C# - Future Local Time Of A Place Using Longitude Latitude And Datetime

Jul 8, 2010

i am developing a travel application. for that I need to calculate the future local datetime of a location using Datetime (a future date),longitude and latitude. (for Eg: i want to calculate the local datetime of a location on August-10- 2010 11.23 AM . Due to the day light saving time the datetime offset may change so i need to convert the august-10- 2010 11.23 AM to local time of the location) I have the inputs longitude, latitude and Date time. i can calculate the current local date using Longitude and latitude but cannot calculate accurately for *future date because of the day light saving time off set* . off set may varies on future dates. i am using asp.net and c# .

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Latitude And Longitude Keep Changing Every Time Convert From Degrees Minutes Seconds To Decimal Degrees In C#

Dec 7, 2010

If I enter the a location of: Latitude = 28 Degrees, 45 Minutes, 12 Seconds Longitude = 81 Degrees, 39 Minutes, 32.4 Seconds. It gets converted into Decimal Degrees format to be stored in the database with the following code:

Coordinates coordinates = new Coordinates();
coordinates.LatitudeDirection = this.radLatNorth.Checked ? Coordinates.Direction.North : Coordinates.Direction.South;
coordinates.LatitudeDegree = this.ConvertDouble(this.txtLatDegree.Text);
coordinates.LatitudeMinute = this.ConvertDouble(this.txtLatMinute.Text);
coordinates.LatitudeSecond = this.ConvertDouble(this.txtLatSecond.Text);
coordinates.LongitudeDirection = radLongEast.Checked ? Coordinates.Direction.East : Coordinates.Direction.West;
coordinates.LongitudeDegree = this.ConvertDouble(this.txtLongDegree.Text);
coordinates.LongitudeMinute = this.ConvertDouble(this.txtLongMinute.Text);
coordinates.LongitudeSecond = this.ConvertDouble(this.txtLongSecond.Text);
//gets the calulated fields of Lat and Long
In the above code, ConvertDouble is defined as:
private double ConvertDouble(string value)
double newValue = 0;
double.TryParse(value, out newValue);
return newValue;
and ConvertDegreesMinutesSeconds is defined as:
public void ConvertDegreesMinutesSeconds()
this.Latitude = this.LatitudeDegree + (this.LatitudeMinute / 60) + (this.LatitudeSecond / 3600);
this.Longitude = this.LongitudeDegree + (this.LongitudeMinute / 60) + (this.LongitudeSecond / 3600);
//adds the negative sign
if (LatitudeDirection == Direction.South)
this.Latitude = 0 - this.Latitude;
else if (LongitudeDirection == Direction.West)
this.Longitude = 0 - this.Longitude;

If I don't make any change to the latitude or longitude and I click Apply Changes which basically does the above calucation again, it generates a different latitude and longitude in the database. This happens every time I go to edit it and don't make a change (I just click Apply Changes and it does the calculation again with a different result). In the above scenario, the new Latitude and Longitude is: Latitude = 28 Degrees, 45 Minutes, 12 Seconds Longitude = 81 Degrees, 40 Minutes, 32.4 Seconds If I do it again, it becomes:
Latitude = 28 Degrees, 45 Minutes, 12 Seconds Longitude = 81 Degrees, 41 Minutes, 32.4 Seconds The other part of this is that when I go into edit, it takes the decimal degrees format of the latitude and longitude and converts it to the degrees minutes seconds format and puts them into their respective textboxes. The code for that is:

