Which Architecture Use To Access A Database With Web Services

Sep 10, 2010

Suppose we are building a web-based application to retrieve and enter information into a database. The user-interface invokes web services. Which architecture would use for the application.

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WCF / ASMX :: Can Access Both Web Services And Database

Jan 4, 2011

Can we access a DB through Web Service?If yes wd u explain the difference with usual DB accessing with web page?

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Access :: Database Architecture - How to Design The Data Access?

Feb 12, 2010

I am starting a new project in ASP.NET (With silverlight) - I would like to get expert opinion about how to design the data access.I can use DataAccess Layer with SQL helper, but the challenge is every new field that I add needs to be added in the sql helper.I am trying to see if there is a way to design the system, so that it appears in the front end when a new field is added. I don't want to have in the ASPX files (binding in controls) I want to have ability to change items in code. Essentially I am trying to see the best option to have a database application.

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Architecture :: Services Based Architecture

Aug 19, 2010

was giving a though on using ajax enabled wcf services as part of architecturegenerally wht im usingis UI-> BL-> data accessis it suggestable to use wcf services layer insteadof BLnd hv UI-> services-> data accessrelated to asp.netwould like to no pro's and con's of doing this thing.

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Php - MVC Architecture Decision - Refactor Existing Approach Into Controllers / Views And Database Access

Feb 12, 2011

Consider the following scenario: Page written in classic ASP or PHP, which is rendering a data report (series of HTML tables for simplicity). There is one main database query and then multiple sub queries as the page renders. The report is split into sub panels, which correlate to a sub query. Therefore:

Main database query. Loop over result. For each row, execute sub query and render report panel. How would you architect a similar report using the MVC pattern? This can be split into two parts: Efficiency at database level of multiple queries, which are dependent on values from an outer query. If all data was processed and prepared in the controller, would this also be deemed inefficient if looping within the controller and then again in a view to render. Could sub controllers be used or sub panels, which encapsulate smaller sections of logic i.e. loading data and rendering report panel.

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Architecture :: Abstracting Web Services?

Jul 25, 2010

I have 2 web services. They are identical in every respect except that one points to a test schema and the other one to production. I'm in the middle of writing the class that will use these web services but I'm not sure how to do what i'm trying to do.What I need is a class that does the work of consuming the web serivce, and I want to pass to it either the test or prod serice and and it be transparent insde of the class.

So..testSerive and prodSerice are idential, how can i have them inherit from something so that i can pass that something to my consumer class?

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WCF / ASMX :: How To Implement Web Services In A 3 Tier Architecture

Oct 5, 2010

how to implement web services in a 3 tier architecture and also give a brief idea about how to implement coding as soon as possible.

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Architecture :: Entities In Client Application Using WCF Web Services?

Jun 16, 2010

Can some one inform me whether I need to replicate the same set of entities in the client which are similar to that of the ones in the server? I have planned to start a proj with service functions as wcf services and in turn they are getting referred in silverlight client application.

Incase if i need to consider casting to or back from the return value lists of service methods in the server, should i be creating entity class in the client application as well? Or is there a work around? Something like exposing the entities from the server just as the services functions?

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Architecture :: Design On Calling Multiple Web Services

Feb 23, 2011

My requirement is i need to display some quotes from some vendors in my User Interface. Some of the quote details will be fetched from database where as some vendors are giving web services to get the quote results. I need to combine the quotes from database as well as the various web service response and display in the grid.

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Architecture Switch From Page And JSON ASMX Web Services To MVC

Feb 6, 2010

there's an .aspx page that does absolutely nothing in the codebehind, but contains the markup for the page in the Design View. Then we have an .asmx web service that receives requests with JSON content-type. These are called by the JavaScript in the page. This web service returns .NET objects serialized to JSON in response to these JavaScript Ajax HTTP POSTs. I'd like to switch to MVC but am not sure to how switch this architecture. Basically what we're doing is two things:

1) Replying to GET /MyPage.aspx with HTML markup that represents the page
2) Replying to POST /MyPage.aspx/WebMethodName requests with .NET objects serialized to JSON.

