C# - How To Render HTML Entities To Normal Character Into Literal Control

Jan 14, 2011

I've these codes in my DATABASE in other words it's HTML. I tried these stuff:

<div runat="server" id="div1" visible="false">
<asp:Literal ID="literal1" runat="server" Text="" />

I tried in C# code behind:

div1.InnerText = contents;
div1.InnerHtml = contents
literal1.Text = contents;

But is still doesn't render well. I displays the original values in stead of a table and cells and columns. colours etc. etc....

What am I missing?

All these HTML's are in DABASE.Column e.g. column "Contents"

"& lt;p class=& quot;MsoNormal" style= "color: #339966;"><"
;" ;> ;< ;strong > ;&l
ot; > ;& ;nbsp; < ;/span >< ;/p >

I've put (spaces between & and gt above code otherwise it was not showing in stackoverflow.) The HTML sysntaxs are correct because it's created by an HTMLEDITOR.

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C# - Get Html Table Width To Fit Screen Using Literal .net Control?

Feb 24, 2011

I'm building a html table dynamically in an ASP.NET code behind file using C#. I basically loop through a set of data which is an unknown number of records and split a string containing all the values to make the required number of tds. I display the html by assigning it to an asp:Literal control. However I can't get the table to fit the screen - the browser is adding a horizontal scroll bar and the full table is well off the screen. I tried in IE 8 and FF 3.6.13. Most things I've read online about it say to set the width to 100%. I'm doing this but it's having no effect.

<div id="paging">
<asp:Button ID="btnPrev" runat="server" Text="Prev" CssClass="niceInput" onclick="btnPrev_Click" Enabled="False" />
<asp:Button ID="btnNext" runat="server" Text="Next" CssClass="niceInput" onclick="btnNext_Click" Enabled="False" />

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Get Error, Too Many Characters In Character Literal?

Jan 3, 2010

I have a javascript to enable text boxes when called, I want to trigger this code when a user picks value "Custom" from a dropdownlist, so that I can display/Hide these new textboxes.

<asp:DropDownList ID="DateRangeDropDownList" runat="server" Enabled="False" **OnSelectedIndexChanged="EnableTextBoxes('SomeValue');"**>
<asp:ListItem>Some Value</asp:ListItem>

but when I run this code I get Too many characters in character literal

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Web Forms :: How To Enter Password And Normal Character In One Textbox

Jun 24, 2010

I have a textbox in which I want to be enter normal character as well as password character like *****6789.

My TextBox accept 9 character in which 5 will not be readable and when user will type it will show * and last 4 character will be display as it is. suppose I have enter 123456789 and so it should be display like *****6789 and suppose I delete 5 character 5 so 6 should be come into 5th place and it will be convert to non readable (*) like *****789.

How I can achieve such functionality for my Textbox in aspx or in JavaScript

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Get Normal HTML Control Values After Post Back

Jun 28, 2010

I need to process surveys. I have modelled them in SQLServer, just need to generate the forms to input it.I have nested SqlDataSource/DataLists. The outer gets the questions and the inner gets the various options as a plain HTML radio buttons. I can't use ASP.NET radio buttons because of a bug with them inside itemtemplates not mutually exclusive http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;316495Anyway, so now I need to know the which radio buttons were selected so I can insert the values in the database. What is the best way of doing it?

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Forms Data Controls :: Setting Checked Value In Normal HTML Checkbox In A Repeater Control?

Jan 10, 2011

i'm attempting to set regular html checkbox's checked value based on if a master asp checkbox is checked or unchecked. The normal html checkbox is located in an asp repeater control that is populated in the page load event.
<asp:CheckBox ID="ChkMaster" runat="server" OnCheckedChanged="ChkMaster_CheckedChanged" AutoPostBack="true" />

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SQL Server :: How To Build Long Query String Error / Too Many Characters In Character Literal

Sep 23, 2010

I know that it is basic questions, but I am stuck here.

I have TableOne have fields: USERNAME, PID, GID, TID, SID, NEWSID. I need to write query string to check if those value is already in the table. If not, insert those value to the table.


