C# - Multiple Asp Requests From Multiple Clients Share Information?

Dec 9, 2010

Imagine a website where individual clients can see each-other's presence - like a social network or a chatroom.

For example:

Client1 connects to my website.The back-end C# code updates a static field to indicate Client1's presence.
Client2 connects to my website.Will the back-end C# code for the second request see the information stored in the static field from the first request? Is there anything I need to do to guarantee that these seperate instances of my ASP application are sharing static data?

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JavaScript - Multiple Create Requests Means Multiple Button Click Events For The Same Time?

Oct 19, 2010

I have a form which inserts data in DB on Submit button click but the problem is when client click the button multiple times its sends multiple create requests means multiple button click events for the same time of same data, which must not be.

I tried to disable the button when client click the Submit button first time but after this it does not call server click event handler or not fire the server click event once it got disabled.

How to handle this multiple click problem..

I used the following code to disable the button


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To Allow Multiple/ Different Clients To Access The Same Application?

Nov 4, 2010

i have an Asp.net application 3.5. I want to be able to allow multiple/ different clients to access the same application but using different url's. I have already managed to configure the database to allow this. So hia's the main part i want to host my application in a domain say... wwww.myapplication.com

then allow different client to access the same application using



also the client subdomains i.e(clientone.myapplication.com and clienttwo.myapplication.com)should be autocreated by the client upon registration

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MVC :: Make Multiple Clients (desktop And IPhone)

Feb 4, 2010

How can I make multiple Index pages (contains a list of data), one to be used for a regular client, and one special view for the iPhone. Based on the article found on http://dotnetslackers.com/articles/aspnet/DevelopingForTheiPhone.aspx , I know that I can distinguish using


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C# - Remotely Execute A Program On Multiple Clients From A Web App?

Dec 21, 2010

So I have the following requirement for a project I'm working on, and I can't figure out the best (or any, for that matter) way to do this.

I have an asp.net web app sitting on IIS at HQ. When a particular event occurs, I need to then show a message on a dynamically selected subset of PC's throughout the company. The message must be shown due to the time restraints of this process (4 hours reaction time) and we legally can't afford to not show the message.

So I need to do the following:

Show a message to the users. I have a winforms app that puts up a dialog that the only way to get rid of it is to click a big "Acknowledge" button. To ensure that the message was shown. Some kind of report back that yes, it was shown and subsequently acknowledged. A way to react if the form is not shown.

I've considered the following:

PsExec - Iterating over every node asynchronously in my web app to fire off a remote executable sitting on each PC. .NET Remoting - I'm not familiar with this at all, and it lead me to look at WCF instead. Would it work for what I'm trying to do? WCF Callbacks - These seem to require a constant connection and I'm not sure what that means for our infrastucture. I imagined a client service that would kick off an app or show the form somehow. Our scheduling software (Tidal Enterprise Scheduler) - remotely executing an executable. This would introduce more points of failure.

In SO's opinion, what would be the best way to attack this problem?

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C# - Events Through Application Scope To Multiple Clients?

Feb 15, 2011

First of all, I am creating a something like a client/server solution using a standard ASP.NET website - I do know this method is not adviced, and most people would love to scream "COMET!" or "HTML5 Sockets!" - but please don't ;-) !

What I am doing...

I am creating an MMORPG on a website.

I have several clients whom need to be in contact at the same time. This is done by a global object in the Application scope.

My problem

I need to invoke an event to several clients. For instance, when an attack has been performed, I need to update some graphics. The attack logic is resolved in the global object, but each of the clients has to respond to this.

Right now I do the following:


(This is a kind of observer pattern)

What now happends is a race condition. The one who loads the page_load event will get both of these events, and the one who is not running them, will experience no changes in the UI.

So what is it I really want?

What I really need is some genuine and nice way to create an observer pattern through the application state. I need to send an event out to every "listener" which is in this case is a client, and then do some update.

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Architecture :: Very Frequent Reads To Database Multiple Clients?

Dec 5, 2010

I have a website hosted with sql 2008 database on Godaddy. Here's my problem descriptionbefore I actually begin implementing.Entries are made in a table named "XYZ" by a third party program. Now, there are multipleclients (could be asp.net ajax web based or vb.net desktop clients which I have not decided yet) who
read data from this "XYZ" table every 10-15 seconds. The connection string used by these clients would be same. If I have 10000-20000 clients making connections and querying same table, would that cause any breakdown? Since my connection string is same, connection pooling isautomatically in place.

What else do you think I need to take care of? Or is there any better way to implement this setup?Also, should I go for asp.net ajax client implementation or vb.net(c#) client implemtation ?Your inputs would be highly helpful to me. I am looking for a medium to long term solution to thissetup.

