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AJAX :: How To Create A Countdown Timer

How to create a countdown timer using AJAX in ASP.NET 3.5..

View 3 Replies (Posted: Jul 04, 2010 05:32 PM)

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How To Create A Countdown Timer Using C# And .NET AJAX
Im about to start development on a countdown timer that will display the time left for a particular product.

Posted: Jul 17, 2008 12:27 PM

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AJAX :: Countdown Timer Counts Double?
i added a countdown timer to show seconds before pagegets refreshed. But every tick counts 2 seconds instead of 1 .. so it goes from 30 > 28 > 26 instead of 30 > 29 > 28 ..

On page load I set the label value to 30.

The update panel contains following code for 2 labels and timer:


Code behind:


There is another timer on the page that forces a refresch every 30 seconds:


with code behind:


Page refresh after 30secsworks fine!

Posted: Oct 13, 2010 05:10 PM

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How To Display A Countdown Of Time Remaining Using AJAX Timer Control
I am using AJAX Timer control in my web form with the "interval" set to 40,000.want to show a countdown on the client side as to how much time is remainig before the Tick event is fired.

Posted: Mar 11, 2007 07:55 PM

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Add 10 To 1 Countdown Timer
I want to add a countdown timer to my page. What happens is when the user presses the 'Process' button it goes out andperforms various tasks and displays results to a listbox. I want to add a 10 - 1 countdown timer so the user knows its actually moving. Once it gets to 1, I need it to start over from 10 until it is finished.

Posted: Apr 26, 2010 05:32 PM

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How To Insert Countdown Timer In C#
I want to insert a countdown timer in my project. right now i am using the following code:

DateTime dt = (DateTime)Session["end_t"];
DateTime dt_curr = DateTime.Now;
TimeSpan ts = dt - dt_curr;
lblTimer.Text = ts.Hours.ToString() + ":" + ts.Minutes.ToString() + ":" + ts.Seconds.ToString();
if (ts.Minutes == 0)
Timer1.Enabled = false;
Response.Redirect("~/Online Exam/result2.aspx");

the code works fine but when we move to some other page and then return back to main page the timer gets restarted. How can i overcome with this?

Posted: Nov 13 10 at 6:24

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Use Countdown Timer For Quiztest?
I want to use countdown timer for quiztest. I am using following code:


<html xmlns="">
<head runat="server">
<title>Untitled Page</title>
<div id="timelabel"></div>


Its working fine but when i click on button its strat again. when button is clicked yet it should work continusoly not start again or not stopped.

Posted: Mar 14, 2011 06:42 AM

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C# - Make A Countdown Timer?
How do you make a Countdown timer? When the user loads the page, clock starts counting down, it reaches time, it redirects browser to a new page.Found this, it was not too useful.

Posted: May 14 10 at 14:54

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Creating A Countdown Timer For A Project?
So I'm creating a countdown timer for a project I'm on and I feel its important to get the most accurate time possible. I figure; what is more accurate... and more importantly the most unalterable than server time?

The project requires days/hours/minutes/seconds so if I could grab the exact time the page was requested from the server I could then just through it in a JavaScript variable and work it out from there.

Posted: Dec 6 10 at 16:09

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Web Forms :: CountDown Timer For An Auction?
I have an auction site and already a end date, but what i don't know is how to do to show mehow many days hours and minutes.

this is it what i have, on my page, and it is showing the end date, but how do i do, to show a countdown

This is .cs

stoptime.Text = dr["slut"].ToString();
<asp:Label id="stoptime" runat="server" Font-Bold="true" ForeColor="#0066FF" Font-Size="Small"></asp:Label>

Posted: Sep 20, 2010 01:35 PM

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How To Apply A Timer Countdown When The Exams Starts
i am using i am doin an online exam....and i want to apply a timer countdown when the exams starts....this is my code...i have used a asp Timer with ajax enabled

Protected Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
Session("sec") = Session("sec") - 1
If Session("sec") = 0 Then
Session("min") = Session("min") - 1
Session("sec") = 60
End If
Label1.Text = Session("min")
Label2.Text = Session("sec")
End Sub
session("sec")=60 &session("min") for 5 min exams..these session variables are initialzed in the previous page....

it works fine BUt i have many buttons in my exam page for submiting answers,moving to next page etc....if i click any of the buttons the timer stops for a second..if i click any button continously the timer stops till i stop clicking the can i keep the timer countdown working without any stopping...even if i click any buttons on the exampage.. or is there any other better solutions to make an timer countdown...

