C# - Success Messages As Opposed To Model State Error Messages?

Jan 26, 2010

For error messages, validation faults etc you have


But, where do you put success responses like "You successfully transfered alot of money to your ex." + "Your balance is now zero". I still want to set it at the controller level and preferably in key-value way, the same way as errormessages but without invalidating the modelstate.

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MVC :: Override Model Binding Failures Default Error Messages?

May 16, 2010

I am new to ASP.NET MVC and using ASP.NET MVC 2 with XVal. I am not using DataAnnotationsModelValidatorProvider and instead using NHibernateValidatorNHibernateValidator attributes. I would like to know that, when failing to provide a value for a non nullable type, how can i override the vanilla messages.There are actually two scenarios for non nullable type with model binding failure

1) when the data the user entered isn't compatible with the data type (for example, typing in "abc" for an integer field). The default message for this is: "The value [AttemptedValue] is not valid for [Property]."

2) when the user did not enter any data for a field which is not nullable (for example, an integer field). The default message for this is: "A value is required."

I know that the [Required] validator from DataAnnotationsModelValidatorProvider is treated specially during model binding failures on non-nullable types, so that you're not stuck with the vanilla message 'A value is required.'.

Also The DefaultModelBinder uses [Required] attribute for the second scenario only.Since I am not using DataAnnotationsModelValidatorProvider, I can not use [Required].Bearing in mind that I am already doing all the attribute validation and other business rules validation in my domain layer using XVal , What are my options here?

- Allow the model binding validation errors to occur, and then ignore and remove them from ModelState in my action method and refill it with my custom validation errors?

- Derive a custom model binder from and defaultmodel binder and override the onModeUpdated method ignoring all the validation?

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State Management :: Retrieving The Error Messages From A Xml File Or Database?

Jan 18, 2011

I've developed an web application and there are 4 different languages in my project. I want to call the error messages (error handling) from an xml file or database (i am not sure which method is better and fast).

I can create an integer for each different (spesific) error and can call the error text from another source.

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Architecture :: How To Manage User Messages To Avoid Hardcoding Messages

Aug 10, 2010

How to manage user messages to avoid hardcoding messages accross the web application.

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Web Forms :: Messages In Model Popup?

Feb 23, 2010

I want to display some kind of messages say after user login or registred I am showing message in Label syaing "Successfully registred" "Successfully Login" like messages.

I want to display these messages in model popup when i want to display the messages to user.May be either in Lightbox.

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MVC :: Can't Get Model Client Validation Messages Localized?

May 23, 2010

i am currently working on an asp.net mvc (.net 3.5 sp1) web app, that uses data annotations and client side validation. I would like to have localization enabled, thus i have implemented a localization mechanism for enabling site visitors select the locale they prefer, by overriding the Execute() controller action and setting the CurrentCulture appropriately (i get the culture to change to from the URL route parameters).

I tried implementing my model validation messages localization with no success. What i did was adding two resource files undeer my model App_LocalResoorces folder (one for my locale greek language Validation.el.resx and one for the default english language Validation.el.resx) and set the appropriate file properties ("Access Modifier" to "Public", "Build Action" to "Embedded Resource","CustomTool" to "PublicResXFileCodeGenerator" and "Custom Tool Namespace" to "ModelLocalRes". Then i added a RequiredFieldPrompt" name-value to both the resource files.

Then i tried modify the required validation attribute on my model's name metadata like this:


The problem is that i cannot get the localization working, since the error message gets displayed always for the english default locale, no matter the locale selected from the site visitor.

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MVC 2 Model Validation Messages - Turn Off / Customized?

Oct 19, 2010

i have a view model with a property like this one :

[RegularExpression(@"^d+$", ErrorMessageResourceType = typeof(Resources.Validation), ErrorMessageResourceName = "NumberValidationMsg" )]
public int? Number {get; set;}

NumberValidationMsg resource is set to "Only numbers allowed !".

but when I try to enter something like 'test' into Number field on form, ModelState displays the ErrorMessage with content similar to :

"The value 'test' is not valid for Number."

can this message be turned off, customized? (or maybe the best solution would be just to replace int? with string)

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State Management :: Get The Chat Messages In Different Browsers?

