Sql - Configure Data Source Is Not Returning Anything?

Jun 12, 2010

I'm selecting table data of the current user:

SELECT [ConfidenceLevel], [LoveLevel], [HappinessLevel] FROM [UserData] WHERE ([UserProfileID] = @UserProfileID)

I have set a control to the unique user ID and it is getting the correct value:

HTML: <asp:Label ID="userID" runat="server" Text="Labeluser"></asp:Label>

C#: userID.Text = Membership.GetUser().ProviderUserKey.ToString();

I then use it in the where clause using the Configure Data Source window unique ID = control then controlID userID(fills in .text for me)

I compile and run but nothing shows up where the table should be.

Here is the code it has created:

<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
<asp:BoundField DataField="ConfidenceLevel" HeaderText="ConfidenceLevel"


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I don't know it happen just to me or Others have the same situation too . All the time when i bind a DataControl to an ObjectDataSource in "Configure Data Source" wizard of ObjectDataSource,when i set parameter source as "Control" in "ControlId" DropdownList there are TWO Item of every control in the WebForm , while it make sense be one.

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I downloaded the latest version of Visual Web Developer Express. I created an Access (.accdb) database with a table and one record inside it. I dropped a grid view onto my page and selected 'Configure Data Source'. It only wants (.mdb). I have searched the web and discovered bits and peices of information but nothing really in depth that shows me how to fully utilize an (.accdb) Access Database with Visual Web Developer Express Edition. Can someone give me an explanation of how to set up my .aspx page for C#?

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JQuery UI Autocomplete WebService Source Returning JSON?

Nov 29, 2010

I have been trying for two months to get this code working, and I am close, but still confused. I want the JQuery UI Autocomplete function to call an web service which returns JSON data and display that data for selection, and on selection put the selected value into a hidden field.

There are several issues:

1) The autocomplete function is not firing
2) The source: "/AutoSuggest.asmx/DOTFind?" line throws an invalid object exception
3) The service requires two parameters: (string prefixText, int count) - count tells it how many records to return.
4) I am not at all certain that this code will accept JSON data that comes back from the service

Here is the code:


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SQL Reporting :: A Data Source Instance Has Not Been Supplied For The Data Source 'report2Dataset'

Jan 6, 2011

I recently started using SSRS 2010 and I didnt come across this issue in 2005 or 2008 versions of reporting services.

I have a report that drills down to child report1 and then that drills down to child report 2 but clicking a field in the report.

When I click on the link on the first report to go to the second report. I get this error message

"A data source instance has no tbeen supplied for the data source ''reprort2dataset"

I am not sure how to handle this error.

All reports run fine stand alone, but when I try to link them up I get that error.

I have a report viewer running the reports in an aspx page.

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SQL Server :: A Data Source Instance Has Not Been Supplied For The Data Source 'dsOrders_tblOrdersReport'

Aug 4, 2010

Where and what am i missing?

this code produces some error:

DataSet ds = services.getOrdersReport(1, "", DateTime.Parse(System.DateTime.Now.Date.ToShortDateString()));
ReportDataSource datasource = new ReportDataSource("JMJ", ds.Tables[0]);


A data source instance has not been supplied for the data source 'dsOrders_tblOrdersReport'

'dsOrders_tblOrdersReport' -- name of the table designed in dataset.XSD

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May 14, 2010

I am getting the following error while i bind the dataset dynamically in reportviewer(Asp .net 4.0) . I have binded the dataset using stroedprocedure.

Error:A data source instance has not been supplied for the data source 'DataSet1'.

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We have a web project that contain its business methods in a class library project called "Bll.dll"
some methods of Bll.dll return List<> ... from a source - that i don't remember now - told that returning Collection<> is better than returning List<> Is it a valid ? Note that i don't make any process on values returned from BLL methods .. just view it in a web page

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Nov 1, 2010

how to make my source code to display on one line instead of multiple in source view. The display drives me batty when I'm trying to find something and I would prefer to display across the page instead of multiple lines down the page.

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How To Configure Membership Provider To Insert Data On Own Database

Apr 15, 2010

How can I configure membership provider to insert data on my own database

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Forms Data Controls :: Configure Delete In Gridview?

Feb 20, 2010

i want delete one row of my gridview,but before delete it, ask if i sure to delete that record or not.

how can i write a configure delete code for my grid view

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Open Source Lead Management System With Source Code?

Sep 6, 2010

asp.net open source Lead management system with source code.

