Linking Webpage To PDF?

Jul 6, 2010

I'm just learning ASP.NET and cannot work out how to link a button to a PDF document. I have a checklist that I want to link into the Web site for people to download, how is the best way to set this?

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Linking Applicaiton With One Sign In?

Mar 5, 2010

I have a web application and one asp appliation which are hosted on different i will login to asp application. within that asp application i have a link which will open the applicaitno home page in pop up window without need of sign in again along with full security.

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C# - Linking To Resources (img, Css, Js) From Different Paths?

Feb 28, 2011

Iam new to ASP.NET and poking around my first ASP Web Application projects in .NET 4.0 I have problem, which I can't solve, and google searches does not bring any joy. So I would ask for and/or explanation of following problem:

Assume that I have set up following project structure:

[gfx] (dir)


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ADO.NET :: Use Linking Table In An EntityDataSource?

Nov 17, 2010

I have an A B AB (Many-to-Many?) table setup (where AB is the Linking Table for records in A and B by their IDs). Entity Framework 4.0 seems to create the EDM correctly (making an entity for A and B, and navigation property for AB). My problem is getting a GridView bound to an EntityDataSource to display columns from A with associated B records.

Here's my code:


The resulting GridView only shows columns from A. How do I get it to also show the associated columns from B? Do I have to explicitly define the columns or is AutoGenerateColumns smart enough to figure it out?

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Linking Datalist With Gridview?

Feb 9, 2010

I would like to wire a datalist with a gridview. The datalist will display an ID that when clicked/selected will expand/select the record in the gridview. I would also like the reverse, when a record is selected in the gridview the id in the datalist would show selected. Both the datalist and the gridview are in an update panel and both should have the same index number.

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VS 2008 Linking Classes From Other Project?

Feb 11, 2010

here is simple:

I have a windows project and a web project within the same solution. I want to share the classes from the Windows project with the Web project. I do that by adding them as a linked component.
The problem is that the classes calls forms, controls and other things that when in Web project makes error.
Is there a way to ignore that kind of error? I mean, I won't even use those functions on the project, they just work on the Windows one.

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Gridview Linking To Detailsview On A Different Page?

Jan 7, 2010

Im fairly new to .net so apologise if this is a simple request!

I have a simple page with a GridView control getting data from a sql database.
I have added a hyperlink as below
<asp:HyperLinkField Text="Select" DataNavigateUrlFields="title_id" DataNavigateUrlFormatString="title.aspx?id={0}" />

On my title.aspx page, i have a detailsview control and i want to be able to retrieve information using the id from the gridview hyperlink.

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Linking To A Radiobutton Value, Data Is Not Binding?

Jan 21, 2011

i need to modify my code a little bit. i have a page with a radio button list and a textarea. the textarea is populated when a users makes a radio button selection.

also, when a user makes a radio button selection the url will hold an extention in the url to show which selection index number they have selection. (i.e. ?selected=0)


that way they can copy the url and reference it in other websites as a link. or place it in their favorites.

the problem is, if you grab the url and open a new browser, the page does not pass the value and databind accordingly. no radio buttons or content appear on the page.

must be the postback logic i think???

what's working:

when i launch the website the radio buttons appear and index 0 is set when i select radio buttons the correct data displays and urls linking to radio button values display in browser [URL] if i cut and paste pointer urls within the same browser then correct data is rendered

what doesn't work (everything that deal with an false PostBack):

1.when i launch website no data within the textarea apprears even though the radio button is set to 0 index and is visiable.

2. if i cut and paste pointer url into a new browser, text area and radio buttons do not display.


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Web Forms :: Linking From Button Event With C#?

Jun 18, 2010

My users would like to select a radio button, click a button, and link to a web page. I need to know how to call the link using the C# code in the Button Click Event handler.


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Web Forms :: Button Linking With A Dropdownlist?

