C# - How To Bind A DataTable With Complex Data Objects To A GridView

Jan 31, 2011

My DataTable is programatically generated, and contains objects of type JobInstance in the cells.


When I bind this DataTable to an ASP GridView, it only displays the first column. But if I remove the "typeof(Job)" when creating the column (the line with // !!!), the GridView displays all the columns by showing the result of JobInstance.ToString() in the cells. However, I have no access to the underlying JobInstance object, only the string values that are being displayed.

I need access to the JobInstance object when displaying the GridView (for example in the OnRowDataBound), because I want to access the fields inside JobInstance for each cell to determine formatting options, and add other links in each cell.

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C# - Bind A Complex Dictionary To A Gridview?

Jun 6, 2010

I've used an early binding of a dictionary<string, string> to a gridview to show Urls Text and its HRef as key-value and it works like a charm. But since I want to replace the dictionary with this one :

dictionary<string, LinkInfo>

the binding goes wrong! Should I handle some events like as onItemDataBound or something?
and the LinkInfo structure is:

public struct LinkInfo{
public string href;
public bool Enabled;

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Forms Data Controls :: Bind GridView URL From Datatable?

Jul 21, 2010

I have a data table, in one of the column, I will have this data, I will bind the data table to a grid view. I was hoping that this column change to a hyperlink. But, it was display the entire text.

<A HREF="page_url">Remark(s)</A>

When I view the page source code, I saw this:

<A HREF="page_url;Remark(s)</A>

How to correct this?

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How To Bind Objects To Gridview

May 9, 2010

i am calling an webservice where my webservice is returing an object( which contains data like

empid name
1 kiran
2 mannu
3 tom

WebApplication1.DBLayer.Employee objEMP = ab.GetJobInfo(); now my objEMP has this collection of data

empid name
1 kiran
2 mannu
3 tom

how can i convert this object into( datatable or LIst) and bind to gridview

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Forms Data Controls :: Use Dataset And Datatable To Bind Data To A Gridview?

Aug 27, 2010

on which all conditions we use dataset and datatable to bind data to a gridview?

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Forms Data Controls :: Bind Data From DataSet (DataTable) To A Selectrow DropDownList In GridView?

Nov 19, 2010

I have a Gridview and two link button in that GridView , one link button click is to add edit row ( Edit ), one link button click is to select row ( Select ). I have a dropdownlist inside row which selected when i click link button Select in the gridview edit template, as of my business logic i need to show the dropdownlist only when the user clicks Edit button and when the user clicks Select button . That mean when the user clicks Select button then they clicks Edit button on the gridvview i should allow him to edit the dropdownlist (showing the value to the user through a label).


[Code].... C#

When I click Select link button , then I click Edit link button . They have errors : Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index" I don't know what error?. How to fix it

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Forms Data Controls :: Bind A GridView To A DataTable (in Viewstate) With Full In-line CRUD?

Sep 24, 2010

I need a bit of help with a scenario. I am working on a web application that requires huge amounts of data to be Added, Deleted, and Updated. The data entry forms are divided into logical groups through Multiviews. All the information is saved when the mighty Finish button is pressed. The current setup (previous developer) does not allow me to use transactions. Therefore, if I am to save a new Courier to the database, I need to add his/her Distance and Rate info. In addition, I need to add his/her Banned Areas info (Area Name, Post Code).This is where it gets interesting. Obviously, the DistamceAndRate table and the BannedArea table in my SQL Server will have the CourierID as a foreign key. Since I'm going to save the Courier as well as the Rates and Areas info in one go, I cannot have the newly created CourierID before. Therefore, I cannot bind my Grids for Distance + Rates and Banned Areas directly to database.What I am doing is creating two DataTables and managing them in Viewstate through properties as follow:


So, on page load, the DataTables are initialized with a blank schema. Here are the attempted CRUD implementations (Distance and Rate only):


I am having issues when I am canceling a new entry and when I am editing a new entry. In addition, for Distance and Rates, Rate is acting as unique (cannot be repeated) and attempting to control that is also giving me a headache. I end up creating blank rows.And here's the ASPX cut-out:


Hope to get an answer soon.Also, off-topic, I'm using LINQ here. In order to save a Courier and his/her extra details, I first save his/her address to DB. Then I take the ID of the address and save the courier. now the courier ID is avaliable and i start filling extra tables related with the courier table. If something goes wrong, I have to manually delete created rows. LINQ uses transaction internally but only until a SubmitChanges() call. I'm forced to save each entity so I keep calling SubmitChanges().I tried manual transaction but after saving the address inside a transaction, the Address.OID (Address table's mapped prime-key) had a 0. attempting to use this newly added address while saving Courier in the same transaction threw an exception. If there is a way to get the primary key for entities created in a transaction that is yet to be commited, please mention that'll as well.

