C# - Fetch ID From Inside Of Repeater?

Nov 22, 2010

Inside a repeater there's a list of addresses ..when address link button is clicked, the address is shown inside of text boxes above repeater with all text boxes greyed out and an Edit button is rendered on the page OUTSIDE the repeater and below the text boxes..Now how do I edit this address ?

I need the AddressID of the address that has been clicked inside the repeater...

when Address link is clicked,DisplayAddress command event is fired inside of repeater's ITemCommand so what I did was assigned "AddressID" generated(when Adress link was clicked inside repeater) to a globally decalred string variable and tried to use that inside my Edit Button's click event so as to fill the Datasource(Method used to fill data source requires AddressID) and do stuff...didnt work

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Web Forms :: Implement One More Repeater Control Inside Existing Repeater Control (Nested Repeater)

Feb 3, 2014

I am using a repeater control and i want to use one more repeater control inside the existing repeater control . 

Like this:

<asp:Repeater ID="Repeater1" runat="server">    <HeaderTemplate> </HeaderTemplate>       
<!-- start child repeater -->     Here I want to use one repater control      <!-- end child repeater -->

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Forms Data Controls :: Repeater Inside A Repeater (dataBound) Code Behind?

Jan 31, 2010

got an example of a repeater inside a repeater (dataBound) code behind?

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Forms Data Controls :: ImageButton Inside A Repeater That Is In Another Repeater & Events?

Jan 18, 2010

I have a user control that displays a shopping cart in an ecommerce application.

The main cart display is a repeater that renders as a html table. In one of those table columns, there is another repeater to display people associated with the products int he cart (it's a repeater in case there is a line item >1 with multiple people).

I've added an ImageButton that I want to use to change the person associated with the item. At first, when I'd click on it I was getting this error:

Invalid postback or callback argument. Event validation is enabled using <pages enableEventValidation="true"/> in configuration or <%@ Page EnableEventValidation="true" %> in a page. For security purposes, this feature verifies that arguments to postback or callback events originate from the server control that originally rendered them. If the data is valid and expected, use the ClientScriptManager.RegisterForEventValidation method in order to register the postback or callback data for validation.

So as an experiment I disabled EventValidation on the page (not the control it's self) and now I do not get an error, but I also do not ever hit the breakpoint I set in the innermost repeater's ItemCommand event.

So I wonder how I might do this without disabling EventValidation, because this control will show up on multiple pages and we don't want to edit them all. Also, I'll need to know not only the repeater containing the control's row that the event came from but also the row index of the repeater containg this one. Is this possible?

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Forms Data Controls :: Repeater Paging - Retrieve Hyperlink Variable Inside Repeater?

Jul 12, 2010

I have repeater in which I have 2 hyperlink in the footer of the repeater and I want that the hyperlink can navigate from the page_load

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Use Button In Repeater Inside Repeater

Feb 6, 2011

I am using Nested Repeater repeater1 and repeater2 in my project . one button is there inside repeater2 but i cant use that button using e.commandname

so how to use that button and how to write code on it.

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Forms Data Controls :: Show / Hide A Div In A Nested Repeater By Clicking On A Button Inside Parent Repeater?

Nov 12, 2010

what changed do I need to make to my code for it to achieve what I'm after.

At the moment I am getting a "cannot cast to type" error message with the below code.

I have also tried calling the ItemDataBound method in with the parent repeater tags and had no errors but when I clicked on the button it would just move back to the top of the page and would not hide or show any data. Also I have made the div style to none but the first record still shows its child but the rest don't.


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C# - Fetch The Value Of Selected Checkbox Inside A CheckboxList?

Jun 3, 2010

I want to know the selected value of the markup below. So that I can disabled a textbox, if one of the checkbox is selected.

<asp:CheckBoxList ID="ChkTest" runat="server" RepeatDirection="Horizontal" CssClass="toggleYesNo">
<asp:ListItem Value="1">Yes</asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Value="0">No</asp:ListItem>

I tried using this function it doesnot seem to work

$(document).ready(function() {
$("#<%=ChkTest.ClientID %>").click(function() {
value = $(this).val();
if(value=='1') {
else {

I also track the output HTML but the id the CheckBoxList the assigned to a table instead.


<table id="ChkTest" class="toggleYesNo" border="0">
<td><input id="ChkTest_0" type="checkbox" name="ChkTest$0" /><label for="ChkTest_0">Yes</label></td><td><input id="ChkTest_1" type="checkbox" name="ChkTest$1" /><label for="ChkTest_1">No</label></td>

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SQL Server :: Traversing DB Tables / Fetch The Value Inside Each [row][column], And Overall?

