C# - Load Balancing And Web Images /Thumbimages/Thumbnails?

Mar 25, 2011

We are planning to introduce Load balancing in our server environment. Our site has lots of thumbnails (Thumbimages) to get displayed on the website. As all the images should be there under Web directory to get displayed on web site, do I need to maintain these TNs in all the servers? Is there any other way to accomplish this?

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Web Forms :: Display Images As Thumbnails?

Jan 21, 2010

I need to create a thumbnail solution in order to display pictures of products.
There can be more than 1 thumbnail per product and I need a way to enlarge the image as well. The thumbnails will be displayed in atleast 3 or 4 pages across the system and I need the ability to delete them as well. For version 2 of the software (knowing PM's it may be thrown into Version 1), I think I will need to be able to enhance this feature to allow movie clips so that's something I need to keep in mind. The images will be stored in the DB so I can sort the code to retrieve them but I'm originally a windows programmer and this is my first major ASP.NET project and also my first attempt at C#.

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Create Thumbnails Of Uploaded Images

Apr 11, 2010

I have ran into an issue where I have to use ASP.NET to do a Thumbnail of images uploaded since the hosting company does not have any of the required ASP Classic 3rd party utilities that I can use. I have played around with several different Upload scripts before I found a tutorial on using: Uploadify (Love this script) with ASP.NET. [URL] What I am needing to do with the script is to create Thumbnails of the images that are uploaded, and when I try to do so, I get an IO Error. I was informed that I would have to create a Web Application instead of the Web Site as the web application would give me the default.aspx.designer.cs file for setting the FileUpload control as Public to be used in the upload.ashx file. But after doing that it basically breaks the code. What works in the Web Site, does not seem to want to work in the Web Application. What I would like from the .NET community is some help in making the Uploadify script to create Thumbnails. The script for the Thumbnails that I am using (or trying to use) is here


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MVC :: Create Thumbnails For Images Uploaded?

Jan 8, 2010

- In have a website where users can upload their photo and along with their profile.- I store the photo as binary data in database.- Using ASP.NET MVC 2.0 FileContent option, I display Photo back in the browser, when user view his/her profile detailsQuestion: Currently I am showing image as-is and not restricting width/height, so that users see exactly whatever image they uploaded as-is without distortion. However I want to do like every other website: Show only smaller image alwayswith fixed size and allow user to click on it to pop-up and show original image as-is in pop-up.NOTE: I can do this simply restricting width and height to fixed limits but still show original image. But in this case image is distorted as it was not originally designed for this dimension.This very basic question and I am seeing many options, including some libraries. But don't know what is best way to do this using ASP.NET MVC 2.0

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Images / Thumbnails - Improve Download Speed?

Jun 15, 2010

I have a website that enable the user to upload pics to server (uploaded pics sizes are 300x400 and approximately 270kb). In my app. I am having another page that lists the pics and I am using there an image control for that purpose. The Image control sizes are 80px width, 60px height. My question is how can I improve the download speed by minimizing the images ? Do I have to create a thumbnail for each picture the user upload?

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Create Thumbnails Images Using Datalist Control

Jan 27, 2011

i would like to ask help coz i dont know how to create thumbnails images using datalist control and i am newbie to this control datalist, i have a database table with contains 3 cols which are employeeid, fullname, and imagepath, now i what to load the employee id, the fullname and the imagepath which actually contains only the path of actual image(which is located on imagefolder). my problem is how am i going to load that 3 info. i'm using asp.net c#

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How To Return Images From Database (Access) To RSS In Form Of Thumbnails

Nov 15, 2010

How can i return images from my database (Access) to RSS in form of thumbnails this is my RSS code:



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AJAX :: SlideShowExtender And Thumbnails - Go To Specific Images In Slides?

May 3, 2010

I use a slideshowextender and everything is correct, but now I want to add thumbnails. or someone know how to go to a specific images in the slides[]

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Load Balancing For The Website

Jul 27, 2010

I am working on asp.net (newbie) and I am trying to understand what it means to do "load balancing" for the web site. The website will be used by multiple users and resources (database, web service,..).

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How To Manage Load Balancing

Feb 16, 2011

I am making a project for the university. When admission Starts, suddenly a lot of traffic comes at my site around 50000 to 100000 users. Site goes down therefore.

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C# - Get DNS Name In Load Balancing Environment?

Mar 9, 2011

I have 4 servers participating in load balancing environment. The same ASP.NET application is being hosted in each server.

I would like to get the DNS Name regardless of the underlying server.


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Implement Load Balancing For A Web Application?

Mar 25, 2011

I have a asp.net website with separate web server, Application server and database server. Now I need to have configure load balancing with two web and Application server. I don't have any idea about load balancing. how to proceed with load balancing.

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Get Visitor IP On Load Balancing Machine?

Mar 25, 2010

We are having two load balancing server. In that we have hosted a asp.net 3.5 application right now we are using request userhostaddress to get visitor ip but it is giving load balancer ip instead of real ip.

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Is Silverlight More Friendly To Load - Balancing

Mar 1, 2010

I was discussing load-balancing with a colleague at lunch. I admit that I know very little about this topic. We were discussing the various ways of maintaing session in a ASP.NET application -- none of which suited the high performance load balancing that he was looking for. What about Silverlight? says I. As far as I know it is stateless, you've got the app running in the browser and you've got services on the server that feed/process data. Does Silverlight totally negate the need for Session state management? Is it more friendly to load-balancing? Is it something in between?

