How To Get Return Value Of JQuery Confirmation Dialog From Server Side Code

Nov 15, 2015

I have JQuery confirmation dialog function that called by server side code (C#)how to get its return value of that function? in this case the return value would be either Yes or No.I called it in button clicked event as below:

protected void btn1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
string message = "Message from server side, please select yes or no";
ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(this.GetType(), "Popup", "ShowConfirmation('" + message + "');", true);

my question is how to get JQuery return value, in this case the return value would be Yes or No?

=== JQuery Confirmation Dialog ==
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<link href=""


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Is it available to open jquery Dialog Server Side From Behind Code in give me an example or a link for more information.

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Using Server Side Validators With Modal Dialog (jquery)?

Dec 2, 2010

Is there a straightforward way to use server-side validation with ASP.NET's validation controls in a form that's displayed in a modal dialog? I am using jQuery and SimpleModal (in C#, VS2010, .NET 4.0)I've got a modal form which works fine. I need to use a server-side validation because the logic depends on data specific to the record being accessedMy solution for the project I'm working on now is to use a jQuery ajax call to pass all the form data to the server and get back the validation results before allowing the post to proceed. But this is relatively time consuming to implement, and in some situations I'm dealing with now all the validation code exists already.

The first challenge is that of course the modal dialog will close on a full postback. So you could put an UpdatePanel inside the dialog... without even thinking about this too much, though, I assumed that it wouldn't work out that well. It doesn't. And the form which opens the modal dialog to begin with is already in an UpdatePanel, which further confuses matters.Anyway, I tried putting the contents of the modal form in an UpdatePanel for the heck of it. It does actually do a partial postback, the dialog remains open, but the contents of the dialog do not get updated with anything I change server side. If I close and re-open the dialog on the same page after testing the validation code, though, its contents are in fact updated to reflect these changes. Obviously the way the dialog is rendered is confusing ASP.NET. Or vice-versa. But this just seems sketchy from the get-go.

Rather than trying to hack my way through this problem I was hoping that others had some suggestions about a better way to approach this. Or just tell me I'm trying to hard too mix apples and oranges and I should keep it all client side (or client side + jQuery ajax) if that is the only sensible thing to do.

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Web Forms :: Add Client - Side Javascript Confirmation Dialog To Form With .net Validation Controls?

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Is there any way to add a confirmation dialog to a submit button when the form already has other validation controls and a summary control using "showmessagebox=true"? I tried adding

OnClientClick="return confirm('Are you sure?');" to the submit button, but that seems to block all of the other validation?

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Jquery Dialog Calls A Server Side Method With Button Parameters?

May 27, 2010

I have a gridview control with delete asp:ImageButton for each row of the grid. What I would like is for a jquery dialog to pop up when a user clicks the delete button to ask if they are sure they want to delete it.
So far I have the dialog coming up just fine, Ive got buttons on that dialog and I can make the buttons call server side methods but its getting the dialog to know the ID of the row that the user has selected and then passing that to the server side code. The button in the page row is currently just an 'a' tag with the id 'dialog_link'. The jquery on the page looks like this:

$("#DeleteButton").click(function () {


The dialog itself is just a set of 'div' tags. Ive thought of lots of different ways of doing this (parameter passing, session variable etc...) but cant figure out how to get any of them working.Any ideas are most welcome

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Javascript - Trying To Use The Jquery UI Dialog Confirmation On Delete Button

Jan 29, 2011

I'm loading a jqGrid on my page. The grid has a Delete button for each row. I'm trying to use the jquery UI dialog confirmation on my Delete button.

Here's my javascript code:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
url: '/MyController/MyFunction/',
datatype: 'json',
mtype: 'POST',


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JQuery UI Modal Confirmation Dialog At C# / How To Prevent Trigger OnClick Event

Jan 20, 2010

I am trying to use confirmation dialog from jQuery UI.

I ran into this problem: how to trigger correctly the dialog and at the same time prevent trigger OnClick event specified at button until user click on Yes or No buttons at dialog?

In the example below are two ways how to popup confirmation. Lower one works well. It's a classic JavaScript confirm dialog. When I try to use the jQuery UI dialog, it displays a dialog but allows it to run the event assigned at OnClick (here by using Command, but I suppose there is no difference. Hope I am not wrong.). The piece is taken from the ASP.NET Repeater control btw.


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Web Forms :: Javascript Confirmation Box And Return The Value To Use In The Backend Code

Apr 21, 2010

How can i create a javascript confirmation box and return the value to use in the backend code?

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How To Return A Rendered Panel Control Content From Server-side As A Result Of JQuery.ajax()

Jun 22, 2010

At first, I should confess that I am not sure if it is a good practice or not. I have came out with the idea due to my practice of jQuery.ajax().