Posted: Feb 04, 2008 12:46 PM

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Javascript - Make A Countdown Timer In Web Application(C#)?
I am Creating Timed online test in C# have created it using the local machine time. But in the case of Database disconnection or system hang, The countdown timer must start from the time at which the machine has hanged or unexpected database disconnectivity.For example the user is answering the Questions for 10mins and unexpectedly system hanged. After recovery the countdown must start from 10mins. Can anyone please help me with coding in C#? I have used the following coding, But its not useful in the above scenario.

int totalTime = (Convert.ToInt32(ViewState["totaltime"])) * 60;
DateTime startTime = (DateTime)ViewState["startTime"];
TimeSpan elaspedTime = DateTime.Now.Subtract(startTime);


Posted: Nov 11 10 at 5:12

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Web Forms :: Display Countdown Timer Of Remaining Time
I am a newbie and have designed a website using ASP .Net 2.0 with C# 2005. On the home page I am displaying rates of a few items which gets updated every 15 minutes. The new rates are entered through a different web page into a SQL Table and I am using Page Refresh of the home page to update the rates every 15 minutes. Everything is working ok upto this. But now I have to display a countdown timer of time remaining for the next update on the home page. I am totally clueless as how to approach the problem.

Posted: Feb 15, 2010 05:37 AM

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VS 2005 - Create Increment Using Ajax Timer?
how to create a increment using ajax timer? Which mean in ajax timer with a tick int i will increase by 60. E.g. 1st tick from 0 to 60, 2nd tick from 60 to 120, 3rd tick from 120 to 180, continue...

Posted: Jul 26th, 2010, 02:55 AM

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AJAX - Client Timer Synchronous With Server Timer?
I'm searching for an example with an client timer that ticks synchronous with an server timer. Also there must be a button on the client side which can reset the server timer to an default value, and with this it also resets the client timer ofcourse. I tried it myself but it seems that there is some postback delay which makes it impossible for me to make it atleast look like it goes synchronous.

I hope somebody got an example for me, the button part is really important because by pressing that button the delay comes.

Posted: Apr 23 10 at 9:17

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Web Forms :: How To Create A Small Timer
i am making one web site(online test),now i want to give some time limit to answer the questions,like 10 can i make a timer with 10 min in .net to show the time in label control..

Posted: Sep 28, 2010 05:40 AM

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AJAX :: JScript Runtime Error 12030 From Ajax Timer When Authorization Expires?
I have an ASP.NET form with several update panels. All works great.I use a timer and have it handle some periodic upates. That works correctly too. However, I appear to get an error when I leave the page open running in the debugger. Specifically the above JScript error 12030.I'm not clear how to find the source but I assume it is because my page has logged out. If I refresh I go back to my login page.So, does this sound like the cause? If so, how to I address this?

Posted: Nov 03, 2010 08:58 PM

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Forms Data Controls :: Timer Control Timer Event Forces A Gridview Databind Every 10 Seconds?
VS2010 ( ).I have a masterpage that contains a gridview, giving stats and information on client files sent to us. This gridview is updated by means of a timer control every 10 seconds. In my grid I have an image field, to display either a tick .. if everything is ok or a cross for any problems.When the timer control timer event forces a gridview databind every 10 seconds.When the page first loads, i get the default red Cross in the gridview imagefield, however when the timer loops forces a 'databind' I lose the redCross and it is replaced with the default image control ( as if no url is set ) . Then I get a server 404 error.I am using the OnDataBound event to fire my vb sub. I have commented out evertything just to get a solid starting point but im still getting errors.


Posted: Nov 25, 2010 09:12 AM

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Ajax Timer For Global Use?
i want to have a timer in my site that will work for all the site where have i to put this timer?i mean if i put it in one aspx it will work only for this page or not?

