Right Aligning Statictextfield Controls?

Aug 30, 2010

So I am adding StaticTextField controls to a page. This is using ExtJS, but we use VB.NET methods to add ExtJS so we don't actually have to write it.

I tried using

.Style = "text-align:right"

But that isn't working, in fact it isn't doing anything. Here is the whole code of one of the controls:

With .AddColumns(2)
With .Item(1)
.LabelWidth = 150
With .AddControl(New Forms.Control("LoanProceeds", "../../loanProceeds", "Loan Proceeds", IIf(Model.LoanProceeds <> 0, Model.LoanProceeds, "$0.00"), Forms.Control.ControlType.StaticTextField))
.Validate.AllowNegative = False
.Validate.AllowDecimals = True
.Style = "text-align:right"
.ReadOnly = True
End With

All these controls are contained within a column, which is contained within a fieldset, which is contained within a panel.

why these aren't right aligning using CSS? For some reason, if I try to use the same code above (the CSS), to try and right align comboboxes, or number fields, it works, and they are located right underneath these static controls, but it's not working for static controls. They need to be static because we don't want the "box" outline on each of the values, we just want it to be text, nothing else on the screen.

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since right and left panels are dynamically loaded with controls , it is very difficult to set the text of the middle column.

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How i can achieve this using best practices?

Update: All the images will be the same size.

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Jul 30, 2010

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<asp:ImageButton ID="ImageButton1" ImageUrl="../images/apply-blue.gif" runat="server"
OnClick="imgApply_Click" ValidationGroup="0"/>

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I have posted below the code to a very simple log-in page, but can't work out why, when viewed in a browser (Chrome, - I haven't tried others), it appears way down the page in the ContentPlaceHolder and not at the top. Also, how would I make such 'functions' as log-in boxes like this one appear centred on the ContentPlaceHolder as opposed to formatted to the left?

If anyone could indicate where in this code it states to align the log-in function box to the left
and half way down the page (not align to the MasterPage header

<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="MainContent" Runat="Server">

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<div style="text-align: right">
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The textbox aligns to the right, but the label aligns to the left and on the line above. How can I fix this so that the label is on the left, the textbox on the right, and both on the same line?

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Feb 1, 2010

On poping up the Dialog Box (consisting of an image) on Page Load ,sometimes it doesnt align to the center of the page. Tried everything (e.g putting correct DOC type, Css etc) but still not happening.Although if you refresh or even resize the window it aligns to the center. Using the latest Ajax Control toolkit ModalPopupextender

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Apr 10, 2010

I am trying to uise the Ajax Toolkit Tab container and Tab Panel controls. I got them working BUT the tabs are on the right side of the web page instead of starting on the left side. I have tried many things to move them to no avail.
I am using a master page and a css style file. By clicking around they moved to where they should be but then after viewing web page went back to right (wrong) side.

<%@ Master Language="VB" CodeFile="MasterPage.master.vb" Inherits="MasterPage" %>

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I finally figured out that if I don't use themes then the report shows the data as it should - right aligned, but when I apply the theme the data gets left aligned.Am I correct in assuming that if you are using themes then your data won't align correctly with the crystal report viewer? how to get my data aligned correctly when using themes?

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Sep 3, 2010

Coding Platform: ASP.NET C#
Controls Used: asp:Wizard and asp:Button

I have a asp:Wizard and when it renders it have Previous and Next ButtonsI would like to place a button to the right of Next Button.Now that button is being rendered below asp:Wizard Control.Any method to accomplish it? Update: I am not using StartNavigationTemplate, StepNavigationTemplate and FinishNavigationTemplate

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Custom Server Controls :: How To Custom Controls Derived From Existing Controls - Overriding Default Property Values

Nov 15, 2010

I have some (probably very basic) questions about developing custom controls. I am wanting to derive a set of button controls, and the first one I have started on is a "DeleteButton", that has a additional property (DeleteConfirmationText) that is built into the OnClientClick attribute. To get that added, I overrode the Render method as follows:


This all works well. Now, I will add some logic to make sure that there is some text in the DeleteConfirmationText property, but that isn't the intent of my question.
What I am also wanting to do is to override some of the default property values, so I added that to the default constructor:


Now, in the designer in VS2008, and I look at the properties for the control, there isn't a default value shown in the "Properties" section, and the Causesvalidation still shows the underlying classes default value of "True". As well, in design mode, where the GridView control that containse my DeleteButton control would be displayed, there is an error box "There was an error rendering the control. 'Are you certain you want to delete this attorney?' cound not be set on property 'DeleteConfirmationText'. Here's the markup where I am defining the deletebutton control:


What am I doing wrong?

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Nov 16, 2010

Any one know any open source user control that is similar to gridtreeview. Basically, I want to show a multi column treeview that when expanded, user can edit certain column values. The columns can have a text box or dropdown etc.

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I have a 2 page signup form, on each page the form fields are seperated into sections. Each section is a user control, and there are 2 controls on each page. My question is, how do I get the data from page A to B. I'll be using a webservice to insert the data into SQL so I'm not worried about that portion of the process.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Configuration; [code]....

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Apply Validation Controls On Gridview Which Is Created Dynamically

Aug 31, 2010

i created a gridview with two columns and 8 rows dynamically. All the rows are empty and editable at runtime. I am giving column names for this grid from some other .aspx page by passing column names using querystring.Because i am using this grid for three different pairs of column names. i would like to know how to apply Required Field Validator, Regular Expression Validator and Range Validator on Gridview textboxes. So that by using those validators i want to validate user inputs. And i would also like to know how to add rows at runtime for this grid.

I am using ASP.net 2.0 and C#.net for this.(Visual Studio 2005)

The code i am using to create gridview is below.


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Forms Data Controls :: Binding ListView Controls To An ObjectDataSource Dynamicly For Updating?

Jan 28, 2010

I'm doing research on framework development for my company. SInce I will be developing a framework I can not simply declaire all my control in the code in front. Receiently I've been having trouble binding the controls from my ListView to my ObjectData Source. Basicly the properties in my DataObjectTypeName are not populated when the ObjectDataSource "Update" command is thrown. I recieve no error, I just get null values. All I need is an equivalent to this statement for code-behind ...

<%# Bind("AbstractText") %>This would solve all my issues. Ofcouse I will most likely need to bind the control's ID somewhere but that is not an issue. How do I Bind a control to a property in my DataObjectTypeName from the code-behind?

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Custom Server Controls :: How To Make Controls Inside A Template Visible To Code-behind

Nov 27, 2010

I have created a custom control that implements Templates (based on Panel controls) ... I can do a FindControl to locate imbedded controls. This allows me to get and set values in the imbedded controls, but I want to be able to reference the imbedded controls like they are properties of the associated panel. Here is a sample of how my custom control now works:

<cc:CustomControl ID="myCustomControl" runat="server">
<asp:TextBox ID="myTextBox" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>

I can do the following (where my custom control has given the panel hosting the template the name "myPanel"):
Dim txt As TextBox = myCustomControl.myPanel.FindControl("myTextBox")
txt.Text = "Some text to put in TextBox"

What I want to do is:

myCustomControl.myPanel.myTextBox.Text = "Some text to put in TextBox"

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