public void SetFields()
Coordinates coordinateLocation = new Coordinates();
coordinateLocation.Latitude = this.Latitude;
coordinateLocation.Longitude = this.Longitude;
this.radLatNorth.Checked =
coordinateLocation.LatitudeDirection == Coordinates.Direction.North;
this.radLatSouth.Checked = !this.radLatNorth.Checked;
this.txtLatDegree.Text = coordinateLocation.LatitudeDegree.ToString().Replace("-", string.Empty);
this.txtLatMinute.Text = Math.Round(coordinateLocation.LatitudeMinute, 0).ToString().Replace("-", string.Empty);
this.txtLatSecond.Text = Math.Round(coordinateLocation.LatitudeSecond, 2).ToString().Replace("-", string.Empty);
this.radLongEast.Checked =
coordinateLocation.LongitudeDirection == Coordinates.Direction.East;
this.radLongWest.Checked = !this.radLongEast.Checked;
this.txtLongDegree.Text = coordinateLocation.LongitudeDegree.ToString().Replace("-", string.Empty); ;
this.txtLongMinute.Text = Math.Round(coordinateLocation.LongitudeMinute, 0).ToString().Replace("-", string.Empty);
this.txtLongSecond.Text = Math.Round(coordinateLocation.LongitudeSecond, 2).ToString().Replace("-", string.Empty);

From the above examples, you can see that the Minute kept increasing by 1, which would indicate why it is generating a different latitude and longitude in decimal degrees in the database, so I guess the problem is more in the above area, but I am not sure where or why it is doing it?

public void ConvertDecimal()
this.LatitudeDirection = this.Latitude > 0 ? Direction.North : Direction.South;
this.LatitudeDegree = (int)Math.Truncate(this.Latitude);
if (LatitudeDirection == Direction.South)
this.LatitudeDegree = 0 - this.LatitudeDegree;
this.LatitudeMinute = (this.Latitude - Math.Truncate(this.Latitude)) * 60;
this.LatitudeSecond = (this.LatitudeMinute - Math.Truncate(this.LatitudeMinute)) * 60;
this.LongitudeDirection = this.Longitude > 0 ? Direction.East : Direction.West;
this.LongitudeDegree = (int)Math.Truncate(this.Longitude);
if (LongitudeDirection == Direction.West)
this.LongitudeDegree = 0 - this.LongitudeDegree;
this.LongitudeMinute = (this.Longitude - Math.Truncate(this.Longitude)) * 60;
this.LongitudeSecond = (this.LongitudeMinute - Math.Truncate(this.LongitudeMinute)) * 60;

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Forms Data Controls :: How Show Local Time In Datagridview Collumn DateTime From Database With Universal Datetime

Jun 2, 2010

How show local time in datagridview collumn DateTime from database with universal datetime

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How To Validate Latitude And Longitude

May 12, 2010

how to validate latitude and longitude. regex for latitude and longitude

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Web Forms :: Get Location Name From Latitude And Longitude

Feb 18, 2011

I need to display the location name in the lable control based on passing the latitude and longitude values how could i do it

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Get Latitude And Longitude Of Center Of Google Map?

Feb 8, 2010

how can i raise event just after user change his position in google map using dragging map and get the latitude and longitude of center of google map and the miles its showing from center. i have got lots of pages on google related to it.. but not able to solve this.. please give me solution (i am using asp.net and javascript)

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Get The Longitude And Latitude From An Address Without Showing Map?

Feb 1, 2010

I want to get latitude and longitude from address in one of my asp.net application, i know it s possible using google apis but i want to do it without showing google map. How can i do that? I also want to get distance between two pairs of latitude and longitude.

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Find Distance By Latitude And Longitude?

Nov 13, 2010

i am trying to find distance by latitude and longtitude by using this formula mentioned in this site.


every thing is Ok there when i do it by calculator but when i started doing it by programmatically there is a diiference in result.

here is my part of code

lat = Convert.ToDouble( (s3[a]));
longt =Convert.ToDouble( (s4[a]));
Avg_lat = pc._Latitude - lat;
Avg_longt = pc._Longitude - longt;
a_hold =( Math.Sin(Avg_lat / 2) * Math.Sin(Avg_lat / 2) )+ (Math.Cos(pc._Latitude) * Math.Cos(lat)) * (Math.Sin(Avg_longt / 2) * Math.Sin(Avg_longt / 2));
c_hold = 2 * Math.Atan2(Math.Sqrt(a_hold), Math.Sqrt(1 - a_hold));
// c_hold = (c_hold * 180) / 3.12;
distance = 6371 * c_hold;

the problem is Math funcation here calculate the things in radian i want it in degree. so i just found a formula to convert radian into degree but that formula does'nt convert the calculation correctly..

what to do bcoz there is'nt any other option to convert radian into degree..

