Javascript - How To Make Json Child Nodes (JSON Inside JSON)

Aug 11, 2010

I try to use the jquery + json to get all elements in form and build a JSON var to post in a ASP.NET MVC method.


It method get all fields in a form and build a JSON, but it dont put JSON inside JSON.


If i have the follow form:

<input name=""><input name="person.age"><input name="person.address.street">

The serialized string build a JSON like this

{ "": "??", "person.age": "??", "person.address.street": "??" }

I need a plugin or some function to generate like this:

{ "person": { "name" : "??", "age" : "??", "address":{ "street": "??" } } }

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How To Convert JSON String To JSON Object Using JavaScript

Jan 21, 2011

I use the JavaScriptSerializer class of to serialize my object and return it to the client side. How can I deserialize the string using JavaScript?

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Read An External JSON File Using Json.NET On Page Load?

Dec 29, 2010

I have a text file named gisQuery129.json that is created using Json.NET - [URL] There is an example on how to create a JSON file and I have done that successfully, but I want to read the file on a page load event and add the values to .NET textbox controls for input values in a query. The created file looks like the following:

"myData": {
"randomNumber": "129",
"Application": "MyMapApp",
"FeatureId": "ALL",
"Feature": "ALL",
"spatialQuery": "FEATURE_ID= '11111' AND REQ_SEQ_NUM= 1 AND RAND_PARAM= 129 OR FEATURE_ID= '22222' AND REQ_SEQ_NUM= 2 AND RAND_PARAM= 129"

I want to read the data in the above sample JSON data and then populate my textboxes something like this:

txtRandParam.text = "129"
txtApplication.text = "MyMapApp" and three more text boxes after that.

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Json Value Undefined When Converting Datatable Into Json Format?

Feb 1, 2010

I want to retreive the data from database and assign it to dropdownlist. For that I'm using the following jquery in the onclick event


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C# - Converting Json String Into Json On Client Side?

Apr 4, 2011

In my javascript code I am getting json string from cs file

var tmpString="<%=resultset2%>";

In cs I am concatenating strings to build json string. Here is an issue the json string is returned as a string and it has " with it.

"[{id:'1',name:'Aik'},{id:'2',name:'Aik or Aik'}]"

Because of " in beginning and end javascript code treat it as a string.

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Implementing JSON Feed On Web Application With JSON.NET?

Nov 18, 2010

I've been tasked with implementing a JSON feed on an website that will be consumed by 3rd party apps (such as IPhone, Android, etc) and I'd like to follow best practices.

An example of what I'd like to achieve would be something similar to: [URL]

I've chosen the api as this seems to be highly recommended.

My Google-fu must be failing me as I can't find a single full example code for an web application with implemented on it, so I've no real concept of where to begin.

My question is fairly simple:

Should I create this sort of feed as an ASPX, or ASHX file? Or even a .NET Web Service? (Remember that the tools that will be using this feed are on external apps like IPhones, etc)

I created a test feed in both ASHX and ASPX format ... here is the code (I'm using Subsonic to populate the collection) ... are either of these along the correct lines?



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How To Make A List Of Json Objects

Mar 17, 2010

I'm using mvc2 and trying to send a list of json objects with hard coded values from the home controller, and receive them in index.... in the code below i'm sending 1 json object. how do i send many?

in home controller:


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Data Controls :: Bind Parent And Child GridView Using JQuery AJAX And JSON?

May 7, 2015

I am binding Gridview using json (first Gridview),which have some column with linkbutton. I want to bind other gridview(second Gridview) using json on click of Linkbutton inside first gridview . how to fire json on linkbutton click event ?

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Is It Possible To Make JSON Requests Using Fiddler's Request Builder

Apr 7, 2010

I keep getting a Request format is invalid.

Here's the raw http that get's sent:


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JQuery :: Make Json Call To Send An Email?

Aug 27, 2010

the aspx:


the jquery :


The problem is that I need to use the text in a text box in my webmethod, and I can't because it's static, this results in a compilation error:


What can I do ?

