Check Forms Authentication Status Using Only JavaScript?

Jul 20, 2010

The reason i need to do this is because of Facebook Connect - which is another story, so i'll save you the drama for that. =) Anyway, i have this function that runs on window.onload:

function userAuth() {
if (!loggedInUsingFormsAuth && loggedInViaFacebook) {
window.location.reload(); // refresh page, so i can perform auto-login

So, i need help in getting the flag "loggedInUsingFormsAuth". I dont care what is in the cookie, just need to know if the current user is authenticated. Why am i doing this? Well, on window load, if the user is logged into Facebook but not on my website (according to the Forms Authentication cookie), i want to reload the page - which allows my ASP.NET website to read the Facebook cookies in the HttpContext and log the user in. I need to do this in JavaScript, because i dont have the Facebook cookies until i call "SomeFunctionWhichGetsFacebookCookies" - which can only be done in JavaScript.

So, how can i work out if the current user is authenticated via JavaScript? Do i have to manually traverse through the cookies, find the one i want, and inspect it? Is this a safe thing to do? Or should i alternatively write out the flag to the client from the server using RegisterClientScript?

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Mar 30, 2010

It looks like JavaScript does not have access to authentication cookies ('ASP.NET_SessionId', '.ASPXFORMSAUTH') in the http headers I can see cookies but document.cookie object does not have them.

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bit of code on page laod that checks a server status and then writes the status out to a label text. This works great, but i need to make this a bit more dynamic.I need to establish a way that the service status is monitorered every few seconds to see if it is my code so far:


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I have a gridview , and I made a template column with a checkbox inside.

Then , obviously , I want to check the value of checkboxes .

I'm trying to set rows' visible property to false when that row's checkbox is unselected.

I'm always getting null , no matter what I do .

So , it must be a problem with the FindControl() , but I think it is perfectly normal .


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How To Check URL's Response Status Code Without Using IP Address

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I want to check the status code for a web url without using the IP address as I have many websites configured with the same IP and only hostname is different for them. The HttpWebRequest resolves the IP Address and use it.

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Building An Extranet Loan Status Check Website Using .NET MVC With A WCF Backend?

Feb 13, 2010

We are building an extranet loan status check website using ASP.NET MVC with a WCF backend. Its a pretty standard design with the MVC site using a WCF service reference to get customer objects. The ervice uses an Oracle backend + http binding, and won't be hosted on the same server as the MVC site (so we can't use tcp binding to reduce latency).

The problem we encountered is that every call to the service is resulting in a 7-8s response time which is unacceptable for an extranet site and much higher than the 2s magic mark. The service method(s) call 12 stored procedures to create the customer object. The database is, unfortunately, denormalized (we can't change it as its also used by other inhouse production systems) so most of the calls are basic select statements which populate the customer object and its associated objects. The service proxy is properly opened and closed/disposed in the MVC actions so there are no instances of any service connection leaks. A new client proxy is created for every request (i.e., we are not using the singleton pattern for the service). how we can speed this up ?

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C# - How To Check The Status (True/False) In A Grid View On Rowdatabound Event

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I have a table with three columns (ProdID,ProdName,Status). I m fetching that into a dataSet and binding that to my gridview. I have a very basic and simple rowdatabound event like this :


how can i compare my status against True or False in my if condition.

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Visual Studio :: Unable To Find A Single Script To Check A Specified Server's Status?

Apr 7, 2010

I was googling around about 2 days now and i cant find a single script to check a specified server's status Example

I can find only the PHP version of it.

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Security :: Digest Authentication In Web Service Error / The Request Failed With HTTP Status 401

Apr 20, 2010

I am connecting to remote server for web service using ASP.NET 3.5 web site. something like, [URL]. Remote server is providing digest authentication to access the web service. I dont have access to modify authentication on the remote server but I have an windows account on that server. If I try to Access service WSDL through programming I get the following error:

The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized. Same web service if I try to access through browser, [URL], it asks for user name and password. Entered windows account user name and password, still getting error: You are not authorized to view this page, HTTP Error 401.1 - Unauthorized. How to pass the digest authentication credentials to the web service through visual studio or any other programmatic method?

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How To Check User Is Authenticated While Using Forms Authentication

Mar 10, 2011

How to check if user is authenticated while using Forms Authentication ..?

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Javascript - Check Box Validation For Atleast One Check Box Should Cheked In .net

Feb 22, 2011

I have form having 4 check boxes. not check box list. these 4 check boxes having the ValidationGroup property with same name say "chkValied". I have added Custom Validator there. now want to check at least on check box should be check out of these.

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Javascript - Display & Fade Out A Status Message?

