C# - Making A Description Text - Unable To Get A Description Text From The Whole Text Which Exist In Txt Field

Feb 28, 2011

I have in my database the News Table which consist of => Id, Title, txt . I need to be able to get a description text from the whole text which exist in txt Field , but without any codes like <...> , just a pure text !! how can I do this?

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DataSource Controls :: Drill Down Into The Description Property To Get The Actual Descriptive Text

May 28, 2010

vw_aspnet_Applications Description
aspnet_Roles Description
vw_aspnet_Roles Description
aspnet_Applications Description

The above query returns only those columns that are named "Description" from the default asp.net membership tables. That is not what I want. Each column has a property called "Description" which allows the developer to provide a detailed description for each SQL field (a.k.a. "column"). Example: aspnet_Membership has a column "Password" which does not have anything in the "Description" property although it should have imo
because without a description, it is not obvious that the password's value happens to be encrypted.

Scenario: Assume that I have a table called Trucks that has data like

Number Odometer ... et cetera

It's schema looks something like this (abbreviated)

COLUMN_NAME Description
Number yyyynnnn where 'yyyy' is year truck was purchased, 'nnnn' is sequential number.
Odometer most recent odometer reading in kilometres

How would I code a SQL SELECT statement in SSMS 2008 to display the schema data such as a column's name, its description text, et cetera? because "description" is such a generic term, I've so far been unsuccesful at locating further information in Google.

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Add For A Text R & D Through The Sitemap - "&" In Description And "&" In The Text

Mar 22, 2011

I tried to add for a text R&D, through the sitemap.


The thing is it showing in the menu the right value R&D but passing over the description look like R&D

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Web Forms :: Description Box - Modify The Description Not To Be In A Straight Line

Jan 30, 2011

<asp:FormView ID="FormView1" runat="server" DataKeyNames="productnum"
<div class="ContentHead"><%# Eval("name") %></div><br />
<table border="0">
<tr><td style="vertical-align: top;">
<img src='images/big/<%# Eval("image") %>' border="0" alt='<%# Eval("name") %>' /></td>
<td style="vertical-align: top"><%# Eval("description") %>
<br /><br /><br /></td></tr></table>
<span class="price"><b>Your Price:</b> <%# Eval("price", "{0:c}")%><br /><span class="number"><b>Number:</b> <%# Eval("number") %>
</span><br /><a href='AddToCart.aspx?productnum=<%# Eval("productnum") %>'>
<span class="ProductListItem"><b>Add To Cart<b></font></span></a>

this is from the product details page and the description goes in a straight line always - i want to make the description a box and have lenght of 30 characters every line -- i want to modify the description not to be in a straight line

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VS 2008 - Server Text Field To Text Box

Apr 11, 2014

I have an old database that still contains depreciated Text fields. I need to pull from these fields and display the results. You would think this should be easy... First my select statement caused a problem:

SELECT DISTINCT ..., CustomerInstructions, ... FROM Orders
where CustomerInstructions is a Text field.

The error I get: "The text data type cannot be selected as DISTINCT because it is not comparable." A quick search shows I can cast the text field as a varchar(max).

SELECT DISTINCT ..., CAST(CustomerInstructions AS VARCHAR(MAX)), ... FROM Orders

Now I get an error while trying to load the instructions into a text box: "Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: index"

Not sure what the problem is here. I have text and a text box. What's with the "out of range" crap?

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C# - Save A Binary File In SQL Server As BLOB And Text (or Get The Text From Full-Text Index)?

Mar 26, 2010

Currently we are saving files (PDF, DOC) into the database as BLOB fields. I would like to be able to retrieve the raw text of the file to be able to manipulate it for hit-highlighting and other functions.Does anyone know of a simple way to either parse out the files and save the raw text on save, either via SQL or .net code. I have found that Adobe has a filtdump utility that will convert the PDF to text. Filtdump seems to be a command line tool, and i don't see a way to use a file stream. And what would the extractor be for Office documents and other file types?-or-Is there a way to pull out the raw text from the SQL Full text index, without using 3rd party filters?Note i am trying to build a .net & MSSql solution without having to use a third party tool such as Lucene

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Web Forms :: Unable To Include The Meta Tag For Description And Keyword

Mar 19, 2010

i could not able to include the meta tag for description and keyword, set to unique on all the pages.

