C# - How To Load The Mp3 Song And Display It In Aspx Webpage

Aug 12, 2010

i got the mp3 file read as byte[] from the database. how to show this byte[] /assign to which control to make the mp3 load and play in aspx webpage.how to load the mp3 song and display it in webpage?

or. how to download the file?

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Load A Base Aspx Page To Display To The User?

Jan 28, 2011

I have an asp.net project, and I load a base aspx page to display to the user. Then I ajax in the results of an ascx component and inject it via innerHTML in javascript. I have noticed that the ascx component loads slowly on the first page load, but instantly thereafter. This is really cool, but I do not understand how this can be cached, as the contents are generated by making several db calls. Does the server send some kind of hash to compare the contents to, to see if it changed on the server or not? Is this a browser thing or an asp.net thing?

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Iis - Load Dynamic Webpage (want To Indicate Which Part Of Page Load First In Classic)?

Mar 16, 2011

we are creating a custom content management and out portal page is bit bulky it is about 60Kb without images.

and during loading the page in some browser we can see some parts of site load faster than the other parts of the site where as we want to indicate (or instruct the web server) to load some of the areas first then load rest of the page.

is there any particular setting in IIS for is there any particular method in classic asp for doing that?
also I have the same question in asp.net.

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Web Forms :: How To Load Files (file1.aspx And File1.aspx.vb) In A Container On Index.aspx

Jul 13, 2010

I want to know how can I load my files (file1.aspx and file1.aspx.vb) in a container on my index.aspx. My index should have my menu and my container. My problem is that i don't know how do that... options wich i tried:

Iframes: yes work it... but in html 5 iframe will dissapear...

MasterPage: isn't the solution because this refresh all index page.

Ajax: yes.. charge my File1.aspx in the container but i can't call the functions of File1.aspx.vb...

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Web Forms :: Can't Download Song And Video

Mar 12, 2011

i m trying to download song and video using following code but it only save can't download it

protected void GridView1_RowCommand(object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs e)
if (e.CommandName == "id")
string url = Convert.ToString(e.CommandArgument);
FileInfo fileInfo = new FileInfo(url);
Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + fileInfo.Name);
//Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream";
Response.ContentType = "application";

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How To Fetch Lyrics On Basis Of Artist Name And Song Name

Feb 25, 2011

I want to develop a window application for fetch lyrics on basis of artist name and song name. I am using [URL] and to access this API i am using SOAP webservice. when i add this namespace using LyricsLookup.org.lyricwiki; i can access all function of wiki but when i run my application it is giving unable to automatically step into the server.Connecting to the server machine 'lyricwiki.org' failed. The format of the specified network name is invalid This type of error. I am not getting this error clearly.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Display Text From Default.aspx In Default2.aspx

Oct 18, 2010

How to display text in another Web form

In Default.aspx I have a GridView. How to Default2.aspx, show data from Default.aspx?

I have a textbox on Default2.aspx.

In Default.aspx I have a GridView.

Data from the GridView I want to show the textbox (Default2.aspx).

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Display Aspx And Aspx.cs Code Onto A Page Without The Browser?

May 29, 2010

i have to give the user the option to upload his own aspx and aspx.cs files on to the server, adjust the hyperlink to point to a page which would do the following display the aspx and aspx.cs files code onto the page without actually rendering the code the browser should not understand anything, and while reading the files to display them the method be such that nothing is processed on the server regarding the code within the files to prevent from unnecessary problems many user would try to cause.

i have tried many ways of displaying it but it ends up on displaying the actual comments instead of the code. how to achieve the above. note main concentration is on asp.net and c# using vs08, so j script and ready-made tools be avoided if feasible

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Web Forms :: Load One Site In Webpage?

Aug 11, 2010

Me with C# asp.net, In my web page I have an Iframe. I want to load another site in this Iframe and switch between diffrent pages in that loaded site with in this Iframe How I can do this?

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Connect One Aspx Webpage To Another?

Mar 30, 2010

I want to connect one webpage to another using a command button called email. When the user clicks on the email button it should take them to another webpage where the user can select the emails they want to send to. Then they will click the OK button and it will return them to the previous webpage where they can type in their email and write a message and hit submit.

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Mobiles :: How To Download A Song File And Play It Automatically With The Native Browser

Mar 30, 2011

I want to open the songfile automatically with blackberry native music player ,upon clicking that link. I have searched almost all web , but i was not able to find a solution, how we can download and open a file with native medal player browser. All the code samples i got was in java. Is there any code for doing that in asp.net ? Any alternative in html? The <object> & <embedd> tags are not displaying in the browser when i run the project. So, i think it won't work ? Is there any possible solution for that.... Suppose the content type="audio/mp3" . can any one specify code for that ?

When normal downloading, again Request Entity Too Large Error appears. It's not bcoz the file is large, Itz only 344 kb. Still its not working.Why is it so?

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Web Forms :: Way To Stop Flash Player When A User Clicks On Another Song In Table

Aug 8, 2013

I am displaying a list of songs in a table and each one has the flash player next to it.Is there a way i can stop the flash player when a user clicks on another song in the table. currntly they both play togetther.

