Send Mails To Different People Within The Organization

Feb 19, 2010

In every organization there will be mail access project. I want to know the sample application. Can u please tell me the sample application. I know how to send the mails from page, by using one email id. means by setting the mailer host, username and password details in web.config file. But i need to send from different email id's to different id's.

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Unable To Send Automated Mails

Feb 25, 2010

I am not able to send mails thru my pages. If I host site with IP on other hosting server then it will work but if I set the IP provided by my Hosting Provider that time I can't if any other information is required to address this issue.

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Send Automatically Mails To Registers Members By Day

Jan 18, 2010

im wonder if someone can give me direction to articles / solutions to something im tryin to do. I have membership registration for my site. I want to build some email engine that send automaticly mails to registers members by day. for example: the user is register to the site after that he get email, that OK i know how to do that. but i want the site will send another mail after a day, another email after 2 days and another email after 7 days.

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How To Send Smtp Mails In Worker Role

Apr 15, 2010

Provide me some samples how to send smtp mails in worker role

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Web Forms :: How To Send Mails Without Giving Authentication

Apr 17, 2012

I want to sent mails from my application, from address may be any domain and  to address also any domain.But in my application i already registered my domain name( in web.config file.the mails are going from that domain( to other domains.But i want to sent mails from gmail,yahoo etc to other domains.

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Web Forms :: Send Upto 360 Mails After That It Is Not Sending Emails?

Jan 30, 2010

I have a requirement of sending 3000 Emails one by one with an attachment of around 100KB, I was using namespace with our company mail program will send upto 360 mails after that it is not sending emails,and it is not giving any exception.what is the solution to my problem.

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Configuration :: How To Send Bulk Mails Smtp Server Code

Oct 1, 2010

I want some tips regarding sending mail ,I want to send bulk mail from my web application in c#. so ,what should be the best code for this and also what should be the best configuration used in the smtp server. because my current system fails to send 100 mails out of 400 mails in smtp server. I aslo used theading for sending this mail in batch of 30 mails in every 20 minute but it is not working . I want solution of both in my c# code and smtp and also is there any new solution in new technology like web services or any other option .

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Architecture :: Create Scheduled Task That Auto Send Mails

Aug 24, 2010

i bought a hosting plan that allows me to send about 500email/per hour but my client wish to send about 2000 or 3000 email at a time. is there a way to split them and 500 email per a time automaticly without the need of reloging again every hour. my hosting plan doesn't allow me to create a sql jop or send mails via Sql Server.

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Web Forms :: How To Send Group Of SMS And Email To Many People At The Time Of Error Occurs

Aug 12, 2013

How to send group of sms and email to many people at the time of error occurs in my application ( so the everyone get alert...

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Show Organization Chart For An Organization. In .Net

Mar 11, 2010

i have to show organization chart for an organization. i have no idea how to do that,,how can i use name space to show this chart can anybody help me with this..??data is basically coming from data base, the whole hierarchy is there in the database i have to show it graphically on organisation.aspx page.

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How To Send A Mail To A Group Of People And The Datas Shuld Be Access From The Data Base

Mar 25, 2010

how can i do this thing, because i am designing a web page regarding this thing, i have a n option that send group mail, so that i have to get the users into a group by users selection, and send a single mail to all of them

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Web Forms :: Rendering Usercontrols - Send The Contents Of A Webpage To People Who Enter Their Email Address Somewhere

Feb 2, 2011

For a certain project I need to be able to send the contents of a webpage to people who enter their e-mail address somewhere. For this I've scoured the internet and came upon a couple of possible sollutions. The first would be to use a scraper which would just look up the webpage and then mail the html contents to someone. The problem with this is that internet html (and more importantly css) and mail html might be completely different things when you look at outlook. This also takes the entire masterpage with it, while I pretty much just want the inner content.

Second sollution was completely rebuilding the pages in my mail function, based on a few given parameters. Seeing as there's many different types of pages that need to be sent, this would take ages to do...

Last sollution I came upon was manually calling rendercontrol. This actually seemed like a viable way of doing this, but of course, things go wrong. The structure of the website is as follows: Masterpage includes default.aspx, default.aspx has a placeholder which gets filled with a control I manually load (loadcontrol(path)) based on what page I need. This control is the one I need. My way of trying to render this control to send through mail is the following: first, I create a page, then I'll load the user control and finally I use UC.RenderControl(writer)

This does give me the basic html lay-out, but it seems that the Page_Load isn't being called, causing none of my variables to actually be filled in. Is there any way I can cause the control to be rendered just as if it were rendered inside a page's lifecycle?

