Verbatim - Why Write @ Before Sql Queries - Select Data From Database Then Write Query?

Oct 1, 2010

Suppose we want to select the data from the database then we write the query for that. Example:

SqlConnection con=new SqlConnection(Connetion name) string selectPkId = @"SELECT PK_ID FROM TABLE" SqlCommand cmd=new SqlCommand(selectPkId ,con);

So,my question is that why we basically use @ before the sql query.If I don't use @ before that then it again work fine (does not give any error), then what is need of using "@"?

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eg: thiss is the ordinary query


how in linq??

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How to write select query to get counts in row values

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Dec 4, 2010

how to use jquery to write sql queries. consider a webservice call using jquery to webservice, sending an sql query and getting back the results in json format. but there's a problem with the connection string because it must not be available if a user views the source of the page.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Write SQL Queries

Mar 5, 2010

SELECT 1000000*QuantityNC/Quantity AS PPM FROM [table1] However I need my WHERE clause to do thisI need the above calculation depending on BusUnit, which is linked to PartNumber, which is in the above table. also it has to be by Company (which is selected from a dropdown). And also based on the current month and year.

PartNumber and CompanyName are in [table1]
BusUnitID, PartNumber, SupplierID, are in tblParts
BusUnitID and BusUnit are in tblBusUnits

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SQL Server :: Write Code Of Stored Procedure / Create Stored Procedure And Write Select Statement In It

Nov 23, 2010

how can I create stored procedure and write my select statement in it, I know how to create dataset then put type stored procedure and assign it to the sp ... what I want is writing my sp... how can I make it ?

check the following code, this is what I want to write put I don't know where or how !









where can I write this code ?!

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Web Forms :: How To Write Multiple Queries On A Single Button Click

Jan 27, 2011

Is it possible to write multiple queries on a single button click? if yes then how?

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How To Write Sql Query To Retrive Data

Aug 16, 2010

how to write sql query to retrive data as follows....
've a table with two columns..

brno brname
100 hyd,hyderabad
102 cni,chennai
03 mm,mumbai
104 kalk,kolkata

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DataSource Controls :: How To Write A Query Which Reads Data From Optional DDL's?

May 5, 2010

I have couple of DDL's which let user choose couple of different values from it. Once the user has made his selection he clicks on the "Submit" buttion which redirects the user to the other page, which then displays table from backend SQL DB. The pages are named Page1.aspx and Page2.aspx resp. I am using Querystring to carry forward the values of the DDL's to Page2.aspx.

How can i modify the query in such a way that even if one of the DDL's is left blank the Query would ignore that and shall produce the table considering value of DDL2 in the where clause. In case both the DDL's are empty then the query will not have a where clause and shall showcase the complete table as such. I've written a query for this but it's not working the way it shoul.Here is my code for the SQLDataSource: [Code]....

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Mar 29, 2011

I am reading in a file into a string. Then I am writing this string to a stream. I know this code works fine.

The only problem that I have is with the line that write the data in chunks where the parameters is not supported for the Write method.

The line that has the problem is this line. What do I need to change here?

OutPut.Write(buffer, 0, Math.Min(to_write, WRITE_CHUNK));


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Jan 12, 2011

I want to write the above form data to a sql server database

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Write Response.write Within Update Panel?

Oct 6, 2010

i am calling a function which is inside Homescroll.ascx.cs from Homescroll.ascx so i wrote on Homescroll.ascx as <% Response.Write(scroll()); %> but all this is in update panel,and i am getting errors. so is their any other way to call function from homescroll.ascx to homescroll.ascx.cs,instead of response.write();

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Write Select SQL To Use Like When Using Control Parameter?

Jan 14, 2011

How to change to use like instead of = ?

([Card_no] = @Search)

Moreover, if i want to show all in default, this method force to user to type something first. How to show all in default when using control parameter?

SelectCommand="SELECT [Serial_no], [Transaction_Date], [Card_no], [Company],[IsCredit], [Fee] FROM [CarPark] WHERE ([Card_no] = @Search) or ([Company] = @Search)"
UpdateCommand="UPDATE [CarPark] SET

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ADO.NET :: How To Write SQL Insert Into Query Using LINQ

Oct 13, 2010

How I can write following SQL query using LINQ. There is no default constraint define for the ID column so we have explicitly pass the NEWID().

