How To Edit Original Source Code

Feb 21, 2010

The things I need to change are in my default.aspx file. First, at the bottom of my pages it has the name of the company that created the site for us. I want that taken off our site. I know it is a matter of going into the default.aspx file and removing the wording, but I cannot figure out how to go into it and change it.

Also in our default.aspx file, on line 167 and 168 there is a reference to the slideshow that is on our front page. There is a string missing that should point to our last two images, but again, I am unable to get into the default.aspx to edit it.

Evidently when our site was created, the developers used the precompilation tool so now I am unable to edit any of the files when I try to upload them into visual studio. Whenever I try to uplaod them I get the error "This is a marker file generated by the precompilation tool, and should not be deleted!"

I do have all of the original source files for the site, but as you know there are alot of them and I am not sure where to find the original default.aspx file or even what it would be named so I can make the changes to it. Also, once the changes are made will I have to precompile the entire site again, or can I just do the default.aspx and uplaod it to the server?

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WebService Debug Synchronization - Breakpoints Give Message "source Code Is Different From Original Version"

Oct 26, 2010

I'm fairly new to web service development, and I am really confused about how ASP.Net Development Server synchronizes with code during debug mode. When I make changes to my service, I cannot figure out how to propigate those changes so that my client can "see" them (I've been able to synchronize through a stumbling series of publishing the service, viewing the service in browser, etc... but I have a feeling there's a more reliable system than my random ritual). Here are the symptoms I'm seeing: After I've made a change to the code behind my service (Service1.svc.cs), started the application through the debugger and attached the debugger to the WebDev.WebServer.exe process as well, my latest changes are not executed, and my breakpoints are not hit (they have the message that "The source code is different from the original version." What really baffles me, though, is that when the ASP.Net Development Server notification pops up in my system tray, its physical path points to my project folder, so I don't understand how it could be looking at anything but my current code files.

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Forms Data Controls :: Get Source Code / Tutorial In Vb - Create Inline Edit

Mar 22, 2011

does anyone know where I can get source code or tutorial in vb on how to create inline edit a gridview I need it for an admin panel Im creating

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Forms Data Controls :: Clicking Edit Changes GridView Back To Original Query?

May 28, 2010

I have a gridview that I have bound to a sqldatasource. However I have the gridview changing data shown per a drop down list and textbox so I can choose how I am searching.

My code includes changing the select command of the data source and rebinding the gridview.

My issue is that if I implement the edit button and click edit the grid view seems to resort back to the original select command that was entered when I created the datasource.

Is there any way to get the gridview to do what I want it to?

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Visual Studio :: Source Code To Display On One Line Instead Of Multiple In Source View?

Nov 1, 2010

how to make my source code to display on one line instead of multiple in source view. The display drives me batty when I'm trying to find something and I would prefer to display across the page instead of multiple lines down the page.

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Open Source Lead Management System With Source Code?

Sep 6, 2010 open source Lead management system with source code.

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AJAX :: No Source Available On Masked Edit Extender?

Mar 20, 2011

I'm using the masked edit extender in one listview control for inserting new records. When the new record is inserted, two other listview controls are displayedeach showing one record from the table it's reading from. I'm using the masked edit extender in both of these listview controls. When I try to edit the record in the first listview, there is no problem. When I try to edit the record in the second Listview, I get a no source available error. In the error info, a path is displayed that I'm not familiar with. This path does not exist on my machine, it must be built into the control:

Source File Information:

Locating source for 'd:hgactServerAjaxControlToolkitMaskedEditMaskedEditExtender.cs'. Checksum: MD5 {a1 a5 bc 1f 6e 6a 26 fe 52 f6 f6 3c 17 b2 2d 4e}
The file 'd:hgactServerAjaxControlToolkitMaskedEditMaskedEditExtender.cs' does not exist.
Looking in script documents for 'd:hgactServerAjaxControlToolkitMaskedEditMaskedEditExtender.cs'...
Looking in the projects for 'd:hgactServerAjaxControlToolkitMaskedEditMaskedEditExtender.cs'.
The file was not found in a project.
Looking in directory 'C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0VCcrtsrc'...
Looking in directory 'C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0VCatlmfcsrcmfc'...
Looking in directory 'C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0VCatlmfcsrcatl'...
Looking in directory 'C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0VCatlmfcinclude'...
Looking in directory 'C:'...
The debug source files settings for the active solution indicate that the debugger will not ask the user to find the file: d:hgactServerAjaxControlToolkitMaskedEditMaskedEditExtender.cs.
The debugger could not locate the source file 'd:hgactServerAjaxControlToolkitMaskedEditMaskedEditExtender.cs'.

The two listview controls are not a master/detail view, just two records that related information.

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Web Forms :: Call A Code Behind Function Form Html Source Code?

Mar 3, 2010

I want to call a function present in code behind from front page (html : source code)

i want to use like this:

Source code

<a href='<%# linkAlpha("B").ToString()) %>' title="B" id="B_List" runat = "server">B</a>

Code Behind

protected string linkAlpha(string value)
// /market-research/<%#Eval("customname")%>/
string str = "";
if (Request.Url.DnsSafeHost == "localhost")
{ // /market-reports/<%# Eval("customname")%>/
str = "Alpha_Category.aspx?q=" + value.ToString().Trim();
// Response.Redirect("Alpha_Category.aspx?q=" + value.ToString().Trim());
// str = "/market-reports/" + value.ToString().Trim() + "/";
str = "/Alpha_Category.aspx?q=" + value.ToString().Trim();
return str;

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Web Forms :: How To View Edit Save Source Of A Page

Dec 17, 2010

i m trying to a Front End which will allow me View Html Souce of a particular aspx page where i can edit it and save it alsoright now i m doing this [IMG][/IMG]now i suppose i add some paragraph text to it and now i want to save this particular aspx page with the same name and at same place

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Accessing An .apsx Page Source Code From Code Behind

Nov 11, 2010

Here is what im trying to do I want to, from my c# code-behind, get the code between 2 <asp:Content> tags that are located in one of my .apsx pages.

