How To Put Data In A Var As A JSON

Jan 13, 2011

If I have in my db a table called User with name, Id, age fields and I want to get these data and put it in a var as a JSON serialize, then I want to send it to javascript page to reform it as I want . I need to know how to put these data in a var as a JSON, how to read the data in the javascript file (how to deal with each one. for example : array[name]?

which thing is more better to deal with these data in code then send it in the javascript or to send it to the javascript and then to deal with ?

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Javascript - How To Make Json Child Nodes (JSON Inside JSON)

Aug 11, 2010

I try to use the jquery + json to get all elements in form and build a JSON var to post in a ASP.NET MVC method.


It method get all fields in a form and build a JSON, but it dont put JSON inside JSON.


If i have the follow form:

<input name=""><input name="person.age"><input name="person.address.street">

The serialized string build a JSON like this

{ "": "??", "person.age": "??", "person.address.street": "??" }

I need a plugin or some function to generate like this:

{ "person": { "name" : "??", "age" : "??", "address":{ "street": "??" } } }

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Read An External JSON File Using Json.NET On Page Load?

Dec 29, 2010

I have a text file named gisQuery129.json that is created using Json.NET - [URL] There is an example on how to create a JSON file and I have done that successfully, but I want to read the file on a page load event and add the values to .NET textbox controls for input values in a query. The created file looks like the following:

"myData": {
"randomNumber": "129",
"Application": "MyMapApp",
"FeatureId": "ALL",
"Feature": "ALL",
"spatialQuery": "FEATURE_ID= '11111' AND REQ_SEQ_NUM= 1 AND RAND_PARAM= 129 OR FEATURE_ID= '22222' AND REQ_SEQ_NUM= 2 AND RAND_PARAM= 129"

I want to read the data in the above sample JSON data and then populate my textboxes something like this:

txtRandParam.text = "129"
txtApplication.text = "MyMapApp" and three more text boxes after that.

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Json Value Undefined When Converting Datatable Into Json Format?

Feb 1, 2010

I want to retreive the data from database and assign it to dropdownlist. For that I'm using the following jquery in the onclick event


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How To Convert JSON String To JSON Object Using JavaScript

Jan 21, 2011

I use the JavaScriptSerializer class of to serialize my object and return it to the client side. How can I deserialize the string using JavaScript?

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C# - Converting Json String Into Json On Client Side?

Apr 4, 2011

In my javascript code I am getting json string from cs file

var tmpString="<%=resultset2%>";

In cs I am concatenating strings to build json string. Here is an issue the json string is returned as a string and it has " with it.

"[{id:'1',name:'Aik'},{id:'2',name:'Aik or Aik'}]"

Because of " in beginning and end javascript code treat it as a string.

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Implementing JSON Feed On Web Application With JSON.NET?

Nov 18, 2010

I've been tasked with implementing a JSON feed on an website that will be consumed by 3rd party apps (such as IPhone, Android, etc) and I'd like to follow best practices.

An example of what I'd like to achieve would be something similar to: [URL]

I've chosen the api as this seems to be highly recommended.

My Google-fu must be failing me as I can't find a single full example code for an web application with implemented on it, so I've no real concept of where to begin.

My question is fairly simple:

Should I create this sort of feed as an ASPX, or ASHX file? Or even a .NET Web Service? (Remember that the tools that will be using this feed are on external apps like IPhones, etc)

I created a test feed in both ASHX and ASPX format ... here is the code (I'm using Subsonic to populate the collection) ... are either of these along the correct lines?



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Data Controls :: Pass JSON Data Object From JQuery AJAX To WebMethod

May 7, 2015

I want to send single json object with nested arrays through jquery ajax method.

In Code

In jquery ajax i am passing LeaveRuleMaster a single json object which holds some properties (Leavetypeid, Leavename, Leavestatus and nested array LeaveRulespecific.

In code i can receive the value of properties(Leavetypeid,Leavename,Leavestatus)

but i am receiving the LeaveRuleSpecific as nothing.

Based on the following link i tried this [URL] .....

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Data Controls :: Bind Data To GridView With TemplateField TextBox With JQuery Or JSON

May 7, 2015

I have taken reference from this link.


But when I am adding a template field with textbox and run the project the webpage becomes caresh and not displaying anything.P

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Data Controls :: Populate Pie Chart From Database JSON Data Using JQuery AJAX?

Jan 21, 2014

I need to display the data as pie chart,bar charts(2D,3D) here data is JSON data. any nice articles using jquery or java script free plugins ?

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Forms Data Controls :: Getting Data Does Not Correspond To Valid JSON Error?

Apr 14, 2010

I have an Infragistics WebDataGrid on a user control. I add that user control programmatically to an UpdatePanel on a Content Form. Everything works great. I get data in the grid just fine. However, when I go to click any of the grid functions (Sort, Filter, Page, etc.) it throws a Sys.ArgumentException in one of the ScriptResource.axd dynamic files.

Here is the error:

"Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys.ArgumentException: Cannot deserialize. The data does not correspond to valid JSON. Parameter name: data"

It stops in the following function:


I read about other people having this issue and they said it was due to dates or due to double quotes ("") being in strings? I am binding this datagrid to an Entity Data Framework object query like this.


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Data Controls :: Displaying Data With Images Using JSON And JQuery AJAX

May 7, 2015

How to create the JSON data...I want to display the data's from JSON and Display in the HTML format...

