Handling HTML Server Control Events / How To Wire Up HTML Server Controls Events

Oct 16, 2010

How to wire up HTML server controls events?

I added a Input (Text) control in my web form and turned it into an HTML server control so its an instance of HtmlInputText class.

If I double click on the control It only adds a OnClick event handler method inside the script tags in the HTML doc of the web form but how to I get to handle its Serverchange event exactly? does VS.net 2008 has no ability to auto wire up the event to the control, do I have to manually wire up the event handler?

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How To Wire Up Javascript Event Handlers To Events Happening On The Server-side

Jun 30, 2010

I was wondering if anyone had an easy way to wire up javascript event handlers to events happening on the server-side. I have a long running process that includes a lot of steps, and would like the client to be continually updated with new information as the steps transition. Will this involve some sort of polling mechanism?

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Custom Server Controls :: Handling Events In Dynamic Usercontrol?

May 27, 2010

I created a customDropdown usercontrol with Events and It worked fine.

Now I stored the path of the ascx file in the database table and i want to Load the ascx file and handle the Events dynamically in an aspx page.

To Load the usercontrol and access the public properties and method, I need to know the object i am trying to load, right?

For Example

FeaturedDDL c = (FeaturedDDL)Page.LoadControl("~/FeaturedDDL.ascx").

But I dont want to hardcode objectType "FeaturedDDL", coz i dont have that stored in my Database field.

Since I am loading the usercontrol by getting the path and name of the usercontrol from the database table,how will I know the ObjectType at that time?

How to accomplish that and also how to handle the events for these type of situation?

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Web Forms :: Render User Control With Events In Html?

Nov 3, 2010

Render User Control with Events in html

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Web Forms :: Event Handling With HTML And Server Control

Apr 3, 2010

one is anchor tag and other asp linkbutton tag

we want to call user defined function on onclick of anchor tag and as well as linkbutton

is it possible?

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Forms Data Controls :: Handling Events From A User Control Inside A GridView?

Jun 4, 2010

I have a user control called ucTriStateButton. It raises an event when it is clicked, called TriStateButtonClicked. If I put this user control on a page, it works fine. Here is the declaration on the .aspx page:


When the button is clicked the method tsbTest_TriStateButtonClicked executes correctly.

The problem is when I put the user control in template field of a GridView.


There is no way to hook the event handler to the control in Page_Load because I cannot get a reference to tsbMorning. So I did it in the RowDataBound event handler of the GridView, where I also do a bunch of other row-specific stuff. Although this builds and runs, the event is never actually subscribed to and so never gets fired.

So the question is - how can I handle an event from many instances of the same user control within a GridView? I am calling the same bit of code regardless of which user control is actually clicked. I only need to know that one was clicked.

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MVC Pattern Clarification - Doesn't Support Server Side Events But Supports Client Side Events

Apr 6, 2010

Just I started learning MVC pattern, of course i am learning it from Microsoft's website.Just i want to gather quiz information from the experts. My understanding is (correct me then and there)

1 ) MVC does not support server side events, but supports client side events. If it supports client side events, I need html page with jQuery/Javascript (view), but most of the example I absorbed is to display the information(model) in view, I did not see any client side event handling happens in view.

2) Except ViewState and controlState, MVC supports Sessions, Application State management, Cache management.

3) When request goes to MVC engine, the routing module routes the request that is picked up by the controller. The controller in executes the appropriate action and returns the appropriate view.

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Custom Server Controls :: Show Control Event In VS Menu Events?

Jul 22, 2010

am creating a custom server control and there are textbox and button.

I want to add event button to let user execute his/her own code.

I mean my event must show in Events menu at VS (like Property)...

the following image show :

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Web Forms :: How To Fire Events To Controls In The Dyamically Added Html In The Page

Sep 24, 2010

I have created login page dynamically by using texteditor. Which includes 2 texboxes and 1 Submit button.

Im saving this html in database and loading this html in the login page. Means adding this html to DIV tag innerHtml. My question is how to findout these controls in the code behind page and how fire submit button click event. Or any other alternative to do this?

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Custom Server Controls :: Events Of Controls Of A User Control?

Dec 11, 2010

I have a user control with a textbox and a gridview. When data is entered into textbox it has to get data from the database and populate in the gridview. The grid view has add,edit and delete events.The user control is loaded dynamically multiple times on to the page.My issue is when i have 2 or more user controls and if textbox of usercontrol1 is changed, it reloads both the controls and fires the postback event of textbox twice each for the user control, where as it has to execute only once. due to which the data modifications in the grid are lost as it pulls back the data once again from the database.

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Web Forms :: Page Events Vs Custom Server Control?

Aug 1, 2010

I have custom server control contains templatefield when an out button clicked the field disappear , when can I rebind the control (inside its class) supposed that Control.Page.OnInit+=new EventHandler(rebind()) doesn't do any things ?

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Web Forms :: How To Access The HTML Control Values In Form Object, If Runat="server", Is Not Present In The HTML Controls

Mar 29, 2011

How to access the HTML control values in form object, if runat="server", is not present in the HTML controls.

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Web Forms :: Finding Methods And Events For Custom Server Control?

Aug 10, 2010

I am new to server controls. wanted to know what are the methods and events that has to be written or thought about. which is apartt from the ones inherited from composite controls.

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Web Forms :: Treeview Web Server Control Client Side Events?

Sep 2, 2010

I'm using Treeview control with asp.net 2.0. I would like to know how to get the client side events working. I don't want a post back for every little thing i do with the Treeview. Particularly i want to catch the node click event on the client side using java script, i want to enable/disable buttons based on the selected node. Is this possible? i tried some examples available on net but doesn't seem to be working.

