Developing An Online Auction With Time Limit?

Sep 30, 2010

I'm developing an online auction with time limit.

The ending time period is only for one opened auction.

After logging into the site I show the time left for the open auction. The time is calculated in this way:

EndDateTime = Date and Time of end of auction;
DateTime.Now() = current Date and Time [code]....

The problem is that when I login from different browsers at the same time the browsers show a different count down.

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Developing A Simple Online DBMS To Browse Database Online?

Dec 6, 2010

I am developing a simple online DBMS to browse my database online.... the main concern for me is to clear everything from the PC when the user disconnect so no body can go and click (Back) on the browser and see the pages if the user forgot to close it.. what I have done so far is :


I am sure this is not enough.. am I right? so what else I should include there?

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Developing A Web Application Which Will Deal With Online Examination?

Mar 8, 2011

I am developing a web application which will deal with online examination. The requirement is:

There can be n-number of sections in an exam and admin users should be able to create questions/answers and add to an exam. The questions should be displayed for a certain amount of time in the browser with meclock and it should move to next question automatically. User should not be allowed to open any other instance of the browser or login from another IP if the exam is in progress.

I am seeking community vote of how would someone design the application to meet all these criterias? What patterns should be used? What components to reduce the development time etc..My technology stack is C#, ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET with SQL Server.

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Architecture :: Using GMT Time(Online) In Online Exam Website

Feb 25, 2010

I want to create a Online Exam site in ASP.NET .In that i want to display Test based on the Date and time and the user can take the test at the time set my the Teacher.

For Example:

Teacher want to take C Test for the Mid Semester Test and the test is schedule on 1 May 2010,then the test should appear on the test page on the 1st may only and the user should be able to take the test on the set time.

The problem is that if i use System time then user can change the system time and can take the test schedule in future.

So i want to know how can implement this thing.I have given many online test but dont know how they work out the time and date logic.

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AJAX :: Developing Own Time Extender

Apr 29, 2010

We all know that, there is lot of extender available with AJAX. Experts, I want to develop an extender, which show time. Like 05:45. How should I move ahead? I am new to this concept.

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Javascript - What's The Best Choice For Developing Real Time Form Validation

May 9, 2010

I want to make a real time form validation in form in which when i lost focus a field it show an error or success of field entrance data i search for best way to do that .. and if i want to do the same by validating data from SQL Database ... what's the best choice for doing that ?

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Configuration :: Developing A Web Application That Want To Ensure Is Properly Licensed Each Time Log Into It?

Sep 8, 2010

I am developing a web application that I want to ensure is properly licensed each time they log into it. This application can either be hosted by my company or hosted at my client's site. I wanted to do this verification via a web service hosted on my company's server, but the problem is if the client's outside internet connectivity is down I still want them to be able to run the application and have it verify when it's back up and running again.How would you propose I do this?

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Forms Data Controls :: Developing An Applicaion For Time Sheet Which Uses Gridview?

Jun 25, 2010

I am developing an applicaion for time sheet which uses gridview.

The columns are dynamically generated based upon the start date and end date.Its a biweekly pay period.

Apart from these 15 Day 1 to Day 15 columns there are 5 other columns for different codes which are added to gridview using data table. I have drop down list control for the 5 codes and text boxes for the remaining day 1 to day 15 columns.

Now when the user selects the values from the drop down list and enters the number of hours into the text box using a footer row with a inert link button it should add the values entered to the footer row to the data table data row and then rebind the data table to the data base. I am some how unable to get the values entered by user into the footer following is the code for insert_click event

Protected Sub lnkInsert_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
Dim tb As TextBox = GridView1.FooterRow.FindControl("txtctrl6")
End Sub
Protected Sub lnkInsert_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)

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How To Check Time Duration To Online Exam

Jan 27, 2010

created a project in of online exam wan to set time duration on server side

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How To Protect The DLL / Applying Time Limit (trial Period ) To Entire Application Usage

Dec 21, 2010

1. I need to protect DLL

2. Applying time limit (trial period ) to entire application usage.

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Web Forms :: How To Show Remaining Time In Online Examination

Mar 11, 2010

I m developing online examination website.

I want to show remaining time during examination without java script code.

I tried that by adding 10 minuts in starting time of examination and then continuously subtracting current time from that added time.

I m using label to show time . But it gives conversion error.

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.NET And PHP For Building An Auction Web Site?

Jul 24, 2010

I need expert advises about building an auction web site in general and I dont need code help.I stopped one year for developing web sites and I need to know which is more suitable and easy to extend to build this web site

If I used ASP.NET which ORM I should use or I dont have to use it ? and should I use expression web as the IDE ? I know also there is some good PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, CakePHP ,etc... but which one is the best for all development cycle ? or should I use Joomla and just build plugins ?Which JS framework also is more suitable for build fast and cool UI ?