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Web Forms :: How To Get Longitude And Latitude Of Particular Location

Mar 8, 2012

how to get longitude and latitude of particular location using C#.net web application.

Here input values are locationame,state,coutry, out put values should longitude and latitude.

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Get The Latitude And Longitude From The Gmap Control Into Textboxes

Jun 15, 2010

I tried with the following but it doesn't work

var txtlat=document.getElementById('TextBox1').value=GMap1.getCenter().lat();
var txtlong=document.getElementById('TextBox2').value=GMap1.getCenter().lng();

It gives a JavaScript error as "Object doesn't support this property or method". How can i do this?

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="Default.aspx.cs" Inherits="WebApplication5._Default" %>
<%@ Register assembly="GMaps" namespace="Subgurim.Controles" tagprefix="cc1" %>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" >
<head runat="server">
<title>Untitled Page</title>
<form id="form1" runat="server">
<cc1:GMap ID="GMap1" runat="server"
Key="ABQIAAAAs98ZVKM_IHFkRP_EavW_DhT2yXp_ZAY8_ufC3CFXhHIE1NvwkxQGoS16N7wYnBPhgtjTxMaUVN58kA" />
<br />
<asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>
<br />
<br />
<asp:TextBox ID="TextBox2" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>
<script type="text/javascript">
var txtlat=document.getElementById('TextBox1').value=GMap1.getCenter().lat();
var txtlong=document.getElementById('TextBox2').value=GMap1.getCenter().lng();

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Find Out User Ipaddress And Latitude And Longitude?

Feb 28, 2011

i have a requirement, to find out user ipaddress and latitude and lagitude in asp.net .

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Web Forms :: Converting Latitude And Longitude Into X / Y Pixel Coordinates

May 17, 2010

I've been struggling for the past couple of days to get this right. I'm in the process of building something that takes a whole bunch of geographic points, builds a heat map from the data, then overlays it as a tile on Google Earth / Google Maps. A bit like this: [URL]

I have all the heatmap functionality nailed using random xy points. The last part is doing the actual conversion to convert my real lat/lng pairs into x/y pixels to be rendered onto the heatmap image. Lets say I the image is 500px x 500px. I know the min and max values for the lat/lng points, so technically I need to divide the spread between the pixels to get a pixel value for each degree based on the top left pixel of the image (0,0). I've been through so many examples, but I just cant get them to work. The last one I tried was this:


I feed data into my heatpoint function using these 2 functions above like this. Here's a set of 4 points:


The problem I get is that the result is the same for all the points - they all get plotted to exactly the same point. Now, the data is fairly localised, so I dont really need to take the curvature of the earth into consideration.

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Web Forms :: Find All Locations Within Polygon Of Latitude And Longitude

Mar 15, 2014

I have array of lattitude and longitude which is derived from one type of polygon, now i want to find all latitude and longitude from my database which are inside this polygon.So how can i achive this?

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Social Networking :: Get Nearby Cities Using Latitude And Longitude?

Mar 12, 2014

i have latitude and longitude of one city.when i give miles as input,all the cities with its latitude and longitude will display.how to do it in mvc 4 

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SQL Server :: Query To Return Results Based On Latitude / Longitude Within Certain Radius

Sep 7, 2010

I cant seem to find a good example of how to build the query logic. We are allowing users to search based on lat/long and need to add radius as another parameter. So you enter 29.30125 as the latitude and -95.04590 as the longitude and pick say 15miles as the radius, i need to return all records that fall within that radius.. can someone suggest a good site to review this type of query?

