C# - How To Calculate Timespan Using C#

Oct 21, 2010

I would like to use asp.net c# to calculate the timespan for when a file was uploaded. Example, if i uploaded a file two weeks ago my text will say 'uploaded 2 weeks ago' or if i have upload a file 4 month's ago my text will say 'uploaded 4 months ago'

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C# - TimeSpan For Different Years Substracted From A Bigger TimeSpan?

Feb 9, 2011

The language I am using is C#.

I have the folowing dillema.

DateTime A, DateTime B. If A < B then I have to calculate the number of days per year in that timespan and multiply it by a coeficient that corresponds to that year.
My problem is the fact that it can span multiple years.

For example:

Nr of Days in TimeSpan for 2009 * coef for 2009 + Nr of Days in TimeSpan for 2010 * coef for 2010 + etc

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Forms Data Controls :: Calculate To Current Rowafter Update Quantity But Other Rows Don't Affect And Not Calculate

Jan 6, 2010

my code is calculate to current rowafter update quantity but other rows don't affect and not calculate i need to calculate all rows i think i need to use for loops but i dont know how to do it



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C# - How To Format A Timespan String

Feb 18, 2011

In the code i have :

gvRankings.DataSource = rankings.OrderBy(rg => rg.Swimtime).Take(100).ToArray();
(Swimtime here is a timespan)

At the frontside i have

< asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Tijd" ItemStyle-CssClass="time" HeaderStyle-CssClass="smallheader">
< ItemTemplate><%# ("Swimtime")%>< /ItemTemplate>
< /asp:TemplateField>

I would like to format the swimtime like hh:mm:dd.ff but i have (after 2 hours of trying) absolutely no idea how to do this.....

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C# - Timespan Since Last Password Reset?

Feb 3, 2011

I have created a small asp.net application that allows users to reset their passwords. I am able to retrieve that last time the password was reset from the Directory Searcher object, but I'm having trouble with checking the timespan since the last password reset. The users can reset their passwords again after 24 hours have passed, otherwise they well get an error stating that they are not able to update their password at this time. Any recommendations on how to best go about doing this?

string passwordLastSet = string.Empty;
passwordLastSet = DateTime.FromFileTime((Int64)(result.Properties["PwdLastSet"][0])).ToString();

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ADO.NET :: Convert Timespan To Datetime?

Aug 17, 2010

I am getting time span paramter from our client apllication(in Asp.net 3.5 using C#).

When i am Saving this Timepan Parameter at Our Backend (Sql server 2008) Using Linq(In WCF Service) it gives following error:

Unable to cast object of type 'System.TimeSpan' to type 'System.IConvertible'.

My Code is given below:

objsession.s_QuestionMasterTopicInsert(topic.Title, contentId,
topic.IsAvailable, ref strRet,
ref strRetMsg);
// topic.Time(is the time span type )
//I changed Convert.ToDateTime(Time) to
objsession.s_QuestionMasterTopicInsert(topic.Title, contentId, new
DateTime(time.Ticks), topic.IsAvailable,
ref strRet,
ref strRetMsg);

But it gives following error:

SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM

Is it Possible to convert timespan to Datetime?

How should I save timespan at My backend as Datetime Field ?

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Formatting TimeSpan To String Text?

Jul 26, 2010

I have a calculation that takes place utilizing the TimeSpan.FromTicks method, the result is stored in a TimeSpan object. The calculation itself is working correctly, but I'd like to format the result a bit nicer than it is and I can't figure out how to format a TimeSpan.

The result from the TimeSpan is:


I'd like to remove any preceding zero's and round up to the second decimal place, such as:


Does anyone know how I might be able to accomplish this? I can't seem to find a .NET 'built in' solution.

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Web Forms :: How To Convert From Timespan To Integer

Oct 29, 2010

I need to convert a timespan into an integer. I have two dates that I am subtracting one from the other, returning a value in days. I then need to perform some arithmatical functions on that value but I cant figure out how.

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C# - TimeSpan Format With Hours Optional?

Jan 17, 2011

I have a timespan ts that has mostly minutes and seconds and sometimes hours. I'd like to format a string that'll give these results depending on the data

3:30 (hours not displayed, showing only full minutes)
1:13:30 (shows only full hours instead of 01:13:30)

So far I have

string TimeSpanText = string.Format("{0:h\:mm\:ss}", MyTimeSpan);

but it's not working.

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SQL Server :: Calculating Timespan Of Two Datetime?

Sep 25, 2010

in my application two time input will be passing to my sql stored procedures and I need to calculate the timespan between them. how can I do that? is there any way that I can do the following in t-sql?


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C# - Model Binding TimeSpan From Integer?

Nov 2, 2010

I would like to declare some properties of my View Model of type TimeSpan to display the TotalMinutes property and bind back to a TimeSpan.

I've bound the property without using the strongly-typed helper in order to retrieve the TotalMinutes property:

<%=Html.TextBox("Interval", Model.Interval.TotalMinutes)%>

When the field is bound back to the View Model class it parses the number as a day (1440 mins).

How can I override this behaviour on certain properties (preferably using attributes on the View Model itself)?