Nov 25, 2010

user should be logged in one browser and chat with some one.the same user should be logeed in same id in any other browser the user can get that chat messages in this browser also. but i have some problem inasp.net coding i can get chat messages only in which browser i chat to some one. so i need that chat messges in another browser also. how can i write the coding for that.

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Validation - Pass Error Messages

Feb 3, 2010

This is probably going to end up as a stupid question, but countless research has offered me no results. I know there are different types of errors I want to check for, and when I should be throwing an exception for "exceptional" errors, and that I should create validating functions for input and other checks. My problem is, how do I send an error back to a page when the data entered fails in a separate class?

For Example:

User input entered in Page1.aspx, click calls Submit() in Class.vb Class.vb finds that input is invalid How do I update Page1.aspx label to say "Hey, that is not right".

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How To Show Error Messages To The User

Jun 9, 2010

Since we cannot display a messag box, how to show an error message [for something that happens on the server side] to the user in ASP.NET [4.0]?

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How To Display Attribute Error Messages

Jan 28, 2011

I am having an attibute


The user logged in doesnt have any admin right and the RequiresAdminRights throws an exception. How can I display the exception message?

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Bifurcating Validation Error Messages In .Net?

Jan 14, 2010

In ASP.Net, how do I limit validation messages to only one?

Rule: User must put in a number between 0 and 1000.

Current [undesired] Behavior:

User types 1001: validator says "Please put in a non-negative number beneath 1000"
User types -1: validator says "Please put in a non-negative number beneath 1000"

Desired Behavior:

User types 1001: validator says "Please put in a number beneath 1000"
User types -1: validator says "Please put in a non-negative number"

In other words, how can I use two asp:RangeValidators whose disallowed values intersect but only turn on the desired one? I do not want to handle a ServerValidate event on the server.

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Security :: Style Error Messages Such As InvalidPasswordErrorMessage?

Feb 13, 2011

Is it possible to style error messages such as InvalidPasswordErrorMessage which is used in the login control. How to set a CssClass property? In addition to doing it hardcoded, it it even possible to do it dynamically?

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Web Forms :: Validation Error Messages Not Being Removed

Aug 5, 2010

I have a form that has contact fields, billing address, and shipping address. So if i fill out my contact information ONLY and left billing and shipping address blank then hit submit, the validation for the billing address and shipping address appears. Ok no problem, there is a check in each billing and shipping fields that once click on it copies the address from contact to billing or shipping fields. Everything works except for the validation messages. They are still there. Is there a way to remove the validation message after the textboxes are populated with data?

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Visual Studio :: Javascript Error Messages?

Mar 16, 2011

I'm running Visual Studio 2010 and IE9 and integrating with facebook and the facebook javascript code keeps resulting in exceptions... 'Error: '__flash__removeCallback' is undefined' which I can't do anything about.

Visual Studio keeps on telling me about each and every one of these exceptions every time I load the webpage that I'm working on which makes doing anything else difficult. I managed to switch off this behavior by enabling Silverlight debugging because apparently the debugger can only work with one of the other.

But now the browser keeps telling me about the same exceptions even though I've disabled script debugging and have de-selected 'Display a notification about every error'.

So how do I stop Visual Studio from telling me about numerous Javascript exceptions that I can't do anything about? Why can one not just configure it to, 'do not debug javascript from the following domains'?

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MVC :: View Not Firing Custom Error Messages?

Apr 10, 2010

i created a view using html.editorformodel() and created a buddy class for validation. the buddy class is as below;


Now , i know that the view recognized the buddy class because the display name above showed in the create form.

The problem now is that when i click on the submit button, i dont get that error messsage, saying that LineManagerEmail is required.

It simply goes to the httppost create action (which has no logic in it for now and simply redirects to the index action.

My view is as below.


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Web Forms :: Error - Display Confirm Messages Box With Condition

Jan 11, 2011

In my page, I have to display confirm message box with some condition. It should not display always. I have written below code, but its giving errror.