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C# - How To Load A User Control Dynamically In A Webpage

Nov 29, 2010

How to load a user control dynamically in a page?

I have a page that contains radioButtons. Each click on a radio button loads a user control (.ascx) in the page.

What I am doing is loading all controls at the same time, but set their visibility to false. When a user clicks a radiobutton I set the visibility of the specific user control to true.

As a result I am loading all the user controls on each postback.

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Load FlowPlayer Video Dynamically Into Webpage?

Sep 2, 2010

I tried passing in the name of the file via querstrying but it looks like flowplayer wants to load it before the Request.Querstring["videoName"] value is retrieved.

How can I do this?

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Pass JSON To Webpage On Load Of Page?

Sep 6, 2010

I have a ASP.NET MVC 1.0 app.I have a listbox on the page and I want to pass an array to the webpage so that
javascript can use the array to do some processing depending on the item picked in the listbox.So I thought the best way is to pass JSON data to the webpage on load.So what is the best practice on how to do this?Can you please give me a brief step by step process.How do pass the array as JSON and how do I access it by index?

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C# - Unable To Load Webpage After Doing AJAX Request?

Sep 21, 2010

I have a page that does an AJAX request. This request can take a while to complete, sometimes over a minute. This is not an issue.

During the AJAX request I am unable to load any other pages on the website. This is the same for any web browser.

I understand that there are connection limits in the browser, IIS and ASP.NET - but all of them allow at least 2 connections.

I am using IIS7 and ASP.NET 4.0.

I have made some sample code that demonstrates the issue. The code is here: [URL]

See a video of the issue here: [URL] You can see in the video the 2nd tab that is opened does not return a page until the AJAX request is complete.

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How To Display An ASPX In Another ASPX's DIV Dynamically At Runtime

Jan 20, 2010

Here is what I am trying to do in ASP.NET:

Create one page called Main.aspx. This page has a DIV and a buttons.

The browser loads Main.aspx. Then when I click the button, I want to load page Page99.aspx into the DIV in Main.aspx dynamically, but without Main.aspx requiring a postback.

So, Main.aspx loads once, and thereafter all the content displayed in Main.aspx will come from different .aspx pages.

Ps. I'm looking for a solution as above, but not using frames.


I should mention that Page99 is not a simple HTML page. It will contain Web controls.

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Web Forms :: Get / Display Data From Aspx.cs To Aspx?

May 21, 2010

I am writing an appointment form that has search date textboxes: startdate and enddate with a search button.

(in file date.aspx)
<asp: textbox id="sdate" runat="server"></asp:textbox><asp:textbox id="edate" runat="server"></asp:textbox>
<asp:button id="btn_search" onclick="btn_search_Click" />
(in file date.aspx.cs)
void btn_search_Click() {

---in here i can list all the dates based on the input in date.aspx

---output like saturday, 1/1/2010 open
sunday, 1/2/2010 office close
monday, 1/3/2010 open

However, i want the output like this to be displayed in date.aspx. So for each date i can have different time schedule.


search dates: [textbox sdate] to [textbox edate]
[button search]
saturday, 1/1/2010
[time table1]
sunday, 1/2/2010 office close
monday, 1/3/3010

[time table 2]

...so on

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Web Forms :: How To Make One Image Load First On A Webpage Before The Other 20 Images

Jul 15, 2010

In my webpage I have 20 .jpg Images. Sometimes it can take about 10 seconds before the webpage is loaded and all images are seen.

I have one .jpg image that are more important to visually see first before the others.

So my question is if it is possible to "force" one image to load the Very first to be seen visually? I dont know if this works in a specific order or the webpage renders it by random?

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Web Forms :: How To Load User Control Dynamically On Webpage

Mar 29, 2010

how to load user control dynamically on asp.net page? I am loading user control in my page_Init() event under if(!IsPostBack) but when user post the with any button click then my user control is disapper?

If i am loading control without if(!IsPostBAck) then its fine, but each time a page is posted loading of control is not good because it will slow my web site?

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Fill Username And Password Automatically When Load Webpage?

Mar 10, 2014

How to fill username and password automatically when load a web page  in asp.net ....

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Web Forms :: How To Pass It From Useercontrol To .aspx.cs Webpage

Aug 25, 2010

I am trying to do Response.Redirect inside usercontrol but it is not working and same page is showing.

Can anyone explain how to pass it from useercontrol to .aspx.cs page and do the redirect.

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Web Forms :: Custom Views On .aspx Webpage?

Aug 17, 2010

i have a client that needs me to create a custom view on thier webpage similar to Microsoft Word.

It goes about that, when I click on an image it redirects me to another page and must create a custom view for a certain paragraph on that page. I am not sure how to do this and wonder if anyone knows how.

I am using C# programming language if that helps at all. I Heard that using javascript would work but i dont know javascript yet so is there any alternative?

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Web Forms :: ASPX Webpage Shows Only In Code?

Mar 14, 2010

I have created a webpage in Microsoft Expression using a Masterpage.

All my page' are .ASPX

So when I upload the website and try to see it, it only show the code!

It works perfect when i preview the website on my laptop

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Web Forms :: Open A New .aspx Webpage From Code Behind?

Jun 7, 2010

How can I open a new web page from C# code behind?

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