How To Update And Bind Multiple Tables

Mar 28, 2010

I have 10 tables in MSSQL I want to select some info from this tables and show on a webpage (formview maybe(based on user selection)). Also, Id like user to be able to EDIT this info, and it should go back to database.

The problem is that: the realtionships are pretty comprehensive. In sql management studio I saw awesome view creation, where u can drag and drop tables and select just the field u need, and it automatically do all joins for you.

View would work perfect for me, but i need to update database back. Maybe I can use linq classes?

I mean, its easy, but it takes a lot of time to do it by hand programatically. Is there some dragandgrop-like feature in visual studio?

what is the easiest way to bind multiple tables in one place with crud operations available?

sql datasource supports only 1 table at a time.

I Found on the web that we can use stored procedure? Do I need two stored procedures? for select and update? how we are going to bind update procedure with textobxes where user is going to edit info? Do you have some samples?

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Crystal Reports :: Bind Report To Multiple Datasets / Tables

Jan 25, 2010

I need to display a header and details. What's the recommended way to do this? 2 separate datasets/tables, or 1 dataset with 2 datatables in it? I can't get the second set of data to display.

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Forms Data Controls :: Dataset With Multiple Tables Bind To Grid

Jul 7, 2010

i m trying to bind my both grid with two tables which are in dataset i m trying but when i m binding my gridview it's always binding the second table see code


i already tried to bind both the gv1 and gv2 they both are displaying same table i.e department

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SQL Server/T-SQL - Update Multiple Tables At A Time ?

May 21, 2010

I have two tables, Customer and CustomerPhone.

Single record in Customer can have multiple CustomerPhone records. As you see in the image below, Phone and Fax resides in CustomerPhone table whereas the rest of the fields resides in Customer table. If user want to edits a customer record, obviously i will have to update the record in Customer table and at least two records from CustomerPhone (Phone and Fax).

I could write two update statements, one Update customerPhone and the second update Customer table. Is there a better solution?

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Forms Data Controls :: Update Multiple Tables From DetailsView?

Nov 29, 2010

I have a asp:DetailsView control with the first column are the field headers and the second column is the record details for a given user.

The DetailsView is bound from 4 tables, I need to be able to edit/amend any field. Is there another way I can achieve this from the DetailsView? Would I need to create templates for each table entry then Update SET on each template, would that do it?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Update Multiple Tables With A SQLDataSource

Mar 3, 2011

I have 2 tables

One:Table Name Rider With columns RiderID,LName,City

Two:Table Name Car With columns CarID,RiderID,Color

What I would like to be able to do is to allow the users to do an UPDATE on both tables.

Like if you crreated a SQLDataSource using just one table as it's source. You can use that SQLDataSource for a gridview.

Then in the gridview you can display all the data from the table but you can also EDIT all the data in the table through the gridview.

But if I create a SQLDataSource using 2 table joining them together with an INNER JOIN with a Primary Key in one table and a Foriegn Key in the other table. I can still use this SQLDataSource with a GridView to display the data but I can't EDIT the data through the gridview for the 2 tables.

Is there anyway to do this using a SQLDataSource and GridView?

OR is there another way to accomplish this?

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Databases :: Insert / Update Data To Multiple Tables On A Single Button Click

Sep 23, 2010

I need to insert/update data to 3 or more tables on a single button click.What is best method for achieving this?I am using mysql as my DB.

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Databases :: Importing - Updating Sql Tables From Excel Sheet Into Multiple Tables Daily

Jan 4, 2011

I have an C# ASP application I am writing that needs to have the capability to import a generated excel or a comma delineated sheet each day. A clerk will have this job each morning so it doesn't need to be automated. My problem in trying to understand the solution to this is that the 1 sheet contains loan information, including customer information all in the same sheet. I would like to send certain columns to update information in the loan table and send other information to update the customer table. I need it to create relationships when new loans appear in the spreadsheet.

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Web Forms :: Declarative #Bind Doesn't Bind In Update Command

Sep 6, 2010

I have a bunch of controls like the following in the EditItemTemplate of a ListView, with LINQDataSource:


I'm curious to know why the database won't update on the click of the Update button:


According to all I've read, the above code should be sufficient. Since CommandName is set to Update, it would seem that no code-behind is necessary.