"return confirm('Are you sure');",

I can't do like below code, because I am getting some value at runtime and i need to check. btnLogout.Attributes.Add("onclick","return confirm('Do you really want to log out?

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Web Forms :: Multiple Error Messages Of A Validator Next To Textbox?

Sep 30, 2010

I'm having a registration form with textboxes that have more than one validator, e.g. a requiredfieldvalidator and a comparevalidator. I want the error message to show up on the right side of the textbox, but because I use more than one error message, one of them is not neatly next to the textbox, but further away from it.

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How To Show Validation Control's Error Messages In Alert Box

Feb 1, 2011

I am using 4 required field validators,4 regular expression validators and 4 compare validators for 4 text boxes.Is it possible to show error messagesin an alert or message box when validation fails?If possible please send code sample.

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Html.ValidationSummary Showing Duplicate Error Messages

Nov 30, 2010

I have searched and Googled for the answer to this question to no avail. I'm using EF4 and ASP.NET MVC2 and I have an EF4 entity "Award" with a non-nullable string field, "RecipientID". I'm using DataAnnotations for server-side validation, so in my "Award" partial class I've set up the RecipientID to have the Required attribute. When I try to submit the form with the RecipientID text box empty, I see my error message "Please enter a recipient" in the Html.ValidationSummary twice.

Would this be because the error is being thrown both by the entity (in that it is a non-nullable field with a null value), as well as the application? Whatever the reason, is there a way to "fix" this and have the error message show up only once? (Fix being in quotations because I'm not sure if this is intended behavior or not.) I didn't think it would be necessary to include relevant code, but I will if it's needed.

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Security :: Display Error Messages In A Different Spot In CreateUserWizard?

Jan 9, 2010

I've read some articles about how to customize the look and feel of CreateUserWizard but none of them showed me if I can display my error messages somewhere else in the layout. Currently, they appear right above the register button. I'd like to display them next to the table so that there's plenty of space.

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Web Forms :: Validation / Error Messages Are Displayed When Click?

Apr 14, 2010

I have a text box for entering Email Id and other for Password

I have a LinkButton(text= forgot Password) and an ImageButton(text =SignIn)

Validation Rule as follows.

1.When i click theLinkButton Email ID is mandatory

2. When i click the signin btn both Email and Password are mandatory

So for the above validation i have a two Required field validator one with validation group as signin and other as forgot

and next two RegularExpressionValidator with validation group as signin and other as forgot .

for the LinkButton and ImageButton I set the validation group as signin and forgot,


When i click on any of the buttons Error Messages are displated twice...

IS there are any simple way to do this...


<asp:TextBox ID="txtUserID" runat="server" TabIndex="1"></asp:TextBox>

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Ignore Specific Error Messages In Global.asax?

Jan 17, 2011

In the global.asax file, I capture the error details (if one occurs) and I have it send that error detail to an email address.

I am finding that it's reporting all sorts of strange ones when the website gets hit with a crawler....or at least I think it is. ( HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; Synapse)).

The following are common errors that repeat multiple times at the same date and time:

Error Message: Input string was not in a correct format.
Error Message: Invalid character in a Base-64 string.
Error Message: Unable to validate data.
Error Message: The serialized data is invalid.

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Web Forms :: Handling Error Messages In Master Page?

Feb 24, 2010

In my app i have a master page that all content pages use. I would like to have a centralized area inside my master page that would handle displaying of error messages. So on my master page I would have the following this is where the content goes So when I would submit a content page, placeholder named "ErrorPlaceHolder" would be found and error would be displayed in the pages "Pre Render" event..I guess. How would I do that?

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Web Forms :: Validator Error Messages Hides On PostBack

May 7, 2015

Required field validator error message is disappeared, after post back event. how to maintain the Required field validator error message on post back also?

<asp:RequiredFieldValidator runat="server" ID="reqProductName" Display="Dynamic" ControlToValidate="txtProductName"
ErrorMessage="Enter Product Name" ValidationGroup="registration" ></asp:RequiredFieldValidator>

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