I want to replicate the products of a company to another company.

Insert Into Products Select NEWID() AS ProductID, ProductName, CompanyID = @DestinationID, ProductCategoryID From Products Where CompanyID = @SourceID

Also once I get these result how can I use InsertAllOnSubmit to insert all the records at once without looping it.

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SQL Server :: Subquery / Write Query?

Mar 24, 2011

SQL query:

I have a hierarchy structure like:

B reports to A
C reports to A
D reports to A
E reports to B
F reports to B

and so on......

So, when A logins he should be able to see B,C,D(who are reporting to A) and also E,F(who are actually reporting to B and not directly to A)Please help to write such sql query.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Write The Sql Query Or Have To Do Programmatically

Mar 3, 2010

I have a table with columns A and B, values as follows..

-- --
1 11
1 12
1 13
2 21
2 22
2 23

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SQL Server :: How To Write A Query To Fetch Records

Mar 27, 2011

I have two tables and following are the structure of both the tables

Tbale 1
Field1 Field2 Field3
d1 01 26/03/2011
d2 02 26/03/2011
d3 03 27/03/2011

Field1 Field2 Field3
01 6.15 14.25
02 7.30 16.25
03 6.00 18.25

My expected output when i search records by table1.field3 (say 26/03/2011)

Tbale 1
Table1.Field1 Table2.Field2 Table3.Field3 Table2.field2 Table2.Field3
d1 01 26/03/2011 6.15 14.25
d2 02 26/03/2011 7.30 16.25
d3 03 27/03/2011

Inorder to get the above result, what query should i write?

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Write A Sql Query To Display Top 25 Records With A Catch?

Oct 11, 2010

I need to write a query as follows which will be bound to a grid

select top 25 * from ErrTable Order by DateErrorad Desc

However, I need to write this query to return only 25 records at a time, but when a user clicks next it will display the next 25 most recent records from the db.

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Web Forms :: Url Write Breaks Query String On Postback?

Nov 18, 2010

i am having a problem on my aspx page, what i did was i wrote a simple url re-wrte rule in my aspx page, after i write my url re-write rule my query string looks like this [URL] idea been to writing a rule to accept that above query for user friend seo url string, but when i am in that page i cant click any of my datalist page indexes will redirect to [URL] i dont know how to fix this proble, i am trying s hard ,but i cant make it work, i think page post back changing my url re-write link.

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ADO.NET :: How To Write A Query That Pulls Records From A Master Table

Mar 18, 2011

Being new to Linq and Entity Framework, I find myself struggling to write queries that are relatively simple in SQL. My latest challenge is how to write a query that pulls records from a master table and includes a column for aggregating data from related detail records. Let's start with this example:

List<Customer> list = (from x in Customer select x.Customer_ID, x.CustomerName).ToList();

Now I'd like to modify this so that I include a column indicating how many orders each customer has, where there is a one-to-many relationship between the Customer and Order entities. I suspect the solution might result in a List of an anonymous type rather than the List of Customer like my example, but that would be

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DataSource Controls :: Write SQL Query Result To Label

Mar 22, 2010

I have the following code which writes to a Gridview:


Using the same methods of connecting to the database, how can I amend this code to write the result of a second query (which only returns a number) to a label?

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DataSource Controls :: SQL Query Re-Write In Linq To Entity?

Jan 26, 2010

Need to figure out the correct way to do a simple SUM function in Linq, but also manipulate one of the feilds coming back by doing a Substring on it, here is the original SQL query:


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Jan 9, 2011

i want to write query in run time in it possible??...

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i have a table for customer forecast with following fields.. customer, year, week, quantity. now i need to write the SP to retrive the records based on the from week,year and to week,year... like this... from 45th week of 2009 to 25th week of 2010. how can write the query...

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DataSource Controls :: Write Alter Schema Query?

Jun 18, 2010

how do i write my alter schema query in

using the sqlclient object..

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