Connect Directly To Aspnetdb Database?

Oct 19, 2010

I wanna connect to aspnetdb but it makes an error says "Login failed for user" this is the connection string in web config :

<add name="UserProfiles" connectionString="Data Source=KIA;Initial Catalog=aspnetdb;Integrated Security=True;"
providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

and this is my code:

SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection();
SqlCommand ComNewCheckSum = new SqlCommand();
connection.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["UserProfiles"].ConnectionString;
ComNewCheckSum.Connection = connection;
ComNewCheckSum.CommandText = String.Format("select UserID from aspnet_Users where UserName = {0}", _UserName);
return Convert.ToInt32(ComNewCheckSum.ExecuteScalar());

how can i pass through error?

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Apr 9, 2010

I have been asked to develop an ASP.Net application which will directly connect (store and retrieve) to the ACT! databse already functional. I am new to ACT and looking for a starting point to integrate it with ASP.Net application. In particular I am looking for answers to the following questions:1. What database technology is used by ACT? Is SQL Server? In that case, I should be able to connect just like any SQL Server database?2. Is there any class library or API for .Net from ACT which will help achieve this?3.

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Security :: How To Use Own Database Instead Of ASPNETDB.MDF

Jun 1, 2010

Ive searched quite a while to do this.. havent found any revelant answer i already have a database named GAD.MDF with tables inside. However i wanna use the membership API to use the tables generated in the aspnetdb.mdf. Is there a way to generate thoses tables in my own database and then use my database instead? cause many host only enable us to use one database.

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How To Open The ASPNETDB.MDF Database

Mar 5, 2010

I am using vusiaul studio 2005. I have been unable to use the express database. I can create it, by simply tryign to log in. But if I try to open the ASPNETDB.MDF database itself I get the following error:

"This server version is not supported. You must have Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 or later."

I have SQL 2005 loaded on my machine. I would think this would be enough. Anyone know where I can ge the Beta 2 download or does anyone have another resolution for this?

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Merge Aspnetdb Database With Another One?

Jan 21, 2010

I have an aspnetdb and I have created another aspnetdb for another website, but instead of starting from scratch, I would like to import all the data from the one that has users and other data into the new aspnetdb. Is there a way to do this? Are any tools available?

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C# - Add Relationships To The Aspnetdb Database In MVC?

Feb 1, 2010

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how to use the Memberships in MVC. I know there is the built in ASPNETDB database which has all the basic tables for users and such. But what if I wanted to add a relationship between one of my custom tables and this built in user table?

If I had a database table that contained blog comments, we'll call it Comment. And each Comment had a userID associated with it could I do something like?


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Security :: Using Another Database Instead Of App_Data/aspnetdb.mdf?

Feb 1, 2010

I used aspnet_regsql -W wizard approach to create DB for membership tables. and added script as follows in web.Config


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Security :: Use More Than One Application With The Aspnetdb Database?

Feb 17, 2010

I have setup a Web Site Administration Tool for a web application and it work great
Now i have another custom application that was built on a different server and site but i want to use the users in the existingWeb Site Administration Tool for authentication and authorisation.So i deployed the custom application to the the same server where the Web Site Administration Tool resides. and just changed the connection string to point to the same database.But when i login with a username and pass it says login no correct.http://myserver/IntranetAdminTool/default.aspx?pplicationPhysicalPath=C:Inetpubmyapplication&applicationUrl=/myapplicationwhen i go to the link above it works and i can see all my usershttp://myserver/IntranetAdminTool/default.aspx?pplicationPhysicalPath=C:Inetpubmyapplication2&applicationUrl=/myapplication2When i go to this link i can't see users as its th new custom application i just moved to the site.

I get error There is a problem with your selected data store. This can be caused by an invalid server name or credentials, or by insufficient permission. It can also be caused by the role manager feature not being enabled. Click the button below to be redirected to a page where you can choose a new data store. The following message may help in diagnosing the problem:Server cannot access application directory 'C:Inetpubmyapplication2'. The directory does not exist or is not accessible because of security settings.Is my approach a resonable one and is this possible?

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Security :: How To Change Application Database From ASPNETDB.mdf

Oct 2, 2010

I am using Visual Studio 2008 Express.

I did this simple test:

I created a new Web project with a simple page that has a Log In. There were no databases in App_Data.

I used the configuration tool to create a Role and User.