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Make A JQuery Ajax Call To A Webservice That Needs To Return JSON

Jun 19, 2010

Actually I am trying to learn jQuery Ajax calls to asp.Net webservices.

I have been trying to call the webmethod below:


Do I need to serialize my object in some way before setting the 'data' attribute, so that I can call $.ajax() function?

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Web Forms :: How To Make Simple JSON Object Using C# String Builder

May 10, 2012

I am new at json, I want to make jquery ajax call to a webmethod to get back simple JSON object using string builder

public static string GetmyJSON()


But My alert message showing undefined instead of Manas why, Where I am doing wrong isn't possible to return a json object using string builder ? if possible how to write it.

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Json - Can Deserialize With Javascript Serializer

Feb 15, 2011

public class SocialFriends
public string id { get; set; }
public string name { get; set; }

this is my Class.

List<SocialFriends> oList2 = ser.Deserialize<List<SocialFriends>>(response.Content);

I'm getting data's like this. But it returns 0 data :S

Data is here


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Jquery - JSON From .NEt WCF To JavaScript Array Of Arrays?

Mar 8, 2011

I'm using jqPlot and I need to turn this JSON which I receive from a WCF service:

[{ "x": 2, "y": 3 }, { "x": 25, "y": 34 }]

into this array or arrays:


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Javascript - Passing JSON To Controller Action

Mar 7, 2011

I have the following javascript. Problem is if I enter one row in the table "ingredients" but I am getting 2 rows in the resulting pass to controller action after seralising into my C# object. But the second object is null? I checked the javascript and the variable "cnt" is 1 not 2. Why would that be?


$("#Save").click(function () {
var title = $("#recipetitle").val();
var category = $("#category").val();
var preptime = $("#prepTime").val();
var preptimeperiod = $("#lstPrepTime").val();
var cooktime = $("#cookTime").val();
var cooktimeperiod = $("#lstCookTime").val();
var rating = $("#rating").val();
var method = $("#method").val();
var jsontext = '{ "RecipeTitle": "' + title + '",';
jsontext += '"CategoryID":' + category + ',';
jsontext += '"PrepTime":' + preptime + ',';
jsontext += '"PrepTimePeriod":"' + preptimeperiod + '",';
jsontext += '"CookTime":' + cooktime + ',';
jsontext += '"CookTimePeriod":"' + cooktimeperiod + '",';
jsontext += '"Rating":' + rating + ',';
jsontext += '"Method":"' + method + '",';....................

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Javascript - Tuple<string, Int> JSON To Pass To Wcf?

Mar 29, 2011

how to pass this via Json.Tried doing something like

var data = { Item1: "test", Item2: 5 };
var JSONdata = $.toJSON(data);

However that did not work. Although simply changing wcf to expect an object with two properties such as Item1 and Item2 will work. Here is example I'm using... I'll trim it a bit to make it easier to read:

function Post(data, url)
type: 'POST',[code].....

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Javascript - Convert Csv File To Json Object Datatable?

Aug 30, 2010

Does anyone know how to get a csv url file and convert it to a json object so that I can use google charting tools in js?

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Javascript - Post Json Data On Full Postback?

Nov 24, 2010

I wonder if I have any other method but a hidden field to post a JSON object to the server on full postback.

Imagine you have a form (with textboxes, checkboxes, etc) and you need to post a json string when the user post the form. This means, I would post all the form values + the json string but I can't come up with any solution but a hidden field.

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Javascript - How To Call Stored Proc From MVC Stack Via The ORM And Return Them In Json

Mar 29, 2010

i'm a total newbie with mvc and here's my jam:

i have a 3 level list box which selection on box A shows options on box B and selection on box B will show the options for box C.