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Exporting Multiple Tables In A DataSet To An Excel File With Multiple Sheets?

Jul 8, 2010

I was in need of exporting multiple tables in a DataSet to an Excel file with multiple sheets. I found a very good article in [URL].[URL] was able to successfully export each of my datatables in the dataset to excel worksheets. This solution worked for small number of rows. But when the data got larger I am consistently getting the system.outofmemoryexception. THis is because the code is using up the memory when creating excel.

Does anyone have another option to do the above?

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Data Controls :: Search In Multiple Tables Using One TextBox And Display Results In Multiple GridView

Jul 22, 2013

I created 3 product  table . A,B and c.

I show product of table in different gridview.  

Now I am using one search box. but how to search product name with image in one query all of three table.... 

Simple how to search product from multiple table and show result...

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C# - Bind Data From 2 Different Tables Which Has No Relation?

Aug 14, 2010

I would like bind grid view with 2 different tables that has no relation.

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C# - Bind Data From Several Tables To Specific Control?

Feb 23, 2011

i will use advanced control like gridview or schedule , and the data that is supposed to be bound to this control is : data from set of tables in my database.not a single table.

what is the best form for this data?

what i thought about at first is:

stored procedure ,contains my logic (and i wanna to ask here about what is the best performance also)use temporary table or joins or ... etc.

what are the possible solutions and more performance rather than stored procedure( as this is a web application many users will use it).

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Data Controls :: DropDown Value Bind From 2 Tables

Jan 9, 2014

There are 2 DropDown one is "Category" other is "sub_category"

I want to show data in "sub_category" DropDown according to "category" Dropdown selected value.

But when "Category=C1" data should bind in DropDown from Database Table1 and when "Category=C2" or "Category=C3" data should bind in DropDown from Database Table2.

How to achieve this.

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Data Controls :: Read Multiple ExcelSheet And Bind It To Multiple DropDownlist Using ClosedXml?

Feb 25, 2016

I am not able to find the projects related to working with excel sheets by using ClosedXML to refer. I have an excel book  which contains two sheets.

In sheet 01: In column A:              In B:                                          In C:

Student name01       Student's phone number                        blabla

Student name02       Student's phone number                        blabla

Student name03       Student's phone number                        blabla

In sheet 02: In column A:              In B:                                          In C:

course name01       computerscience              blabla

course name02       dhfsthshbstgs                  blabla

course name03       garsfghsefrgs                   blabla

now, I would like to see in two comboboxes (all the words/text presented in the column A) from two sheets, the student name and course name and then I want select any student name and course name of my choice. Afterwards, when I click on a button, my program should display the students phone number and the course name (from column B from both sheets) and related things present in the Column C D E.. of the selected things in combobox in a label or a in a textbox.

PS: I solved the following problem: I can select student name in one combobox and print the the corresponding data from the only one column B (but I worked only with one sheet). It is bit complicated for me to continue with two sheets.

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Forms Data Controls :: Bind Gridview From Different Tables?

Jun 18, 2010

i want to bind gridview from different tables and as shown in following format only


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ADO.NET :: Bind Selected Values From Two Tables To Gridview Data Source

Mar 9, 2011

how to bind selected values from two tables to gridview data source, that two tables are from two databases. i created a view by using these two.But error is getting with this query,that is invalid object derivdtbl_1.Expr1. how to fix this?

SELECT dbo.Station_Channel.St_id, dbo.Station_Channel.lid, dbo.Station_Channel.Edit, dbo.Station_Channel.lChannelName, dbo.Station_Channel.lShort, dbo.Station_Channel.lPosition, dbo.Station_Channel.lTransformData, dbo.Station_Channel.lUnits, dbo.Station_Channel.lDecimalPts,
dbo.Station_Channel.parameter, dbo.Station_Channel.function_value, derivdtbl_1.Expr1
FROM dbo.Station_Channel CROSS JOIN
(SELECT MAX(Fecha) AS Expr1 FROM MeteoStation.dbo.Datos) AS derivdtbl_1
WHERE (dbo.Station_Channel.Edit = 1)

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AJAX :: Bind Jquery Accordian Panels To SQl Server 2005 Tables

Nov 25, 2010

i am unable to handle jquery accordian. I want to bind it to ta database. I wanted that the user shuld be able to enter the values in a text box through an admin panel which i shoud make for him and those values should be displayed in the accordion panel through the database but........... I am unable to connect and show daabse values in accordian.. don't know whether my connection is not ok or my technique is wrong can anyone help me in this regard??