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Web Forms :: How To Send Email To Multiple Clients Located In Different Domains

Sep 21, 2010

How can i send email to multiple clients located in different domains such hotmail,yahoo,and gmail

is it required to provide Smpt server name, if we have multipe domain id, what should we do?

I am using fowling code but getting exception failed.

MailMessage mailMsg = new MailMessage();
mailMsg .From = "from@fromServer.com";
mailMsg .To = "to@toServer.com";
mailMsg .Cc = "cc@ccServer.com"";
mailMsg .Bcc = "bcc@bccServer.com";
mailMsg .Subject = "SubjectOfTheMailString";
mailMsg .Body = "BodyOfTheMailString";
SmtpMail.Send(mailMsg );

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Web Forms :: Transfer Voice From One Client To Multiple Clients In Live

Apr 27, 2016

I'm trying to develop a new application for multiple users. the main idea is that one user talks and the entire users (who logged in ) could hear him (1 way).

How this can be made? how can i transfer voice from one client to multiple clients in live?

Note that my clients are mobile users (Android, IOS and Windows phone) and the server is .NET.

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How To Test Multiple Web Requests To Web Server

Mar 17, 2011

I am using asp.net and I would like to test a few hundreds concurrent requests to the same page, and get a result. I don't need it via browser. Just a tool that sends requests and prints the result Is there such tool?

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How To Persist A Model Across Multiple Requests In MVC 2

Jan 3, 2011

I'm building a web application that has a particular model representing some events. Users need to be able to add N number of people to a given event. Choosing people is handled by a partial view.

I'm trying to build a menu that displays when users click "add a person" to the event. Because the event hasn't been filled out completely yet, there is nothing in the database to persist between requests.

I also have validation logic on the event page.

My proposed solution is to add the form to search or add for people on the event form itself and have a submit button that sends the values that have been added back to the server, where I can store them in ViewData or Session.

Unfortunately, doing this flags the validation.

My second solution is to load a partial view responsible for loading the UI to add/search for a person. I could add a little code on the method in the controller that returns a partial view storing the existing data in a session variable or viewdata. Trouble is, I have to submit the form to do it--again tripping the validation!

I'm wondering if perhaps I chose the wrong tool to do this...because in webforms, there would probably be a postback and you would just perform an operation on that postback. I'd like to avoid rewriting the application in webforms and am wondering if there are ways I'm overlooking in ASP.NET MVC.

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Sending Multiple HTTP Requests Asynchronously Using .NET

Aug 11, 2010

Is it possible to send multiple HTTP requests asynchronously to an ASP.NET web site or any other web server using .NET ? And, then. collect responses from those requests as they come using .NET asynchronous paradigm ? Is it possible ? Or would there still be limit of max 2 HTTP connections from .NET using HTTP ?

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SQL Reporting :: Multiple SSRS Servers Share One DB?

Mar 17, 2010

Can multiple SSRS share the same DB? We're getting into an SSRS customization scenario, which may adversely affect our existing SSRS features, and I wanted to see if it was possible.

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C# - Is Possible To Share HttpRuntime.Cache Between Multiple Web Servers

Nov 10, 2010

We have a web application that is storiing all site data in HttpRuntime.Cache. We now need to deploy the application across 2 load balanced web servers. This being the case, each web server will have its own cache, which is not ideal because if a user requests data from webserver1 it will be cached, but there next request might go to webserver2, and the data that their previous request cached won't be available. Is it possible to use a shared-cache provider to share the HttpRuntime.Cache between the two web servers or to replecate the cache between them, so that the same cache will be available on both web servers?

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Share An In-memory Object Between Multiple Websites?

Feb 1, 2010

We have about 70 sites on our server that use same application (with different Application Pools) and they use for example a shared skin file. So is there a way to load this file to memory and share for all applications? what I mean is to sharing cache in multiple websites to decrease pressure on server.

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Asp - Multiple Users Share HttpApplication Instance?

Mar 6, 2011

I've used the table at the top of this article as a reference. I have three questions:

1 - Can multiple users (from different physical locations) ever share an HttpApplication instance? If so, does this happen by default?

2 - Can multiple users (from different physical locations) ever share an HttpApplicationState instance? If so, does this happen by default?

3 - Can multiple users of an ASP.NET application ever share a singleton instance or a static variable value? If so, does this happen by default?

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DataSource Controls :: Combining Multiple Requests Into One?

Apr 8, 2010

Ok I hope I can describe this clearly. This is all demo code nothing in production.Right now I have a stored procedure that is


This will return only one row as ID is uniquethen I have a procedure that gets all the colors that are available for this model number and i use that data in a drop down list, it is like this


this can return multiple rows with different colors.Right now i am opening a connection getting the product data, consuming that to properties of a class, then to get the data from the Colors I open another connection run the procedure with the model parameter being the model returned from the first sproc and bind that to my ddl.I want to do this in one connection and just get two result sets back. So how do I set the parameter of the second procedure to be the model from the first?

