Passing A Controller As A Parameter - Can't Get To RedirectToAction Method

Jun 15, 2010

My method looks like:

public static RedirectToResult(Controller controller, ...)

when I do:


I don't see RedirectToAction, how come?

I get RedirectToAction from within the controller's action, but not when I pass the controller as a parameter to another classes method.

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MVC :: Passing Int Value From RedirectToAction Method?

Nov 15, 2010

I want to pass a int value using RedirectToAction() method .

Here i have a Action method Index() which takes 1 parameter id in most of the cases this id cannot be null.

When i submit the form using Action method Edit(), i want to come again on Index page,so i am using method RedirectToAction("Index")

but here with Action Name i want to pass the id also. How can i do it?

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Passing A Parameter To Action Method?

Sep 8, 2010

public ActionResult RenderMyThing(IList<String> strings)
return View("RenderMyView");

How do I pass in strings?

routes.MapRoute("MyRoute", "RenderMyThing.aspx", new { controller = "My", action = "RenderMyThing" });

Is there a way I could pass in strings here?

Secondly, how does ASP.NET MVC know that action is my action, and controller is my controller. Like I saw this in samples, and it does work, but isn't it just an anonymous object with no type?

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MVC :: Radio Button Sets From The Controller Without Passing 15 Different Variables To The Post Method ?

Aug 27, 2010

I'm fairly new to MVC and admittedly don't fully understand how data is passed between Views and Controllers. That said, here is my issue.

I am working with C#. I have a page which has a list of items. Each item has a radio button set of three associated with it and there are 15 of these sets on the page. Thus I have radio1, radio2....radio15, etc. Each of these has value 0, 1, or 2 upon submit. I can't seem to understand how to get the information out of these radio button sets from the controller without passing 15 different variables to the post method in the controller which is associated with the view; ie passing Int32 radio1, Int32
radio2,.., Int32 radio15, etc.

I tried using ViewData["radio"+i] in a loop to access the value of each radio button set, but this, apparently can only be used to pass data to the View from the Controller and not the other way around.

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MVC :: RedirectToAction Crashing When A Controller Is Specified?

May 18, 2010

I've been using MVC since the previews of 1.0 and I think I know what I'm doing, but for the life of me I can not figure out why sometimes when I use RedirectToAction it crashes saying there is no route available. Consider this in MVC 2.0:

I'm registering on my site and I first hit the SiteController, which does its magic then I am to be redirected to my new dashboard, controlled by the... DashboardController. I never make it there. I specify the action and the controller in the redirect call, but it still crashes and burns. The only thing I can possible think of is because the DashboardController is its own area, but that still doesn't help me because by my understanding it should still work regardless.

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MVC :: Controller Not Called From Actionlink Or RedirectToAction

Mar 4, 2011

I am new to MVC2 and have hit a wall. When I use an action link to jump back to a previous page that I have already been on, my controller is not called but the page is rendered correctly. Is this some sort of caching that I am not aware of? This also happens with a RedirectToAction call from another Controller. rfm is the Model...

return RedirectToAction("Search", rfm);

Here is the actionlink...

<%: Html.ActionLink("Search", "Search", "Reference")%>

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Forms Data Controls :: Passing Container.dataitem As Method Parameter?

Apr 26, 2010

input type=..... value="<%= ISO3166CountryList.GetCountryByCode("IE", CurrentLocale).Name %>" />

I'm looking to replace the hardcoded IE with something like

<%#(Container.DataItem as PhoneNumber).ISO%>

No variations of what I've tried worked. How can I get a databinded value when within a <%= code block? Do I need to use an intermediary variable?

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MVC :: Return RedirectToAction() Passing Object?

Apr 9, 2010

I have the following ActionResult() method:


The method is called once the <form> is submitted. If the validation is good, it moves on to create a new user Once the new user is created, I want to redirect the user to a "ThankYou" page passing along the newly created user (object). The TempData["User"] trick seems to work like a charm! Then inside my ThankYou ActionResult() I do the following:


The problem I have is once the user has been redirected to the "ThankYou" page. If he decides to refresh (F5) his browser, the value in the TempData is lost.

What are my possibilities to overcome this issue?

Instead of passing an entire object to my "ThankYou" page, I initially thought of passing the ID of the newly created user and re-query my database to get the object.

