Validation - Validate Integer And Float Input In Textbox?

Mar 4, 2010

I am using below code to validate interger and float in but if i not enter decimal than it give me error

<asp:TextBox ID="txtAjaxFloat" runat="server" />
<cc1:FilteredTextBoxExtender ID="FilteredTextBoxExtender1" TargetControlID="txtAjaxFloat" FilterType="Custom, numbers" ValidChars="." runat="server" />

i have this regex also but its giving validation error if i enters only one value after decimal. [URL]

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Web Forms :: Validate Integer (Number) And Float (Decimal) Values In TextBox?

May 9, 2013

i have textbox it should accept only integer or float values..........

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C# - Is There A Security Reason To Validate A Textbox Input If You Are Limiting The Max Length Of The Input

Oct 1, 2010

Since I'm new to coding and I'm trying to understand why here is a little more detail on the question.If you have a text box and you are limiting the input to say 2 charactrs do you really need to validate the input further? What I have is a text box that has a max length of 2. Is there a security reason to add a validator to the textbox. I should add this is in

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Textbox For Integer Input With Multiple Validators?

Sep 15, 2010

I have a textbox that I want the user to enter an integer in.1) I have created a required field validator, to ensure it is not left blank.2) A compare validator, to ensure the value entered is an integer using datatypecheck.3) A range validator to limit the range of the entered integer.If a letter is entered, instead of an integer, errors from both 2) and 3) are displayed.Is there a way to only show the error from 2) if a letter is entered and 3) if the integer is out of range - rather than both?

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Textbox - Validate Text Box Contains Integer Greater Than Equal To Zero?

Mar 29, 2010

If I want to validate that a text box contains an integer greater than or equal to zero. Do I need to use TWO asp:CompareValidator controls: one with a DataTypeCheck operator and one with a GreaterThanEqual operator?

Or is the datatype operator redundant? Can I just use a single validator with the GreaterThanEqual operator (and the type set to Integer)?

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Web Forms :: Make Validation For Textbox To Allow Enter Integer?

Aug 21, 2010

I need to make validation for Textbox to allow enter integer stated by 9 or 6 or 5 , and also maximum 8 digits , how to do that ?

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Validation - Using RangeValidator To Validate User Input On Client Side For Double Values?

Feb 4, 2010

I was using RangeValidator to validate user input on client side for double values.One of my user said that when he enters 5E-10, my range validator does not understand that number as a valid double.

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Web Forms :: Validate The Input Textbox

Nov 1, 2010

I have a textbox called "tax rate" which I need to validate the input... The only thing I need to ensure is that the value entered is a number (decimals ok of course). eg. the input might be "8.75" How do I write the validation expression?

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Configuration :: Float Numbers Are Converted To Integer After Website Publishing

Nov 20, 2010

In one of webforms user must enter the percent of tax and then I convert it to the float number and finally save it into database. here is a sample:

Dim txtMyPercent
insert into(txtmypercent)

This peice of code, works perefect while runs via Visual Studio 2010, however after publishing, numbers are converted to integer. Thus it can't be inserted into Sql server database .... Server OS: Windows 2003 x64 IIS: 6 .Net Framework: 4.0

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How To Validate User Input In TextBox Inside A FormView With MS SQL 2008 Database

Feb 5, 2010

VS2008 c#, 3.5, ms sql 2008How do I validate user input in TextBox inside a FormView [Insert Mode] with MS SQL 2008 Database?* FormView #fvInsertProjectInfo* TextBox #txtProjectNameCurrently, user could insert a new project using the FormView, but will only be found out that the project is already existed when pressing the INSERT button. To make it more user friendly, I would like to check that the database does not contain a record of the project the user trying to insert (by comparing value in txtProjectName with the Projects table in the database)

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MVC :: Get Input-validation-error Css Set On Textbox Of Nested Object?

Jan 15, 2010

I have the following object:


In my edit View, I have the following:


Lastly, my validation in my controller looks like this:


The validation works for both First and Last in that the Validation Message is properly displayed for the appropriate error. However, the input-validation-error class is not being set on the textbox.

How do I ensure that the input-validation-error class gets set on the textbox when the textbox is tied to a field in a nested class of the Model?

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Web Forms :: Validate A Maximum Integer Value?

Oct 25, 2010

A very easy one hopefully - what expression can I use to validate an integer to ensure it is greater or equal to zero, but less than 2,147,483,647 (i.e. the maximum value of an integer)?

For example 0 =< x < 2,147,483,648

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Javascript - Validate An Integer Range With A CustomValidator

Jan 22, 2011

I'm trying to validate an integer range with a CustomValidator. The range is set dynamically, so when either the min/max values on my usercontrol change, the client validation function is updated. However, I can't get the validation function to fire. I have this code:

<asp:CustomValidator ID="vldAnswerValid" runat="server" ControlToValidate="txtAnswer" Display="Dynamic" SetFocusOnError="true" ValidationGroup="answer" OnServerValidate="vldAnswerValid_ServerValidate" Enabled='<%# !IsReadOnly %>' />

Setting the function from the codebehind with: vldAnswerValid.ClientValidationFunction = " function(oSrc, args){ alert(1); args.IsValid = false; } ";

But there's no message displayed and no alert. Am I missing something?

