User Able To Login After Clearing Cookies ?

Mar 11, 2011

After clearing cookies in browser , user is able to navigate to any page? Here i am not clicking on logout I expect once browser cookies are cleared, user should be redirected to login page .

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User Controls :: Automatically Login User Using Forms Authentication And Cookies

May 7, 2015

i develope web site based on users authentication.

How can i promiss that user who logins to the site and closes and explorer, could reopen it and be connected without insert his user & password again.

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VS 2008 Essentially A User Login / Cookies?

Aug 31, 2010

I am making a small silly game but I am not sure of the best way to do it or where to start.Basically I will send a link to the people who are going to playing and on that page they will enter their name. I am then going to get an email with their name in so I can see they have accepted my challenge The game will then redirect to the next page. Thats not a problem.The problem is the game is going to played over a month and each time they visit the game on any page the website needs to know which player is the one who is playing.The other thing Is there is going to be a clue button for each question if they click the clue button for that question They will loose points. Now I want a way of of telling if a user was to display the clue close the website then come back and answer it.Is cookies the best way? Or maybe a cookie for the persons name and a server side file for each player so I have a record of who showed clues for what questions?

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Cookies - Auto Login The User Like In Facebook?

Apr 4, 2011

how to auto login the user like in facebook.what i mean that if the user ticks remember me then next time he will be auto logged in

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Clearing Multiple Cookies?

Mar 23, 2011

The code below tries to clear the cookies for all domains once a user logs out of the system. For some reason, only the last domain in the array is cleared. Why does this happen? Am I doing something wrong?

For example, if I change the size of the array to 4 and then change the for loop to only go to 3, then it only logs me out of

As a sidenote, I have this loop working on a different server that uses a slightly different function to clear the cookies.

Edit: Code updated per suggestions below. Now it fails on the "as HttpCookie" line. Do I need to include some library?

Dim aDomain(12)
Dim ESidCookie, WIdCookie, EBidCookie, TSidAccessCookie, PSidAccessCookie, SSidCookie As HttpCookie

aDomain(0) = ""
aDomain(1) = ""
aDomain(2) = "" [code]....

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State Management :: Clearing Cookies On Sign Out From Application?

Mar 15, 2011

I have developed an web application which use cookies to store data. I need to clear cookies on sign out from application.I am new to How can i clear cookies.

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State Management :: Page Cannot Be Found Error On Clearing Cookies While Running Application

Jul 27, 2010

I've a web application which is running on sql state session ..

And is running well under normal conditions.

But when my application is in home page or landing page after loging to the application,

if user clears all his history and cookies and click on any menu in the application .

It is giving Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage error..

I'm not able to debug the error.. am getting the same problem even under deploying conditions.

How to handle this issue?

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Security :: ARR Login Fail But When Users Remove All Cookies And Session Data The Login Works Again

Sep 27, 2010

I have two application (one of this is mojo portal): [URL] for some users when they login into "app" then the login in "mojo" doesn't work and viceversa. I've set the machinekey into web.config file. When the users remove all cookies and session data the login works again. The two application are into a Web Farm. Should be ARR the problem?

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Cookies Login Doesn't Work

Mar 24, 2011

I have a problem. I have done custom "Remember Me" functionality using cookies.


I see the cookie in firecookies tools in the Firefox. It exists and has the correct expiration date.

But when I changed time - moved to next month. After that I entered to the site and I unlogged user.

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Security :: How To Create Cookies For Remember Login

Feb 28, 2011

I would like to set the Login which will log auto when he return to site, if the user hasent logged off the site.and if he enter the site again he'll be logged in already.

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User Controls :: Validate Session Set After Login And Redirect User Back To Login Page If It Is NULL

Apr 26, 2013

I have made a web page in which there is login screen when user login it goes next page but my problem is if i directly enter the url of that page it open. I want it should not open unless the user log in... 

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DataSource Controls :: User Login Form / Validate Specific User On Login Page

May 28, 2010

how i can validate Specific user ON My Login Page

whether the username exist or not

if its exist it should match with the right password and right username

Language-ASP.NET C@


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Security :: Using Cookies And Session To Store Login Information?

Feb 11, 2010

It has been a while since I've built an entire ASP.NET web application from the ground up but I'm about to jump in again. I've built many individual pages, controls, web parts, etc. recently, but nothting 'soup to nuts' for a couple of years. My question is in regards to login security control. I do not want to use the built in ASP.NET Memberhip functionality for various reasons and already have custom code that authenticates the user, controls passwords, login attempts, etc. I am really concerned though about how to validate that the user is logged in (and the best way to do it). For instance, right now I use a Base page that all of my .aspx pages inherit from. In the OnInit() method, it executes code which includes:


I set the Session["LoggedIn"] object to "true" after the user has successfully been authenticated at the Login.aspx page. So, when a user attempts to access any page in the application, if that Session object isn't true, they will be redirected (you can't visit any page without being logged in). This all works great, but I'm thinking I need something more and that brings me here. First, do I need more? Is this enough? I was thinking about creating a cookie with a GUID value and the SessionID (both encrypted perhaps?) and adding that to my Base page so it checks both the current Session["LoggedIn"] value
and the values in the cookie.