I learn fast so dont worry about the learning problems I just need expert advises about what I should use today to enforce the rules for building clean , standard and cool modern web site.

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C# - To Realize Auction Expiration

Mar 3, 2010

How to realize auction expiration? Make it inactive after 1-3-5 days? Something like eBay?I am using c#.I have "active" boolean field in my auction table.

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Web Forms :: Display Online Users As Green And Offline As Grey Using Real Time Updates

May 7, 2015

How to Display online users as green and offline as grey using real time updates..

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Web Forms :: CountDown Timer For An Auction?

Sep 20, 2010

I have an auction site and already a end date, but what i don't know is how to do to show me how many days hours and minutes.

this is it what i have, on my page, and it is showing the end date, but how do i do, to show a countdown

This is .cs

stoptime.Text = dr["slut"].ToString();
<asp:Label id="stoptime" runat="server" Font-Bold="true" ForeColor="#0066FF" Font-Size="Small"></asp:Label>

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C# - Setting Private Memory Limit For Application Pool In IIS 7 Increased Page Faults Before Crossing The Limit

Aug 16, 2010

I have set Private Memory limit of 200mb in IIS 7 for an application pool. The Private Working Set memory(Task Manager) for the application is always below 125mb but the number of page faults have increased a lot and application cache is getting cleared frequently after setting the limit.

I haven't set any limit on Virtual Memory.why the cache is getting cleared even when the Private memory used is below the allocated memory?

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MVC 2.0 Or WebFoms To Develop A Auction Site Like Ebay?

Mar 25, 2010

IŽd like to know what is the best option to develope a Auction site like Ebay with ASP .NET 4.0:

MVC 2.0

I only worked with WebForms, but I have time to learn MVC if is the best option.. What you think?

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Set A Time Limit On The "try" Section?

Jan 18, 2011

I'm not sure if this is possible but I'm currently using a try/catch block and wondered if you can set a time limit on the "try" section?

So if the code in the "try" section doesn't complete within 5 seconds for example it then goes to the "catch" ?

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Global Time Settings / Displaying The Canadian Time Instead Of India Time?

Oct 1, 2010

My web application has hosted on the canada server but my all clients are indians.So, as I am using System.datetime.Now to store all the dates in application.Obviously, it is displaying the canadian time instead of india time.How can i do it?Is there not any gloabl settings that we can do in our web.config file so that it indicates to the server at run time which time zone to execute..?Or any other suitable alternate?

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To Get The Time Difference Between The Replied Time With Arrived Time Of The Mail?

Aug 2, 2010

i have to listen my mail server for every 30 min. i have a distribution list and i want to count number of email comes for that distribution list and no of replies goes from the outlook for every 30 minutes. also i need to get the time difference between the replied time with arrived time of the mail. so show me some sample code

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ADO.NET :: How To Format A TIME COLUMN In SQL 08 To Regular Time And Not Military Time

Mar 5, 2011

Anyone know how to format a TIME COLUMN in SQL 08 to regular time and not military time?

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Developing MS Outlook Plugin

Feb 18, 2010

I am currently building 3-tired ASP.NET 3.5 Web application which has workflows built in for manager approvals. Currently there is a dashboard on the homepage of the website where all the pending approvals are displayed in a webpart. I want to build a plugin for MS Outlook so that whenever there is a new request for approval I want that request to show up in MS outlook. Where do I start with this? Do I have to expose my business logic layer through webservices?

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Developing Chat Application Using

Feb 12, 2010

i am developing chat application using and where i am having a div tag inside which i am displaying the messages posted by the online users what my problem is when the messages are more and exceeds the height of the div tag then i am not comfortable to view the previous messages because i have set the scroll bar position to always to be pointed to bottom.


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Developing An API For A Downloadable Product?

Dec 30, 2010

We've got a product built using ASP.NET web forms (3.5), and are investigating adding an API to allow other applications to access data and business logic within the application.

What is the best way to implement this? I'm inclined to go down the route of using Http Handlers to read posted XML and return XML, but I'm sure there must be a better way. Is it advisable to use something like WCF instead?As the product will be downloaded and installed by users on their own servers (instead of hosted), it seems like there's a lot of pressure to get it right the first time as making changes will be hard once users start downloading and using the product.

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MVC :: Developing A Small Application

Feb 12, 2010

Can anyone developing this small mvc application.

Login Page:

User Logs in through login.aspx page by providing username and password textboxes and clicks on login button.

Based on the valid credentials the user is redirected to the DashBoard.


All the pages will be using MasterPage which has the following tabs.



Dashboard Page:

The user will be redirected to this page after login page which displays the Activities and Tasks in 2 different gridview.

Activity Grid will display:




On click of each of this activity the page should display div popup menu with the following:

Show Activity Details

Add Activity Details

Edit Activity Details

Search Activity

On click of the above listed links the user will be shown a Popup of the appropriate aspx page

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