Javascript - Create Drop Down Control Containing Page's Named Anchors?

Dec 10, 2010

I have a dynamically created page (read from database values) with grouped information. I wanted to add named anchors as each group is created. (Regular anchors will appear on the page also.)

I was hoping to find a jQuery plug or codeset example that could automatically generate and populate a drop down control for the page that provides the navigation to the named anchors.

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Web Forms :: Have The Same Named Control In Two Places On One Web Page?

Sep 18, 2010

I have a project where I'm rebuilding a legacy app and need to combine multiple similar web pages onto one ASP.Net web form. I thought I could easily do this with MultiView / View groupings. The problem I'm encountering is that each View control doesn't isolate controls of the same name.For example, I wanted to do this:

<asp:View ID="view1" runat="server">
<asp:Label ID="TEXT01" runat="server" />


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C# - ABCpdf Converting Html Anchors To Jump To Another Page In The Same PDF

Jan 26, 2010

I'm dynamically generating a PDF using ABCpdf which contains a table of contents that would link to other pages within the same PDF. The problem is that the path of the anchor tags in the HTML get changed to an absolute path to a temporary file.For example, ABCpdf would render the link's href:

<a href="#elementId">Link</a>
in the PDF as: file:///C:/Users/Aaron/AppData/Local/Temp/ABCpdf/pdfCMMYPSF.htm#elementI

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Javascript - Create A Webpage With Drag And Drop To Work On PC / IPad & IPhone

Feb 10, 2011

Is it possible or easy to create a web page that allows users to drag and drop divs around the screen, and that this would work in a brwoser, whether that is on a PC, and iPhone, or an iPad?

My web page uses a few divs which contain some content, and the user is able to move these around as they wish.

It is currently created using ASP.NET DragPanelExtenders, but if they have to be abandoned, so be it.

To get this workign, will I have to create two versions of the page: one for PC based on mousemove events, and one for iPhone/iPad based on touch events?

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Way To Create Drag And Drop Of Web User Control

Jan 12, 2011

For my website I would like to create some functionality, that will give me possibility to Drag and drop Web User Controls on my site. I have many Web User Controls.. Like Calendar, News, Videos, Gallery. Those part of codes are inWeb User Controls.. I would like to move(with Drag and Drop) those web user controls around site. Example of what I mean is here: To move boxes around, but in my case Web User Controls.

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HOw To Create A Strong Named Assembly

May 6, 2010

I have a web site project in which my architecture is n layered architecture.I am using Micorsoft Enterprise library's validation dll.As of now this dll is not strongly named. I need to make that assembly strongly named. how can i do this.I saw some articles which depicts how to create strong named assembly by taking the vs 2008 command promtp and type sn -k publickey.snk, and then add the assembly tag to the assemblyinfo.cs. I tried to do that, but my website project dosen't have any assemblyinfo.cs file.

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How To Tell Create Button To Send To An Action Named Create And To Edit To An Action

Mar 14, 2010

I'm a newbie into MVC and I am like only on chapter 7 in ASP.NET MVC Unleashed so be easy with m


how do I tell Create Button to send to an Action named Create and to Edit to an Action named Edit on the same form?I guess it is possible on ASP.NET MVC if it is possible on ASP.NET Webforms

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Web Forms :: Have Two User Control Page - How To Retrieve Text Box And Drop Down Value In Both Page In Aspx...

Oct 18, 2010

i have two user control page how to retrive text box and drop down value in both page in our aspx page

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C# - Have A User Control With A Button Named Upload In It?

Feb 22, 2010

I have a user control with a button named upload in it. The button click event looks like this:

protected void btnUpload_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
// Upload the files to the server

On the page where the user control is present, after the user clicks on the upload button I want to perform some operation right after the button click event code is executed in the user control. How do I tap into the click event after it has completed its work?

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Web Forms :: Can One Default And Named Skin Apply To A Control?

Oct 6, 2010

I have several regular expression validators in my site. Some validate postal codes, others validate phone numbers and still others email addresses or something else. What I would like to do is be able to specify a SkinID for regex validators that have a more specific purpose (e.g. postal code validation), but also have the default definition for regex validators apply as well.

So, I could specify some properties that apply to ALL regex validators and then some properties that are specific to certain regex validators (which I would specify by SkinID). Is this possible, or does only 1 .skin file definition apply?

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Web Forms :: Use Anchors On A 2.0 Webpage?

May 5, 2010

how to use anchors on a webpage. My webpage has some photos inside a datalist with a link to view comments on each photo, which are on the same page but do not show untill the link is clicked. I want the page to scroll to the start of the comments once the link is clicked.

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Drop Down List In User Control Cause Full Page Postback?

Jan 14, 2011

I have the following scenario. I have a page that hosts several user controls. The user controls are all surrounded by a single update panel. All user controls have a save button on them. When the save buttons are clicked the page updates the update panel as expected. Some of the user controls contain editable list views. Whenever an action is taken on these list views, the Update Panel is NOT refreshed, but the whole page posts back. How can I get these ListViews to also refresh the Update Panel? I cannot post the code because of NDA. There are no javascript errors on the page reported by either IE8 or Chrome.

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Using JQuery / ASP To Track Anchors That Are Blank Target

Mar 3, 2010

Basically what I'm looking to do here is to use jQuery and ASP.NET (not really my choice on ASP.NET ) to track links on the page that have a target="_blank" and then have it post to a MSSQL table. We trying to track ads and such on our site that do that and be able to bring up reports on it from those SQL entries.