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SQL Server :: How To Handle Data Returned For A Site Search From A Description Field

Nov 30, 2010

Trying to figure out how to handle data returned for a site search from a description field. I don't think I want to display all the text from the description field, but I also don't want to "chop" a word in half. How do I get the first 100 characters, plus a few extra letters if needed to prevent a word from being chopped in half. In some cases, the description field is less than 100 characters, so all the text will be displayed. However, if the description does need to be chopped at 100, I'd like to finish the word and add ... to indicate that there is more text.

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ADO.NET :: Use The Item Description Look Up Table And Store The Item Description Id In The Items Table?

Dec 31, 2010

i have the following two questions:-

1. let say i have a table for ITEMS including (item id,item description id (FK to the ITEM Description tabe), item price,etc) and have ITEM Description look up table having (item descriptionid,item description),.

so what is better to use the ITEM DESCRIPTION look up table and store the item description id in the items table


to directly store the item description "Not the id" in the item table.

2. I am working on an MVC web application using LINQ, now if i want to modify the SQL server tables which i have created for example modify some of the foreign key properties will the effect be directly reflected on any new inserted or deleted records or i have to create a new LINQ to SQL class?

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How To Display Text Of Text Box To Be Different Of Its Original Text

Mar 7, 2011

I want display text of a asp text box to be different of its original text.

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Web Forms :: Making Button With Text And Image In 3.5?

Mar 11, 2010

i want asp button or imagebuttom with both background image and text above button.

i dont want to write text directly on image.

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Web Forms :: Making Treeview Node Text Wrap

Jan 12, 2010

I have try the following method, but none of them can make the treeview to wrap the

node text. When the node text is exeeding a certain amnout of characters. It will just expand the


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Forms Data Controls :: Making Text Appear After Search

Jun 2, 2010

I have a page where my user enters a search term and submits it against my database. What I want to happen is when the result(s) return, I want headings to pop up over my gridviews. For example, I want "Photographs" to appear over my gridview for photographs, "Documents" to appear of my gridview for documents, etc...

When I run my page, those headers are already there, even though I have not conducted a search yet and my gridviews have not populated. If I go into properties and select visible=false, they never show up, which is not exactly what I want either. I have read about literals, textboxes, panels, and have confused myself.

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Making Search Operation On The Basis Of The Keyword Write In The Text Box

Jul 12, 2010

I wanna search operation on the basis of the keyword write in the text box and search the subsequent result from the database..

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Forms Data Controls :: Making Read Only Text A Different Color

Mar 30, 2011

How do I make A, B and D navy blue?




tried this just for one of the cells but it's not working what am I missing?


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C# - How To See Text From One Text Field In Another Text Field

Sep 6, 2010

clarify: i am using a virtual keyboard that has to work on deferent text fields, and deferent pages, every time i click on a text field it sould pop up and every key i press i need to show on the text field....the problem, as every one knows, is to bind a deferent text field to the virtual keyboard, And as i said, also, to use it on deferent pages without rewriting the keyboard code for every page again and again, some thing that will not do... still can not give any code as there is no code to give, so there is no code...

i don't have code to show becouse i am trying to figure out how to do this and not showing a problem...

Background: I have an aspx file that holds a keyboard div and a hidden TextArea or an Input type=hidden (not decided yet). This page is a user control so it cen be used in all the pages that needs it...

What i am tring to do: Using JQuery bind('focus',...) method to bind any field in a certian aspx page (not the keyboard UC itself) to the hidden text field, i want that every thing i click on the keyboard will show in the text field that is on focus....

Can i relate in JS/JQuery to a field that is in a different page, will it recognise it? how can i do the bind, how can i transfer text from one field to another? if there a better way to do this, i will be happy to hear about it...