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Security :: Prompt Network People But Not Outside People?

Sep 23, 2010

I have a question.aspx page that allows "guests" and "admin" to use. If guest access the page, it says Submit, if admin access it, it says "Approve" on the button control.

My question is, when guest accesses that page, I don't care about their credentials, but when admin accesses that page, I want them to log in first. And the Admin users are the ones that work in our company with the same domain and such. Anyone that access outside would be "guest".. how can I prompt people in the same network when they try to access that page? I need that AD credentials to do some programming in code behind.

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Organization Chart Or Nevron Diagram?

Nov 8, 2010

Org chart for site in ASP.NET, C#

i want to create orgchart like this [URL]

can any one tell me that how can i implement this tool in my website and also fill this diagram with database

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Drag And Drop - Able Organization Chart

Jul 26, 2010

I have to generate an organization chart, in my application and it should supports drag and drop feature to update the linkage between organization structure. What would be the best way to deal with it, (jQuery or silver light or .net chart controls). My primary needs is to support drag and drop.

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C# - Free Organization Chart Component

Aug 31, 2010

i need a "free" organization chart component for

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Create An Organization Chart In HTML?

Jan 11, 2011

create an organization chart in HTML?

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Web Forms :: How To Create Organization Chart

Jun 16, 2015

I have searched regarding organization chart create using but not get satisfactory result.

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Web Forms :: Adding Images To Organization Chart?

Jan 14, 2011

I am currently attempting to build an Organisation chart image map based on the data in our SQL Database. I am doing this at runtime in an ASP.NET C# web application.

I have been asked to investigate the possibility of adding personal images from our SQL DB into the chart and I am completely lost... As I am creating an image already, how would I add an existing image (which is stored in the database) into the new one?

The code I am using to generate the image is as follows -





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Develop Webmail Like Gmail - Yahoo For An Organization?

May 1, 2010

i just started learning of .NET using C#. i m working on Webmail Project. My Requirement is develop a webmail service for an internal organization in which u can send email to any domain and recieve as well as.first i need beginer training so i can send mails at simple level. currently m not able to send mails using smtp server and how to configure it.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Store The Hierarchy Data For The Organization

Feb 19, 2010

Here I store the hierarchy data for the Organosation. Under_Level_ID denotes under which Level_ID the current Level is lying. e.g. for Branch the hierarchy in above table will be likeHO-->REGION-->Branch & for ZONE the hierarchy will be same as branch. Now my problem is I need all the hierarchy below a given Level. i.e. if am passing 132 as level then the SP should return me all the hierarchy elements lik Zone, Branch, fgfgfhf, Cluster,

[Level_Id] [numeric](18, 0) IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[Org_Id] [numeric](18, 0) NOT NULL,
[Level_Desc] [varchar](100) NULL,
[RM_SB] [varchar](50) NULL,
[Under_Level_Id] [numeric](18, 0) NULL,
[Level_Id] ASC

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Authenticate And Authorize Internal And External Users To Log And Then Re-route To Web Applications For The Organization

Mar 26, 2010

Need to develop a Web application that will be used to authenticate and authorize internal and external users to log and then re-route to web applications for the organization. The login application should be able to provider smooth integration with any future applications that needs a secured authentication. Should I be using WIF - Claims based Identity/ADFS or Role membership provider to develop this app.?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Create A Self Association Relation For An Organization Chart Data Tree In Entity Framework

Mar 6, 2010

I,am trying to create a self association relation for an organization chart data tree in Entity Framework,after trying different ways for prevention of exceptions like 3007 and etc. I found that when I put my foreign key in my POCO near Parent and Items navigation properties its work.but I think this is not correct that we have both ParentID scalar property and Parent navigation property. review this and tell me is it correct or not.I'm using VS 2010 RC and ofcource .net framework 4.0 RC


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Count How Many People Are Seeing The Page

Feb 16, 2010

how can we count how many people are seeing our page?and how how can we count active users?

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SQL Server :: People And Addresses - One To Many Or Many To Many?

Aug 13, 2010

We're debating on the architecture of this university database project. We can't decide if we should relate the tables as -> "one person to many addresses" or "many persons to many addresses". We understand that there will be duplication of some data in the "one_to_many" schema. How bad would that be. "many to many" is obviously more normalized. Are there any trade offs for either setup? We expect there to be 100,000+ people.

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