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Web User Control With Javascript Used Multiple Times On A Page - How To Make Javascript Functions Point At The Correct Controls

Apr 12, 2010

I think I summed up the question in the title. Here is some further elaboration...I have a web user control that is used in multiple places, sometimes more than once on a given page.The web user control has a specific set of JavaScript functions (mostly jQuery code) that are containted within *.js files and automatically inserted into page headers.However, when I want to use the control more than once on a page, the *.js files are included 'n' number of times and, rightly so, the browser gets confused as to which control it's meant to be executing which function on.What do I need to do in order to resolve this problem? I've been staring at this all day and I'm at a loss.

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Web Forms :: Create Variables That Would Represent A Control In JavaScript On The Fly

Jan 28, 2011

Just for an example, if I have three controls on a Master page, I would usually declare a variable for a control like this.

var elem = document.getElemntId('<%=control1.ClientID %>');

var elem2 = document.getElemntId('<%=control2.ClientID %>');

var elem3 = document.getElemntId('<%=control3.ClientID %>');

Can I do it in some form of concenation like:


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Security :: Put A Login Control And A Create User Control On The Same Page?

Sep 13, 2010

I want to put a Login Control and a Create User Control on the same page.. just wondering, before I start am I going to run into any problems by doing this?

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Web Forms :: How To Call A Javascript Function On A Master Page From A Content Page Control

Jan 24, 2011

I have a javascript function on my Master page, how do I access it with a dropdownlist of a content page. Not from codebehind, I can do that, but from the control itself such as the onSelectedIndexChanged event.

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Web Forms :: What Is The Syntax For Finding A Control In A Content Page From Javascript Code In The Master Page

Jan 16, 2011

I have a control in a content page that I want to find the width and left attributes of the style. I am trying to find this from Javascript code that exists on the Master Page. How do I do that?

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Forms Data Controls :: Create Query In New Page Using Previous Page Control Value?

Nov 26, 2010

How can I build a query in a new page using the value from a prevous pages control's value. I can transfer the value to the new page, I just don't know how to use the passed value to build a query. I want to populate a data grid filtering with values obtained from the proveous page.

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Web Forms :: Putting A Control On An Aspx Page And Double-clicking In Design View To Create VB Page?

Apr 22, 2010

I've always depended on putting a control on an aspx page and double-clicking in design view to create my VB page. But this isn't happening in my current project. It creates an inline script in my aspx page instead. Where is the option or preference or XML file or.... that controls this?

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Using HtmlAnchor Or Hyperlink For Anchor Tag That Navigates In-page Named Anchor?

Apr 7, 2010

I am trying to render a simple hyperlink that links to a named anchor within the page, for example:

<a href="#namedAnchor">scroll to down</a>
<a name="namedAnchor">down</a>

The problem is that when I use an ASP.NET control like asp:HyperLink or HtmlAnchor, the href="#namedAnchor" is rendered as href="controls/#namedAnchor" (where controls is the subdirectory where the user control containing the anchor is). Here is the code for the control, using two types of anchor controls, which both have the same problem:


I am using the HtmlAnchor or HyperLink class because I want to make changes to other attributes in the code behind. I do not want to introduce a custom web control for this requirement, as the requirement I'm pursuing is not that important enough to justify abandoning the traditional ASP.NET link controls. It seems like I should be able to use the ASP.NET link controls to generate the desired link.

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Expanding Drop Down Area Above Instead Of Below With Javascript?

Nov 29, 2010

Ok so the story is my users need a multi-select dropdownlist, which doesn't exist in ASP.NET, so the simple solution I'm going with is I'm using listboxes with multiselect on and I start them off at size 1, and onmouseover I change the size to say 10, onmouseout sets it back to one. Simple enough and the users don't know the difference.

Now, my issue comes from the fact that since I have any number of controls on my web app, I've set these listboxes to higher z-index numbers than the other controls, which creates a problem: on my listboxes closer to the bottom of the page the list expands below and not above, and part of the listbox goes under the bottom of the page but since onmouseout resets the size of the listbox I can't scroll the page down.

Does anybody know what I need to set to make it expand up instead of down?

edit Also, some may ask "why don't you just rearrange the listbox to a higher position in the page," the reason this isn't a viable option is I have well over 40 controls on the page and it they're grouped cohesively, I didn't just randomly place them where they are.(ie. investment info in one section, account in another, suitability in another)

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Can Implement Javascript Confirm Box In Code Behind On Drop Down Box

Jan 20, 2011

Inside my boxLang_OnSelectedIndexChanged() event I got this :-
if (txtbox1.Text != "" && txtbox2.Text != "")
ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(Page, Page.GetType(), "confirm", "confirm('Changing the language will clear the text in the textboxes. Click OK to proceed.');", true);
txtbox1.Text = "";
txtbox2.Text = "";

Now what is happening is that. When I select a different item from the drop down list this confirm box does show up BUT it first clears the content of the text boxes and then this confirm box appears. What I want is that the textboxes content should be cleared ONLY when OK is clicked.

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Javascript - File Upload Using Drag Drop?

Nov 26, 2010

I want to upload and download files using drag n drop between user computer and web browser. How can I do it ASP.NET/AJAX or JS/JQuery?

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AJAX :: Trying To Create A Drop Down List With A Postback?

Mar 4, 2010

I am trying to create a drop down list with a postback. When I click on the drop down for some reason the event never gets fired... I added an updated panel with a trigger to force it to fire I get the following error..Could not find an event named 'OnSelectedIndexChanged' on associated control 'ddlAppName' for the trigger in UpdatePanel 'UpdatePanel1'.

does anyone have an thoughts as to what might be going on ? I 've had a sr. developer look at this to make sure the code was right... He seems to think this could be a bug...

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