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SQL Server :: Pass Textbox Value (date) Into Procedure As Float?

Feb 10, 2011

We have an application we are maintaining, cant make changes to the database, but new form was created and need to pass the values into the table now..

there are 2 columns in the table that are to store the date, but the datatype is set to float.

When i try to pass the values into the procedure in my code behind i get errors that says

"input string was not in a correct format"

my procedure is expecting float, my class method is expecting float, my parameter.add is passing it as float cmd.Parameters.Add("@sdate", System.Data.SqlDbType.Float).Value = sdate;

So im guessing that on my page code behind where im calling the insert method and passing in my textboxes, i need to make some adjustments.. just not sure what they are..

float stDate = System.Convert.ToSingle(txtSdate.Text);

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Web Forms :: How To Generate Rtf File Based On Input Field (textbox Input By User) C#

May 27, 2010

how can i generate rtf file based on input field(textbox input by user) c#

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Drop Down Menu Float Visible Over UI CONTROL Like TEXTBOX, Select Boxes, And Iframes?

Mar 9, 2010

Issue is Menu is not overlaping or float, above the IFrame i am design the menu with table and Div tag in Usercontrol From and i called Usercontrol from in the Index.aspx.

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Web Forms :: Can Validate A Hidden Input

Apr 4, 2010

I have an input...


this hidden input is used by a star rating control. the user gives a star rating of 1 to 10 by clicking on the stars and some javascript detects which star was clicked and fills the input with the corresponding number.

I want to use a RequiredFieldValidator to ensure that the client has selected a star and if not return an error message to my validation summary.but the validator seems to be throwing an exception. How do I do this?

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C# - How To Validate If The Input Text For Both Of Them Are Not Both Null

Apr 12, 2010

I'm working on an ASP.NET/C# app.

I have 2 text boxes and I need to validate if the input text for both of them are not both null

if(string.IsNullOrEmpty(TextBox1.Text) && string.IsNullOrEmpty(TextBox2.Text) ) //FAIL!!! else

that is, at least one txtBox has values

I was planning on using a custom validator but it seems that the validation function only gets called when something is written on the textBox i'm using has the 'control to validate'. Now, that doesn't work for me since I want to show an error message when both text boxes are empty. Is there a way to make the validation function to be called with, for example a postback? Or is there any other better approach to this case than the custom validator?

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Php - Validate If An Web Application Gets The Users Input Or Parameters?

Oct 21, 2010

I am always thinking about validation in any kind on the webpage (PHP or ASP, it doesn't matter), but never find a good and accurate answer. For example, a I have some GET-Parameter, which defines a SQL query like DESC oder ASC. (SQL-Injection?) Or I have a comment-function for user, where the data is also saved in a database.

Is it enought to check for HTML-tags inside the data? Should the validation done before adding it to the database or showing it on the page? I am searching for the ToDo's which should be always performed with any data given from "outside".

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Web Forms :: Validate Input Has Up To 2 Decimal Places?

Sep 1, 2010

I need to validate hours put into a textbox. I want to allow hours to be from 0-24 and allow up to 2 decimal places. so it has to accept





but not 2.225 or 25

I put a range validator that check that the value is from 0-24 but it doesn't check that there are 2 decimal places or less. how do I do that?

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Web Forms :: How To Validate Input Text Depending On Selected Value From Dropdown

Apr 12, 2010

I have 1 drop down, 1 text field and 1 command button i.e. "Search". Dropdown contrains following values


In textbox user will enter numeric or alphanumeric value

Here I want to check if 'Type1' is selected so user can enter only numeric value between 1000 and 2000, otherwise display some message "Entered value is not valid for "Type1". I want to display this message thru required validator error message property

If user select 'Type1' and 'Type2' then user can enter any alphanumeric value other than 1000-2000 numeric range.

I want to implement thru Search button or once user leave the textbox after entering value. Here I want to display message.

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Web Forms :: Empty TextBox Input Gives "Input String Was Not In A Correct Format" Error

Jun 10, 2010

I'm trying to update a db record via a business object, based on a users input.

In my button event handler, I check for a null or empty value like this before I set the object properties:


But if the textbox is empty, I get the "System.FormatException:

Input string was not in a correct format." in the line:


How can this be?

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MVC :: How To Validate HTML Input Fields Using JQuery Inside Ajax.BeginForm?

Jan 24, 2010

How to validate HTML input fields using jQuery inside Ajax.BeginForm?


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Web Forms :: TextChanged Event In A Textbox To Validate A Value In Textbox?

May 13, 2010

I aam working with textChanged event in a textbox to validate a value in textbox.hen i am enter data in textbox then press submit button i am getting validation summary before the textbox textchanged event. Is there anyway to fire textchanged event first to validate before button validation summary?

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Forms Data Controls :: Integer Data Validation In DataSet Select Method?

Jan 13, 2011

I am having dataset and I want to validate particular column for Integer(Numeric) value.


ErrorRows = dt.Select("LEN(Year) <> 4 ")

Above I have to validate Year column for Numeric value otherwise it should give me erroneous records which have data other than numeric.

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