C# - How To Populate Dropdown With A Database Result In Mvc Linq EF

Mar 16, 2011

Here is my Controller:

public class MatchManagerController : Controller
// GET: /MatchManager/
public ActionResult Index()
return View();
public ActionResult CreateMatch()
return View();

Here is my View:

@model MatchGaming.Models.MatchModel
ViewBag.Title = "CreateMatch";
@using (Html.BeginForm()) {

I want my MatchTypeId to be a drop down that populates from my table MatchTypes.

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Oct 6, 2010

I am struggling to create a webservice method using LINQ technology and to populate a dropdown in a form. Here is the Webservice code.


string[] GetAllCountries()
LinqClassesDataContext db =
var q =
from c
in db.ListContinents()select
return q.ToList() ;

And here is the form code behind

Page_Load(object sender,
EventArgs e)
WSClass WS =
ds = WS.GetAllCountries();
var v = WS.GetAllCountries();
ddlContinent.DataSource = v;

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Databases :: Using Result Of Dropdown List To Populate MySQL Parameter?

Apr 14, 2010

The problem I have is that I've got a simple ASP.NET page. On it, I have a dropdownlist that is calling values from a MySQL table.

When I select a value from the list, I want to create/update a GridView.

I've created the code, which works if I hard code the parameter, but I want to use the DataValueField from the drop down list.

Is this possible?


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ADO.NET :: How To Populate Dropdown Using LINQ

Dec 1, 2010

i am trying to use LINQ to populate a drop-down. This code works fine on my local machine, but I get an error when I try to run it on the live site.

The error occurs on this line: ddTicketMasterRoles.DataBind()

The error message is:



An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.MethodAccessException:


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ADO.NET :: Object Oriented Linq - Populate Second Dropdown List With Results?

Sep 23, 2010

I am wondering into the unknown field of OOA and was looking for a way to separate my business logic from my UI. A small example is as followed:

Two DropDowns where the second one is depended on the selection in the first DropDown. You have Cars, planes, etc. inm the first DropDown and Toyota, Chrysler, etc in the second (depending on the value in the first DD.I have som Lin syntax. The file is situated in the App_Code folder and NOT as code behind. [Code]....

I would like to know how i can make populate my second Dropdown list with results. At this point it's just putting in the complete ProductSubCategory.

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Dropdown, Textbox Search Mysql Database, Result In Gridview?

Feb 18, 2010

Let's say I have a gridview with some columns like, title, name, funding agency. Here's an example of what I want to do:

I want to display all the records in the gridview to start. There would be a dropdownlist that lets the user select whether to search by title, name, funding agency and a text box that lets them type in what they want to search for (and a button to start the search). After searching, the gridview would only display the records that matched the criteria.i already know how to connect datasets to the gridview, but i am using mysql database and writing code in vb.how to accomplish this task

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Web Forms :: Auto Select Item In DropDown List By Database Result?

Nov 6, 2010

I have a DetailsView that binds a User's Profile data into an ItemTemplate upon the Page_Load. When the user chooses Edit Mode, all of the Data is correctly carried over, except for the DropDownLists selected values. If on the ReadOnly page, the user's data shows "Male" for the Sex, then on the edit Mode page, I would like the DropDownList that gets the sexes from the database ("male", "female"), to have automatically selected "Male" in the DropDownList, not the lowest indexed item.



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Dropdown List Won't Populate Values From Database?

Oct 4, 2010

I'm stuck with a problem to populate a DropDownList control with values from the database using item field template in read only mode. since I'm new to ASP.NET. Below is the code and the error I'm getting:

'PictureReadOnlyCategories' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items. Parameter name: value Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: 'PictureReadOnlyCategories' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items. Parameter name: value

The code for this is :

<asp:SqlDataSource ID="categoriesDataSource" runat="server"
ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:ConnectionString %>"
SelectCommand ="SELECT [CategoryID], [Name] FROM [Categories] WHERE ([UserId] = @UserId)">


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Dropdown List Wont Populate Values From Sql Database?

Oct 6, 2010

I have an application as: SelectCommand="SELECT [CategoryID], [Name], [UserId] FROM [Categories] WHERE ([UserId] = @UserId) ORDER BY [Name]">

Pick a category: <asp:DropDownList ID="categories" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True"
DataSourceID="categoriesDataSource" DataTextField="Name" [code]...

When i take away the <SelectParameters>

<asp:QueryStringParameter Name="CategoryID" QueryStringField="ID" />
</SelectParameters> and ([UserId] = @UserId), the dropdown list control will populate values from the database but when i live those 2, it won't populate any value from the database. When i remove the <asp:QueryStringParameter Name="CategoryID" QueryStringField="ID" />
</SelectParameters>,and live ([UserId] = @UserId), i get the error : Must declare the scalar variable "@UserId".

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Forms Data Controls :: Dropdown Won't Populate Values From Sql Database

Oct 6, 2010

Ive been strugglng with this one problem for a while now. I have an application as: SelectCommand="SELECT [CategoryID], [Name], [UserId] FROM [Categories] WHERE ([UserId] = @UserId) ORDER BY [Name]">
<asp:QueryStringParameter Name="CategoryID" QueryStringField="ID" />
</SelectParameters> [code]....

the dropdown list control will populate values from the database but when i live those 2, it won't populate any value from the database. When i remove only the
<asp:QueryStringParameter Name="CategoryID" QueryStringField="ID" />
and live ([UserId] = @UserId), i get the error : Must declare the scalar variable "@UserId".

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Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Correct Result Inside DropDownList From LINQ Query Result

Jul 1, 2010

I have this ListView that has a Drop Down List.Everything works fine (I think/hope) except that the drop down list are not showing its result correctly.This is the code.


