Execution Timeout And Memory Limit?

Nov 20, 2010

I am new to IIS7 server I have a ASHX generic handler in ASP.NET, its process some mathematical data depending on the user data (which is hard to predict), mathematical model can use lot of memory and may put IIS server to hold all the other tasks I am trying to limit the memory that ASP .NET process can take and setup timeout limit for the max execution time for this .ASHX process i will be glad if any one can point me to the right direction to resolve this

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Increase The Execution Timeout And File Upload Limit - Error "Couldn't Find Schema Information For The Element Httpruntime"

May 17, 2010

I'm trying to increase the execution timeout and file upload limit on my asp.net website but when i try to add


i get the following errors:

Could not find schema information for the element 'httpruntime'.
Could not find schema information for the element 'executionTimeout'.
Could not find schema information for the element 'maxRequestLength'.

According to this msdn library link this is how I'm supposed to do it,so what am I missing here?

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C# - Setting Private Memory Limit For Application Pool In IIS 7 Increased Page Faults Before Crossing The Limit

Aug 16, 2010

I have set Private Memory limit of 200mb in IIS 7 for an application pool. The Private Working Set memory(Task Manager) for the application is always below 125mb but the number of page faults have increased a lot and application cache is getting cleared frequently after setting the limit.

I haven't set any limit on Virtual Memory.why the cache is getting cleared even when the Private memory used is below the allocated memory?

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State Management :: Can't Increase Execution Timeout

Dec 30, 2010

I have an application that generates some rather large reports. I need the timeout to be greater than the default. I have added this to my web.config

<httpRuntime executionTimeout="360"/>

I made sure that in the advanced settings in iis that the connection time-out is set to 306

and also that the app pool idle time out is 5 minutes. However, when I send a request, my page still times out after two minutes.

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DataSource Controls :: Sql Stored Procedure Execution Timeout?

Jan 1, 2010

I am working with the web application for a Money Chain business group. I have to calculate the full payout for the associate members of the website twice in a month. The problem is, when i am executing a stored procedure which obviously take a long time to process all the associate details and calculate the payout, before i get the result the timeout happens in the server. What can i do to correct this problem?

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C# - Configuring HttpRuntime Execution Timeout For Large Downloads?

Feb 5, 2010

At my place of work, we have an ASP.NET page that uses the following code to perform a file download. We use this rather than Request.TransmitFile() because the file is coming directly from a zip archive.

private void DownloadStream(Stream stream)
int bytesRead;
int chunkSize = 1048576; //1MB
byte[] readBuffer = new byte[chunkSize];
while ( (bytesRead = stream.Read(readBuffer, 0, readBuffer.Length)) > 0)
if (!Response.IsClientConnected)
Response.OutputStream.Write(readBuffer, 0, bytesRead);

I'm trying to determine a reasonable value for the httpRuntime executionTimeout setting. The files being sent range up to 1GB in size, and some of our users have very slow pipes* to the webserver (think 64K lines). We don't want these users to experience connection resets. However, we want to keep a reasonable timeout value for the rest of the site.

Is there a way to define an executionTimeout setting only for this specific page (or even make it unlimited for that page specifically)? What's the recommended approach? I know we'd probably be better off using a totally different method to serve the files (e.g. FTP), but we don't have the freedom to make that choice. All we can do is modify the code for the site.

Also, I do think these downloads should be compressed before sending, but that's another matter.

*Off-topic question: Is "slow pipe" an annoyingly mixed metaphor? I should probably say "small pipe" instead, but that sounds strange to me in this context. Opinions?

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C# - How To Exceed The 60% Memory Limit Of IIS7 In Caching Application

Jun 11, 2010

Pardon if this is more serverfault vs. stackoverflow. It seems to be on the border.

We have an application that caches a large amount of product data for an e-commerce application using ASP.NET caching. This is a dictionary object with 65K elements, and our calculations put the object's size at ~10GB. Problem:

The amount of memory the object consumes seems to be far in excess of our 10GB calculation. BIGGEST CONCERN: We can't seem to use over 60% of the 32GB in the server.

What we've tried so far:

In machine.config/system.web (sf doesn't allow the tags, pardon the formatting):

processModel autoConfig="true" memoryLimit="80"

In web.config/system.web/caching/cache (sf doesn't allow the tags, pardon the formatting):

privateBytesLimit = "20000000000" (and 0, the default of course)
percentagePhysicalMemoryUsedLimit = "90"

Windows 2008R2 x64

Nothing seems to allow us to exceed the 60% value.

See screenshot of taskman.


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Forms Data Controls :: Dealing With Timeout On Long SP Execution?

Sep 23, 2010

I am executing a stored procedure that takes about 75 seconds to execute. My page times out while it tries to wait for the resultset. I tried adding Connect Timeout=200; pooling='true'; Max Pool Size=200" but it still times out.

I guess I do not necessarily need to wait for the result set. Is it possible to just send the SQL command with something like (making it up:) command.ExecuteOnServerAndDoNotWait?

