copyright symbol. How to achieve this..?

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Web Forms :: Setting Image In The Textbox Like As Watermark?

Dec 3, 2010

How we can set image in the textbox in place of text like as watermark textbox in asp.net.

How it can be possible...

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Security :: Create A Watermark Image On The Background?

Feb 5, 2010

I am trying to create a watermark image on the background , i am wondering what option can i use to call image file from my APP_Themes folder insteaed of my hard drive ) Currently i am using this but couldn't figure it out how to call from APP_Them folder of application rather than being specific.

System.Drawing.Image img = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile("c:\Logo_large.gif");

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Web Forms :: Remove Watermark From Watermarked Image Using C#

Apr 16, 2013

Is there any way in order to remove a watermark from an image? What has to be done is to lose the existing watermark as much as possible and place a new watermark text instead. As the existing watermark is placed diagonally, cutting the image in two equal parts (triangles), I am thinking of possibility to detect the diagonal and then determine the watermark text height (size / dimensions), and after that apply the Gaussian method of blurring (or anything similar) on the determined part. After it's edited, the image would be exposed to a code that would generate the new watermark.Is this possible to do, after all? 

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Web Forms :: Print WaterMark Name On Image When Uploading?

Nov 19, 2012

In insert.aspx page I have file upload control that users can upload their image and in show.aspx page they can see their images that the uploaded.

I want when users upload their image automatically type BEHTOP.COM On the center of image

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Web Forms :: Watermark Image And Save To Database Using C#

May 7, 2015

I want to save water marked image to database.i have done watermarking,but save the image it does not save to database.

Following are my code:

Bitmap original_image = new Bitmap(FileUpload1.FileContent);
string sWaterMark = "reshu";//String to be watermarked
int fontsize = ((original_image.Width * 2) / (sWaterMark.Length * 3));
int x = original_image.Width / 2;
int y = original_image.Height * 9 / 20;

[Code] ....

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Web Forms :: Upload - Watermark And Email Image As Attachment

May 7, 2015

i want to mail water marked image to the user.but i can't do this. i will show my code...

to use this code,the image watermarking is done...buti can't attach this file to the mail.

Bitmap bmpUpload = new Bitmap(FileUpload1.PostedFile.InputStream, false);
Graphics graphicsObj = Graphics.FromImage(bmpUpload);
Brush brush = new SolidBrush(Color.Gray);
Point postionWaterMark = new Point((bmpUpload.Width / 25), (bmpUpload.Height / 35));


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Controls :: Watermark Uploaded Doc (PDF Or Image Files) Using ITextSharp

May 7, 2015

How to add watermark to uploaded doc (pdf or image files).The workflow will be-User register at portal -> user upload some required document (like financial proof or some kind) -> When saving them to database -> a watermark (predefined by admin at backend in admin panel as - Logo or Text) will be added to those uploaded document on top and bottom or wherever possible on the uploaded document.

So in future when admin views the document uploaded by him in his account, it will be displayed with stamp or the watermark. It will prove that the document is uploaded to server by user or whatever. Now, this we have found way to do in jpg, but in case of pdf its quite tough..

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Web Forms :: How To Diagonally Rotate WaterMark Text On Image

May 7, 2015

I used below code for insert watermark to photo


here it writes watremark text is straight line (horizental)

How I can rotate text of water mark?

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Watermark Shows Up On Preview But Will Not Print Out The Watermark?

Mar 22, 2010

I have a page that display like a print pre-view. It shows the watermark in the background. But when I print it, it doesn't include the watermark. I know in IE7 you can change your IE settings to make it print the water mark but in IE8 you can't do that. Is there another way to print my water mark out? Here's that part of the code:


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Web Forms :: Controls On Designer Surface Disappear?

Jun 7, 2010

I am using vs2010 and working on an ASP.Net Website my problem is the controls that I add to the designer surface disappear after I save and switch to code view. As shown in 'Fig1'


Description: When I am using the designer surface, I will drag on a series of SqlDataSources and configure them. I then either save and close or just switch back to code view, if I switch back to code view the SqlDataSources do not exist but when I swtch back to designer view they are there, if I save and close then re-open the newly added control are not there.

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Visual Studio :: How To Drag And Drop Fields Of Table In The Design Surface

Sep 25, 2010

I am followint the insructions of this walkthrough of VS2003


and in a part say this 8 Find the authors node and expand it to show the fields in the authors table. 9 Using CTRL+Click, select the au_id, au_lname, au_fname, and city fields. 10 Drag these fields from Server Explorer onto the design surface Now i am using VS2008

When i try to drag and drop i can not made it is maybe because of the differences between 2003 and 2008 versions

how can do it in VS2008?

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WCF Rest Service With A Clean URL?

Aug 24, 2010

I'm considering to host WCF Rest Service that i've built on IIS 7. The URL to access my service will be something like


Recently, i've been looking to some REST API implementation with a clean URL like Yahoo API


I'm wondering what will be the best WCF host environment (e.g. Windows Service) or any solution (e.g. URL rewrite module) considering that I dont want to have application name and .svc in my URL so that I can have a completely clean URL for my REST API

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C# - Characters To Strip Out In A SEO Clean Uri?

Jan 19, 2010

I'm using asp.net/C# and I'm looking to create unique(?) uris for a small CMS system I am creating.

I am generating the uri segment from my articles title, so for example if the title is "My amazing article" the uri would be www.website.com/news/my-amazing-article

There are two parts to this. Firstly, which characters do you think I need to strip out? I am replacing spaces with "-" and I think I should strip out the "/" character too. Can you think of any more that might cause problems? "?" perhaps? Should I remove all non-alpha characters?

Second question, above I mentioned the uris MAY need to be unique. I was going to check the uri list before adding to ensure uniqueness, however I see stack overflow uses a number plus a uri. This I assume allows titles to be duplicated?

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C# - Clean User HTML In .net?

Jan 6, 2010

My C# site allows users to submit HTML to be displayed on the site. I would like to limit the tags and attributes allowed for the HTML, but am unable to figure out how to do this in .net.

I've tried using Html Agility Pack, but I don't see how to modify the HTML, I can see how to go through the HTML and find certain data, but actually generating an output file is baffling me.

Does anyone have a good example for cleaning up HTML in .net? The agility pack might be the answer, but the documentation is lacking.

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.net 4.0 - Clean Web.Config File?

May 9, 2010

I am wondering having clear web.config file could be good but you know some shared web hosting companies don't allow us to touch things like machine.config and etc.

So If a lot of things have been moved onto machine.config, then will we be allowed to change things like we used to through web.config file.

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Clean Way To Output Values In MVC Views When Value Is Not Null?

May 21, 2010

Is there a better way to write the code below? I have quite a few blocks that are similar, and this is making the code in the Viewpage very messy to work with. The data value with the associated label only needs to be output when certain conditions are met, which is almost always if the value is not null. The options I can think is to use a response.write to atleast minimize the usage of the ASP script tags, or to format the webpage is such a way that the label displays with an appropriate n/a type value.

<% if (myData.Balance != null)
{ %>
Balance: <%= String.Format("{0:C}", (myData.Balance))%>
<% } %>

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