1) Images


3)Phone Number etc

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Data Controls :: Insert Data Using JSON And JQuery Using Business Classes

Oct 21, 2015

I used this article Insert (Update) Data to Database with jQuery AJAX and WebMethod in ASP.Net. I want create class for this code:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(function () {
$("[id*=btnSave]").bind("click", function () {
var user = {};

[Code] ...

And call class from button click.

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How To Loop Through JSON Data

Aug 16, 2010

I have an ashx page that returns the following JSON data that I would like to be able to loop through and add to values to a bunch of li's in a ul.

My question is how do I loop through to retrieve the values.

The data that is returned from the ashx look slike this


I get a single alert that says undefined. What am I doing wrong?

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C# - Storing JSON Data In Db?

Jan 3, 2011

I'm trying to store data from fb wall into database.

My *.cs code

public ActionResult GetWall()
JSONObject wallData = helper.Get("/me/feed");
if (wallData != null)
var data = wallData.Dictionary["data"];
List<JSONObject> wallPosts = data.Array.ToList<JSONObject>();
ViewData["Wall"] = wallPosts;
return View("Index");

Which gets posts from fb wall. And then I have an *.aspx file, which "breaks" my wallposts into pieces (objects) or whatever you like to call them.

foreach (Facebook.JSONObject wallItem in wallPosts)
string wallItemType = wallItem.Dictionary["type"].String;
//AND SO ON...

What i'm trying to say is that I can access to elements inside fb JSON.

Is there a way i can access to the JSON elements inside *.cs file. Or is there a way I can store elements inside the *.aspx file to db?

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Return Data As JSON

Mar 2, 2015

public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page
[ScriptMethod(ResponseFormat = ResponseFormat.Json)]
public static LoanSize[] GetLoanSize()

[Code] ....

This is how i read it in client size

function GetLoanSize() {
type: "POST",
url: "Default.aspx/GetLoanSize",
data: "{}",
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",

[Code] ....

My only problem is that it take too long to populate the dropdown. How to convert it into a JSON format so it will more faster populating the data.

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Data Controls :: Bind Data To GridView With TemplateField Button / Image And Label With JQuery Or JSON

Sep 20, 2015

I saw [URL] ....

How to bind data on asp button ,asp image,asp label within templatefield of gridview using jquery/json ?

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Data Controls :: Parse JSON Data From URL And Display In GridView

May 7, 2015

How to parse [URL].....

I am referring below link of urs : How to read JSON string into DataTable and Class object using C# .Net 

my code to get data into string :

        Dim data As String = New System.Net.WebClient().DownloadString("[URL]") 

now i want it to get into data table , so that i can bind it with grid later on.

 JSON String

"programme":"Stops Here",
"synopsis":"A show that brings you the big interviews",


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Data Controls :: Return Json Data From Web Method To JQuery

Mar 26, 2016

i am new in json trying to convert the database table value into json using with, am also send the response to client side.but am not receiving any response from server side.

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="Default2.aspx.cs" Inherits="Default2" %>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
<head runat="server">
<title>Untitled Page</title>


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Data Controls :: Insert Data To Database Using JSON

Nov 22, 2015

I want insert data into database using json in

ID           FirstName             Name                         Birthday
1            Pulodov                Rustam                      22.12.1987
2            Asrori                   Yatim                        06.02.1978
3            Sharifov               Sadriddin                    08.12.1991

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How To Programmatically Format JSON Data

Feb 3, 2011

I'm working with big blobs of JSON. These blobs change slightly over time and a revision history is kept. I'd really like to be able to do a visual diff on them, but my problem is they're being stored without any formatting at all - everything is on one line, so that makes it a little hard to see what changed.

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MVC :: Displaying Data From JSON Into Site?

Jul 9, 2010

I am getting a JSON feed (.js) from thirdparty and i need to extract the information such as Id, name, value etc from it and either bind it to controls or make an xml structure of the Json and then read from xml and bind it. I am completely new to MVC and this kind of programming.

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Edit Json Data Runtime?

Feb 4, 2011

i want to add the data to existing generated json data in my mvc application , what i have to do ?
means , suppose i have class Company that having list of Departments as property. but json serialization is not able to support such kind of circular reference. so i thought how if, i get serialize the Company object first without list of Departments, then get departments for each company and then serialize this list and append data to company serialized data.

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Passing JSON Data To A Webservice?

Jul 8, 2010

I have two parameters (categoryName and categoryDescription) that I need to pass to the web service using JSON. I found the syntax to pass categoryName but have not been able to get the correct syntax to pass both parameters. Here is the code.

<script src="js/jquery-1.4.1.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {


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Return Data From An Asmx Into JSON?

Jun 15, 2010

I want to return an array of javascript objects from my asmx file. ie.

variable = [
*value1*: 'value1',[code]....

I seem have been having trouble reaching this. I'd put this into code but I've been hacking away at it so much it'd probably do more harm than good in having this answered. Basically I am using a web service to find names as people type the name. I'd use a regular text file or something but its a huge database that's always changing - and don't worry I've indexed the names so searching can be a little snappier - but I would really prefer to stick with this method and just figure out how to get usable JSON back to javascript. I've seen a few that sort of attempt to describe how one would approach this but I honestly think microsofts articles are damn near unreadable.

EDIT: I'm using the $.ajax() function from jQuery - I've had it working but it seems like I was doing it in bad practice not returning and using actual JSON. Previously I'd take a string back and insert it into html to use the variable it set - very roundabout.

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