It seems like MVC would be a good way to eliminate the need for a Page object (again, the codebehind isn't used--only the HTML markup in the .aspx file is) and an .asmx web service. No? What do I need to start changing to accomplish this switch? Is it straight-forward? Painful? Someone at work already has an MVC page running in the same directory as my Web Forms .aspx and .asmx web service, but I don't see anything in the directory about Routes, so I'm confused. He's got a Views, ViewModels, and Controllers subdirectories.

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Architecture :: Webserver Splitting Up Services Or Making A Single Big One?

Apr 1, 2010

I'm planning to make an ASP.NET webserver that provides all kinds of functions, like an API. There will be quite alot functions that can easily be grouped (datasystem, userAccount, fileSystem, and so on). I can make multiple services (asmx files) into a single webserver, and let the clients connect to whatever service(s) they need. However, I'm not sure if it's a wise thing to do... Pack everything into 1 big service(1 asmx file), or split up into many smaller services? How about:

- performance/memory on the server (a client that connets with 1 or 6 services)

- Maximum connections (we will use a Windows XP Server edition computer)

There will be about ~30 computers using it. In a worst case scenario, they each computer could make use of 6 services at the same time, if I decide to split it up. A single client could make use of the fileSystem, account, dataSystem and several other things at the same time.

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Architecture :: Development Of Windows Services And Some Modules Of Projects?

May 7, 2010

Actually i dont know whther this is the correct forum or not? but i didnt found any other section to post a question like this.Actually i am in . I need to document the service i developed so when my absence or something the other developer can understand my way and code.The aim is to specify the module descriptions, needs and business logic i used to implement. So the next developer can understandCan anyone tell me the name of this document. Developer Document ? Please tell the correct name of this and any link to download any template to undertand. Please dont take it as simple question

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Security :: Integrate The Application Services Database With An Existing SQL Database?

Jun 20, 2010

I have an existing SQL database containing student:class enrollments and would like to add a login feature using asp.net's built in Membership and Roles management tools. to how to integrate the Application Services Database with an existing SQL database? Once I have created the Application Services tables using aspnet_regsql tool how and where do I create a link between my tables and the .Net Membership tables?

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Profile Access In .NET Web Services?

Apr 30, 2010

ASP.NET profile properties are trivially available to the code-behind of an ASPX web page courtesy of the HttpContext.Current.Profile object.

In a .svc web service, how does one bring ProfileCommon and paraphernalia into scope?

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WCF / ASMX :: How To Access Profiles From Web Services

Aug 22, 2010

I have a simeple web service set up to call from JAVASCRIPT. That works. Can someone tell me how to access profiles from a web seervice. I get arofileCommon could nt be found......I have included the following in the service but it doesn't seem to solve the problem:

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Configuration :: Cannot Access Web Services In Web Configure

Oct 7, 2010

I have an AJAX web application.ASP pages are accessing various Web Services that are part of the application using standard Microsoft .NET AJAX extension APIs.Now, I have to call some of the web services from the Windows app.It works when I add web reference to a project on my local development machine.

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Web Services - AJAX: How To Access Object Properties

Dec 15, 2010

My web method returns object 'User' that has a lot of properties.

In my 'OnComplete' function I am receiving those object.


Question: How can I get values of object properties?

The code above provides me with '[object Object]' text instead of real object value.

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Access :: IIS_WPG Write/modify Access To The Folder Where MS-Access Database Is Located - Insert An Error Pop-up?

Feb 17, 2010

Is there anything missing in IIS 6.0 that prevents me from (Insert into table) using MS-Access?