Sep 2, 2010

I read some articles before posting to try and solve my issue but i didn't get anywhere,

Here is what i'm trying to do:

1) I have an excel sheet with 1 EntrantID column and the rest are numbers (these numbers refer to answer codes for certain questions),

So for example, my excel sheet looks something like:

ID --- a1 --- a2 --- a3 --- a4 --- a5 --- etc...

1 ---- 32 --- 55 --- 12 --- 121 -- 50---etc...

The goal is to traverse thru every row, and every column and according to a checking condition for the values of answers, i will add the number to one of two columns in another table, so for example, i will start traversing a1, i will check it's value which is 32, if 32 > 0 and 32 < 60, then i will add 32 to columnA in another table, else, i will add it to column B in that table, then i will move on to the next value, a2 which is 55, it's < 60 so i will 'add' it to that same columnA in that table..

At the end, my other table, the one with results should look like this:

PersonID --- columnA --- columnB

1 ------------ 32, 55, 12 --- 121, 50

Hope i didn't confuse things, i'm trying to explain as best as i can lol.

So what i did, i imported the excel sheet to sql server, and i looked up SQL language to see if i can do that thru SQL itself, and i couldn't find a way to traverse columns, so next, i started an ASP.NET project, connected to the DB and i drag/dropped the table in my page as a GridView, where i'm trying to traverse it so i can get the values, check them against the range, and insert them in relative column.

I tried something like this:

DataTable dt = new DataTable();
dt = (DataTable)GridView1.DataSource;
DataTable temp = new DataTable("MyTable");
for (int i=0; i < dt.Rows.Count-1; i++)
for (int k = 0; k < dt.Columns.Count-1; k++)
if ((int)dt.Rows[i][k] > 0 && (int)dt.Rows[i][k] < 50)
temp.Rows[i][k] = dt.Rows[i][k];

That is not working, and i'm unable to do it. basically, i don't know how to fetch the value inside each [row][column], and overall i don't know how i can do the required task.

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C# - How To Fetch Session Values Inside Business Logic Layer

Aug 23, 2010

I have to pass the session value to a business logic layer, I can pass it to the function from presentation layer but how can I access it directly in my business logic layer ? Also is it a good approach to pass it directly to business logic layer like

GetMyRecords(Count,Session["userID"].toString()); ?

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Forms Data Controls :: Fetch SelectedValue Of RadiobuttonList Inside Gridview

Mar 8, 2011

I have Gridview inside that i have RadioButtonList,Which is working perfectly. It also bind correctly.

Problem is when user navigate page,the value which was slected in previous page is not apper again.

Gridview is enabled with paging.

I want to save data on SUBMIT button which is outside gridview. So when user clicks this button it should get ALL selectedvalue of radiobuttonlist inside gridview INCLUDING paging and save it to database.

I have tried following code on Button_Click but its not working properly.


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Forms Data Controls :: Repeater Textboxes - Unable To Fetch The Values Of Textboxes

Aug 11, 2010

I have a repeater which is binded using a Collection of Entity Data Framework.

Once the repeater is binded using the datasource, the user can control the no of rows present in the repeater using a Dropdown list on the page. For ex: if datasource has 2 rows, user want to add 3 more rows, user selects 5 from dropdown, which adds 3 additional rows to the Repeater. I am able to do this.

The repeater has textbox controls in each row. Now once the user enter the values in this textbox of the newly generated rows, the user can save the values entered with the no of rows specified.

I have a button which is outside the repeater and on click of this i need to validate all the textbox values and save them into dB accordingly.

Here is my code






Right now the problem is im not able to fetch the values of the textboxes present in the newly generated rows.


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C# - How To Get The Id Of Checkbox Which Is Inside A Repeater

Jan 8, 2010

I have a repeater inside which i put a Checkbox and above rapeater there is a HTML checkbox which is used to Check/Uncheck a Checkbox which is inside repeater using client side javascript.

Here is my Code:


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C# - Way To Set Repeater Inside Datalist

Mar 26, 2011

I have a Repeater control inside a Datalist controlI need to hide (Visible="false") the Datalist, if there are no records in the Repeater

DataListItemCollection Items = ddlmain.Items;
for (int i = 0; i < Items.Count; i++)
//binding here
if (Repeater.Items.Count == 0)
datalist.visible = false;

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C# - UpdatePanel Inside Repeater?

Mar 28, 2011

In my UserControl, Im trying to update a updatepanel that is inside a repeater like this:


<asp:UpdatePanel ID="updDocumentQuickView" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional">
<asp:Repeater ID="repFolders" runat="server"


The end result I get is that updDocumentQuickView is the UpdatePanel that gets updated, and not updFiles. If i wrap an UpdatePanel around lnkFolder, then that UpdatePanel gets updated, with the same C# code. Ive checked what kind of data that are sent back with fiddler, and the wrong UpdatePanel is sent. Im getting the correct RepeaterItem, and both repFiles and updFiles are found. What do I miss to get the right UpdatePanel to get updated?