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Web Forms :: Display (old Values) Text Automatically In Text Box Somthing Like MS - Excel Cell?

Feb 13, 2011

Is there a way in .net to display the text automatically when i type the first letter or word in a text box? I am looking for something like MS-Excel.. In MS-Excel, if the first word is given, automatically it displays the remaining texts, only if values are given previously.

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Show The Quick Changing Text As Like Shown In Text Editor Of Mobile Phone?

Sep 22, 2010

how to show the quick changing text as like shown in text editor of mobile phone(While message writing it shows no of characters left)

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Web Forms ::enable Paging In The Text Box And Force It To Split The Text Between Multiple Pages?

Oct 22, 2010

i have a text box with a large amount of text is it possible to enable paging in the text box and force it to split the text between multiple pages

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Change Text Of Text Objects Based On Formula Result In Crystal Report

Sep 3, 2010

I want to change text of text object in crystal report (.rpt file). The datasource for the report is a datatable which consists of a column named sale, if it is '0' then I want to display the text of text object as 'sale' and if it is '1' then I want to display the text of text object as 'lease'. how to add formula and based upon the result of formula I have to change the text of text object being displayed.

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AJAX :: Show/hide The Text Box Depending On The Text Of The Selected Item In The Combo Box?

Nov 13, 2010

I have a .net 3.5 web form with an ajax combo box and a text box inside it. The bombo box is bound to a SqlDataSource.

My requirement is to show/hide the text box depending on the text of the selected item in the combo box. If a particular string, say 'xyz', appears in the text of the selected item, the I will make the text box invisible. I enabled the AutoPostback, made the text box disappear in the SelectedIndexChanged event, and everything worked fine.

However, when users enter their own texts (which are not in the list items), I am unable to show / hide the text box. I've tried the TextChanged event but nothing happens. It seems the event is not trigger after I enter a new text and locate the focus to other place.

is there a way to prevent the user ented text from being inserted into the bombo box?

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Web Forms :: Reading Data From Text File And Displaying It In Corresponding Text Boxes

Jun 17, 2010

I have written the following ocde to save the data in to textfile.

using(TextWriter tw=new StreamWriter(file))
string refcode = txtReftypecode.Text;
string priorcode = txtPrioritycode.Text;
tw.Write(priorcode.PadLeft(2, '0'));
string date=txtFilecreatdate.Text.Replace("/","");
string time1=txtFilecreattime.Text.Replace(":","");
tw.Write(txtImmeddestname.Text.PadRight(23,' '));
tw.Write(txtImmedorgname.Text.PadRight(23,' '));
tw.Write(txtRefcode.Text.PadRight(8,' '));

Now i would like to represent the data in to the corresponding to text boxes when i open that text file.

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Textbox Text Populated By Session Variable Wont Update Into SQL With New Text

May 23, 2010

I have what I think is a weird issue. I send text from one page to another via Session Variable. When page 2 loads, the text box has the session text set, but if the user changes the text and clicks the button, the SQL database is update with the original session text. If I remove the redirect from the page 2 button_Click method, then, the page refreshes with the textbox reverting to the session text and thr SQLDataSource has the session text added to it.


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Web Forms :: TextBox: OnTextChanging / User Is Clearing The Text, If The Length Of Text Becomes Zero?

Jul 20, 2010

I have a page with a text box, a button and a GridView. Enter an account number in the text box, press the check button and the result will show in the GridView.

Now user wants that if the text box is clear, the GridView disappear.

I can only find TextBox1_OnTextChanged. But I want to have that while the user is clearing the text, if the length of text becomes zero, the GridView is clear out. So I am looking for OnTextChanging(). Well of course this function does not exist. How to achieve the same purpose?

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Localization :: SEO For Multilanguage Site,only The English Text Is Referenced And No French Text?

Jun 7, 2010

site that is multilingual.I am using a database to store the text I have a translation object that loads the correct language using session variables.I recently found that on google.fr for example,only the english text is referenced and no french text at all.

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