Here is my code:


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Setting The Physical Memory Limit In Iis 7.5 Cause The Garbage Collector To Operate More Aggressively?

Apr 1, 2011

I am currently undertaking load testing of a asp.net 4.0 web application hosted on a 64bit 2008 server (iis 7.5).

The purpose of the load testing it to determine the maximum memory usage by the web application if every page is cached simultaneously.

To evaluate this I set the output cache duration of the pages to 900 seconds then I request each publicly accessible url via xenu link sluth. This effectively request 20,000 or so pages.

To monitor memory usage I am using both Windows performance monitor and Redgate memory profiler 7.0.

I have run the test twice, test 1 with the physical memory limit set to the default 0, and test 2 with the physical memory limit set to 921600 (900mb).

Here is what I have observed,

In both tests the application pool is never recycled.
In test 1, the worker process memory usage grows to 1,300mb. (Above the memory limit of test 2)
In test 2, memory usage grows to 720mb.
In test 2, memory usage grows to 720mb.
In test 1, the unused memory allocated to .Net grows to 700mb
In test 2 it grows to 150mb.

does setting the physical memory limit in iis 7.5 cause the garbage collector to operate more aggressively?

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State Management :: Form Timeout Vs. Session Timeout Vs. Connectionstrings Timeout?

Jan 27, 2011

We have the timeout value set to 120 in our <form> tag within the web.config. We do not have a session timeout set.. and we have various connection strings.

We are having a problem where a session variable will disappear (become NULL) .. but, the form evidently remains 'open'.. or no re-login is required..... so, my question(s):

1. what is the relationship between form timeout and session timeout

2. how do I set session timeout

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Error Occurring When Using Wcf To Run Query - Memory Gates Checking Failed Because Of The Free Memory

May 21, 2010

I am building an asp.net application, using II6 on windows server 2003 (vps hosting).

I am confronted with an error I didn't receive on my development machine (windows 7, iis 7.5, 64 bit).

When my wcf service tries launching my query running against a local sql server this is the error I receive:

Memory gates checking failed because the free memory (43732992 bytes) is less than 5% of total memory. As a result, the service will not be available for incoming requests. To resolve this, either reduce the load on the machine or adjust the value of minFreeMemoryPercentageToActivateService on the serviceHostingEnvironment config element.

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Error: Attempted To Read Or Write Protected Memory. This Is Often An Indication That Other Memory Is Corrupt?

Oct 11, 2010

I have both VS 2005 and 2008 installed on my machine. 2005 is fine. For 2008, literally any asp.net project I try to create gets this eror. I try stepping into the code, and the error occurs apparently before anything that I can trap is loaded. There is no information written to the event log. I have tried this with a "Hello World" webpage with nothing else going on. Seems unique to my Windows Server 2003 machine.

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Attempted To Read Or Write Protected Memory. This Is Often An Indication That Other Memory Is Corrupt

Jul 30, 2010

I am getting a weird error in asp.net while using leadtools imaging api. Here's the stack trace.

System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
at SetThreadData(_THREADDATA* )
at Leadtools.Codecs.CodecsOptions.Use()
at Leadtools.Codecs.RasterCodecs.DoSave(SaveParams saveParams)
at Leadtools.Codecs.RasterCodecs.Save(RasterImage image, Stream stream, RasterImageFormat format, Int32 bitsPerPixel)........

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Attempted To Read Or Write Protected Memory. This Is Often An Indication That Other Memory?

Jan 26, 2011

I am maintaining C# .NET code written by somebody else, I get following exception few times,Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corruptThe code structure where I get the above exception is somethign like this,- it is using ref variables in following sequence,Variable-1 and variable-2 are local variables in App1, - App1: func1() which passes these variables reference to func2(), - App1: func2() passes same variables reference via .net remoting to another application (App2).-App2: does the same passes same received reference to another call 2 times.- The execption is occured while returning from App2.

(App1:func1(ref Var1, ref Var2) --> App1:func2(ref Var1, ref Var2) <---App1 .net remoting to App2--> App2:func3(ref Var1, ref Var2)--> App2:func4(ref Var1, ref Var2)-->variables getting updated and function returned to original caller)

My doubts are ,1. Is passing reference variables in such chain is correct? will it cause such exeption? Does .net support ref variable call directly?

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DataSource Controls :: SQL Statement Timeout / System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Timeout Expired?

Jan 20, 2010

Hopefully I am posting this in the correct forum.

I am having a problem with my ASP.Net Web application. The application is developed using vb.net and is linked to a SQL Server database. Let me explain how the application works and the problem I am experiencing. The system is an online web app which allows registered users to create a CV online. One of the pages within the app gives users the chance to add a cover note to their CV. The page that allows them to do this consists of only a textarea control and a button control. The textarea allows users to input up to 4,000 characters.

Once the user clicks the 'Save' button to save their cover note info, the following code then executes.This code checks to see if the CV already has cover note info, if it does, then the application runs an update statement, otherwise, it runs an insert statement.The table within the database which records the cover note information is called tbl_covernote and has three columns, covernote_id (int and autoincrement), cv_id(int), covernote_text (nvarchar(max)).