However, I got the many errors:

Error 1 Too many characters in character literal

Error 3 Newline in constant

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Web Forms :: How To Render User Control Html

Feb 6, 2011

I am using web user control and making it visible false initially (page load) and on the selection of checkbox i am making it visible true. user control html is missing when i load it on checkbox selection. is there any when that i rebind the complete form again on checkbox selection so that user control html should be rendered.

i am really struggling to solve this issue since last two days.

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Render Control To Html Produces A Different String?

Jul 7, 2010

I am trying to render a hyperlink to html. ( etc)

When the page loads it works fine. (and lots 10 links) on the update panel it hits the same function and tries to get another 10 links. I set the navigationURL to something like


It is set identically both times(load and updatepanel postback) but when i try to render it to html the second time (on the update panel) it adds "../" to the front so i end up with


The function where it changes here

Public Shared Function RenderControl(ByVal c As Control) As String
Dim sw As New IO.StringWriter
Dim htmlw As New HtmlTextWriter(sw)
Return sw.ToString
End Function

c is the hyperlink which has the propertry navigationurl (this never gets changed) but the sw which ends up looking like this on load

<a id="lnkView" href="../Folder/mypage.aspx?AnTfh0ZsFP9NCxiBpM+Zd11cI+AUOF93HZQtumPgzMKky0PejGrda9I6kCFn070dOsIfq0M2AgI=">View</a>}

and this on panel update

<a id="lnkView" href="../../Folder/mypage.aspx?AnTfh0ZsFP9NCxiBpM+Zd11cI+AUOF93HZQtumPgzMKky0PejGrda9I6kCFn070dOsIfq0M2AgI=">View</a>}

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Web Forms :: Render User Control With Events In Html?

Nov 3, 2010

Render User Control with Events in html

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Web Forms :: How To Render A Web User Control As String In HTML

May 12, 2010

i'm just new in ASP.Net.

I want to render a Web User Control (has many server controls inside of it) as a HTML string, is there anyway to do it?

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Bind HTML Render Control With Dataset In MVC Application?

Feb 22, 2010

I m new in mvc architecture and i want to bind data in html render control using Dataset .

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ResolveUrl Path Receives Error: "Too Many Characters In Character Literal"?

Apr 1, 2010

I am trying to do a correct path javascript like this to an image but when compiling this code, I receive the error:

"Too many characters in character literal"

I have tried to figure it out but it seems correct but something might be wrong. I have to use ResolveUrl to go back to the rootdirectory.


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Web Form Render Engine Outputs A Control Tree / Looking For Info On Render Logic.

Feb 12, 2011

I've been watching a video on Scott Hanselmnn teaching MVC 2 tricks/tips. He mentions how MVC 2 by default uses ASP.NET Web Forms view engine to render the output of the views; he mentions that the web forms view engine is a little slower than it could be for MVC 2 since it generates a control tree and then outputs the HTML to the page (I hope I said that right).

I was wondering what he meant by web forms generating a code tree before outputting the HTML to the page. Does anyone have insight on the view engine of Web forms and the steps of the rendering process works for ASP.NET and MVC2?

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How To Implement A Normal Website Inside MVC 2 In Html

Mar 27, 2010

I have a website consisting of an index.html, a number of style sheet files as well as some javascript files. Then I needed a way for this site to communicate efficiently with a Microsoft SQL Server, so I was recommended to use the MVC framework to facilitate that kind of communication. I created the C#.net controller code needed to output the necessary information from the database using URL parameters, so now I am trying to put the whole web-site together inside the MVC framework.

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Image Tag Perform Faster Than Normal Html?

Feb 12, 2011

Does asp:Image tag perform faster than normal HTML img tag? I have 20 images to show on a web page (tiny images) and I have no idea which one to use.

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C# - Disallow Asp:Literal From Outputting HTML?

Aug 10, 2010

Is there a way to disallow the asp:Literal from outputing HTML ?

If I input the text <b>Hello world</b> I want to show it just like that, and not in bold.

If possible I don't want to extend it, because I would have to change the whole project.

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Force Normal View When Generating Word Doc Via HTML?

Apr 26, 2010

I am creating an HTML document which we are then pushing out to MS Word using a "application/msword" content type. This works so far except that the files open in Word with Web View. Once Normal View is selected all works fine. Is there any way to force Word to open with Normal View instead of Web View?

