C# - How To Add A ComboBox To An Asp.net Unbound GridView

Sep 10, 2010

how I can add a ComboBox column to an unbound GridView through code at runtime.

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VS 2005 Populate Unbound Gridview?

Jan 20, 2011

Is there a way to populate gridView in aspx page with some static Unbound data without making changes to the .vb file?I do not see any settings in the property window, checking to see if someone has the code?

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C# - Gridview Set Format For Unbound Field?

May 14, 2010

i have a gridview populated by the code below:

protected void CautaProiect_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
wipDBTableAdapters.GetSummaryProiectTableAdapter proiecte = new wipDBTableAdapters.GetSummaryProiectTableAdapter();
SummaryGrid.DataSource = proiecte.GetData(CodProiect.Text);

The gridview will be populated with some columns with values.
The problem is that the values are formated like this 1234.5600 and i want them to be like 1,234.56

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Web Forms :: Value Of Unbound Checkbox Column In GridView?

Aug 17, 2010

I have a unbound checkbox column in the GridView control.

When i try to get the value of checkbox in the C# code the checkstate is always false.

I want to check if the Checkbox is selected in a row and get the values of all the cells in that row.

CheckBox chkSelect= (CheckBox)GridView1.Rows[1].FindControl("chkSelect");


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How To Set An Unbound GridView Column To Invisible In Code

Apr 4, 2011

Dim Application = From AL In db.AnnualLeave _
Where AL.Approval <> True _
Select LeaveID, EmpID, Name
GridView3.DataSource = Application

after calling `GridView3.DataBind(), why do i still get Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index.

at this line of code GridView3.Columns(1).Visible = False yet the grid has rows and more than 2 columns. i found a thread about similar problem here [URL] Note that the Gridview columns have NOT been defined at design time.

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How To Sort Gridview Rows By A Unbound Template Column

Mar 22, 2010

i want to sort my Gridview rows by a template column that is not bound to any database field. This template coulmn just has a label whose text i set in code depending on a value in a different column that is databound. So am stuck on how to set its sortExpression since its not linked to an column.

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Forms Data Controls :: Unbound Dropdown Box In Gridview?

Jul 9, 2010

I am populating a DataTable and binding it to a GridView's source.

I have a dropdown box in an itemtemplate in the gridview.

I want the dropdown to have 3 options and depending on what is in a column from row in datatable a specific value will be selected.

I was able to do this when I was binding gridview source by looping through SQL but now I that I am putting the results in a datatable I am not sure how to go about it.

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Forms Data Controls :: Formatting An Unbound Gridview Field?

May 17, 2010

I have a gridview populated by the code below:


This will create multiple fields in the gridview with some values.
Say i have this field called "Sold" and it has the value "1234.5600"
How can i display it like "1,234.56" ?


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Forms Data Controls :: Unbound Gridview Row Modify In Rowdatabound Don't Edit?

Mar 2, 2011

i use a gridview to show data from datasource, but i have some column in this gridview that they're not bound. If i go in edit mode, my unbound control show me the textbox to enter value and its ok, but if i modify value thru rowdatabound, now when i go in edit mode, the textbox are not showing as i expect, its just showing the value i put in rowdatabound, but i don't have the textbox to let me enter a new value and update it after.

And more in the same relation: with the two above condition i wrote, when i dont modify value in rowdatabound, i can modify value in prerender event with this line:

box1 = this.GridView1.Rows[this.GridView1.EditIndex].FindControl("TextBox1")
box1.Text = "a value"

when again i modify value in rowdatabound, the line above will not work too, box1 is load with a null value

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Sorting Unbound Column In Bound Grid

May 14, 2010

I have a gridview control bound to a sqldatasource in c#. In the rowdatabound event I look at a value in a cell and use a function to evaluate the value and depending on that value I populate an added unbound column in my bound datagrid to show an excalmation point. I now want to sort by the column with the excalmation point.

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AJAX :: Control Toolkit ComboBox SelectedValue / Does The Combobox Has As A Disadvantage That The Text Has To Be Unique

Apr 28, 2010

I have the following items bound to my combobox:

Value: 1, Text: SNS
Value: 2, Text: ING
Value: 3, Text: ING

Choosing value 1 results in a SelectedValue of 1

Choosing value 2 results in a SelectedValue of 2

Choosing value 3 results in a SelectedValue of 2

does the combobox has as a disadvantage that the Text has to be unique?