What I want to achieve is depended on this design:

//Server Side; an .asmx file contains a method like this:
public string NewContent(string parameter)
string renderedHTML = string.Empty();
case ("person"):
// create an panel with
// some controls in it that has form elements to enter person data
// render control and assign its html to renderedHTML
case ("department"):
// create an panel with
// some controls in it that has form elements to enter department data
// render control and assign its html to renderedHTML

And from the client I want to do this:

// Some html in the page
<script type="text/JavaScript">'ajax/myWebServices.asmx/NewContent'
function(returnedPanelContent) {

Question is:

How can I make it work? Briefly to have a webservice method that returns different Panel control content created programmatically so that I can get this control rendered as HTML in my client-side and insert it to my web page?

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Jquery - How To Return Json Causes Save File Dialog In Mvc

May 26, 2010

I'm integrating jquery fullcalendar into my application.
Here is the code i'm using:

in index.aspx:


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JQuery :: Calling ColorBox From Server-side Code?

Feb 10, 2011

I am trying to launch colorBox from the code behind. The reason for this is because I need to open another .aspx page displayed in colorBox.

If i was to hard code this an example would be:


The example5 is referring to:


The above works but I want to be able to achieve the same functionality from code behind when the user click HyperLink1.

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Alert - Confirmation Box From Server Side?

Feb 25, 2011

I want to show the confirmation box in from server side:I want to call it from server side because I have to take the customer message from server side. I am using the below code

string str = "Are you sure, you want to Approve this Record?";
ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(typeof(Page), "Popup", "return confirm('" + str + "');",true);
// More code ....

Now it is showing the popup and irrespective of what I click, whether "ok" or "Cancel", my code is executing. let me know how can I restrict code to be executed when user select "cancel" in the confirmation box.

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Design - Show A Dojo (or Jquery) Popup Via Server Side Code?

Dec 31, 2010

i want to create an Asp.Net application (not mvc) that seems desktop like. I know that i can use a javascript framework like jquery or, better, Dojo.

But i don't know how to approach for doing this !!!

For example: how to populate a dojo grid via server side code that retrive database data ?

Or: how to show a dojo (or jquery) popup via server side code ?

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Jquery - Click On Table Row To Fire Both JavaScript And C# Server Side Code

Feb 16, 2011

I have a pop-up div contains a table.

I need to make table rows clickable and can be catched by both js and .net server side .

how can I use Request.form to solve this issue? since I've created functions for js part .

The reason why I want to fire sever side event, because I use JS to add option (item) to an asp:ddl in an updatepanel, it will cause error or lose the new option by doing a postback fired by other buttons.

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Web Forms :: Display Confirmation Message From Server Side

Mar 11, 2010

On a check box check changed I want to test some conditions and based on that I want to display a confirmation message. Based on the user action, OK or Cancel I want to proceed or stop the process. How can I do that. I tried this,


Even I click Cancel the rest of the code also executed. How can I handle this?

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Web Forms :: Server Side Yes No Confirmation On Page Load

Jan 24, 2016

The article described fine work on Button Click But I want to use On page Load [URL] ....

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AJAX :: Server Side Confirmation - Not Control Initiated

Sep 25, 2013

URL...In the above page, the button fires the javascript first, then the code-behind sub runs.  The problem I have is I am in the middle of a code-behind sub routine that checks if a user is logged on the a PC.  If there is a users logged on, I want the confirm popup to ask whether to reboot anyway or cancel.  The code needs to dictate whether to call the javascript, not some direct button click.  Then I need the remainder of the code-behind sub to execute based on the users choice. 

I can call the client script in the code-behind sub using 'RegisterStartupScript...'; then I can get the page's form value.  The problem is that the sub runs to completion without waiting for the javascript code to run.  This causes code-behind variable to get checked before it's set by the client and it nevers works.

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AJAX :: Show Server Side Yes No Confirmation Box Using Script Manager

Feb 5, 2014

I am throwing a alert box using scriptmanager like this based on some condition.

ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this, this.GetType(), "alertMessage", "alert('Would you like to be put on the wait list?')", true);

But it has only "ok" button. Is there a way to display a message box which has yes/no buttons so that I want to check some more conditions in the code behind.

something like this.

DialogResult result = MessageBox.Show("Do you wanna do something?", "Warning",
MessageBoxButtons.YesNoCancel, MessageBoxIcon.Warning);
if(result == DialogResult.Yes) {
//code for Yes
} else if(result == DialogResult.No) {
//code for No
} else if (result == DialogResult.Cancel) {
//code for Cancel

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Web Forms :: Display Server Side Yes No Confirmation Box On DropDownList Change

Apr 16, 2013

I was wondering if there is a way to capture the yes/no values on the server side once the y/n buttons are clicked on a javascript pop up?