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Validate DateTimeOffset And TimeSpan Using Attribute Validators In MVC?

Nov 27, 2010

So I've got entities set up with Entity Framework that have some properties of types String, DateTimeOffset and TimeSpan. For performing validation on the Strings, I've used fairly straightforward attributes like "[Required]" or "[StringLength]", and the control used is a textbox.

My issue now is for the DateTimeOffset and TimeSpan, I'm uncertain what control to use, but even more uncertain about what attributes to use to validate the input.

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Databases :: Convert Totalseconds To Hh:mm:ss By Converting It With Timespan Function Of Dotnet?

Nov 16, 2010

I have a column as totalsecond in my database i take a avg of tht totalsecond column for the particular parameter and condition and when i come on my aspx page i show that data as hh:mm:ss by converting it with timespan function of dotnet and show this in datagrid but while doing this calculation in DataGrid_ItemDataBind it take so much time and the user have to wait for long time for the result after clicking button show when there is large amount of data.

How can i reduce the time of waiting for the user with some coding logic that speed up the calculation time.

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Forms Data Controls :: Add Duration Total In Gridview Foot Using Timespan And Rowdatabound Event

Dec 19, 2010

I want to have a total in the gridview footer of the duration of the employees. As the rowdatabound goes through the cycles I can see it reading the correct times from each row but it is not totalling in totalTime and I get 0:00:00 in the footer.


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MVC :: Cannot Assign Timespan Display Format Attribute On Create/Edit And Display Views

Jul 6, 2010

inside my model metadata, i have a timespan field that would like to display in all Create, Edit and Display views like "hh:mm". For this, is set DisplayFormatAttribute as follows:


When i try to create a new model object, the time field gets displayed as "00:00:00" im my model (00 is the initial values) instead of "00:00". Is there something i am doing wrong? Note that the same approach works for date fileds, where i want to be displayed as "dd/MM/yyyy" (for this is assign "{0:dd/MM/yyyy}" to the display format attribute).

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How To Calculate The Time

Jan 19, 2010

i want to calculate time like for example i made entery in database on 1/1/2009 and time was 3:30 ,and now if it displayed in gridview in this format like 1 hour ago (if i m viewing it after 1 hour or so)or show 3 days ago if browsing it after 3 days

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How To Calculate A Value In Web Service

Apr 26, 2010

I'm having some difficulty calculating a value in my .net web service. I'm attempting to convert an ip address based on this forumula:

Csharp Code:
string[] ipSec = null;
ipSec = ip.Split(new Char[] { '.' });
int ipCode = ((Convert.ToInt32(ipSec[0])*256+Convert.ToInt32(ipSec[1]))*256+Convert.ToInt32(ipSec[2]))*256 + Convert.ToInt32(ipSec[0]);
//long ipCode = Convert.ToInt64(ipSec[3]) + (Convert.ToInt64(ipSec[2]) * 256) + (Convert.ToInt64(ipSec[1]) * 256 * 256) + (Convert.ToInt32(ipSec[0]) * 256 * 256 * 256);

However it is not producing the results I expect. For example, for the ip: it produces the result -1585265251. I can't figure out why this is outputting a negative number. I've tried changing it from int to long above but it made no difference.

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Calculate Textbox Value?

Feb 1, 2011

i am using a containplaceholder in contain page.there apply I want to calulate two textbox value and result show in another textbox by javascript.how to doing this job.(asp.net)

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Calculate Expressions In .net?

Dec 9, 2010

I am tring to calculate the expressions then my problem is when give in double values it did not working and error with undefined symbol(.). I am using one class file for evaluting the expression.

ex: 10/2+58*7-69 //valid
5655/854*564-552+64/42+215 //valid
52.36+56.2 // Not valid

Above are the examples for evaluting method, how can evalute double values give me sample code

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AJAX :: How To Calculate Age

Aug 21, 2013

i have two dates  date1=dob of a person and date2 is default value ie .,31-07-2012 int age=? how to calculate the age?

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Get Row ID To Calculate The Times Seen For The File?

Jan 7, 2011

i have hyperlink in gridview i need get value column ID when click on link in the same row i think need activating property autopostback for gridview.

my case for clarification:

ID BookName Description Link ViewNo
1 mmm dsfsdf Download 0
2 kkk ddd Download 0

i need get row ID to calculate the times seen for the file.

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Web Forms :: How To Calculate The Age On The Basis Of Dob Given

Sep 21, 2010

in my form i m supposed to calculate the dob as soon as the user enters 14/06/98 it should get 12 yrs automatically there & then only .

how can this be done

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Web Forms :: How To Calculate The Hours

Sep 25, 2010

How would you calculate the hours?

05:00 15:00 = 10 hours
07:00 12:00 = 5 hours
12:15 to 14:30 = 2 hours 15 minutes.

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How To Calculate Week Before Given Date

Jun 29, 2010

How to calculate a week before a given date?For example, if the given date is "6/29/2010", i want to get the week before the given date

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How To Calculate Past Date

Feb 8, 2011

I am looking for a function that input a date and give you the past date as something like(depends on the input date)

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