Here is the code for making the connection..

void Page_Load(object sender,
EventArgs e)// Create a connection to the "DatabaseAccordian" SQL database located on the
// local computer. {
SqlConnection myConnection =
SqlConnection("server=localhost;" +"database=DatabaseAccordian;Trusted_Connection=Yes");//
Connect to the SQL database using a SQL SELECT query to get all
// the data from the "AccordianEvent" table.
SqlDataAdapter myCommand =
SqlDataAdapter("SELECT * " +"
from AccordianEvent", myConnection);// Create and fill a DataSet. myCommand.Fill(ds);
{DataSet ds =
DataSet();if (ds !=
null)// Bind MyDataList to the DataSet. MyDataList is the ID for
// the DataList control in the HTML section of the page.
MyDataList.DataSource = ds;
else Response.Write("<p>No customer selected</p>");}

this code is compiled code with no syntax error.

if there is any other thing needed to be done for making the connecion.

id="accordion"> <h3
style="color: Black">
href="#">News & Announcements</a></h3>
23rd March will be a holiday
style="color: ThreeDDarkShadow;">

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Web Forms :: Exporting Multiple HTML Tables To Multiple Excel Sheets Excel

Mar 30, 2010

is there any way that i could export multiple tables already formatted into multiple excel sheets. I know how to export data to multiple sheets through dataset while looping through tables, rows and columns and then add styles.

But I really want to export formatted html tables each into seperate sheet

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Data Controls :: Display Data From Multiple Tables Using Multiple Dynamic GridViews

May 7, 2015

I have storedprocedure which returns four or more dataset!

example here

How load  and display all data in Default.aspx....

dataset 1


dataset 2


dataset 3


dataset 4


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MVC ::update Two Tables In Web Application?

Jan 4, 2011

I have created create.aspx view page from Terminology controller create Method .Once terminolgy create operation is suceeded it has to update other table appterminolgy,by taking that termid ,appid is available.

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ADO.NET :: Dataset Using Multiple Tables

Mar 16, 2011

I have 5 tables of which one has a primary key called "pid" as follows in patientdetails table the pid of a patient is used to compare the pid in remaining tables so the data in matching pid records can be stored in dataset. I tried using stored procedure to get them together in one dataset but it just doesent happen. This is my stored procedure,


I think the execution doesent proceed after the first if exists statements, because only the data in patientdetails is stored in dataset. and one more thing. all test tables need not contain a data against every pid in patientdetails table.

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Save Into Multiple Tables?

Dec 8, 2010

I am new to MVC. I am trying to save the data into Order and OrderDetail tables when I click on Save button from my MVC 'Create' page.

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Forms Data Controls :: Bind Data To Multiple Labels From Multiple DataSources?

May 19, 2010

I have two AccessDataSources each returning one row.

I want to use the data in each row to populate content on my page, so I figured I would use a [Code].... or [Code].....

However, I would not necessarily want the labels bound to a particular DataSource placed together.

For example, I might want labels from the following columns in order [Code]....


Note: No language preference (C#/VB).

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Update A DataTable And Update Multiple Rows Due Sorting

Jan 17, 2010

i want to build a datagrid bound to a datatable with several columns. One column has only a dropdownlist with the number of the rows in the datatable.

Here a samplescreenshot:


I know how to bind the columns to a grid and its no problem to create such a dropdown list with the content for me, too. But i dont know how to sort the complete datatabl after changing one value of one dropdown listbox.

So, how can i resort the values of a datatable column based on a given value and the datarow id?

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