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AJAX :: ComboBox Input / When leave The Combobox It Adds To The Combox List?

Dec 3, 2010

I'm try to add a combobox to my form which i have done and populate it with the infomation i need but i want to stop the user from being able to edit the first 5 character in the textbox part of the combo box( 1 is this possible 2 am i going about it in the right way).

I have 3 columns fro a db to enter ips ie 123.456.7.89 at the start if each number i want (SE1)(SE2)(SE3) which i can do at the momment . So I get in the combobox list 3 items with (SE1)123.456.7.89 OR just (SE1) depending of i a result is returned from the DB. However i don't want the user to be able to edit out the (SE?) part of the sting in the textbox. When editing i've tried used the text change event to try and capture the change and make sure the string.length > 5 , but the event does not fire also when i leave the combobox it it adds to the combox list. If I refersh it goes back to how it should be with only the 3 items.

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VS 2010 - When Selecting Default Option For Combobox 1 / Second Combobox Is Disabled

Jun 13, 2012

I have a problem with CascadingDropDown... I have two related comboboxes, where the second is a slave of the first (e.g. country the first, cities the second). What I want is that if I select one country from combobox 1 then the second must be "filtered" by that selection (it should display all the cities inside the selected country, and the actual CascadingDropDown implementation is OK), but if I leave the combobox 1 in the default option (e.g. "Please select a country") I want the second to display all the cities I have in the database. The problem is that when selecting default option for combobox 1 the second combobox is disabled and a postback to my webservice never occurs.

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Ajax Combobox Not Firing Event When Combobox Is Empty

Jan 3, 2011

in aspx i written as follows

<ajaxToolkit:ComboBox ID="cmbAddressAlias" runat="server" DropDownStyle="Simple" AutoCompleteMode="Suggest" CaseSensitive="false" AutoPostBack="true" RenderMode="Inline" Width="170px" CssClass="cmbProvince" OnSelectedIndexChanged="cmbAddressAlias_SelectedIndexChanged"> </ajaxToolkit:ComboBox>

it binding correctly(datasource dynamically binded) and it raises event too while changing index but it is not raising event when we manually clearing the combobox text..if currently combobox having text "ASP" then i manually select that entire text and using del key i am deleting but it is not raising event for me.. when i change index it automatically raising event...i need to raise event while combobox is empty...

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VS 2015 - ComboBox Click To Refresh Another ComboBox

Jan 19, 2016

How do you refresh a combo box from clicking on something from another Combobox (using Visual Basic).

I don't want to use a button for this as i know it works that way by using .Databind() on the other combobox.

In access it is so easy by using the click event on a combo box but visual studio does not seem to use it.

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VS 2008 Fill Combobox Of Gridview

Aug 15, 2010

<asp:GridView ID="Grdview1" runat="server"
AllowPaging ="false" Width="100%"
<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Cities">
<ItemTemplate >
<asp:DropDownList ID="cmb1" runat="server" >
<asp:ListItem Value="--Select--" Text="--Select--"></asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Value="Faridabad" Text="Faridabad"></asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Value="Delhi" Text="Delhi"></asp:ListItem>
<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Addresses">
<ItemTemplate >
<asp:DropDownList ID="cmb2" runat="server" >

I have two comboxes in GridView named cmb1 & cmb2. On selection Changed of cmb1,I want that cmb2 items to be fill from the database.

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Gridview Binding With Combobox's In Header?

Jul 27, 2010

how one might go about binding to a gridview in ASP.Net 4 in a scenario where the first row of my gridview should be the headers, the second should be a combobox for each column and the third is the beginning of my actual datasource.

If you can imagine what I am trying to achieve is an ability to create a binding between each column in the datagrid and another datasource. This binding is created by the user selecting a value in the comboboxes. However no matter what I try I cant seem to achieve this.

HeaderText1 | HeaderText2 | HeaderText3
ComboBox1 | ComboBox2 | ComboBox3
DataRow1 | DataRow1 | DataRow1
DataRow2 | DataRow2 | DataRow2
DataRow3 | DataRow3 | DataRow3

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AJAX :: Use AutoComplete ComboBox In A DataTable And GridView

Nov 23, 2010

I am using an Active Directory DirectorySearcher to populate a DataTable and GridView so I can make a sort of "Phone List", very similar to the following post: [URL] What I also want to do is use a ComboBox with Append AutoComplete mode to easily filter this phonelist. However, what datasource am I supposed to bind the ComboBox to?