The only problem is that the ID will be seen in the QueryString allowing the user to simply change the ID value and try to find other users...

Is my only other alternative to simply place the user object inside a Session? Is that my only other option?

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MVC :: How To Transfer Control To A Controller's Method From A Controller's Method?

Jan 19, 2011

How can i transfer control to a controller's method from a controller's method..I am having two Controllers Home and User.. After username and password are verified inHome Controllers method , i want to show the User Controllers index page , so i have to callindex method of Home controller..How can i do it.

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MVC :: Pass Parameter From Controller To View And Back To Another Controller?

Aug 16, 2010

I have a simple model where a Person has Gifts. I have a view which is a list of Gifts belonging to one Person.

My problem is with the Create action for a new Gift. I want it to default to the PersonID that we are already viewing the list of Gifts for. I tried simply passing the last PersonID (they are all the same)

Html.ActionLink("Create New", "Create", new { id = Model.Last().PersonID }) which works fine if there is already at least one Gift for that person but if this is the first Gift I don't have a value.

My Gift List controller knows the PersonID I want to pass but the view doesn't.

How do I pass this PersonID from my Gift List controller to my Gift Create controller via the Gift List view? Or is there a better way to do this?

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MVC :: File Not Passing To Controller?

Aug 23, 2010

I am getting an null referance on file, what am I doing wrong.

<% Html.EnableClientValidation(); %>
<% Html.BeginForm("AddMedia", "Pattern", new { id= Model.Pattern_Guid} , FormMethod.Post, new {enctype = "multipart/form-data"}); %>
<%: Html.ValidationSummary(true) %>
<%: Html.Label("height") %>
<%: Html.TextBox("height") %>
<%: Html.Label("width") %>
<%: Html.TextBox("width") %>
<%: Html.Label("Media") %>
<input type="file" id="Media" name="Media" />
<input type="submit" name="btnAdd" value="Add" />
<% Html.EndForm(); %>

controller code:

public ActionResult AddMedia(Guid id, HttpPostedFileBase file, FormCollection collection)
string mimeType = file.ContentType; // Null Exception here ....

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MVC :: Passing Data From Controller To View

Nov 16, 2010

I have setup an httppost that sends a string into my controller, searches for some results using linq, and then sends the results to a view. In debug stepping through the code I can see the data that I am looking for being passed into the return view statement, but the page just appears to refresh (it doesn't render the view as expected with the result). why my controller fails to redender the view? (note: I didn't include the view because I can send a ToList() to it without an issue. For example, return View(_entities.Persons.ToList());

public ActionResult RenderSearch(string usersearchtext)
if (usersearchtext != null)
var search_results = from s in _entities.Persons
where s.Description.Contains(usersearchtext)
select s;
return View("SearchResult", search_results.ToList());
throw new NotImplementedException();

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MVC :: Passing Objects Between View And Controller?

Sep 2, 2010

I would like to pass List<SelectListItem> (not selected item but the whole "List" object) back to controller.

for example in my GET controller i would have this

ViewData["list"] = some select list from repository;

then on post I would like to get the list back from view..pretty much i'm trying to use ViewData["list"] as storage..this way I would use ajax to remove or add items to/from the list.

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MVC :: Passing Tag Id To Controller When User Click On?

Jun 12, 2010

When user click on <a> tag i want to pass the id value to controller

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MVC :: Passing Value Intput Text To Controller?

Mar 23, 2010

i am using this code for render view


and this code for action Method


i can access the value text box by AgencyID but if i clicked on Second record AgencyID returns first recode id totally AgencyID returns the first record id.

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Passing Data From Usercontrol To Controller?

Jun 1, 2010

I am new to MVC, and trying something and got stuck somewhere in between.I have a user control there I have three textbox html type(ID, Lastname, firstname) and a submit buttom. I set the button like

<input type="button" value="Search"
onclick="location.href='<%= Url.Action("action", "controller") %>'" />

I have called this usercontrol on some view through

<%= Html.Partial("ucName") %>

Now on pressing that button(on user control) I need to pass the data from these textboxes to controller again to some specific action(Http Post action). By using this data I want to do some database interaction and storing the result in a dataset and pass this data set to same view again to show up in some Grid.I know the first part in conventional can be done by raising the event through delegate but don't know how to do that in MVC.