Nov 18, 2010

i have three fields in a table (1 row, 3 columns)

first cell: "surgeries"

second cell: dropdownlist (with all type of surgeries)

third cell: add_new_surgery Button

the result in my page is this:

surgeries: / dropdownlist (with all types of surgeries) / add_new_surgery Button

i want this:

surgeries: / dropdownlist (with all types of surgeries) / add_new_surgery Button / NEW dropdownlist (with all type of surgeries)

my problem is :

when i click the Button , i want a new dropdownlist to appear in order to insert an additional surgery.

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How To Prevent Direct Linking To A Few Pdf Files

Sep 22, 2010

I'm working on a website where I need to prevent the direct linking to a few pdf files. I'm using 2.0. Is there an easy way in code to do this? or some simple IIS setting?

Right now i'm just using a standard anchor tag to link to the files. i can validate the user on the page containing the anchor tag but that still doesn't stop the user from nabbing the url and passing it on to someone else.

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Web Forms :: Linking Two Columns From A Database?

May 27, 2010

I would like to use a drop down list connected to a database to choose a vehicle when inserting a new item. My problem is I need to fill in the vehicle number and vehicle name in two different columns in the database when adding a new record. Is there a way to choose only the number and have the vehicle name automatically fill in based on which vehicle number you choose?

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Linking To Uploaded File With Spaces?

Feb 11, 2011


Linking to Uploaded File with Spaces

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.net - Linking To CSS/JS File Using The Websites Absolute URL?

Nov 24, 2010

I am wondering what the best method is. E.g.

<script type="text/javascript" src="<%= GetBaseURL() %>Scripts/jquery-1.4.1.min.js"></script>


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Is there any danger or performance hit doing it this way?

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C# - Linking Listbox Child Categories?

May 12, 2010

I have few monhts working with aspx, and now I'm developing a shopping cart website. For the employee to upload the products on the DB, every product needs to be linked to a category and sub category, and sub-sub category, and so on. Sometimes the sub-sub categories are up to 5. For example Electronics-TV-LCD-Samsung-40 inches.

First, What I would like to identify is if the SQL table has the apporpiate structure. I have 3 columns Id, Description, Parent_Id. Categories with Parent Id=0 is used for the top ones. Is this the best way to do it?

Then I want to use the ListBox control to select main Categories, and once it is selected, filled a second listbox with its childs and so on. Do I need to query SQL DB everytime the change event happens? I heard about linq but have not used yet.

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MVC :: Linking Resources For Modal Dialog?

May 28, 2010

I am using jquery to display modal dialogs thought my app as certain events happen. I have created a seperate partial view that contains the html but i was wondering where best to handle the stylesheet and css registration. One option would be to always have these two resources linked in the head section of the master page, but is the wasteful since it is only needed when a modal is displayed? Or should I put them in the partial view, but if I did this, they would not be added to the head section.

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Login Control And Linking To Database?

Jan 13, 2010

I got this question which I trying out for month and I still can't figure out.This is the scenario (Sorry for the poor English)There is a database that have information such as the employee particulars (Name, Mobile, address etc)How do I link the user to the database as such,When the user (John) login to the website, the database will display
(john) particulars only and not the other user's particular?

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Get HTML Linking In Aspx Page?

Feb 5, 2010

This might sound like a stupid question, but here is what I want:in an aspx page in Sharepoint wiki, there's a section that I can insert rich text and html code. Here I want to transfer plain html pages to sharepoint wiki.The original html page has many in-page links, like "/Build_Environment/SQL/macs.html#CREATE_TABLE" where links to a section called "Create_Table" in the same page.How would this be done in aspx page? Is it something can be rewritten in html format so that in aspx page, the html section will also work as before?

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Linking A CSS Stylesheet With A Custom Control?

Jun 4, 2010

I'm developing a custom control which is a composition of tables and buttons. I also have an external CSS stylesheet that defines the styles for these elements.

The Control's type is CompositeControl, under namespace MyControls and the definition of the class is in a class file CompositeControl.cs and the dll file generated is named MyControls.dll

The stylesheet is called styles.css and is in the same folder as CompositeControl.cs

For each control (Button, TableCell, etc.), I have specified the CssClass property.

