AJAX :: Download LinkButton In UpdatePanel Throwing Error While File Download?

Jun 10, 2013

I have added linkbutton inside gridview to download, below is my code..

protected void lnkDownload_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


its giving me following error

"Unable to evaluate expression because the code is optimized or a native frame is on top of the call stack"

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AJAX :: How To Initiate A File Download From Withing UpdatePanel

Aug 31, 2010


I'm building dynamically a series of ImageButton controls, and I want to assign them a hyperlink for downloading files.So say you got a dropdownlist of 3 items 1,2 and 3, if you select 1 it creates one imagebutton and pointrs to fileA, if you select 2 it creates two imagebuttons and the first one points to fileA and the second one to fileB and so on...Everything is wrapped in an UpdatePanel to avoid postbacks.I have a problem binding the download link in the ImageButton.navigateurl, and then downloading it. I don't know how to do it...

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Panel myPanel = (Panel)UpdatePanel1.FindControl("Panel1");


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Ajax - How To Return An Error From A File Download Action Without Leaving The Current Page

Jul 12, 2010

I am calling a file download action from javascript:

$elem.click(function() {
window.location.href = 'MyController/MyFileDownloadAction';

The controller returns a file:


This action has a pretty high likelyhood of throwing an exception (or at least not being able to return the file).

Due to the nature of the application (which contains a lot of dynamic content), I can't really redirect to an error page in this situation. The current page needs to stay open somehow.

So I'm ideally looking for something like a javascript pop-up, but afaik this isn't going to be possible since I don't know any way to return a javacript instruction in a non-ajaxed controller call. If I display an error page I need to force it to open in a new window some how. Is there any possible solution to this problem?

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Show Download Dialog Box In Case Of File Download - Located On Amazon Server

Jan 4, 2010

i am using amazon s3 service. now i want to show download dialog box in my asp.net application when user come on download page. i am using amazon sdk.

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Redirect Shareware Download URL From A File To A Download Page?

Oct 13, 2010

I'm about to submit my pad file to multiple sharware sites but the pad file has to have a direct link to the download file and can't link to a download page which is what I would like to do, so I can track the traffic and get the downloader's email before allowing the download. I am running an ASP.NET site in VB. Is there a way to tell the web app to redirect to a specific aspx page when it receives a request for a specific file?

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Web Forms :: Download File Using New Window When Download Button Is Clicked

Sep 2, 2013

I need to download  a .mp3 file from a folder. during download a new blank page should open and after downloading it should close automatically.

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AJAX :: Download Functionality Is Not Working In Updatepanel?

Feb 4, 2010

How can I work with Download functionality with Updatepanel. Here I am placing download code.

string fileName = Convert.ToString(e.CommandArgument);
if (fileName != "")


I am calling this function from a Grid in Updatepanel. When I click on Download image in a grid column, no action is taking place. Plz find a solutions for me.

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Creating Mobile Website Page To Download Symbian .sis File To Mobile Unable To Download Properly

Dec 10, 2010

i m creating asp.net Mobile website page to download symbian .sis file to mobile ,but its not geting download properly.its working perfectly on desktop.

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Error In File After Download

Jul 17, 2010

I have word document which is opening perfectly at server but when i download it using button click event of my website it gets currept.i am using below code on button click to make document download. i am using .net framework 3.5

Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=StandardLetter" + _responseId.ToString() + ".doc");
Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream";
Response.TransmitFile (Server.MapPath("~/document/letter/StandardLetter" + _responseId.ToString() + ".doc"));

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Error Message Comes When Try To Download File?

Aug 31, 2010

On this page it generates a Excel sheet and allows user to download that. Even though there is a certificate error (trusting issue) it works fine with Firefox.(We can add the exception) But as shown below it does not work properly on IE (both 7 & 8) Is there any settings we can do on both client side or Server side. (I have turned off security for IE on server)

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Web Forms :: File Download / Access Denied Error In IIS

Oct 1, 2012

I have an issue while downloading files from a folder.In my application,i have to upload files to a particular folder inside my solution. I dint face any issues while uploading the files to the folder. But while downloading the file from the folder i get an error Access to path 'C:FolderPath' is denied. I am using windows 7.

Below is the coding for download

protected void radgrdDocumnet_ItemCommand(object sender, GridCommandEventArgs e) {
if (e.Item is GridDataItem) {
GridDataItem item = e.Item as GridDataItem;
string id = userProcess.Encrypt(item.OwnerTableView.DataKeyValues[item.ItemIndex]["ID"].ToString());
if (e.CommandName == "download") {
System.IO.FileStream fs = null


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C# - Download A File Using AJAX?

Feb 5, 2011

hat's the best way to allow a user to pull down an RDP file, but to do so using AJAX? In other words, I have a hyperlink and I need an RDP file to be downloaded by the user, but without a full page refresh.

I tried to make an AJAX call using the following example for RDP. It seems to work on Chrome and Firefox, but not on any version of IE.

String content = <RDP Content Here>
Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=HelloWorld.rdp");
Response.ContentType = "Content-Type=application/x-rdp rdp;charset=ISO-8859-1";
Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", content.Length.ToString());.......

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AJAX :: Download File When Use CalendarExtender?