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Security :: .Net Windows Authentication, Multiple Log In Requests?

Mar 16, 2010

I have a small project I am working on using web developer express, and I am trying to get windows authentication to work with my intranet website project. This website is only to be accessed inside my LAN and not from the internet at all, so I figured windows authentication would be best.What happens when I turn it on (and I've tested this from multiple browsers: IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) is that the website asks the user to log in (via pop up textbox). Not only does it request the user to log in (which I don't think it should, since the login is based on windows authentication and I am on a windows machine already logged into the internal domain) but it requests the user to login multiple times, sometimes I get asked to log in and type in the same username/password combination 12 different times. It seems to me that the asp page is requesting permission to view each individual element and requires authentication to load one object (like an image or text box).

I am severely annoyed. :( I just wanted authentication to work smoothly without any login requests, or at the mostone request.

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Web Forms :: Share Session Across Multiple Browsers?

Jul 17, 2015

i am working on add to basket pagei have three browser in my pc when i use chrome browser and Add Prodcut into basket with session .

then how it will show on every browser untill session expire.?

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Web Forms :: Share Screen Across Multiple Browsers?

Aug 18, 2015

i have default.aspx page, on that page i am taken two controls linkbutton and iframe. iframe source is sample.aspx.

when i click on linkbutton,

 how can i share my iframe source in new browser. ? 

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Web Forms :: Best Practice For Handling Multiple Requests At The Same Time?

Jul 8, 2010

we have this web service that sends JSON code to an iPhone application.

Each time the app makes a request, the web serice accesses the database, grabs corresponding xml data, transforms it to JSON code and then sends it back to the app.

the xml data gets updated approximately every minute, you can assimiliate this process with a sport app of which you can watch live game commentaries.

Now the iPhone app is going to implement a refresh button which a user can proactivly hit it against the service to fetch the latest data.

So we need to implement something that is capable of handling multiple requests that could occur at the same time or in a very short period of time.

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C# - Amazon EC2 Multiple Servers Share Session State

Mar 12, 2010

I have a bunch of EC2 servers that are load balanced. Some of the servers are not sharing session, and users keep getting logged in and out. How can I make all the server share the one session, possibly even using a partitionresolver solution

public class PartitionResolver : System.Web.IPartitionResolver
private String[] partitions;
public void Initialize()
// create the partition connection string table
// web1, web2
partitions = new String[] { "" };

public String ResolvePartition(Object key)
String oHost = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.Host.ToLower().Trim();
if (oHost.StartsWith("10.0.0") || oHost.Equals("localhost"))
return "tcpip=";
String sid = (String)key;
// hash the incoming session ID into
// one of the available partitions
Int32 partitionID = Math.Abs(sid.GetHashCode()) % partitions.Length;
return ("tcpip=" + partitions[partitionID] + ":42424");

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WCF / ASMX :: Do Multiple WCF Web Service Requests Queue Up Or Do They Run In Parallel

Mar 17, 2011

I've got a WCF web service that runs fine at the moment but there is talk about using it very heavily soon. As part of it's normal process it writes a file out, then reads it back in again (don't ask why, I know it's stupid). I'm concerned that if we start hitting it with lots of requests then the following might happen.

1. Request 1 writes the file out.

2. Request 2 comes in and overwrites the file.

3. Request 1 reads the file back in but this is now the wrong file.

My understanding is that the requests would naturally queue up so that request 2 wouldn't start until request 1 had finished, but I'm not totally sure.

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C# - MVC HTML.AntiForgeryToken() With Multiple AJAX Requests From One Page?

Mar 8, 2011

I'm creating a page that makes multiple AJAX form posts without a page refresh.

I would like to use the ASP.NET MVC HTML.AntiForgeryToken() helper to secure the form against CSRF attacks. I think that each form on the page can share the same token, but will it allow multiple requests with the same token? If not is there a way to get a new token or some other way to secure the forms?

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Share Site Map Across Multiple Projects Or Sitemap With Sql Data Source

Feb 10, 2010

Now, I've refactored my code to have a data layer, business layer and the main project as the view layer. Next I'd like to split this big project smaller projects based on discrete functionality. As I understand it, one way to handle a shared masterpage is to copy it into each project, that's not the worst thing, it hasn't changed in over a year and if it does it's easy enough to propagate the changes out to the other projects.

I was also reading that I could create an assembly from my master page and share it that way. My masterpage.aspx has a reference to a asp.net sitemap, Unlike the masterpage I'd like to maintain only one site map if possible.

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