Explain: The application works fine under Visual Studio 2008 IDE the insert into table works fine with no error, Also I tested with hosting provider and works fine with no problem. but now I have published the same exact app in a dedicated server windows 2003 with
IIS 6.0 .NET framework 2.0 with latest service pack I gave IIS_WPG write/modify access to the folder where MS-Access database is located and database but at the time of insert an error pop-up. I need to install in the Server or settings in the IIS to recognize my MS-Access db is it some office runtime that I am missing. (BTW I am using OLEDB connection string in my C# )

Using System.Data.OleDb;

I can retrieve data off of it with no problem but when I try to insert is when it fails I thought the problem was Access Rights but I do not think is the case.

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AJAX :: Name Of Feature For Letting Javascript Access Asmx And Wcf Services?

Mar 19, 2010

There is a term beginning with "w" which is an ASP.NET which allows javascript to access and call WCF/ASMX services.It is just like scripthandlerfactory,and the term is not webmethod or webservice(the attributes),but something else.Does anyone know what this term/feature is called?

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Unable To Access SQL Reporting Services On Shared Site With Themes Enabled

Jun 1, 2010

I am having some trouble with my IIS web server & SQL reporting services.

At the current time my site is playing host to both reporting services (/reports & /reportserver) as well as my personal website (domain.com)

Only just recently have I implemented a Theme on my site and as such I have placed a statement in my web.config file directing it to apply a certain theme in the following manner:

<pages styleSheetTheme="General">

Because of this when I try to access the report pages it fails, telling me it couldn't find the Theme. So, what I did was locate the source files for the /reports & /reportserver directories and placed the App_Theme folder in them hoping that would sort everything out.

What I am getting now is the following error:

*Using themed css files requires a header control on the page. e.g. head runat="server" *

Does anyone know how I can get around this? Do I have to hack the SQL reporting aspx pages? I do NOT want to remove the web.config declaration.

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Architecture :: Binding Of Gridview With Database Versus XML Layer / Database

Apr 13, 2010

I am having serious performances issues with gridview + tabs. Its very slow.. I was thinking to create a XML based logical layer between my database and UI.

1) Will it be useful if i use webservice to get data from database to poppulate gridview?

2) or Use xml + some service (need advice on it)

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WCF / ASMX :: Access Denied And Null Returned While Accessing Web Services From Remote Server?

Sep 2, 2010

writing a web Service and one of its web method, I want it to download a png file in form

of buffer from remote server. And My consume application will write that buffer retured by Web service in to file on User's Computer.

However, I am able to do this using Local Web Service but when I published that service on my web server, I always get null retuned

And even in one of my test code while copying file from that server , I always get Access Denied.

Following things I have done for above issue.

1] I even tried making the Anonymous user for the web service the system administrator (with the correct password), to no avail.

2] I also tried sharing out the folder I'm pulling files from to allow access from Everyone.

[Previously same service was working fine on another remote server with IIS 7.0, we checked server IIS Settings but in vain.]

if you know where we are mistaken guide me to resolve this issue as its very urgent.

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.net - Silverlight RIA Services With Different Database Providers?

Jan 31, 2011

I want to create a Rich Internet Application in Silverlight. One of the requirements is that the back-end of the application should work with different database providers (SQLServer, PostgreSQL, Oracle). I'm planning to use Entity Data Model to represent database objects and Domain Services to expose these objects to the client.The problem is that I don't have a clue if the same data model can be used with different database providers and how sophisticated that would be to change the provider without recreating all the model.I want the application to be reusable on different environments, so that i can import the same database schema to any existing database, change the provider in the ASP.NET web application and that's it.Is it doable? Or maybe there are other ways to achieve similar functionality?

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Architecture :: How To BLL / Data Access

Jun 13, 2010

Im wondering what the best approach for the following would be,

I have two objects, Users and Profile. I am using a 3tier design and i have the following code (shortened)


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Architecture :: Use Ms Access In Place Of Ms Sql?

Nov 25, 2010

I develop a simple window application in this application i can use ms sql but i want to learn how to use ms access.

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