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C# - Combobox Selected Values Display In The Gridview?

Aug 2, 2010

Using C# & MySQL

In my web page am using Comboxbox, if am selecting the value from the combobox the selected values should display in the gridview......


cmd2 = new OdbcCommand("Select * from tb_car where vehicleno = '" + cmbvnoview.SelectedValue + "' ", con);
ada2 = new OdbcDataAdapter(cmd2);
ds1 = new DataSet();
vhviewgrid.DataSource = ds1;

Above Code is working, but in which event i have to write a code for display

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Sort An Unbound Datatable?

Jul 2, 2010

Is it possible that once I have created a datatable programatically, I can then sort that datatable before binding it to a asp:repeater? I have a number of records that I have to get from a com object that has not been eliminated. The com object populates an array, then I loop through the array to pull data from my datatbase, adding the db data to the datatable. Then I bind the datatable to a repeater.

1) the array is multidimensional
2) The COM object doesn't sort the data by company ID (which is what I need to do)

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Ajax Control Toolkit Combobox In Editable Gridview Selected Value?

Jul 16, 2010

I have 2 tables, call them stock and visit. Stock contains a list of standard products (code and description columns). Visit contains a list of products used during a visit (product description column amongst others). When a user adds a product to the visit table they can either select a standard product from the list or select a product code and amend the description, e.g. they could select "paint" and change the description to "blue paint". The new description will only be relevant in the Visit table. This all works fine.

I have an editable gridview which lists the products used during a visit. There is an Ajax control toolkit combo box in the EditItemTemplate which allows the user to select a different product. If the product exists in the Stock list then everything works
fine. If the user amended the description (e.g. changed "paint" to "blue paint" when they added the product to the Visit table I get the following error.

'ProductDescription' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items.
Parameter name: value

I presume this is because the amended description won't exist in the standard list of products. How do I add the amended description to the combo box list? I've tried using the RowEditing event but can't reference the combo box in the EditItemTemplate.I think what I want is something along the lines of [Code]....

Combobox markup below

[code]...Answer in vb preferably.

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Web Forms :: Retrieving Selected Value From Unbound Dropdownlist?

Dec 10, 2010

I have an unbound dropdownlist that is populated in my page_load event. I want to retrieve the text of the selection from the dropdownlist. I'm

using dropdownlist.selectedvalue.tostring(), which works on original page_load but not when I make another selection, even though autopostback is set to true. Do i have to write something in the selectedindexchanged event when not databinding?

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AJAX :: Unbound Reorder List To Not Postback

Jul 13, 2010

Reorder list control cannot be set to not postback? My hope for this control was that I could tie it to a list of data (either a datasource or even a manually created list) and then allow the user to move the items in the list up and down until they liked the new order of all of the elements. They then would click a button to save the updates to the database. Is this possible? It seems that after every reorder there is a postback requried to the datasource to perform an UPDATE, even if the PostBackOnReorder

value is set.

So if my list is

1 Atlanta
2 Boston
3 Chicago
4 Denver
5 Edmonton

and they want to switch Denver with Boston and then hit the Update List button I could cycle through the list an only update two entries rather than all 5 entries twice (for each Postabk on reorder)

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Forms Data Controls :: Convert Gridview Textbox (when In Edit Mode) To Combobox?

Mar 13, 2011

Is it possible to convert gridview textbox(when in edit mode) to combobox without using EditItemTemplate or place control in EditItemTemplate?

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Forms Data Controls :: Sort An Unbound DataGridView By Numeric Or Date Value?

Aug 16, 2010

I'm new to DataGridViews. I have successfully created an unbound DataGridView that contains columns of string, numeric and date values, but I can't seem to figure out how to define a column as a numeric or date value--only strings. I have enabled sort on the columns so the user can click on any column to sort by that column. When I click on the numeric column, it sorts like:


The dates also sort as strings rather than dates.What is the code to change the data type of an unbound DataGridView column? Is it possible? If not, how can I do this with my unbound data?

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