I'm trying to do the whole thing in MVC and what i see is that the nerd dinner tutorial uses the ORM method.

so i created a dbml to the database and drag the stored proc inside. i create a datacontext object but i don't quite know how to connect the result from the stored proce which should be multiple rows of data and make it into a json. so i can keep all the json data inside the html page and using jquery i could make the selection process faster. i don't expect the data inside the three boxes to change so often thus i think this method should be quite viable.


So how do i get the stored proc part
to return the data as json?
i've noticed some tutorial online
that the json return result part is
at the controller and not at the
model end.
Why is that?
FYI, i find what i mostly wanted to do here.
For the json part, i referenced here.

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JavaScript - Can Handle Both Json And HTML Datatypes In The Same Ajax Call

Mar 2, 2011

Is there anyway I can handle both json and html return types when posting jquery ajax:

For example, this ajax call expects html


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Javascript - Accessing Elements Of JSON Object Without Knowing The Key Names

Feb 25, 2011

{"d":{"key1":"value1",2":"value2"}}s there any way of accessing the keys and values (in javascript) in this array without knowing what the keys are?The reason my json is structured like this is that the webmethod that I'm calling via jquery is returning a dictionary. If it's impossible to work with the above, what do I need to change about the way I'm returning the data?

Public Function Foo(ByVal Input As String) As Dictionary(Of String, String)
Dim Results As New Dictionary(Of String, String)
'code that does stuff
Return Results
End Function

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Javascript - How To Pass Json Collection Object To Mvc Controller Action Method

Dec 21, 2010

I am creating one Json array object and trying to pass it in MVC controller action method but i am getting null paramerter; as per my knowledge json only maps .net primitive datatypes.... so it assign null value.

Note: when i have look at request object i found that there are three parameter of created array. But how to get that value as parameter of function?

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Javascript - AJax JSON Call Error When Trying To Access The Properties Of Class

Oct 7, 2010

I am making a JSON call to web method which is defined in code behind. The web method returns a class object.The class returns 3 properties one of type list and 2 integers. I am accessing these in the following manner:

success: function(result) {
if(result.LookCount > 0)
var Info = "";
for(var i = 0;i < result.LookUps.length; i++)
Info += CreateLookUpGrid(result.LookUps[i].Client,result.LookUps[i].ClientOrg);

alert(result.LookCount) -> alerts undefined and when i alert result it shows me the compelte result string which has all data. So the data is returned correctly by web method. But I am unable to access it.

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AJAX :: Unable To Make Wcf JSON Ajax Service Work Through Http Like Asmx?

Jun 22, 2010

I am new to WCF, I was using web service asmx before. I have trouble on making my wcf JSON ajax service work through http like asmx.Could you help me see what wrong in my code?My WCF services are defined in my website application folder. My aim is to call this service in my aspx page java-script code and return complex object back as JSON to my javascript. I have no problem on doing this through classic asmx web service.

When I try to test it through my browser by type this in the URL , URL-http://localhost:3849/WebServices/Account/WCFCompanyService.svc/GetAll. it return "Method not allowed."

But if I type just this URL-http://localhost:3849/WebServices/Account/WCFCompanyService.svc, it return this:

WCFCompanyService Service

You have created a service.To test this service, you will need to create a client and use it to call the service. You can do this using the svcutil.exe tool from the command line with the following syntax:

svcutil.exe URL-http://localhost:3849/WebServices/Account/WCFCompanyService.svc?wsdl

This will generate a configuration file and a code file that contains the client class. Add the two files to your client application and use the generated client class to call the Service. For example:


class Test { static void Main() { HelloClient client = new HelloClient();


This is my Ajax-enabled WCF service code:


This is the web.config service model setting


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Javascript - Removing The "d" Object From Web Service Json Output?

May 11, 2010

I have some javascript code that processes json output from web services built with framework 2.0. Now I need to support data returned from framework 3.5 web services. My javascript code assumes a list of objects as return value, which works fine in 2.0. However In framework 3.5, the list is wrapped in a "d" object. Is there any way I can remove the "d" wrapper and just return the list?

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