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Custom Server Controls :: Why Custom Gridview Control Not Render HTML Properties Under Properly In Visual Studio 2005

Mar 5, 2010

Why custom Gridview control not render html properlies under <Columns> properly in Visual Studio 2005?

For example:


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Is It Accepted Use Literal Inside Html Elements

Feb 26, 2010

recently i used literals inside HTML elements like so:

<div <asp:Literal ID="ltlpbEmpty" runat="server"></asp:Literal> align="left" <asp:Literal ID="ltlToolTip" runat="server"></asp:Literal>>
<div <asp:Literal ID="ltlPBFull" runat="server"></asp:Literal> <asp:Literal ID="ltlBarWidth" runat="server"></asp:Literal> align="left">

in this case both of this divs are part user control progress bar i'm making, from not related reason i couldn't use ASP.NET elements and had to go back to the traditional HTML elements.so to be able to give those elements dynamic attributes such as tooltip, id, class i had to add literals inside those elemtns..

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Web Forms :: Literal Can't Hold HTML Code

Jan 17, 2010

My Problem Simply is when i create a Literal Control and I put at the text property Html Input

(<input type="text" name="textfield17" id="textfield17" />) and create an control button and But at the click event of the control button :

Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
End Sub

and When I run the application I will find at the literal control a text box when i Type any text at it and click the button it return another Literal have only Html Input control without the text it entered

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Streamed HTML Through ASPX Literal Loads Only The First Time?

Jun 3, 2010

I am streaming HTML content into a Literal control in an ASPX page, and am continually running into a problem where the page loads fine the first time I try it, then subsequent attempts fail to load.

The purpose of the aspx page is to act as a 'broker' to another process that produces streamed HTML output, which then needs to be resolved by the browser.

The reason I'm not just using HtmlTextWriter to stream out the code to the Response object is that the streamed HTML contains framesets, and I am forbidden from modifying that code in any way, so I must keep the streamed code intact. In spite of the fact that frameset HTML hardcoded into the ASPX file would work, it does NOT resolve streamed frameset code!

In any case, streaming into the literal (by creating a string that is assigned to the Literal's Text property) works just fine -- the FIRST time I load that page. If I exit the page, then try to reinstantiate, it FAILS, producing an empty HTML file (containing only "<HTML></HTML>").

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ASP Literal Or Page Altering HTML String Causes Formatting

Jun 16, 2010

We have a service that generates a report (using word templates and a 3rd party library), and then returns a string in HTML. While this HTML isn't great - its formatted correctly in this string. We want this HTML to show up on a page - format intact. What we currently have done is set an ASP.net Literal's text element to this string. While this works, I have noticed that it has reformatted the HTML string slightly. For the most part, it looks like it generated a bunch of new CSS classes, and a new style element in the HTML. This HTML does not exist in the string thats being returned. I could filter all of this back out, but wonder if there is a better way. I assume that the Page itself is altering something. What is the best way to display this raw HTML back to the user? I can't directly use a Response.Write(string), because this page does have a few other controls on it.

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Difference Between Normal File Upload Control And Ajax AsyncFileUpload Control

Feb 19, 2011

i am new to this ASP.NET and AJAX.I am trying to learn AJAX. I Have one doubt.what is the difference between normal file upload control and ajax AsyncFileUpload Control ..?

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MVC 2 - Name Attributes On HTML Input Field When Using Parent/Child Entities?

Apr 21, 2010

I'm pretty new to MVC 2 using the Entity Framework. I have two tables Company {ID int identity PK,Name nvarchar} and User {ID int identity PK,UserName nvarchar,CompanyID int FK}. A Foreign Key exists between User and Company.I generated my ADO.NET Entity Data Model, a Controller and a view to insert a record. My HTML form has the fields Company and UserName and the is when I click save a Company and User is inserted into the database. Sounds straight forward right!

My question is as follows:

I created a strongly-typed view derived from my 'User' entity. I'm using the the html helper Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.Organisation.Name) but the html name attribute for this input field is 'Organisation.Name'. My problem with this is that the dot throws up all sorts of issues in JQuery, which sees this as a property. If I want to change the name I read that I can use DataAnnotations but because I used the Entity Designer this involves using Buddy Classes. Seems like a bit of overkill just to change the html name attribute on this input field.

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