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Passing Data From A View To A Controller In MVC?

Apr 22, 2010

I have a dictionary I'm passing to a View. I want to be able to pass the values of that dictionary back to a Controller action from this same View. Is there anyway this can be accomplished without using a form? The situation is that I need to be able to pass these back to a controller action that is called when a user clicks an ActionLink from the View, and in my experience an ActionLink cannot be used to submit a values of a form, i.e. I've only been able to submit values of a form using the form's submit button. Unless there's a way to use an ActionLink to submit values in a form.Controller Action passes Dictionary to Controller in ViewData:

public ActionResult ModifyNewCrossListing(FormCollection form)
Dictionary<int, string> prefixlist = new Dictionary<int, String>();


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.NET MVC Controller Parameter Optional?

Oct 5, 2010

I have the following scenario: my website displays articles (inputted by an admin. like a blog).So to view an article, the user is referred to Home/Articles/{article ID}.However, the user selects which article to view from within the Articles.aspx view itself, using a jsTree list.So I what I need to do is to be able to differentiate between two cases: the user is accessing a specific article, or he is simply trying to access the "main" articles page. I tried setting the "Articles" controller parameter as optional (int? id), but then I am having problems "using" the id value inside the controller.

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MVC Controller Parameter Processing?

Apr 3, 2010

In my application I have a string parameter called "shop" that is required in all controllers, but it needs to be transformed using code like this:

shop = shop.Replace("-", " ").ToLower();

How can I do this globally for all controllers without repeating this line in over and over?

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Forms Data Controls :: DetailsView Delete Method Passing Null Values To Objectdatasource Underlying Object Delete Method

Apr 12, 2010

I am using VS 2008 SP1. My also have included CSS Friendly adapter [URL] in my project ( I mentioned this because my GridView Empty data template is not showing when using GridView's CCS Friendly adapter). I have a GridView and a DetailsView. When a record in GridView is selected its details information is shown in the Details View. Type of Data source I am using is ObjectDataSource. My Insert and Update methods works perfectly. It is only the Delete method that is passing null values to the underlying object delete method. My source codes for both the UI, BLL, DAL is shown below


My Business Object code is below :


My Data Access Layer Code is:


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MVC :: Passing Data From View To The Controller With Dropdownlist

Jul 14, 2010

I have a table with a ID, CodeID,LibelleID field. I am using oracle connection. i want to display in a drop downlist (textfield) CodeID+LibelleID for exemple "100-SalaryBase" where CodeID=100 and LibelleID="SalaryBase" is it possible to obtain it if the user selects an element from the dropdownlist how to post both the codeID and ID to the controller

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MVC :: Passing Data From View Back To Controller

Sep 23, 2010

I have following situation - I am pasing user info object from Controller to View. It contains GUID UserID, which i dont want to be seen on page. So I removed every Html.LabelFor(model => model.UserID), Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.UserID) etc... from generated View source. And because of this when Html.BeginForm() returns that object back to Controller all values is there but UserID is lost??

If I leave Html.LabelFor(model => model.UserID), Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.UserID) etc.. in View everything is fine. But I dont want to show UserID? Where is the problem here?

<%= Html.LabelFor(model => model.C__User_Id) %>

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MVC :: Passing ViewModel With Data From View To Controller

Dec 13, 2010

I am trying to pass a view model of mine, which has multiple list in it, to my view. Then in my view i need to edit the different list. Then on my post i need to save the edits. Although, when i pass my viewmodel back to my post, it is empty! Can somebody explain what i am doing wrong? Controller

here is my View




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MVC Passing Model Together With Files Back To Controller?

Oct 6, 2010

I've been going at this for several hours and I simply cannot find the solution.

I want to get some data from my user. So first, I use a controller to create a view which receives a Model:


The rest of this controller does not matter since no matter what I do, the count attribute of Request.Files (or Request.Files.Keys) remains 0. I simply can't find a way to pass the files from the form (the Model passes just fine).

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MVC :: Passing Boolean Values To View From Controller?

Jan 20, 2010

I'm having problems passing values from the controller to the view. I created a boolean variable to use as a flag and want the view to render some html based on whether its true or false.

Unfortunately ViewData doesn't look like it can pass boolean values. I should be able to pass any datatype to a view (string, int, bool, etc...)

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