C# - Convert Image Path To Http Url?

Jan 24, 2011

a third party API doesn't consider image path and display nothing in image,,instead a http URL works.

I am creating a webservice and My requirement is to

Convert an image path to a http url..

for example instead of http://office.microsoft.com/global/images/mypic.jpg

i want


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C# - Hide An Image Path On Asp Page Without Http Handler?

Apr 20, 2010

I have many static images under a directory in my site structure, and I'm not concerned with hotlinking or copy-protecting the images. For a myriad of reasons, what I need to do is not show the image path on the site (or show a fake one).

Is there any way to do this without resorting to an http handler or a worker asp.net page?

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Web Forms :: Convert A Virtual Path To A Physical Path?

Jan 30, 2010

the syntax to convert a virtual path to a physical path.

I wanted to upload a file located in one server and i know only the website name.

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C# - How To Convert Physical Path To Web Path

Jan 21, 2011

I need to display an Image in web page. But the Image doesn't exist in the Web directory. If the image is under web directory I know that just "../Images/TN/my.jpg" will work. But the image is available in "D:ImagesTNmy.jpg" and My web site is deployed in "C:appsmywebsite". How do I convert the "D:ImagesTNmy.jpg" path to a relative path so that the Image will be visible in web page?

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Web Forms :: Display Image In Image Control From Image Path

Oct 1, 2010

I know how to display an image in gridview from image path in database. Now, I want to display an image in an asp.net image control from image path in database. Can anyone point me to a tutorial? I haven't been able to find one that explains how to do it when I don't know what the image path will be. The images are in the root folder.

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Http - Get Application Path Without Using Httpcontext?

Mar 9, 2010

How to do it?I don't want to use this:


Is there a similar function that I can call without requiring a httpcontext?For example if a start a thread doing some stuff i cant use the httpcontext, but i still need to get the path of the app. And no i can't pass the context as an argument or read it from a shared var.

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Get Http Url Path Of Local File On Server?

Dec 4, 2010

I'm using ASP.NET with MVC 2 and have trouble translating a local file url to a server address. It would seem like a fairly simple and common task, but google searches gives me no good answers. (Perhaps i suck at searching)

I have a controller that takes a file from a html form in a view and saves it to disk. I need to return the real url of this file back to the View. Whatever method i use, I always get a string with the local path of the file instead of the http path.

I suspect the url might get translated to http address once the project has been deployed, but I really need the server address when debugging without having to hardcode anything.

Consider the following example in some controller method:

string url = Url.RequestContext.HttpContext.Server.MapPath("~/Content/Files/" + Path.GetFileName(file.FileName));
// outputs: "C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\[ProjectName]\Content\Files\file.png"
// whereas i'd like something like "http://localhost/Content/Files/file.png" instead

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C# - HTTP Verb POST Used To Access Path Not Allowed

Mar 8, 2011

I am not using URL Rewriting, my app works fine until I try to hit a .PDF file or even a .TXT file via a link that I have dynamically generated into the PostBackUrl of a LinkButton. The path is correct. I have thoroughly researched this issue on here and most of the issues are with people using a POST action or not or the URL Rewriting, which I am not. In IIS Error looks like:

Server Error in Application "DEFAULT WEB SITE/EVENTS"Internet Information Services 7.5
Error Summary
HTTP Error 405.0 - Method Not Allowed
The page you are looking for cannot be displayed because an invalid method (HTTP verb) is being used. Detailed Error Information
Module StaticFileModule
Notification ExecuteRequestHandler
Handler StaticFile
Error Code 0x80070001
Requested [URL]
Physical Path C:projectsEventsEventDocs48ea946f-e948-e011-ad73-00155d0e670b2011.pdf

Code to dynamically generate the url to click to is here:

public void DocumentsRepeater_ItemDataBound(object sender, RepeaterItemEventArgs e)
LinkButton LinkToDoc = (LinkButton)e.Item.FindControl("LinkToDoc");
Label FileNameLabel = (Label)e.Item.FindControl("FileNameLabel");
LinkToDoc.PostBackUrl = "~/EventDocs/" + SessionValue.EventId.ToString() + "/" + FileNameLabel.Text;
LinkToDoc.Text = FileNameLabel.Text;

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Data Controls :: Hide Image Control If Image Path Does Not Exist In Database

Dec 6, 2012

I have div In my page that in this div I put image control

<div id="DLogos">
<asp:Image ID="imglogo" runat="server" CssClass="ILogos" /> </div>
according to below code
<div id="Dart1_I1" visible='<%# !string.IsNullOrEmpty(Eval("image1").ToString())%>'>

If in database was image it show div and if there wasn't any image it didn't show div but above code is for div that I put in datalistnow I want do some thing like that for Div that I don't put it in datalist I should write code for that in behindecode page but I don't know How I can do it?behind code

SqlCommand _cmd = new SqlCommand("storeinfo1", _cn);
_cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
_cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@behcode", data);
SqlDataReader _dr = _cmd.ExecuteReader();
while (_dr.Read())


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Data Controls :: Display Image In GridView With Path In Database With Image Enlarge Option?

Jan 12, 2013

<asp:ImageField DataImageUrlField="photo" > <ItemStyle Width="50px" Height ="50px"
HorizontalAlign="Center" VerticalAlign="Middle" ></ItemStyle>

i need to display image from database in gridview.  i have the above html and a select query executed from code behind which displays the image.

i am storing the image path in the database table and image in a folder.