Aug 30, 2010

I am using VSS 2005 & webforms with AJAX Control Toolkit. I am using Update panels for saving different parts of my form. Problem being I update the user with the status setting either a label or literal value.

This value is visible on the form untill the page is refreshed. Is there any way to display a message and fade it away after some seconds ? Would be a life saver for me =)

I am using VSS 2005 but I don't think a simple fade would require much intellisense with JQuery ?

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State Management :: Check The Logged In Status Instead Of Using Session State?

Mar 16, 2011

Many web applications use sessions to check the logged in status of the users. Is there a better approach to check the logged in status instead of using session state?

I'm looking at a pure ReSTful approach where is no session state at all. This may make more sense in an mvc application rather than an application.

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Security :: How To Check Authentication In Webpage

Apr 28, 2010

I am new to this so forgive my lack of techical jargon/understanding.

We have and active directory setup in our dmz for 'external' user authentication to our web sites. This works fine...

We also have 'internal' users who have been authenticated to our 'internal' active directory. That works fine.

The problem is that we would like the internal users to be able to access the web sites on the web server in the dmz without getting prompted for authentication a second time...the user has already logged into the AD internally. Is there a way for this to happen? Currently they are being prompted for their credentials any time they go to login to a web site that is located in the dmz.

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Security :: Add OpenID Check Authentication?

Mar 12, 2010

I need to know how we can add OpenID Authentication in For example, in some web site we can login using gmail account or wordpress account or twitter account some other public sites. I want know how we can add that in our site too. Let me know the code for that or can you give me more details where I can get that information or sample code.

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Security :: Want To Check User Authentication

Mar 24, 2010

I have 3 pages which they use Master page. I want to check if user is authenicated in page load event of master page.

1-Is it correct method to check authenication is page load of master page?

2- I want to know which of the following lines should I user and is there any difference between them?

Request .IsAuthenticated
Page.User.Identity .IsAuthenticated
HttpContext .Current .User .Identity .IsAuthenticated

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Security :: To Check User Authentication In IIS ?

Apr 4, 2010

I want to check if user is autheneicated in control (ascx). I use HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated; for this purpose.

When I browse pages using ASP.Net Developement server -VS 2008- it works fine, But when I use IIS 7 then it always return false , even if user is authenicated.

Note that it's even work fine with IIS 6 but With IIS no hope (Classic/Integrated mode). does it related to IIS 7 or what the method that I use?

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C# - Check User Authentication At Page Load?

May 18, 2010

i have an application and a user must log-in before he/she can access pages. now once the user logs in i keep the user details in a session variable (say Session["CurrentUser"]).now if a user tries to jump to a page directly i will check if the Session["CurrentUser"] has a value or not...if not then the user will be directed to the login problem is that i have done this or rather say written this "Checking Code" on almost all the pages.

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Web Forms :: How To Check If JavaScript Is Disabled

Mar 11, 2010

Im replying to this post (a few years back now) but your method was one I wanted to use for checking JS on page load.

I uderstand the value of testBox will be changed to yes if JS fires, and codebehind recieves the testBox value of yes.

Ive tried your exmple but its not working like this, what I get is the hidden testBox value NO passed when JS is enabled.


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Jquery - MVC 2 - Finding Best Implementation Of Status / Update / Generic Message Delivery And JavaScript Modal Display

Oct 5, 2010

For an MVC 2 app that relies on many partial views and almost exclusively uses Ajax for POSTs/GETs, what would be the best way to implement the setting, passing, retrieval and display (using a JavaScript modal) of these messages?

My forms all POST (by way of jQuery $.ajax) to actions that return partial views (html) that are used to update a in the "success:" part of the $.ajax function.

I was hoping for some sort of mechanism in the master view that could "listen" for any messages that any of these partial views might be "delivering"--through their ViewData, for instance.

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Security :: Manually Check Form Authentication Cookie Value?

Feb 18, 2011

My requirements is when one other website call my service (httphandler) and in response i will provide one parameter which is

value of form authentication cookie

now that website call my website with that cookie value as query string , how to check from that cookie value that particular use is authenticated or not ?

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Web Forms :: Possible Of Using Javascript To Check Data In SQL Server

Mar 31, 2010

Is it possible of using javascript to check data in SQL server?User inputs a order ID into a text box, I need to code to see if ID is in SQLserver before submit.

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Web Forms :: Check File Size (upload) In Javascript Without ActiveX?

May 25, 2010

I'm a beginner i work with visual studio 2005 and ajax 1.0

i have a web page with a control input i must to check the weight of the file but in javascript WITHOUT ActiveXObject !?

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