The error which occurs sometimes is as follows:

Dim dr As SqlDataReader
Dim param(0) As SqlParameter
Finally [code]...

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DataSource Controls :: Memory Leak - Server Will Crash - Log A Ton Of SQL Errors Stating That It Is "out Of Memory"

Jul 27, 2010

I have a memory leak somewhere that I cant find. Every few days my server will crash, and just before that I log a ton of SQL errors stating that it is "out of memory".

I cant find it anywhere, all of my connections are being disposed like so:

Then I call the connection from my pages like so:[Code]....

That is all pretty straight forward. The connection is disposed because it is implementing the USING clause. I am opening the connection in my connection manager class, and not where it is being utilized?Or, could the problem be in the below method I am using to populate a SqlDataReader:[Code]....

Now, at first it appears as though this could be the problem because the Connection isn't part of a USING clause, however doesn't the 'Data.CommandBehavior.CloseConnection' pretty much do the same thing. This makes sure that the connection is closed when the reader is closed, right? Here is how I call that above reader from my login page code behind:[Code]....

So the DataReader will get closed even without the .Close() because it is in the USING, and the connection should get closed because I specified it in the ExecuteReader paramters right?

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ANTS Memory Profiler - Which Memory Should Be Looking At?

Aug 24, 2010

I have a memory issue on my websites and am trying to get to the bottom of it. I have downloaded the 14 day trial of ANTS Memory Profiler and have been playing with it to get a grip of what it's telling me. In the memory options on the timeline, I can see Bytes in All Heaps and Private Bytes etc but I am not sure which ones I should be focusing on to see where the memory spikes and doesn't go back down.I am profiling a ASP.NET website using ASP.NET 2.0.

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AJAX Timeout Although Request Is Completing Long Before Timeout Duration

Feb 15, 2010

I have an ASP.Net application that makes an AJAX request to retrieve at report. The report can run for a long time so I set the asyncpostbacktimeout in <asp:ScriptManager /> to 600. However, when I try to run the report, if it runs for longer than 90 seconds it fails to come back. I can see in the IIS logs that the POST request succeeded with a 200 status and I can see the time taken is much less than 600.

The web page dutifully waits for the entire 600 seconds before returning with a timeout error:



The server request timed out.

Is there any setting I should be checking in IIS? Connection timeout is 900 seconds.

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Differences In Forms Auth Timeout And Session Timeout?

Feb 1, 2010

The session state timeout is set using this web.config element

<sessionState mode="InProc" cookieless="false" timeout="120" />
The forms auth is configured using this web.config element
<authentication mode="Forms">
<forms loginUrl="Login.aspx"
enableCrossAppRedirects="false" />

What is the difference between the timeouts specified in each of these elements? If both are different, how would it work?

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Javascript - Sync JS Timeout And Session Timeout?

Jul 29, 2010

I have a page of each every click has ajax call to my server (hence, the ASP extends the session)

I have ASP.NET session set to Xmin. I want when X+1 min expires, I have expiration page. what I did was to set the JS timer to validate every x+1min to see if the session expired (the problem is that the JS and the ASP session timeouts are not synced)

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Configuration :: Forms Timeout Vs Sessionstate Timeout?

Mar 10, 2011


I have an issue to where my users are logged into my system but thier session is null so when they try to do something in the system after 20 minutes, i get null reference expceptions because my session is gon
What is the best practice for handleing the session, should i kick the users out before thier session ends and when they log back in thier session will return or atleast a new one will be created right? How should I handle this?

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State Management :: How To Control Session Timeout / Get Or Set Session Timeout Dynamic

Mar 9, 2011

I wanna write a method to get or set session timeout at run time.

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Web Services - Does The Server Timeout Setting Affect The Client Timeout Setting

Oct 15, 2010

I'm working with ASP.Net web services and am having a problem with a long-running process that takes about 5 minutes to complete, and it's timing out. To fix this, I was able to set the executionTimeout on the server's web.config to 10 minutes, and then set the .Timeout property on the Web Service object to approximately 9 minutes. Now, I'm worried that this may possibly cause some other web service calls to sit there for 10 minutes before they time out rather than the previous 90-100 seconds. I know the default on the client side is 100 seconds, but wasn't sure if updating the server's timeout setting would affect this.

Bottom line is - Is it safe to update the server's timeout setting to a long amount like 10 minutes, and rely on the default timeout on the client, or could this end up causing some problems?

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How To Trace Code Execution In C#

Jan 28, 2010

how can I trace code execution of my C# application? Are there any tools available. I have an issue in my production site.

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.Net Execution Order For Different Pages

Dec 6, 2010

MSDN got a page showing in which order ASP.Net global.asax methods are invoked. I can't seem to find it, anyone got a linkAre there a similar page, but for ASP.Net MVC (including in which order all controller methods are invoked like OnActionExecuting, OnAuthorization etc)?

ASP.Net app life cycle: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb470252.aspx

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