When I add this control to my ASP.NET webpage and check the HTML source when run at localhost, I see all the control tags have the class attribute correctly set, but the source doesn't include the <link> tag which is necessary for including an external stylesheet.

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VS 2013 - Gridview Filtering And Linking

Jan 11, 2012

I am new to web page development so I want to ensure I am going down the right path with this new project. Currently, I am populating a mainGridView on my webpage with infomation from my MS SQL database. Two features I would like to add to this page is to be able to add filtering and hot linking/cell clicking events.

I was also planning on keeping the mainGridView dynamic, so that as a user clicks on a cell I could update the mainGridView with new information. Say all of Sammy Davis' movies. I am trying to do all of this inside of code and leave the aspx alone for the most part.

My plan was to embed textboxes into a secondary GridView to handle the filtering. The user could click on a button to filter the query set and the mainGridView would update based on the filter. Since the mainGridView is dynamic I need to have the filters to be dynamic as well.

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Web Forms :: Whenever Click On Any Button On Webpage, The Request Goes Through, But Nothing Show Up On The Webpage?

Dec 17, 2010

I am working on a financial portal and I am having a problem..I don;t know what to call it so i mentioned it as an 'unknown to me' problem..I have a webpage..whenever I click on any button on my webpage, the request goes through..but nothing show up on the webpage..then If I click on another link and then again come back to previous link,then only I see the results of button_click..


I have a currency conversion and investment after filling up the form in following way and if I click on "INVEST" then nothing shows up..

so now if i click on any other link and go back to 'buy currency' link I see the result as 'investment successful'

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Web Forms :: Linking Menu To Sitemap Not Working?

Jun 8, 2010

I've made a web page from the tutorials in "How do I" to link a menu to web.sitemap.

I build the site and no errors come up, the site opens in my browser, part of the menus work but the menu that links to the sitemap is not displaying the menu contents.

I've run the code on another machine and also made the code in VWD2010 and it runs as it should.

Un-installed and re-installed VWD 2008 and still no luck.

Think I might be missing some component?.

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VS 2010 Linking To Page URLS That Will Change

Mar 3, 2011

I am currently working on a project which involves creating many web controls, some of these web controls have buttons and links which post to aspx pages. However these pages are likely to change and could again change in future. It would be nice if I could list the pages as names in a config file and the resolve page name and do a lookup so when they change I just change the config file rather than all the controls. Firstly is this possible and/or is there a better method? It would also be good if there was somekind of chaching method so we dont actually have to query the file everytime.

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Security :: Linking Asp Membership To An External System?

Oct 7, 2010

I've had a look through the forums but I couln't find a concrete answer - I found some things that point me in the right direction but I would like to just ask for some clarification.My requirements are as follows:I have an external system, with an API that allows me to log in a user, and returns whether or not it was successful. This can only be done through the API, it can not be done with a direct DB connection.I want to create a site that can only be accessed by someone who has a login to this external system. Through the site they will only be able to log-in, there will be no possibility to change password etc, this is all done in the external system by an admin.I like the ASP membership system, and the way it works with anonymous and member views and would like to continue to use it. My question is, how do I do this? Do I create a custom membership provider that overrides all the methods of the usual membership provider? And how will the fact that all I actually want to do is allow the user to login affect things? There will be no ability to change details etc.

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Web Forms :: Code For Linking A Web.sitemap File To A CSS?

Oct 25, 2010

I have a sitemap file included in a masterpage that I want to use CSS to format. Unfortunately, I'm having some problems getting the web.sitemap file to read the CSS file. The following is my code for the Web.sitemap file. Could someone give me the code for getting my document to read the CSS file. The following is a copy the code I have now.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<siteMap xmlns="" >
<siteMapNode url="" title="Staff Admin Menu" description="" forecolor="white">
<siteMapNode url="Default2.aspx" title="> Default2" description=""/>
<siteMapNode url="HomePage.aspx" title="> HomePage" description="" />
<siteMapNode url="GoogleForm.aspx" title="> Google" description="google" />
<siteMapNode url="FacebookForm.aspx" title="> Facebook" description="google"/>

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