I refreshed the project folder and behold AspNetDB.mdf has appeared in the App_Data folder.

I have checked the Web.Config file and there is NO Connection string to this database.

So how do I move the Roles/Users application data storage away from AspNetDB.mdf to my own database ?

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Add A New Table Using EFCodeFirst To The Existing Database Aspnetdb.mdf?

Jan 31, 2011

I have not found information how to do the following:

how to add a new table using EFCodeFirst to the existing database aspnetdb.mdf?

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DataSource Controls :: Using Aspnetdb Database On Intranet(IIS 6.0)?

Jun 14, 2010

While i was using membership provider database(aspnetdb) on development server for storing username and password it was working right but as soon as i added my pages to intranet(IIS 6.0) USER was not able to login due to ASPNETDB Database.Now how can i use membership with that database using SQL Server2005

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SQL Server :: Use ASPNETDB.MDF To Add Own Tables Or Create A Separate Database?

Dec 6, 2010

I'm working on a new 4.0 resume web site. I'm starting off with SQL Server Express 2005 and using the standard security and login features given with ASPNETDB.mdf. My site will be hosted on

Quesiton. Should the tables that will contain the information that users will be putting in like resumes, contact information and such go into ASPNETDB.mdf or should it go into a separate database.

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Security :: How To Authenticate Multiple Applications Within 1 Aspnetdb Database

Feb 9, 2010

I currently have a website up and running and working correctly with using the out-of-the box authentication with an aspnetdb sqlserver database. I have users on this site and am very hesitant to change anything with this database or the web.config file from the working site for fear of wrecking it

So, my challenge is that I need to authenticate a separate application using the same aspnetdb.mdf file without any crossover to my 1st application. I've noticed that the ApplicationName that is currently in my aspnetdb database for the working application is just "/". I know that I'll need to have 2 separate entries in the aspnet_Applications table to define these two applications and then somehow register those names within their respective web.config files - but wanted to have step by step instructions on how to this so as to not "break" the 1st working application that is already live.

Can anyone point me to a document on what changes I will need to make?

Also, with the default create user wizards I'm using, how will it know to create the new user information with the correct application ID so that the user information from one application is not visible to managers of the second application and vice/versa?

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When Using Identity Impersonate Cannot Access Local ASPNETDB.MDF Database?

Dec 2, 2010

I have a ASP.Net website that interacts with Dynamic CRM. It's also uses a local ASPNETDB.MDF for forms authentication. For the CRM I need to impersonate the identity created on the domain for this purpose. When identity impersonate is enabled I no longer have access to the local Membership Database. How can I allow the domain user used for the impersonation access to the membership database?

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Decrypt Aspnetdb Password In Aspnetdb?

Jun 5, 2010

i have a problem, i want to decrypt password in aspnetdb, the password created by web administration tool in vs, i want to decrypt it without using MemberShipProvider, i there any way.

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Visual Studio :: Generating A Aspnetdb Default Database In 2010?

Jun 22, 2010

I'm using Visual Studio 2010 RTM and MS Sql Server 2008 R2 EXPRESS with Advanced Services.I create a new simple web site. When I click on configuration, it opens as expected.When I click on the Security Tab, I get the message, Unable to connect to SQL Server database.It will not create the default aspnetdb.mdf file.I can create a connection to the sql server in VS from the database explorer.I can connect to the sql server with sqlcmd as a trusted connection.I have even managed to verify the default instance of .SQLEXPRESS with named pipesusing the sc command and the MSSQL$instance name.I have verified that my machine dot config file for the 2.0 .net contains the proper info (without altering it).I've spent many nights trying to figure this one out.VS2008 and MS SQL Server EXPRESS 2008 worked.I noticed that the default web site uses a connection other than the default localsqlserverand the template automatically adds a login in the ui with role, membership & profile in the web config.

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Visual Studio :: Want To Edit Aspnetdb Database, But Id Does Not Appear In App_Data Folder?

Jul 24, 2010

I have web application project and i want to edit aspnetdb Database, but id does not appear in App_Data folder.I even cant see web.config file for subfolerds. When i create web site project in vs, i can see the aspnetdb Database.Vs Version : 2008

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Is Better To Retrieve Data Using Web Service Or Directly From Database

May 5, 2010

i was wondoring which thing is better from below two... first one- retrive data by creating webservice second one- create database connection from code behind call storeprocedure and retive data

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MVC :: Generate Graphs And Reports By Getting Data Directly From A Database?