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Passing Complex Objects To Javascript Via IScriptControl?

Mar 24, 2010

I'm playing around with a asp.net page that's using the IScriptControl interface to pass data from the code-behind to the custom javascript object running on the browser.I'm passing a number of properties via IScriptControl.GetScriptDescriptors(), and they're all working fine, except for one.That one is a class derived from System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<>. And even that one has been working for me, so long as the elements in the collection were scalars - ints, doubles, and strings. But when I tried to pass a member of a class, it showed up as a null object in the javascript. The class in question is marked [Serializable]. I changed it to a struct, and got the same behavior.It looks as if the serializer used in IScriptControl does a shallow copy.

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C# - ModelBinder With Multiple Selection And Complex Objects?

Feb 22, 2010

I'm trying to bind the selections in a multiple selection SELECT, to an IList input in the controller.

<select name="users" multiple="multiple">


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MVC :: Creating Multiple Complex Objects With A Webform?

Mar 3, 2010

I have a form which I use to create an issue. WHen you post the form, the form elements are that of a custom DTO. The DTO is then used on my POST method to create the new entity. That all works fine.

However, I want to add the functionality to add multiple issues at the same time from the same view. In effect, the user would click something like 'Report Additional Problem', and an extra set of form fields would appear (I will like use jquery for this, which I don't have an issue with). However, even with just leaving one set of form fields, the user should still be able to create just one issue. But if I habve my post method take a list or array of my DTO, it doesn't work.

Here is the post method before editing:


What I want to do is for this to take an array or list of NewIssueDto. I would then loop through each one in the list and create a new issue from it.

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Use ObjectDataSource With Complex Objects And FormView Control?

Dec 30, 2010

I have a complex object. For example a SCHOOL object that contains a collection of PERSON object. How can I use the ObjectDataSource control with a FormView and flatten the complex object? An example display would be to display the school name and comma separate the students on the page. Is this possible?

public string Id
get { return m_id; }


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Use FormView In Order To Insert Complex Entity Framework Objects?

Jun 11, 2010

I'm trying to use formview in order to do insert of a new entity object (called Customer) Customer has a reference to another entity called Address. How can I fill both of them in the same formview?

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DataSource Controls :: LINQ Mapping To Complex Business Objects?

Feb 5, 2010

I have two business objects mapped via LINQ to tables. One of the objects contains an instance of the other object and share a key as an identifier.I want to retrieve Class A and within class A all of Class B's values as well. What I am doing is this:



This seems a little clunky, as in slow. Is there a better way to get the Class B (User) information without making a query every time?

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Entity Framework - Collection Of Complex Child Objects In MVC 3 Application?

Feb 20, 2011

I want to be able to update a model and all its collections of child objects in the same view. I have been referred to these examples: http://haacked.com/archive/2008/10/23/model-binding-to-a-list.aspx and http://blog.stevensanderson.com/2010/01/28/editing-a-variable-length-list-aspnet-mvc-2-style/ .

For example, I have an object Consultant, that has a collection of "WorkExperiences". All this is in an Entity Framework model. In the view, the simple properties of the Consultant object is no problem, but the collection I cannot get a textbox to show up for. I tried following the examples in the links above, but it doesn't work. The problem is, in those examples the model is just a list (not an object with a child list property). And also, the model again is an EF model. And for some reason that doesn't seem to work as in those examples.


This stuff with the EditorTemplate works fine in Phil Haack's sample project, which I downloaded to try, but here, with the EF model or whatever the problem is, I don't get any textbox at all. The table in the view is just there as a test, because in the table I do get the rows for WorkExperiences, whether I add an empty WorkExperience object or fill out its properties doesn't matter, the rows show up for each object. But again, no textbox...

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AJAX :: Sending Complex Objects From JavaScript (client) To C# (server)?

Mar 26, 2010

I have this object in my server side:


Now I do this on the client side, to send a typed object to the server:


and actually it works. The problem is that I cannot find the way to stablish this property: "public ThingDetails[] details;"

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C# - Best Way To Edit And Update Complex Viewmodel Objects Using Mvc2 And Entity Framework?