Queries related to above

1. image size not able to set

2. the gridview image column will display image if the column data is not blank. but if its blank i have 2 default images  male image and female image

so if the field is blank i need to display one of the default images depending on the gender selected
3. if the image is clicked it should show enlarged image as popup 

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Data Controls :: How To Bind Image Src In Image Path SQL Database

Nov 22, 2015

I Have a Image Tags In My Web Application. I Upload The Image Path and stored In Database. How To Retrieve the Image Path Into Images Tags Using Database in Asp.Net..

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The HTTP Verb POST Used To Access Path '/test.html' Is Not Allowed

Feb 5, 2010

Below is my code:


The HTTP verb POST used to access path '/test.html' is not allowed

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Create Image Slideshow Where Image Path / URL Comes From Database

Apr 6, 2012

How to create image slide show  where image path/url comes form database, using asp .net c#..

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How To Convert Website From Filesystem To Ftp Or Http

Dec 11, 2010

My question about I created a web site as a file system if I need to publish it what is the rules I follow.

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Use The Xml Http Object To Convert To Ajax

Apr 26, 2010

how to use the xml http object to convert this to ajax. I need to keep this from refreshing everytime I do a postback.

Here is my code


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C# - Rootlevel HTTP Module - Unable To Understand The Master Page Path In The Virtual Directory

Mar 1, 2011

I have a http module at root level which resolves to the virtual directory which is a .net application on some conditions as below.

I need the have the httpmodule at root level only for some requirements.

application.Context.RewritePath("/virtualdirecotry/root/pages/sample/sample.aspx", String.Empty, "");

the sample.aspx page uses a master page as below

<%@ Page Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Root/Pages/Master/Site.Master"

as it uses the relative path the http module is unable to understand the path and throwing following error

The file '/Root/Pages/Master/Site.Master' does not exist.

error occurred during the parsing of a resource required to service this request. review the following specific parse error details and modify your source file appropriately.

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Http Get - Trying To Convert A Simple Html Page?

Feb 7, 2011

I have this simple html page that talks to a microchip. It turns a LED light on and off.



Can someone give me some pointers on how to convert the above to asp.net. I have put two asp:buttons on a webForm. Then for the button clickevent of the btnOn would I use something this like this? Or is WebRequest the wrong concept to use? I can seem to get this code to work for me!


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Image URL Does Not Show The Image If The Absolute Path Is Given?

Feb 14, 2011

I have used two image tag in one i use relative path but in other absolute the image with absolute pat is not shown.

here is code


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Installing The SSL Certificate To Convert It Form HTTP To HTTPS?

Apr 19, 2010

I'm trying to make my website more secured so want to install SSL certificate, for that I've requested a digital certificate from verisign and installed it succesfully in my server(IIS 5.1).

So everything is ready created the virtual directory and now im trying to access my site but now in the url its coming like http:\mysite.com but not https:\mysite.com.

what do we need to do extra other than installing the SSL certificate to convert it form HTTP to HTTPS.

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Convert Exception Into HTTP 404 Response In Application Error

May 11, 2010

First of all, quickly what exactly I want to achieve: translate particular exception into the HTTP 404 so the ASP.NET can handle it further. I am handling exceptions in the ASP.NET (MVC2) this way:

protected void Application_Error(object sender, EventArgs e) {
var err = Server.GetLastError();
if (err == null)
err = err.GetBaseException();
var noObject = err as ObjectNotFoundException;
if (noObject != null)
var handled = noObject != null;
if (!handled)
Logger.Fatal("Unhandled exception has occured in application.", err);
private void HandleObjectNotFound() {
// new HttpExcepton(404, "Not Found"); // Throw or not to throw?
Response.StatusCode = 404;
Response.StatusDescription = "Not Found";
Response.StatusDescription = "Not Found";
Response.Write("The whole HTML body explaining whata 404 is??");

The problem is that I cannot configure default customErrors to work with it. When it is on then it never redirects to the page specified in customErrors: <error statusCode="404" redirect="404.html"/>. I also tried to raise new HttpExcepton(404, "Not Found") from the handler but then the response code is 200 which I don't understand why. So the questions are:

1-What is the proper way of translating AnException into HTTP 404 response?
2- How does customErrors section work when handling exceptions in Application_Error?
3- Why throwing HttpException(404) renders (blank) page with success (200) status?

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Re-write A String And Convert Http Text Into Actual Web Links?

Nov 27, 2010

In my code below, I'm trying to re-write a string and convert and http text into actual web links.

It doesn't seem to be working and I think the problem may be that I'm rewriting the string and inserting another http string into the original string which then causes problems with the loop.


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Web Forms :: Convert Pdf To Image And Diplay Image In Webpage?

May 12, 2010

I am trying to convert pdf to image without using any third party controls and then display the image in webpage.

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Web Forms :: How To Convert Both Text And Image Into Image

Sep 8, 2010

how to convert both text and image together into an image. To clarify my question I can say if I have a text editor where I can add both text,image,audio or video player, how canI convert the whole texteditor.text (it gives me html code) to an image and save it in a file.

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How To Show Image With Http Url

Nov 1, 2010

In sql server database, I have column name Image which has urls like http://www.xyz.com/1009/image1.jpg

Now I want to display it on my datalist. But it is not showing any image. It is might be the case because it is expecting the Image URL to be ~/Folder/abc.jpg

Then how to show the image on the asp.net page when I have image URL, which control I need to use and how?

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How To Get Full Path Of Image

Feb 5, 2010

i m using this code for getting path of image

System.IO.Path.GetFullPath( fileupload.PostedFile.FileName).ToString();

but this code give me false path.

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