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IIS 6.0 Load Balancing And In - Proc Session

Jan 4, 2010

We have three web servers in our web farm that are load balanced using the Network Load Balancing Manager in Windows 2003. The sites that run on these boxes use In-Proc ASP.NET session. Our assumption is that the balancing uses a "sticky" session because users seem to be assigned to a given server during their use of the application as well as there doesn't appear to be any session error where the session data is residing on a previous machine. My question is how can I 1) verify that our balancing configuration is using "sticky" sessions and 2) can someone explain the load balancing feature in Windows 2003 relative to ASP.NET web applications?

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Full Cluster Vs Load Balancing

Sep 16, 2010

Is there any solutions that "increases power of a single machine" instead of traffic distribution between different hosts. I mean the following schema: "Central server" receives all requests and for its execution it provide "a copy of shared memory" to different hosts.

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WCF / ASMX :: Load Balancing Using Web Service?

Jun 23, 2010

resently we are developing a windows product using dot net, combined withsas (another language). If sas not get installed in local machines then we are in need of using server machine which has sas with it, we are using socket programming to communicate with server machine,Problem is when more number of requests comes to the server for processing sas it is becoming slow, so we need Load balancing If we go with web service which is having same domain name but different ip address mapped using

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Configuration :: Load Balancing Fail Over?

Nov 9, 2010

We are developing an ASP.NET eterprise level application. Customer wants to support for load balancing and fail over. Also customer need that if one server pc fails, end user should not notice that. is this possible? Will there be a timeout for the end user?

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HttpContext.Current.Application During Load Balancing

Oct 13, 2010

I wanted to understand the behavior of HttpContext.Current.Application during the load balancing. I have read that session can be stored in disk hence can be retrieved from different servers. Is this true for HttpContext.Current.Application also. Does the keydata stored in one machine is accessible in other different machine too?

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Determine If Application Support Load Balancing Environment

Jan 12, 2010

I am new to asp.net, I have been tasked to upgrade the physical architecture to load balancing environment to support the application. I done some reading the session state should be configure to Out-Process instead of In-Proc to support load balancing. Is there any other issues I need to take note for asp.net web application to run in the load balanced environment?

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Use Session On A Shared Hosting Server With Load Balancing?

Oct 4, 2010

My website/application is in ASP.NET. I use the traditional Session object when people connect so they have their preference, etc. My problem is that sessions were lost very often. I discovered that my hosting company was using load balancing on their servers, so one request on my website can be on one server, and the other on another one.

I tried to store the session data in a SQL Server database, but I quickly discovered that I can't create the needed database on my shared server because I only have one database in my package. Also, there is no guarantee that the rest of the script would have been able to run.

My questions: is there any other way to get around this problem? Should I buy another database only for this? Is there another type of session that I could use? Is there anything else I can use instead of session to keep track of my user when they are connected on my website?

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Generic Error Occurred In GDI+ + ABCPdf + Load Balancing

Mar 25, 2010

We are using two load balancing server for asp.net site in that we have a functionality which will create a receipt of order in pdf using abcpdf component it was working fine without load balancing server and but when we move it to load balancing server it is giving errors like. A generic error occurred in GDI. I have given full rights to directory which is used but still there problem. Does anybody have a solutions for this.

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WCF Service Configuration In Web Farm And Load Balancing Environment

Oct 21, 2010

I want to configure ASP.NET Website Project using WCF Service[NetTcp] (both in c#) for web-farm (for website) and NLB Load balancing (for service). I would like to configure following options for same.

NetTcpBinding.maxConcurrentCalls, NetTcpBinding.ListenBacklog and NetTcpBinding.MaxConnections

Note: During single machine configuration when I changed value of NetTcpBinding.ListenBacklog and NetTcpBinding.MaxConnections in WCF Service project to more that 10, which is default value. I got exception. When I changed this value in Website it was working fine. Due to this I had to keep in default configuration. Not sure why this is the case. Following reference gives idea how to configure in given environment but does not tell how to go about it. Ref: [URL] Update: Let me simplify a bit. Lets say I have following configuration.

2 IIS servers in Web Farm.
3 WCF Service Servers (NetTcp) in NLB
Default config. for single instance.
NetTcpBinding.ListenBacklog: 10
NetTcpBinding.MaxConnections: 10
NetTcpBinding.maxConcurrentCalls: 16

Now what will be my configuration setting in this environment. Will it be same as above or will be as follows.

NetTcpBinding.ListenBacklog: 30 (10*3)
NetTcpBinding.MaxConnections: 30 (10*3)
NetTcpBinding.maxConcurrentCalls: 48 (16*3)

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Web Forms :: Dynamic Image Paths And Load Balancing?

Aug 9, 2010

I've been assigned a task to get a site ready for migration over to a load balanced architecture. It will have 4 active servers and 2 static, where the active ones will contain the main site, with the static ones containing images, text files etc..My question is, what is the best way to deal with the image paths in this situation?e.g. one one server the image will be something like : 'serverONE/images/image.jpg' but this need the ability to change to 'serverTWO/images/image.jpg'

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Configuration :: Network Load Balancing With FileUpload Control?

Oct 13, 2010

i just have a question about using FileUpload control to upload files to server. Let's say i have 2 servers for a network load balancing, should i need to do something for ensure the data/files is synchronize between that 2 servers?

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