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Web Forms :: How To Create Login Authentication Page Using Cookies With C#

Sep 26, 2012

How to create login authentication page using cookies in ASP.NET with C#?

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User Controls :: Save User Selected Language In Cookies In MultiLingual Website

Aug 18, 2015

i have read your article on Multilingual Website and i have implemented that i works good .but there is new problem arrising. suppose my default language is english set in internet option so the whenever website reloaded or redirected then all content will show in english language but

when i changed it to hindi then current webpage converted to hindi but after that if i pressed any button on current page or i redirected to any other link of particular website then again hindi is converted to english.

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User Controls :: Implement Custom User Login With Roles Without Using Login Control

May 7, 2015

What if, I'm not using the LOGIN CONTROL but rather creating a Custom Control for Login. Is it possible to have user roles and a site map that redirects to its own destination when the user login?

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Web Forms :: Set Cookies Null Than Open Login.aspx In Browser

Jan 16, 2011

if any body open web site if any one on client side clear the cookies than how to open the Login.axps page

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Caching User Control And Clearing That Cache Programmatically?

Jul 13, 2010

I'm trying to cache user controls and on some pages i want to cache single objects. There are multiple ways of implementing caching, and my head is breaking over it.

The way I see the caching options now:

You have the PartialCaching option which is set to cache the control for 30 minutes, and after that it clears itself... You have the varyByParam to identity the page by its querystring paramaters... or other vary options

But i just cant find an appropriate way to add caching to a control, and be able to clear the caching programmatically when i update one of the objects used in the control from the backend.

You can do HttpContext.Current.Cache.Insert(), which accepts a key on which you can destroy the caching item later by using remove... This can save objects in cache but can you use options like varyByParam?

My questions are burnt down to two:

Is there a way to clear the caching on specific user controls from the code? If yes, can this be done according to the varyby options? How would the object caching respond to logged in users or anonymous users using Insert()?

EDIT: I'm caching multiple things.... And I'm really flabbergasted in which choice to make referring to caching. Can the Cache.Insert be varied by Parameters?

The main problem is peopling editing things from the backend, which needs to trigger an event that reinstantiates or clears all caching items referring that object.

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Web Forms :: Clearing User Name & Passoword Fields Saved In IE And Fire Fox?

Feb 2, 2010

I m facing a problem in clearing user name and password fields saved in IE and FireFox. I tried Assigning empty string to my text boxes on page load but that didt worked. The only way that worked for me was to assign " " space to my text boxes. But that way on tab event mu cursor is not moving to next control rather it first removes space from text box and then moves to next control. I need to fix this ASAP, Can any one help me out with this.

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SQL Server :: Cannot Open User Default Database. Login Failed. Login Failed For User X

Aug 26, 2010

Cannot open user default database. Login failed. Login failed for user X

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Security :: Emulate The Effects Of User Cookies Being Disabled?

Jul 20, 2010

How can I emulate the effects of user cookies being disabled?

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Web Forms :: Redirect User To Last Visited Page Using Cookies

Apr 30, 2014

i want to know if a user is using website to register , and there are three registration pages with three table . if the user has completed one page and submitted and when he redirects to next page his system shuts down and if again he opens the site he should be redirected to the second page how to make it.

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Use Gmail Or Live Service To Login In The Website But Limit Only One User (admin) To Login?

Dec 24, 2010

I've a Gmail account, assume that Now I want to login (as admin) in my website through this account. I know I can use OpenID etc. for that purpose but I want to limit it for just me only. Can I do this? I don't let anyone else to know which service I used to login and what is my address and etc. (Note: My website contains just one and only one login form, for just me, only!)

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Security :: Create A Login Window From Where User Could Login From Their Gmail Or Others Id And Write

Aug 13, 2010

i m currently creating an article module, and i want if user wana comment on to the any particular artical, than he should login any of his mail id like gmail, yahoo hotmail etc and than post his or her comment and after than comment should go into the DB.

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Web Forms :: Disable User Login For 24 Hours After Three Failed Login Attempts

Aug 30, 2012

I have login page, users enter their username and password ... I want when users enter their password wrong after 3 time they can't enter password until 24 hours after that they can try it again, How i can do it?

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