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Web Forms :: Edit Textbox In Gridview Using A DataTable As Its Data Source

Apr 26, 2010

I have a Gridview that is using a DataTable as its data source. I want the user to be able to edit the quantity column in the grid.

I have a TemplateField with a LinkButton2 for my Edit command. I have a TemplateField for my "Quantity" column that has Label for the <ItemTemplate> and a textbox for the <EditItemTemplate>

How do I get the grid to switch from the <ItemTemplate> to the <EditItemTemplate> when the user clicks on the Edit Hyperlink.

The Code:


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Is Is Possible To Force Grid View Edit Mode Without Using Object Data Source

Aug 27, 2010

Is is possible to force Grid view edit mode without using object data source, I set EditIndex, but the Edit template is never shown till I change the binding to ObjectDataSource

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C# - Web Service Design - Error Code (store In Source Code Or Store In Database?

Jan 19, 2011

Web service error response (code/message etc) would you store it in a database? or would you keep the error response in a method.By the time I'm done with this, there will be hundreds of error response, maybe in the future, thousands? (I dont know yet, depends how large this web service grows).EDIT: error response is the response returned back to the application via the web service, (not to be confused with error logging).

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Looking For ERP In .net With Source Code.

Jan 11, 2011

any ERP in with source code.i need to customize it .

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Looking For Source Code For The ScriptManager?

Feb 27, 2010

I know I can load the symbols for the class but i can't get it to work. I tried everything so i give up.

I only need the code for this class. It's because i am using a custom script manager and i must know how the .net one works.

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MVC :: Add Source Code To Solution

Jan 12, 2010

Out of all the projects that contribute to MVC, I've added only the System.Web.Mvc project to my solution and I'm having trouble with the compilation of the aspx files. Firstly the page compiler complained that ViewResult<T> (which my View inherits from) was specified in two assemblies - the copy in the source code and the one in the GAC. I fixed this by changing my copy of the source code to a higher version and referencing the different verison within the 'compilation' tag in web.config. (In fact you can just delete the assembley reference altogether and it automatically uses the one in the solution.) Then it complained that Html helper methods couldn't find classes such as 'Controller'. Now I think this is because the official MVC assemblies in the GAC are looking for the correct version of 'System.Web.Mvc' (i.e. the one with the right public key) but my app is no longer referencing it.

I thought I'd fixed this with an assembley redirect to my version of the code but now the View templates are complaining about inheriting from classes that are in an assembley with the wrong public key.So is what I'm doing possible or do I need to be recompiling all of the MVC source code?

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Data Controls :: Insert Update Edit Delete Record In GridView Using Sql Data Source

May 7, 2015

insert update delete in gridview using sqldatasource in

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How To Install Web Application Without The Source Code

Aug 19, 2010

i have a website i wont to sell how i can protected it and install it without the source code is that possible

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Configuration :: How To Cenvert .dll To Source Code

Feb 22, 2011

We have some problem in develepment server so we didnt recover the our project source code ( 1.x with C#). now i have downloaded the files from the production server but the production server doesnt have the C# source code. its contain only the .dll file (singe dll file for all the aspx.cs and .cs classes) and design files. we need to update some functionalities in my project,so can i get .aspx.cs and .cs clasess from the project .dll? or how can i modify the clacess without source(.cs,.aspx.cs)?

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Configuration :: How To Secure The Source Code

Sep 22, 2010

If I deploy my ASP.NET project to a shared server web hosting, then is there a way to secure my source files so that the provider will not be able to access the source?. For example, the provider of my web hosting may download my files and then he will be able to get access to all my source.

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MVC :: Shopping Cart Source Code?

Feb 28, 2011

I'm looking for a free shopping cart source code to start creating customized chart.MSC Musicstore sample code is too simple. NOPCommerce requires adding link into it in every page.Where so find such source code ?

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Configuration :: Compiling Source Code?

Jan 31, 2011

How is this achieved so that my source code is protected as put on a server other people have access to?

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To Get List Of .net Projects With Source Code?

Feb 25, 2010

I want a list of projects as well as .NET projects with source code. for Acadamic Level......

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Source Code Quality Management?

Mar 1, 2010

In the Java world for instance, there are some very sophisticated tools to manage the quality of the source code, and that cover more than one dimension, such as :

Coding Rules
Unit testing
Code coverage

These tools are very useful to manage the technical debt. They connect to a repository of source code and scan it. They can be triggered automatically just by the fact of committing the source code.We have a large number of ASP.NET applications to maintain and evolve, and have continuous flow of demands for new ones to be created. We know that we have a technical debt, but we are facing some challenges of identifying it and having it under control.

there are some tools to manage the source code quality in ASP.NET applications like those mentioned above.

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Membership/SQLMembershipProvider Source Code

Jul 3, 2010

In the SQLMembershipProvider source for ASP.NET membership, there is a custom exception, MembershipPasswordException.

The definition of it is not part of the source, but when I do a goto definition on it, it opens the definition, which indicates: [from metatdata] and the file it came from is a dll, system.web.dll from a temporary directory.How did that get there or was it part of the msi install that the toolkit provider came with?

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