Jul 27, 2010

I have looked through the website and google about crystal reports and MVC. It seems that crystal reports does not goes well with MVC framework. Is that true? If that's the case, what is the best solution for me? I am assigned to generate graphs and reports by getting data directly from a database (Oracle) and populate them into a report document. Other than crystal report, what can i use.

Is crystal report capable of generating graphs? or do I need to download other add-ons in order to have a graph generation on my reports.

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SQL Server :: Use Management Studio With Database Created Within MS Web - Connect To New Database?

Mar 30, 2011

I have created a web application and an SQL database using Web Developer 2010 Express. I have SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server Management Studio Express. In order to deploy the database to my hosting space I need to create a .BAK file from my new database. I think I can do this from with the Management Studio, but can't figure out how to get it to connect to the database. I have used Management Studio before to retore another SQL database and the only connection I see when I open the Management Studio is the old connection to the old database. How do I connect to my new database?

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SQL Server :: Cannot Open Database "aspnetdb.mdf" Requested By The Login / How To Fix This Error

Mar 27, 2011

i have an application using asp member control i start copy this application to a new machine,in the old machine it is using sql 2000 sp4 express but in the new one i install sql 2005 sp3 express and he give me this error

Cannot open database "aspnetdb.mdf" requested by the login. The login failed.

Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE'.


An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot open database "aspnetdb.mdf" requested by the login. The login failed.

Login failed for user 'NT AUTHORITYNETWORK SERVICE'.

Source Error:


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How To Host Site With ASPNETDB.MDF Database From Development Server To Production Server ?

Jan 21, 2011

I have created my site using ASP.NET Personal Starter Kits 3.5. I use Visual Studio 2008 only . .with its built-in SQL Server (2005 Express) ... my database in App_Data is ASPNETDB.MDF ...

I have created some of my tables also ASPNETDB ..

In my local PC the site was running fine ...

But when I publish my site on production server it doesn't work and shows the following error

<!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->
<customErrors mode="Off"/>

Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the "defaultRedirect" attribute of the application's configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL.

<!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->
<customErrors mode="RemoteOnly" defaultRedirect="mycustompage.htm"/>

My hosting provider connection string ..

<add name="ConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=;Initial Catalog=usa_data;Persist Security Info=True;User Id=user;Password=pass" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>

My hosting provider gave me the connection string to connect to the SQL Server 2005 but it doesn't work...

I don't understand why my site was running fine using the production SQL Server 2005 in my local PC when I include ASPNETDB.MDF file in App_Data in my local pc only ..if I remove file ASPNETDB.MDF from App_Data of my local pc ... the site stops working ...

Can anybody tell em how to fix this ... !! I am very tensed since last 3-4 days

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How To Connect To A SQL Database

Oct 6, 2010

I have the following code:


and I'm trying to use that to submit to my database, but when I click on the submit button, no data is being inserted into my database, but I'm also not receiving any errors.

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How To Connect To A Database

Mar 7, 2010

I moved to ASP.NET from PHP where the queries are run directly. So I always create Connection in the Page_Load Event, dispose it after I do all stuff needed, and access data with NpgsqlCommand. (Yes, I use Postgresql in my ASP.NET applications.)

After starting to learn ASP.NET MVC I was amazed how easy it is to access SQL with the LINQ to SQL thing. But... It works only with MS SQL. So my question is how to implement the same functionality in my applications? How to connect to databases easily?

I wrote my own wrapper classes for connecting to Postgresql. 1 class per a table.

This is a part of the Student class:


So as you see the problem here is that with every INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE request I'm using Connect() method which connects to the database. I didn't realize how stupid it was before I had to wait for 10 minutes to have 500 rows inserted, as there were 500 connections to the database.Using pooling while connecting does help, but still making the connection and making the server check the pool during every single query is stupid.So I decided to move Connection property to a static DB class, and it didn't work either, because it's a really bad idea to store such objects as connections in a static class.I really don't know what to do know. Yes, there's an option of manullay creating the connections in every Page_Load event and close them in the end like I'm doing it right now.


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Using Asax To Connect To Database

May 10, 2010

i would like to use asax to check my database for every 5 min. if let say the database detect high in threshold.. it will send a notification to administrator. Anyone have done this before mind to share some code?

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