The code behind consist of the page_load and the ItemDataBound

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Linq To XML - Getting Correct Query Result, But It's Buried Deep In The Result Var?

Mar 1, 2011

I'm having a problem with my Linq to XML query. I'm getting the result data I want, but it's nested so deep that there must be a better way.Here is my XML:


I'm trying to get a list (simple string[]) of all Item IDs where Category Names contains "Other".Here is my Linq:



Here is a snapshot of my result from Visual Studio:The results I want are there ("item100", "item400", "item500"), but buried so deeply in the results var.

How can I get the query to return a simple

string[] = { "item100", "item400", "item500" }

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Web Forms :: Populate Textbox Using SQL Database Query / Depending On A Dropdown List Selection

Apr 8, 2010

I would like to alter the query that is run, depending on the selection made by the user in a drop down list on the same page. Would this best be done using a partial page update (AJAX)? Ideally it would be great to have the textbox result change quickly once the drop-down list value has changed, without a full page postback. I would like to change the SQL query to a completely different query if the user selects an option different to the default (page_load value) in the drop-down list. I would then like the newly retrieved result to be displayed in the textbox as before.

My current VB function looks like this:


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C# - Bind The Values Without Duplicates From Database Into Dropdown Using LINQ?

Apr 2, 2011

I have a small issue binding the values into a dropdown using LINQ in ASP.NET code-behind.

var clientquer = from i in Entity.New_Bank select i;
//var q = (from s in names
// select s).Distinct();
// var getlendername = (from db in mortgageentity.New_Lender group db by db.Bank_Name into t select t.Key).ToList();
if (clientquer.Count() > 0)
ddlbankname.DataSource = clientquer.ToList();
ddlbankname.DataValueField = "Bank_ID2";
ddlbankname.DataTextField = "Bank_Name";

It is binding with duplicate values, but I don't want bind duplicate values. I'm trying to solve this by using a group by clause, but it is not working.

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Populate Dropdown Based On Another Dropdown?

Mar 4, 2011

I have a gridview where i have two fields. one is product and second is sub category.

I need to do 2 things.

1. I need to populate the two combos from the database. But depending what is selected in dropdown 1 this will determine what needs to be populated in drop down 2?

how can i achieve this?

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Web Forms :: Populate One DropDown According To Selected Value From Another DropDown Without Refreshing Page

Mar 11, 2014

I have seen article in code snippet but i have never used web services so that is complicated .

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MVC :: How To Populate A Dropdown Box Based On Selectedvalue In Another Dropdown/combo Box

Oct 22, 2010

how to populate a dropdown list box based on selected value in another.

dropdown list box? Say, for example, the first dropdown is a list of car manufactures. When a user selected a manufacture from that dropdown list, the second dropdown would list would automatically gets populated with all the car models for that manufacture.

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Can Populate Second Dropdown With Results From Table Selected In First Dropdown

Dec 9, 2010

I have a dozen tables, and two dropdown lists.The first drop down list shows the table names. The second dropdown list needs to be poulated with the data from the specific table selected in the first dropdown list.I wrote a stored procedure that will query the selected table name choosen in the the first dropdown list. My results though are only showing this...


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Populate An Unmapped Property Of Domain Object From Result Of Join With Nhibernate

Jun 7, 2010

I have a situation where I have 3 tables: StockItem, Office and StockItemPrice. The price for each StockItem can be different for each Office.


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Web Forms :: Creating Search Box With Dropdown Result

Oct 15, 2010

I have one left side panel which containg one search box and treeview, when user type any search text than i have to dropdown the list of matching item below textbox,according to search text user can able to find text on dropdown, when user select particular text and click on same on treeview that text would be automated selected and on right side panel data will pupulate automatically according to selected item.same like


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ADO.NET :: How To Use Order By On The Result Of A LinQ To SQL Query

Dec 8, 2010

How can I use Order by on the result of a LinQ to SQL query ?

I have the following Situation:

Dim ret As New Object

ret = From status In tableStatus _
Select status.STATUS_ID, _
Text = Function_GetText(status.TEXT_ID)

Now I have to order this result on the field Text, has anyone an idea? (I can't use in my case Orde by Function_GetText(status.TEXT_ID))

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ADO.NET :: How To Randomize A LINQ Query Result

Dec 5, 2010

How to randomize a LINQ query result?

Below takes 4 of the records but it won't randomize in every request. [:(]

Dim products = (From p In Northwind _
Order By Guid.NewGuid _
Select New With { _
.Name = p.Name, _
Return products.Take(4).ToList()

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ADO.NET :: Get A Single Value Result From Linq Query

Aug 18, 2010

i want take a single value result from linq query

if i have :[Code]....

the variable result does not return nothing, only tostring() and similar how can i get a single result from linq query and use it in my ID variable?

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Web Forms :: Add Multiple DropDown Values And Result Should Be In Another Textbox?

Feb 8, 2011

I have Multiple Dropdown list on my webform DropDownlist1, DropDownlist2,DropDownlist3,........,DropDownlist11, i wanted add all and result should e displayed in Textbox

Some thing like follows.

DropDownlist1+ DropDownlist2+DropDownlist3+........................+DropDownlist11=Textbox1.Text(Result)

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VS 2010 - How To Pass The Result Of The Linq To Textbox

Sep 27, 2010

How can I pass the result of the linq to a textbox?

string search = txtSearchPO.Text;
IPSBLL.TransactionInfo dbInfo = new IPSBLL.TransactionInfo();
var q = from info in dbInfo.GetTransactionInfo()
where info.PONumber == search
select info;
txtPONumber.Text = q;

I need to access the column data something like this:


How can I do that in LINQ?

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