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SQL Server :: Converting A Latitude / Longitude Nvarchar(50) Of A Decimal Representation To A Numeric

Feb 1, 2011

I have latitudes and longitues in a table but they are in a nvarchar(50) field althought the values are like this -> 39.7355 I need to be able to convert those values to numeric to execute a calculation and update a new field


my radiantlatitude field is of type 'float'

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Track Vehicles Using Virtual Earth Control Based On Longitude And Latitude

Mar 3, 2010

How to Track the Vehicles using Virtual earth control based on longitude and latitude.Every 5 seconds longitude and latitude values are coming from the database.based on these values vehicle position has to be changed. How to do it. Please give me complete code for this.

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Fetch Latitude Longitude By Passing Postcodes To Maps.google.com Using Javascript

Apr 12, 2010

I have Postcode in my large database, which contains values like SL5 9JH, LU1 3TQ etc. Now when I am pasting above postcode to maps.google.com it's pointing to a perfect location.. My requirement is like I want to pass post codes to maps.google.com and it should return a related latitude and longitude of that pointed location, that I want to store in my database. So, most probably there should be some javascript for that If anybody have another idea regarding that please provide it

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Social Networking :: How To Convert Waypoints Into Latitude And Longitude In Google Maps

May 7, 2015

var w = [], wp;
var rleg = directionsDisplay.directions.routes[0].legs[0];
data.start = {'lat': rleg.start_location.lat(), 'lng': rleg.start_location.lng()}
data.end = {'lat': rleg.end_location.lat(), 'lng': rleg.end_location.lng()}
var items = new Array();

[Xode] ....

 Above code Output :


But I want to output like this :


So how to convert waypoints location name into waypoints location latitude and longitude????

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Social Networking :: Calculate Distance From Latitude And Longitude In Google Maps V3

Jan 8, 2014

I have variable as

var from_Lati = 19.132324234  // from latitude
var from_longi = 19.11233334  // from longitude

and I have TO latitude and Longitude in Array as

var To_Lati = [18.132323,18.90941,18.31232423]   // to latitude in array
var To_Longi = [18.2132123,18.242423,18.43243]   // to longitude in array

I have gone through many reference on internet but can't find the solution for calculating the distance with respect to array.. Now I want to find the distance between them using JavaScript...

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Social Networking :: Calculate Latitude And Longitude Using Address - Google Maps API V3

Feb 21, 2013

I want to caclate Latitude and Longitude from address in asp.net. I have written the necessary code ,but could not get the desired result

I have put an alert and tested it.Its working fine until geocoder.geocode()function is called.Alert put inside the function is not working.It seems there is some issue with function.

This is my javascript function

function calculateCoordinates() {
var txtAddress1 = document.getElementById('<%= txtAddress1.ClientID%>');
var txtLatitude = document.getElementById('<%= txtLat.ClientID%');
var txtLongitude = document.getElementById('<%= txtLong.ClientID%>');
var address = txtAddress1.value;

[Code] ....

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Social Networking :: Google Maps API V3 - Get Coordinates (Latitude And Longitude) When Click On Map

Aug 18, 2015

Refer [URL] .... I want when I click on map to show coordinate in text box it show marker in map I mean below marker:

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Social Networking :: Populate Google Maps Markers Without Latitude And Longitude?

Jun 16, 2015

i'm trying to display location dynamically using google map.

The location will be passed as a parameter as follows.

country, city, address and block number.

How can i implement that?

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Social Networking :: Populate Markers In Google Maps Using Longitude And Latitude

Apr 6, 2013

Reverse Geocoding (Address Lookup)

How can i retrieve map for location after save latitude , longitude in the database....

I used code for saving latitude , longitude [URL] .....

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Social Networking :: Get Latitude And Longitude When Location Is Clicked In Google Maps

May 7, 2015

I am working on a ASP.Net project(c#). I have SQL Server Database linked with it. The project has the list of client present in the city. A page will show the list of client on a datagrid . Clicking on a client will redirect to another page which show the details of that client. I want to display Google map picture or Google street picture of that client along with the details on that client details page through Longitude and latitude. Each client details will be fetched from the database to show on that page and every client longitude and latitude value is also saved in a column in the database.

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