Dynamically Creating Database Connection In Datasets?

May 4, 2010

I am currently using datasets for my data access layer. I currently store the connection string in the web.config file. I need the ability to change the connection to another database before any queries are processed. Is there an event that is triggered or a base class that can be modified that intercepts the process of retrieving the connection string from the web.config file? Is there any way to handle multiple database connections using the same code base and also take advantage of the connection pooling? I understand the best method is to get rid of datasets and use custom data objects.

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Programmatically Manage Db Connection While Using Datasets?

Jul 26, 2010

I was just thinking if there was a way to programmatically open and close connections to the database via the dataset classes we've added into the project.

I am trying to avoid one specific problem. Assume there is an EmployeeTableAdapter. It has two methods IsValid(string EmployeeID) and HasDepartmentAccess(string EmployeeID, string DeptID). Afaik each of these methods, open a connection, does data retrieval, and then closes it.

The opening and closing of the connection is done internally. I kind of want to override this, and close the connection upon a page unload event which (I'd manually register it with the datadapter class somehow).

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ADO.NET :: Creating DataSets On Application_State?

Feb 5, 2011

I have a good bit of data that is generally static. I want to load it into my application so I can access the items from picklists without having to make redundant calls to the database. I have found a few articles discussing how I can approach this, but, I am specifically looking for a way to create a collection of DataSets with constraints at Application_Start. Also, when you do this kind of thing, do you normally create one dataset or a separate dataset per table? I know there are ways to add multiple tables to a single dataset, but, I don't know how to do this from the DataSet Designer.

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Architecture :: Creating A Separated Class For Database Connection?

Dec 10, 2010

i have the following code:


I was trying to implement as above. How can i call this class from the code behind of my page, and call the methods Open and Close connection ?

How do i instantiate the object ?

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SQL Server :: Error In Attaching Database File And Creating A New Connection?

Sep 5, 2010

I am having problem when i was trying to attach .mdf file while create a new connection of SQL server, create a new connection of SQL database file and open the database in Server Explorer. I am using VS 2010 Ultimate and SQL Express 2008 R2.

Here are the error message.

1. Attach .mdf in SQL database file and open the database in Server Explorer

2. Create a new SQL server and attach .mdf

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DataSource Controls :: Creating Rows Dynamically From Database?

Jun 27, 2010

Never really worked with the asp tables but for this project it makes more sense, I am having trouble addding rows dynamically from the sql datatable i am pulling. In hte datatable it has 12 rows with 14 columns, I need to make this into a table, with a dtagrid I would be done but I have to pull other data that they could add columns, so a table I am told is easier.

This gets my data and I can see it

mydataTable = new DataTable
mydataTable = GetData(sql)

I get nothing but errors trying to do this, what is the correct way to add rows to an asp.net table

Can I add this all to a datagrid and then add the extra columns I need if they are there with out using a table.

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Forms Data Controls :: ListView Connection Error - Database Schema Could Not Be Retrieved For This Connection?

Jul 23, 2010

I am using VS2008 and oracle 10g ODP.Net. The oracle database that I used in the connection is working and tested it using sql plus.The connection string when used in a GriDView works perfectly. Now when I created a new listview control with the same connection it gives an error.Database schema could not be retrieved for this connection. Please make sure connection settings are correct and the database is online

Object reference not set to an instance of an object at VSDataObjectSupport (478,6)

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SQL Reporting :: Link Multiple DataSets Then Put Data Fields From Multiple DataSets Into One Data Region?

Sep 23, 2010

How to link multiple DataSets (why SSRS call it a DataSet even there is only one bunch of data fields in it) using keys, then put data fields from multiple DataSets into one Data Region? The reason I have to do this is: There will be 6 major DataSets to be used together few times in same report, it is not make sense to build a huge Matrix for all of them together. (in some data region I use data from dataset A and B, some times I use data from dataset A and C, D ...)

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Databases :: Creating Connection To Oracle?

Sep 1, 2010

I am currently working on the connection between ASP.NET and Oracle. I tried to search over the net and know there are many ways. Is there any 'normal practice' on which method to be used? Or it depends?

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Architecture :: Creating A DB Connection In My DAL Class File?

Feb 17, 2010

Below is my class file.


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Web Forms :: Creating Dynamic Connection String

Apr 12, 2012

currently i have db name , server name & coonection credentials for sql daTAbase hardcoded in webconfig but i need to create a dynamic connection string in which db name will change currenly i have a main .aspx  with a button & on its click event i get the connection string frm webconfig and move on to next page

wht i need is in the main page i need to populate all the db of a particullar server in a dropdown the user will first select the db frm drpdown & click the button & with the db name frm dropdown connection string shld be formed

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Creating A Msgbox Dynamically?

Mar 28, 2011

I have this statement which is used to create my msgbox dynamically but it is not working unfortunately. see statement below this

confirm('Are you sure you want to make this change?');"

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Creating A Dynamically Expanding Div Tag?

Mar 6, 2010

I need to create a dynamically expanding div tag, and I am not too sure how to go about it. Basically, I have a bulleted list control, which will be inserted inside a div tag. The div tag's height is set to about 70px. When more than 5 list items are added to the bulleted list control, I want the div tag's height to expand to show the rest of the items. What I was thinking is when there are more than 5 list items, to have a little linkbutton with the word more, and to click on this button, which will then expand on the div tag.

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Change SqlDataSource Connection String In C# Dynamically

Jun 1, 2010

I have a page in asp.net (web forms) that up until now only had one database for data.