Dec 24, 2010

I m facing one problem whenover I use ajax calendar i m using this code at the time of file download

TargetControlID="TextBox1" & TargetControlID="TextBox2" is associated from ajax CalendarExtender
string abc = "CPCB_" + TextBox1.Text + "_" + TextBox2.Text;
Current.Response.Buffer = true;


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AJAX :: How To Download A File Using JQuery

May 7, 2015

i want to download an image using javasript or jquery.

is it possible to dowlnload an image using java script or jquery? 

i am sending the code wich on code behind (.cs)page iwant same code f or jscrpt or jquery?

string title1 = "";
bool result = false;
title = Hiddenimageid.Value; ;
arrtitle = title.Split('/');
string lastItem = arrtitle[arrtitle.Length - 1];


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AJAX :: Download File From Database Within A Update Panel?

Mar 3, 2011

I have struggled with this for the last 2-3 days. I have a tab container control with a update panel surrounding it. On one of the tabs I have allowed the user to upload and download files to a SQL Server database. The upload works fine and the download works fine only when I remove the update panel.

I have tried to implement the solution that's provided at the following location...http://encosia.com/2007/02/23/ajax-file-downloads-and-iframes/I had to modify the code a little bit to fit my scenario but it looks like it would work. Is there another way to download files from a database within a update panel?

If there isn't another way to do this what could be wrong with my code...following the example on the encosia site...

Page starting from [Code]....

The code never gets past the if statement with in this java script. Should I put a trigger on the update panel to force a post back. Any help will be appreciated, java script is not my strong point.

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JavaScript - Generating File With Ajax And Allow User To Download It?

Nov 16, 2010

I have very similar problem as this: Allowing users to download files - ASP.NET , but in my case I am generating xlsx file with ajax, and on ajax-called aspx page I am using:


When this file is generated, control is returned to ajax calling page and from there I wan't to show save file dialog based on this ajax response and allow user to download this generated file. I don't want to save file on disk with ajax called page and then redirect ajax calling page to that file, because of popup blocker in IE. I am using jquery for ajax calls:


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AJAX :: Download A File From Gridview Link Button?

Jan 13, 2011

I'm usign the following funtion to download a file from griview link button.

This code works fine without the Update Panel in the form.

If i put grid inside the updatepanel, i can't download the file. shows System.WebForms Cannot parse file.

//protected void LnkDownload_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
// LinkButton Lnk = sender as LinkButton;
// string filepath = Server.MapPath(Lnk.CommandArgument.ToString());
// System.IO.FileInfo myfile = new System.IO.FileInfo(filepath);
// if (myfile.Exists)
// {
// Response.ClearContent();
// Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + myfile.Name);
// Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", myfile.Length.ToString());
// Response.ContentType = "application//octet-stream";
// Response.TransmitFile(myfile.FullName);
// Response.End();
// }

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AJAX :: Modal Popup After File Download Dialog Window?

Jun 23, 2010

I am exporting a datatable to an excel sheet. When the ExportToExcel event is fire it pops up a "file download dialog" asking if I want to open or save. What I want to do is right after user clicks on open, or save I would like to show a modal popup saying "Do you want to finalize this download?".

Here is some code, it all works except it won't show modal popup after exporting to excel. Why won't mpeFinalizeDownload.Show() run unless I comment out the line above it?


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AJAX :: Show UpdateProgress For File Download On Button Click

Jun 16, 2015

I used updateProgress for Downloading File on button click.

it works but when downloading Completes, progress bar did not disappears.

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AJAX Download Manager / Bunch Of Dynamically Generated Links To Zip File?

Jan 25, 2011

I currently have an asp.net page which a loggd in user goes to and theres a bunch of dynamically generated links to zip files that he or she owns and can downloads.Currently they click download and I have no way of knowing if it completes succesfully etc so can't log it. I do log the attempt.Is there are good download manager or solution I can use so they will have progress bars on the site, they can queue multiple ones up and most importantly I can track failed and successful downloads.

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AJAX :: How To Show Alert Success Message After File Download Is Complete

Feb 26, 2014

Here am exporting the data in pdf using itextsharp which is having one image and image data.

and am using updatepanel also in that page.

here am using the response.clear() and response.end()

after this i want to show message like 'DATA EXPORTED'

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UpdatePanel Returns Error When Click On Linkbutton Which Is Inside UpdatePanel

Mar 26, 2010

i have Linkbutton inside updatePanel and when i click on it it returns following error

An extender can't be in a different UpdatePanel than the control it extends

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Order Report To Download In Excel And Download Later

Jan 16, 2010

I am developing a website and one of the requirements is that, application is showing millions of records in gridview and if client want to download it they can add that report to get generated in excel format and then they can logout after few hours they recive an email saying that their report is ready and they can download it.

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Web Forms :: Controlling File Name Of The File Opened Directly From File Download Dialog?

Jul 26, 2010

I am downloading file from database using the following code. This code downloads an excel file from the database which has a macro attached to it when it is opened. This macro reads file name of the excel file and uses it for its computation. Everthing works file if user saves the file on his harddisk and then open if but if he directly opens the file from the dialog(by hitting 'Open' button) then file name of the opened excel file comes out be the name of the webform that has the above code and this leads to error in the macro. Is there any option through which i can control the name of the file if user directly opens the file from dialog or the option to disable or remove 'Open' button form the dialog?


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Download File From FTP?

Jul 8, 2010

i want to download the lastest file from ftp server, now my requirement is i want to check after 10 min is there any new file is uploaded on ftp server. so i can download that now the problem is i want to run my script after every 10min , how i can do that ? how i can desing a application who can run after 10 mins , and download the latest file from ftp to local machine , i want to do this in C# is there any way i can schedule it , with any schedular , how i can do that , can i create a exe or any class file how i can do that.

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