I am displaying the y/n pop up while using a dropdown menu but pretty much all the solutions i have seen so far use button's onClick event.

By reading article: [URL]

I am able to see the pop up box with the yes/no options but after i click a 'yes' or 'no', i don't see  'You clicked Yes' or 'You clicked No'.

This is the code i have so far which has been taken from Muddassar's article that uses a button, not a drop down.

I can see for button the "Confirm()" is being called by OnClientClick event, but i haven't been able to make it to work in a dropdown.

On the aspx page:

<asp:DropDownList ID="ddlWorkBucket" runat="server" AutoPostBack="true" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource8" DataTextField="workBucketName" DataValueField="workBucketID" Width="120px" onChange="Confirm()" OnSelectedIndexChanged="OnConfirm"></asp:DropDownList>

Also on the same aspx page is this javascript function:

 <script language ="javascript" type="text/javascript"> 
function Confirm() {    var confirm_value = document.createElement("INPUT");   
confirm_value.type = "hidden"; = "confirm_value";   


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Web Forms :: Display Server Side Yes No Confirmation Box On DropDownList SelectedIndex Changed

Apr 29, 2014

 I am trying to use Yes No Confirmation Message Box but the code below here which i found here uses a button to raise the confirmation message box but what i would like to use is a DropDown.  How can i modify the code and i use drop-down box instead of using a button? here is the javascript code: 

<script type = "text/javascript">
function Confirm() {
var confirm_value = document.createElement("INPUT");
confirm_value.type = "hidden"; = "confirm_value";


but here is what i would like to use is drop-down instead of the button:

<asp:DropDownList ID="ddl" Width="300px" runat="server" AppendDataBoundItems="true" OnSelectedIndexChanged="ddl_SelectedIndexChanged">
<asp:ListItem Text="test1" Value="test1"></asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Text="test2" Value="test2"></asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Text="test3" Value="test3"></asp:ListItem>


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Web Forms :: Show Save As Dialog On Server Side Directory

Jan 7, 2010

is there an equivalent code to show the save as dialog on server side rather on client side (Response.AddHeader)?

I need to provide the same functionality as Response.AddHeader to show the save as dialog but instead of browsing the client, I need to browse the server side directory.

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Preventing AutoPostBack According To Confirmation Dialog

Aug 5, 2010

I want to show a confirmation dialog when a specific value is selected in an asp:DropDownList. If the confirmation dialog returns false (cancel) then I want to prevent the AutoPostBack.

<asp:DropDownList id="theDropDownID" onchange="foo()"></asp:DropDownList>

However, it ignores the returned value from foo() and actually does the postback. The generated code of the onchange event is:

setTimeout("__doPostBack('theDropDownID','')", 0);

so basically controlling the setTimeout that the .net adds, will do the job.

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VS 2012 - Confirmation Dialog In UpdatePanel

Aug 20, 2014

A user inserts ad details and on button click saves them to database. If the save is successful, a DIV element slides down (becomes visible) allowing the users to add pictures for that ad.

As the users adds the pictures, they are being shown in a Repeater control. When you hover over a picture, a Delete button is displayed and when you click it, a confirmation message pops out asking the users if they really want to delete the picture.

Now this is where the problems begins. The code behind the button click doesn't wait for the user to click YES or NO. It just executes leaving the message displayed.

So to summarize:

- The entire "bottomDIV" element is wrapped inside an UpdatePanel with update mode set to "Conditional".
- Since the Button is inside the Repeater control, I cannot access its Click event. I use Repeaters ItemCommand to check for the correct Command Name.
- The Repeater Control is inside the same UpdatePanel
- The Update Panel has AsyncPostBackTrigger set to Repeater Control.


HTML Code:
<asp:UpdatePanel ID ="bottomUpdate" runat ="server" UpdateMode="Conditional" >
                        <div id ="bottomWraper">
                        <div id ="savePictureWraper" runat ="server" style="float:left; padding-top:3px;" >
                         <asp:TextBox ID ="pictureName" runat ="server" placeholder ="Naziv slike" style="width:181px;">
[Code] ....

The Script (using alertify.js to display the confirmation dialog):

HTML Code:
        $("[id*=btnDeletePicture]").on("click", function () {
                alertify.confirm("Confirm?", function (e) {
                    if (e) {
                        alertify.alert("Successful AJAX after OK");
[Code] ....

The code behind is simple and all it does it executes the delete statement and then calls the displayPictures sub again. So, why the code behind doesn't wait for the user to select an option in confirmation dialog....

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