How To Know If A Program Is Called Code Behind

Aug 11, 2010

In my office I am the only Web Developer. There are no other Web Developer.

I was confused by my co-worker programmers regarding the meaning of Code Behind. They told me there is no such Code Behind.

highlight which is CodeBehind from these 2 sets of sample coding:

these are from HTML


Of the 2 sets of sample cpding which one is called CodeBehind ?

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Feb 9, 2010

I was looking for a chat program, and I found it here in Code Project,Build a Web based Chat using ASP.NET Ajax ( code is working perfectly,except 2 issues,can anybody tell me how can I overcome these issues?1-how can I get for example the last 2 hours chat from the database, when a new user enters to the chat room? I tried the getlastmessage stored procedure, but because of the refresh, it keeps showing the messages over and over. any solutions?2-In firefox after I hit the enter on keyboard I see two messages instead of one. sometimes it happens in IE too.

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How To Access Server Side Code From Client Program

Aug 7, 2010

How can I access server side functions from the HTML code? See the following code:

<a id="Taggloud" runat="server" class="lblTagCloud" onClick="TagOnCloud_Click">click</a>

Here I'm calling the tagonCloud_click function that's defined in server side(code behind). How can i call that function?

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I had a general question about extracting code from a visual studio web test. I used the "generate code" option of a web test and got the following:


What I wanted to do is basically put this test into a separate service to run throughout the day for purposes of health checking. I basically want to make sure that users are able to log in throughout the day. What process should I use to get the test into something like a console app? I was running into issues with debugging the webtest code.

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How code a time delay before the next method is called? I have the following but I don't think it's waiting 10 seconds before calling CallMethod(). Thread.Sleep(10000); CallMethod();

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Nov 25, 2010

Can a required field validator be called from the code behind page?We have several check boxes and some of them require the user to enter a date, but not all of them.(This is not a checkbox list, but individual checkboxes).Any 1 of 6 different checkboxes selected makes a txtBox visible for users to enter a date.If they don't select one of these checkBoxes which require a date - it doesn't matter, the form will still be valid.I don't think validation groups can work here so looking towards doing through .vbHere's the existing code:

Sub chkBoxI_CheckedChanged(ByVal sender


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and I call this function from JavaScript as below:


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l Im downloading Pdfs using WebClient I used below code

try {
WebClient wc = new WebClient();
Uri uriadd = new Uri(@"ftp://xxx.yyy..../httpdocs/FH/Foldername/" + clientorder1[i].Cloi_id + ".pdf");
wc.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("xxxx", "zzzz");

Its working fineĀ  but some times Gives Error like Object synchronization method was called from an unsynchronized block of code.. Why this Error coming ....

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Visual Studio :: 2010 - Finding Assemblies In Program Files Vs Program Files X86?

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I have a VS2010 project that I want to move back and forth between an x86 and an x64 machine. On the x86 machine, several assemblies are located in Program Files, and the path of the assemblies are shown as c:Program Files...... When I move this project to the x64 machine, the same assemblies are located in C:Program Files (x86).... Is there a way that I can confugure VS2010 so I don't have to manually change the path when I move the project from one machine to another?

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I have a Access program in which there are a lot of queryes, forms and reports.Is it possible by clicking a button in a ASP.NET PAGE to let user run Access program, such as enter parameter to open Access report?After running Access report, close Access and back to ASP.NET page.

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Aug 26, 2010

is anyone in the webspark program, if so do you think it is worth it.

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I would like to program MicrosoftReportViewer. I couldn't try to find a sample/tutorial online.

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Way To Convert C++ Program Into ASP.NET

May 21, 2010

Is there any way to convert C++ program into ASP.NET?

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how to Design web program ( ? I'm used to WinForm Design when i drag any control to the screen - He did not refuse me but in (web Design) the control Do not want to settle where i want. i came from the WinForm world and now i do my first steps in the WebForm.

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Web Forms :: How To Call A SAS Program

Jun 7, 2010

Is there any way I can call a SAS program from ASP.NET? I am developing a web-based randomization system for block randomization. I did some googling and I did not get any article on block randomization using ASP.NET But, I got an article on SAS. [URL] So, I am trying to use SAS and ASP.NET. How can I call a program written in SAS from ASP.NET?

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MVC :: Program Cannot Display The Webpage?

Nov 29, 2010

I'm attempting to deploy my new MVC 2 app to a windows server 2003 box (IIS6). The app is on it's own web site, scripts and executable rights given, version set at 4.0.30319. ASP.NET MVC was installed via the web platform installer and server was since rebooted.

I've used this technique in the global.asax to put ".aspx" in the URLs:


No matter what i do I still get an error on Browse: "This Program cannot display the webpage." Times out in Firefox. This is constant if i do wildcard or .mvc mapping, suggesting it is an IIS problem.

Nothing in the event viewer that displays any info or any error.

Is there anything extra special that needs to be done to get IIS to recognize MVC?

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How To Run The Web App Without Entering Web Developer Program

Jan 17, 2010

I am volunteering to build a web application for my town's library. When I finish it I want the librarian to be able to run it from the desktop, but I know I have to enter MS web developer and then press run in order to start the server, and just then the web app can run.

How do I run the web app. without entering the program?

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Running The Third Console Program In VS Instead Of The First?

Feb 11, 2010

I am learning C# in Visual Studio (VS), and in VS i have successfully made different 'projects' under the 'solution' for each fo the samples in my C# book as can be seen here:


the thing is when i press the green play button to run the debugger/program, it always executes "ConsoleApplication1" (look at the above image) when i want to try out the new application i wrote (named ConsoleApplication3)

How do i do that?

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Launch Program On Server Through Web?

Feb 7, 2011

so I'm in a strange development situation and am a noob at the bits I'm tasked with - just to make life fun and interesting.

My fellow developer has written programs in VB.Net and placed them on the server. He wants a web front end that users can click a link and have that run the program on the server.

Sounds simple, but I've spent days searching the internet and found only two solutions one of which looks sketchy on security and the other is so complex I'm not sure how to make it fit my local variables.

I'm writing ASP.Net on an MVC Framework using C#.

So, in terms for the simple minded to understand, is there a way to do this? Are there links which I used the wrong keywords and completely missed?

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.net - Send Faxes With A (C#) Program?

Jan 24, 2010

i'm trying to send faxes with a asp.NET (C#) program , Can you please suggest any reliable third party control . Need to generate PDF and send it via Fax in my web application.

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ASP Program With Me + Data With Customer - How

Dec 21, 2010

(1) Customer would like data resides with their machines/server without expose the data to internet
(2) I want ASP code resides in remote PC in my office

So the idea is they access (via internet) my office PC/server with ASP codes on it and use the software, and the client PCs use data on their own server and these 2 combined to produce the result. I know this seems impossible but any idea to fine tune and still achieve (1) +(2) practicably?

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I will receive an XML file from an application which I am using. The result will be in alphabetical order. I want to read the titles andput it in a different order which my client is interested in.The result should be in EXCEL format. Can anyone help me with a sample program,

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Ftp Program Fails At URI Creation?

Sep 26, 2010

Here is the code first :

Const localFile As String = "C:file.bin"

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