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Web Forms :: Basic Differences Between Html Server Controls And Web Server Control

Feb 4, 2011

I want to know: what are the basic differences between html server controls and web server control. As I have gone though lots of surfing but couldn't find the exact answer.

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Web Forms :: Looking For Rft Server Control not HTML Based Server Controls To Display And Store Text As Well As Images?

Feb 14, 2011

I need rft server control not HTML based server controls to display and store text as well as images, from which i can get rtf text and can save it as it is in DB.

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C# - Handling Events Triggered From Controls Programmatically Added To The Page?

Sep 7, 2010

I am programatically adding a control to an aspx page and binding a server side event to an index changed event inside the control. (It's a RadListBox from Telerik's ASP.NET controls) The problem is that on the postback triggered from the control, the event doesn't hit its eventhandler because on the postback the control isn't defined. Is there a way to handle this without having to retrace the logic taken before and rebuild the controls so the events that stem from it are processed?

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Events Relative To Page Events

Apr 9, 2010

I've googled a bit for the exact order of all gridview events relative to and where inbetween page events. The only Microsoft article: [URL] is not very clear. I'm especially interested in the gridview row_command event relative to page events.

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Add Events To Nested Server Controls?

May 18, 2010

I am building a custom master page type control i.e. sort of like a datagrid but should be easier to add custom functionality into it. It's going great but part of the desired functionality is to have a paging control that switches on and off and part of that control would be a textbox that displays the current page number and on TextChanged redirects to the new page of the dataset. The problem I'm having is that technically the textbox which has its event fired is embedded in a control that is embedded in the control you actually put on the page sort of like

Display Control
Paging Control

Buried all the way down there the event is not firing. Worse the postback javascript isn't even being written onto the page (Nothing on the page posts back so far this is the only bit that really needs to). I've been trawling around Google for quite a while now and picked up that I need to implement INamingContainer (done) and I need to add the control into the page's control tree (is Pre_Init too late for that?

When's a good time to Add the Control to the page?) then the event should fire, apparently. But I've been unable to find an example of best practice on this there are quite a few near misses where people are having button angst but this isn't a button. So can anyone point me in the direction of getting a control embedded in a control embedded in a control added to a page to behave properly?

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Custom Server Controls :: Server Control Inside Html Control?

Jan 21, 2011

i'm extending gridview.

i've overried render method, in which i created a html table and added a html row for each data row.


now i want to add link button after table with on click event fired after i clicked it.i've tested following code but it did'nt worked:

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Web Forms :: Events With 2 Controls - Can Give A Priority At The Events

Oct 19, 2010

I have a page with 2 Controls, a ListBox and a DropDownList.

In the DropDownList you can select a PLACE.

In the ListBox you can see all DOCUMENTS for the selected PLACE.

If you select a DOCUMENT, the program does a redirect on the selected DOCUMENT.

So, there are an AutoPostBack and an Event (if you select another Item) on both Controls.

The problem is: If I select a PLACE, then I select a DOCUMENT (the pdf document is opened), and then I go back on the page and I want to select another PLACE, the program doesn't select another PLACE, but opens the old DOCUMENT, because there are 2 Events, one to change the PLACE and one to open the DOCUMENTS.

Can I give a priority at the Events?

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AJAX :: Calling Server Side Events For A User Control Loaded In Update Panel - Refresh Page

May 23, 2010

I need to update datalist in image gallery when fileupload has been completed.

<div style="display: block;">
<div style="padding-left: 15px; padding-right: 15px;">
<uc1:ctrlFileUpload ID="ctrlFileUpload1" runat="server" />
<uc2:ctrlImageGallery ID="ctrlImageGallery1" runat="server" />

In the Control File Upload I need to fire the the other ctrl to refresh the page.

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanelUploadArea" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional">
<asp:FileUpload ID="FileUpload1" runat="server" />
<br />
<asp:Button ID="UploadButton" runat="server" Text="Upload Now" OnClick="UploadButton_Click" />
<asp:Label ID="lblResult" runat="server" ForeColor="#0066FF"></asp:Label>
<br />
<asp:PostBackTrigger ControlID="UploadButton" />

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Handling Multiple Events Appearing In Same Time?

Apr 19, 2010

What will happen if multiple events appear in same time ? Which will be first executed ?? Is there any some kind of "events order" ?

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Web Forms :: Dynamic Usercontrols Not Handling Events

Mar 16, 2010

I have the usual problem of dynamically created usercontrols not hitting the event handler for a linkbutton inside the control, but I've checked the usual problems and I can't work out what's wrong. I'm calling a function to create the controls at the bottom of my page.load (although I did try page.init as well just in case) outside of my page.ispostback check, and I'm setting the controls id's to a fixed name which is consistent across postbacks. Any ideas what's wrong?


Usercontrol code:

<asp:LinkButton runat="server" ID="lnkDeleteGroup" Text="Delete this group" />


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Events - Get Cell Contents In GridView While Handling OnRowEditing?

Nov 19, 2010

I have a GridView with a BoundField column and quite a few item templates like the following:

<asp:GridView ID="gvUsers" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" OnRowCommand="gvUsers_RowCommand"
OnRowDataBound="gvUsers_RowDataBound" DataKeyNames="UserId" OnRowEditing="gvUsers_OnRowEditing"
OnRowUpdating="gvUsers_OnRowUpdating" OnRowUpdated="gvUsers_OnRowUpdated"
DataSourceID="DataSource1" Width="807px" Height="105px"


While handling the Edit link button I need to use the value in the BoundField, UserName. Unfortunately during the OnRowEditing handler, all strings are empty "". This is also true in the ensuing OnRowDataBound handler for the row in question where e.Row.RowState == DataControlRowState.Edit. Is there a way to obtain this value after the user clicks on the Edit link, and commences the OnRowEditing event?

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