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Source Control / Checked Out Codeplex And Thats Really For Open Source Projects?

Feb 15, 2010

I couldn't decide where would be the most apprioate. I looking for an online source control site, if such a thing exists? I've checked out codeplex and thats really for open source projects ? which this isn't. does anyone have a recommendations?

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AJAX :: Source Of Gridview Is Not Shown In Browser's Page Source?

Apr 7, 2010

source of gridview details in page source.i am disabling and enabling in a server side and also i am using updatepanel too in the page.

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Data Controls :: Configure ListView Control To Repeat Columns Horizontally

Jul 8, 2012

I want to display my records in ListView. Per row must have only 3 records. I am using Mysql, The data is connected and retrieved fine. But I unable to configure it's view to "Tiled" Is it possible by using code behind or asp.net source view?

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Forms Data Controls :: ListView Not Returning Data But Query In Access Works

Mar 8, 2011

I have a search box on a web application that is to use a query I have built in Access to search through projects to find any that are related to the text entered in the search box.

The query in Access is just made up of parameters that use wildcards to search through all the fields. In Access the query works fine and returns the correct data but when I try and link this all up to a ListView in Visual Studio, the ListView just diplays the message "No data was returned"

Below is my page-behind code, hopefully you can see why it is not working but it looks like it should work to me.


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Forms Data Controls :: Data List Returning Incomplete Results?

Oct 18, 2010

I have a page where users can search by company name, the data list is pulled from an Excel spreadsheet hosted on the site. I'm seeing some strange results returned, for example:

In the company field say there are the following entries:

Anns Company
Bernards Business
Company B
Dermots Domain
Property Company

If I search for "Com" I get the following returns (correct):

Anns Company
Company B
Property Company

If I search for "Der" I get my "Sorry there are no matching results" message (Incorrect)

If I search for "Ann" I get the following returns (Correct):

Anns Company

And if I search for "e" I get the following returns (Correct):

Bernards Business
Dermots Domain
Property Company

It seems random as to why it doesn't return some values, I've tried moving rows around to see if that's the problem but it makes no difference. My range is set correctly in the spreadsheet.

When I debug the VB code behind, when I search for something that works correctly e.g. "Com" in the above example, once enter the value and click search Visual Studio begins steping into the code and shows me the contents of the variables however when I search for something that's not working e.g. "Der" and click search it immediatly returns the "Sorry there are no matching results" message and the code behind does not get steped into.

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DataSource Controls :: Procedure Returning No Data Even Though Data Is Present In Database?

Jun 21, 2010

iam using asp.net2.0 with c#, with backend sql server2000

in my client system i have to create dynamically procedure and return the result

but when iam using in my local system the code is working fine but at client system it it not working


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Forms Data Controls :: Add A Custom Style To The List In The Window Of Configure ListView?

Jul 13, 2010

When "Configure ListView..." in the smart tag of ListView is clicked, one can choose one of the 4 styles on the list: Colorful, Professional, etc. I am wondering if there is any way to add one's own style to the list.

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Not Returning Data?

Jun 5, 2010

i am using gridview to bind data from stored procedure. When i test query it get succeeded and shows all the data but when i run the page it does not show anything

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How To Test Functions Returning Data From A Database

Nov 15, 2010

I have a function:

public List<Car> GetFourWheelDrives()
return dataContext.Cars.Where(c => c.IsFourWheelDrive == true).ToList();

Firstly it's kind of obvious what I'm trying to do here. Any suggestions on how I'm doing this? Any improvements?

So now I want to unit test this. Well is it a unit test? A unit test isn't suppose to touch the database right? So this is a functional test?

So say I write a test

public void GetFourWheelDrives_NoParameters_ReturnAListOfOnlyCarsThatAreFourWheelDrives
Assert.Greater(dataContext.Cars.Where(c => c.IsFourWheelDrive == false).ToList().Count, 0);
var cars = GetFourWheelDrives();
Assert.Greater(cars.Count, 0);
Assert.AreEqual(cars.Count, cars.Where(c => c.IsFourWheelDrive == true).ToList().Count);

So first Assert I'm making sure cars that aren't 4WD exist in the database otherwise it wouldn't be a valid test.

Second Assert I'm making sure at least one was returned.

Third Assert I'm making sure that all the cars returned were in fact 4WD.

I know this isn't a good test because I'm using the same logic in the test as the function I'm testing. However this is the only way I can currently think of to do this.

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