Apr 2, 2010

I have a table in my database with a one to many relationship to another table, which has a relationship to a third table:


This seems to work fine. My question to you good folks: Is there a correct way to do this? I tried following the making a custom model binder per the blog link I posted above but it didn't work (there was an issue with reflection, the code expected certain properties to exist) and I needed to get something going ASAP. PS - I tried to cleanup the code to hide specific information, so beware I may have hosed something up.

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C# - Bind The Converted Value From A Datatable To Gridview?

Apr 3, 2010

how to bind the value to gridview

i have a datatable

DataTable dtBindGrid = new DataTable();

dtBindGrid = serviceobj.SelectExamTimeTable(txtSchoolName.Text, txtBranchName.Text, txtClass.Text, txtExamName.Text);
foreach (DataRow row in dtBindGrid.Rows)


this datatable will return me some values like day,date,time,duration,subject,..

here im getting each value in string bec to convert the Time as 9.00am or 9.00pm

DatedTime = Convert.ToDateTime(row["Time"].ToString());
strgettime = DatedTime.ToString("t");

.... how to bind this converted value to my gridview.

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MVC :: Use A Grid View In Application / Bind This Datatable With The Gridview?

Sep 6, 2010

i'm using asp.net MVC 2.0 , now i want to use a grid view in my applicationbut i don't want to use the third party control. my data contained in a datatable. so i want to bind this datatable with the gridview.

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DataSource Controls :: Read Delimited Files Into A Datatable And Bind To A Gridview?

Sep 17, 2010

I have a delimted file , like a csv file but the delimters are # and not ,

I assume I would use SqlConnection and SqlDataAdapter

So for a csv file what is the sequence to read in for example c:datademo.csv

What would the connection string be.

Also can you specifiy a different delimiter.

The code below is what I assume it would possibly look likea although its only a frst guess.


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Forms Data Controls :: Tyring To Bind A List Of Dictionary Objects To ListView?

Apr 21, 2010

I'm tyring to bind a list of Dictionary objects to ListView, but for some reason it returns me an error, ItemTeplate


Code Behind


error says


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SQL Server :: Create A Complex Query And Bind It To A Repeater?

Aug 17, 2010

I have written a web project using Visual Web developer 2008 and SQL 2005. I need to create a complex query and bind it to a repeater.

I have 3 tables

Table 1 - Department
Dept_Id (int) primary key
Dept_Name (vchar)
Include_Unavailable (bit)
Table 2 - Employee
Employ_Id (int) primary key
Dept_Id (int) foreign key
Employ_Name (vchar)
Table 3 - Schedule
Sched_Id (int) primary key
Employ_Id (int) foreign key
Date (datetime)

My query is as follows:

SELECT Department.Dept_Name, Employee.Employ_Name, Schedule.Date

FROM Department, Employee, Schedule


In my query I want all departments and employees listed who work on a particular date. In addition, if the Department.Include_Unavailable is 'true' I want to create a row with the department and employees who work in that department even if they are not schuled to work. I will eventually list these employees as 'unavailable' but do not want to list all unavailable employees as unavailable. Only employees that work in departments that have Department.Include_Unavailable set to 'true'

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Data Controls :: Bind DataTable Values To CheckBoxList

Apr 2, 2013

I had a problem in binding the checkbox list. Here I explain I had a database with 3 columns.


address         name    number

bangalore      seker      987585
mangalore     shankar  658741
bangalore      kanna      589725

Now I have select the bangalore in address,so i may get seker and kanna.

And now i have display in my page as like this to checkbox.


987585                 same kanna sholud be displayed.

that is, the seker should be in label and the number should be in checkbox.

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State Management :: Keep Data In Static Datatable And Bind Dropdownlist

Mar 25, 2011

Which one is faster? For a dropdownlist binding it the first time and using ViewSate or Turning of viewstate, keeping the data in a static datatable and binding the dropdownlist each time on a postback

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Data Controls :: Bind DropDownList Using JavaScript / AJAX And DataTable

Aug 28, 2013

I will get required data from the web method that returns as table!!!

public static DataTable call(String code)
SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection();
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();

[Code] .....

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Data Controls :: Generic Method To Bind DropDownList With DataTable Or DataSet

Sep 4, 2012

i have 2 dropdown list and i need to create a Generic method so that I an reuse it...

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