So all the controls that require something from the database use a datasource and the same connection string.

<asp:SqlDataSource id="SqlDataSource1" runat="server"
ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:DefaultConnectionString %>"
SelectCommand="SELECT ... ">

Up until now I only needed one connection string since I had only one database but this has changed since I want some users to connect to database A and others to database B What would be the correct way to go about it?

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Web Forms :: Dynamically Creating Check Box?

Feb 15, 2010

i am creating check box's dynamically and assigning them names like "chk_1" and "chk_2".now if later in my code i want to check if they have been checked how can i do that.if i do something like if chk_1.checked is True then i am getting error that chk_1 is not declared.

i am using VB.net 2.0 i can post my code if needed.

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Creating Menus Dynamically In Web Application?

Sep 2, 2010

Im creating a web application in asp.net visual studio 2008.. in my application, i have manually created a menu control.. since, the menus changes by needs, i wish to load it dynamically from sql table..simple application which loads a menu control dynamically and i can develop mine using those concepts.

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Web Forms :: Creating Subdomain In Asp.net Dynamically?

Feb 3, 2010

i have on website with name theweddingstore.ie now i have done url rewritting for this website but now we want to make "http://www.theweddingstore.ie/prakash" to "http://www.prakash.theweddingstore.ie".I can't start how to make it and i am totally confuse any anyone guide me and i have dedicate server.

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Web Forms :: Creating Textbox Dynamically With Vb

Jul 21, 2010

i m trying to create some sort of dynamic textbox in my web form, i have a textbox where i enter a number and i want to create textbox as much as the number,

i tried to create tables formed by only rows, it worked but the problem is that the textbox are not created in the page, they are created at the buttom, how can i center the textbox created or position them,


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ASP.NET Dynamically Creating & Setting Different ID For The Same Controls?

Aug 26, 2010

is it possible to render the same controls with different ID property ?

<%for (int i = 0; i < 15; i++)
<asp:Label ID='Label<%=i.ToString() %>' runat="server"/>

here is an error: 'Label<%=i.ToString() %>' is not a valid identifier.

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.net - Dynamically Creating Images In C# Web Application?

Nov 25, 2010

I'm fairly new to ASP.NET but I have developed quite a few WinForms apps in C# where I've used the System.Drawing.Bitmap namespace extensively without much issues.

Today, I decided to write some code to dynamically create some PNGs on the fly in my Page_Load event and everything seems to work fine. But I notice this scary looking warning on the microsoft documentaion site. What is up with that ??

I am unaware of any other ways to deal with images in .Net except using System.Drawing.Bitmap ...

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Configuration :: Dynamically Select A Connection String In Web.config?

Jul 15, 2010

I have three connection strings in my web config file one for developement db, test db, and production db.

Currently I have all three defined and using the same name and I comment out the connection out the

inappropriate strings.

So in my code I use the connection string like so:


and in my Web.config I have three conn strings :


Can the connectionstring be selected dynamically through the web.config ?

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AJAX :: Dynamically Creating Accordions At Runtime

Jan 21, 2011

Newbie in using AJAX . Programming in C# and using SQL as a database. Here is my scenario. User selects a project and I want to display the subprojects related to that project. Here is the query I use to retrieve subprojects.

"SELECT SubProjectName,StartDate,Description FROM SubProject WHERE ProjectName'"+ddlProjectName.text+"';

Currently I store the results of the query in a Dataset. I want to get the SubProjectName in the Header of the Accordion and StartDate and Description values to the text box for each accordion. ( This is what I need to do in each accordian for each subproject)

<asp:AccordionPane ID="AccordionPane2" runat="server">
<a href="" onclick="return false;" class="accordionLink">SubProject 1</a>
<table width="100%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td class="td_left" colspan="2">
<asp:Label ID="Label1" runat="server" Text="Start Date"></asp:Label>
<td class="td_left" colspan="2">
<asp:TextBox ID="StartDate" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>
<td class="td_left" colspan="2">
<asp:Label ID="Label2" runat="server" Text="Description"></asp:Label>
<td class="td_left" colspan="2">
<asp:TextBox ID="txtDecription" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>

How can I do this? Some code example would be great on how to creat the accordinas ,text boxes dynamically and fill the values.

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Web Forms :: Creating Imagebutton Dynamically At Runtime?

Aug 5, 2010

I have a requirement whereby one or more image buttons need to be created in a user control at runtime. The number of buttons is determined from a database where a user can add one or more rows that contain an image for each button, so if a user adds 3 images to a table, 3 image buttons are created. Ive used this code but I get an error at runtime

The control collection cannot be modified during DataBind, Init, Load, PreRender or Unload phases.


this is the usercontrol aspx


I basically want one or more buttons to render within the div in the usercontrol. Ive only got the code written for one button at the moment while I test the rendering, eventually they will be rendered in a loop of records taken from a database. Whats the best way to do this ?

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Stop Pdf To Open In Browser When Creating Dynamically

Oct 20, 2010

i create a pdf file dynamically but when it create it open in browser directly , i don't want to open this in browser. but it open in a popup.

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C# - Silverlight - Dynamically Creating Controls Without Any Postbacks?

Sep 27, 2010

Can I dynamically create controls in Silverlight without a postback to the server (even an asynchronous one). Does silverlight drag-n-drop requires postback?

I'm asking this because I've an asp.net application where I dynamically create/delete lots of controls. So after the postback I'm getting error with view state stating that the control tree doesn't match the view state tree.

Can I avoid such problems in Silverlight?

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