Hawxby solution solved the problem with updDocumentQuickView getting updated, thanks for that. But im still having problems with updFiles sending nothing back. Some further testing, with putting literals inside updFiles and working, tells me that theres something with repFiles that isnt returned. repFiles does have data that is bounded.


repFiles.Visible were set to false in repFolders_OnItemDataBound, no wonder it didnt show.

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Use Asp:placeholder Inside A Repeater?

Oct 20, 2010

I have a HTML table that is built with a repeater. Sometimes the table has 5 rows, sometimes it has 8 rows.

It was easy to add the header rows.

<asp:PlaceHolder runat="server" ID="additionalHeaderColumns" />

In code behind I added controls (htmlheadercells) to the contentholder:

Dim tableHeaderCell As New TableHeaderCell()
tableHeaderCell.Text = "Test"

When I try to do the same in the databound event for each row I get an errormessage that tells that its not possible to put asp:PlaceHolder inside the row. it expects tablecells.

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Cannot Reach Label Inside Repeater

Jan 27, 2010

I want to know how I can reach my label inside my repeater.

I try in pageload like this but it is not recognized:

LblCur3.Text =


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C# - Linkbutton Inside Repeater For Paging

Feb 26, 2010

I'm doing a webpage with a search that brings a lot of information from MSSQL. What I did is a stored procedure that return only the page to be seen on the website. Right now I'm working on the paging as I need to show something similar than google. If you are at page 1 they show first 10 pages and if you are at page 19 they show since page 9 to 28. I think the best option to show the page numbers is using a linkbutton inside a repeater. The problem that I have now is that I do not know the best way to take the page number at postback.

Doing a quick sample I assigned an ArrayList to repeater.datasource:
<asp:Repeater ID="Repeater2" runat="server">
<asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButton1" runat="server" CommandArgument="<%# Container.DataItem %>"><%# Container.DataItem %></asp:LinkButton>
<asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButton2" runat="server" CommandArgument="4654">Test #1</asp:LinkButton>

At my Default.aspx.cs file I have the next code

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (this.IsPostBack)
string x = LinkButton2.CommandArgument;
//string y = LinkButton1.CommandArgument;
//I know this line will not work since the Linkbutton1 is inside the Repeater.

What Shall I do to make it works? Does anyone has a better solution for this paging?

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C# - How To Access A Div Inside A Repeater Using Javascript

Nov 29, 2010

Simply, I have an anchor inside a repeater that triggers on click a javascript function, which sets the innerHTML of a Div to some content.

trying this outside a repeater did work! but if I tried to implement the same code in the repeater's item template, it won't work!

NOTE: I think I need to access the repeater first then access the Anchor inside it! but I don't know how to do it

For further illustration:

JavaScript Function:

function show(ele, content) {
var srcElement = document.getElementById(ele);
if (srcElement != null) {
srcElement.innerHTML = content;

The repeater's code:

<asp:Repeater ID="Repeater1" runat="server" >
Name : <%# Eval("name")%>
<DIV ID= "PersonalInfo1" runat="server"></DIV>
<A id="A1" href="#" runat="server" onclick="show('PersonalInfo1','Address : ')">More...</A>


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C# - How To Vary ItemTemplate Inside An Asp:Repeater

Apr 4, 2011

I have a user control which is used to display search results. The HTML for each result displayed will vary based on the type of result being displayed: "contacts" are displayed in one way, "news articles" are displayed in another, etc. There are around 10 different types of results that are all marked up differently when they get to HTML so I need around 10 or so different templates for individual results that I can choose between based on the current item being displayed.

I'm using an asp:Repeater to display the results, but I don't know how to select the appropriate template within the asp:Repeater <ItemTemplate>. Ideally I'd like the ASP to select the appropriate template to use based upon the object type being passed in via the searchResultsRepeater.DataSource but unfortunately I can't use switch on type (see this blog entry for C# switch on type). I can however just pass through an enum value for the type of result being displayed.

In the backend C# code I have an abstract inline SearchResult class, and children of that class like ContactSearchResult, NewsArticleSearchResult, etc. The searchResultsRepeater.DataSource would then be bound to a List<SearchResult>. Each SearchResult contains a ResultListingType type field which gives the type of the listing to be displayed.

Attempt 1: using control flow inside the ASP itself

My first attempt was something like this:

<asp:Repeater ID="searchResultsRepeater" runat="server">
<div class="item">
<% switch (DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "type")) { %>
<% case ResultListingType.CONTACT: %>
<p><%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "firstName") %></p>
<p><%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "lastName") %></p>
<% break; %>
<% case ResultListingType.NEWS: %>
<p><%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "newsHeadline") %></p>
<p><%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "newsDate") %></p>
<% break; %>
<% Case AnotherTypeOfListing1: %>
<% Case AnotherTypeOfListing2: %>
<% Case AnotherTypeOfListing3: %>
<% Case AnotherTypeOfListing4: %>
<% Case AnotherTypeOfListing5: %>
<% etc... %>
<% } %>

Unfortunately, this doesn't work:

"switch" and "if" both give "invalid expression term" inside the <%# ... %> brackets.
"Container.DataItem" gives "the name "Container" does not exist in the current context" inside <% ... %> brackets.

Attempt 2: setting asp:PlaceHolder's to Visible = False

I found something that looked useful at how to change the ItemTemplate used in an asp:repeater?. I then tried something like:

<asp:Repeater ID="searchResultsRepeater" runat="server">
<div class="item">
<asp:PlaceHolder ID="newsResultListing" runat="server">
<p><%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "newsHeadline") %></p>
<p><%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "newsDate") %></p>
<asp:PlaceHolder ID="contactResultListing" runat="server">
<p><%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "firstName") %></p>
<p><%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "lastName") %></p>

In my ItemDataBound event I did:

Control newsResultListing = e.Item.FindControl("newsResultListing");
newsResultListing.Visible = false;
Control contactResultListing = e.Item.FindControl("contactResultListing");
contactResultListing.Visible = false;
switch (item.type)
case ResultListingType.CONTACT:
contactResultListing.Visible = true;
case ResultListingType.NEWS:
newsResultListing.Visible = true;
throw new Exception("Unknown result listing type");

Unfortunately this doesn't work because ASP seems to still be running the contents of the PlaceHolder even after I set Visible = false. I get the error "DataBinding: 'usercontrols_ResultsListing+ContactResultsListing' does not contain a property with the name 'newsHeadline'" i.e. the newsResultListing PlaceHolder is still looking for the "newsHeadline" field, even though that field doesn't exist for the result listing type being displayed.

In fact I've tried a quick test throw new Exception("e"); in my ItemDataBound, and it looks like the "DataBinding" error is thrown even before control flow gets to the ItemDataBound method, so there's really nothing I can do in there to avoid this error.

I suppose I could add every single field to the parent class and leave most of them null in my children, but that seems really ugly.

Is there a way to make this work, or an easier way to vary my ItemTemplate based upon the type of Container.DataItem I'm currently iterating over? I'm very new to ASP so there's likely something simple that I've missed.

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AJAX :: CollapsiblePanelExtender Inside An Asp:Repeater

Mar 23, 2010

I have following code:


So here I just make my repeater and put a custom control in it.


<asp:Panel ID="CommentsPanel" runat="server">

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Dropdownlist Inside A Repeater On Screen

Aug 10, 2011

I have a drop down list inside a repeater on a screen. I have no problems populating the list with all of the options at the time of binding. Everything works out fine EXCEPT the load time.

All of the options are there so it's fine. But my users would like me to fill the drop down list with the values at the time they click on the drop down list.

The repeater itself is inside an AJAX Update panel.

So I am trying to figure out how would I fill the drop down list with the actual values when they click on the drop down list inside the repeater inside the update panel?

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Using ControlParameter With TextBox Inside Repeater?

Nov 11, 2011

Inside the OnItemCreated event (of the repeater), I get the ID of the textbox that I want to bind to the ControlParameter. I realized that using the ID alone was not working. I get a message saying something like "can't find txtBoxName in ControlParameter". I read somewhere that if I view the page source of the browser, then use the value in the Name attribute of the textbox (for the controlId property of the controlParameter), it works. But I also noticed that when I use a textbox outside the repeater, I could just use the ID of the textbox (without having to use page source to get the name, which is different from the ID in the aspx page, of the textbox).

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Button Inside Repeater Won't Open Modalpopup

Jan 7, 2010

I have a button inside a repeater which is supposed to open a popup when clicked. But when i click on the button my modalpopup does not open. The strange thing is on the code provided below if i replace the button with linkbutton every thing works fine and I have my popup dispalying. Is there a reason for the buttons to not function inside the repeater?


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Use CommandArgument Property With LinkButton Inside Repeater?

Oct 15, 2010

The link button only sets some value as true and does nothing else. When I run the code the LinkButton's event just won't fire! In my aspx page I got this LinkButton inside of a repeater with CommandName="SetDefault", some ID, runat property. That's it. In my code, inside of myRepeater_Itemcommand(), I got this

if (e.CommandName == "SetDefault")
Users obj = new Users();
obj.IsDefault = true;

[EDIT] I resolved it myself. It was a silly mistake. "l" was missing from "SetDefault" in my aspx page.

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