Posted: Mar 27th, 2011, 03:56 PM

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AJAX :: ScriptManager And Timer?
I'm having a serious problem with my ASP.NET AJAX application.There is an javascript function in my application needs to be executed after the Timer_Tick event. Here's the code behind:


When I call the javascript function 'UpdateValue' for the first time(at onload page event), it works correctly. But after the Timer_Tick event, it does nothing. This is the HTML code:


What's the problem with the ScriptManager or the Timer_Tick event?

Posted: Aug 04, 2010 08:42 AM

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AJAX :: Timer Control Not Firing?
For two days now I try to produce a simple timer. To do this a use Visual Studio 2005, I installed .NET 3.5 (should include AJAX?).

Then I follow the tutorial:

I make new ASP.NET website (can't choose AJAX web site). I put a ScriptManager on this site. Then I add an UpdatePanel and insert a Timer INSIDE the Update Panel. I also add a Label. I double-Click on Timer1 to create the Timer1_Tick and write the code in the timer. I set the timer to 5000ms and try to run the page.

But the Timer1_Tick is never activated. Here the code:



To debug I use Firefox The Webpage has no errors. When I put this project to IIS6 and open it with IE6 there are errors on the page: 'sys undefinded'. But I regard this problem as a different one.

Posted: Feb 29, 2008 01:16 PM

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Web Forms :: AJAX Timer In FireFox?
I have the following simple code for executing a long running task



Code behind


Code works fine in IE, Safari. In FireFox, it doesn't work after I refresh (clicking the refresh button or press CTRL+R or only F5). It simply doesn't get to the timer_tick event. It does work when I press CTRL+F5.

Posted: Sep 15, 2009 01:38 PM

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AJAX :: Fire Event On Timer?
i have a form in I want to fire


can we use ajax timer for this if so how can we use it ? or there is any other way for this.

Posted: Oct 05, 2010 08:01 PM

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Can Put A Timer In Ajax UpdatePannel In A Masterpage
I made a very simple pannel updating wich will query a database and show a message on masterpage through a label.

Thus, I've put an updatePannel with a label and a timer within (obviously with a scriptManager) in my site's masterpage.

However, when I try to interact with the timer1 object, I receive an error message: "object not set to an instance of an object". I not receive this message when placing the schema in a blank page (without masterpage).

I must to run the query in masterpage because the users need to receive information whatever they are in my site.

How can I correctly place the components to do this work? what I'm doing wrong?

Posted: Feb 25 at 17:15

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AJAX :: Building An Application - Looking For Timer In .Net?
I am building an application where I need to check/send a query to database every second. So, is there any way to do that??

Posted: Dec 12, 2010 04:52 PM

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Two Ajax Timer Cannot Tick Simultaneously?
I have two ajax time for my aspx web page but while the one is ticking , the other stops running. How can i make it both timer run together like the windows form?

Posted: Oct 24 10 at 7:56

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AJAX :: Using Timer To Refresh Data?
I am writing a ASP.NET C# application and using a AJAX timer in order to refresh some if the data every couple of seconds.

Whenever the timer function is called, it looks like the whole page is rendered again. For example, I have a list of tabs, the selected tab is not selected anymore.

I need to keep the selected tab 'selected' after refresh.

How can I achieve that? I am attaching the relevant code.

my aspx:






Posted: Apr 07, 2009 11:43 AM

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AJAX :: Updatepanel And Timer Control?
My popup panel is disappearing everytime the timer ticks in an updatepanel.How can i solve this problem please friends.

Posted: Mar 25, 2010 06:02 PM

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AJAX :: Update The Page Using Timer?
have an application which runs in the offlineenvironment and populates the MS SQL Server 2005 database. By one of our process we do the incremental update to online (web) database.Now the problem is that by clicking the button to update the online database it take 15 to 20 minutes to and the user have to wait until the complete postback process complete.The grid that contains the information (about the updation of database) will be refreshed after the complete postback but we want to refresh it as by a particular items (i.e. table of the database)How can i do it ??

Posted: Apr 03, 2010 07:08 AM

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VS 2008 AJAX Timer Keeps Looping / PostBack?
I'm trying to create a 2 second Delay before I initiate a File Download Link.

The problem is, it all works but once the Save Dialog appears, then Timer is supposed to TURN OFF. But then it keeps on calling Page_Load event again, which enables the timer. So it keeps sending/showing the File Save Dialog constantly in a loop.

The thing is it seems to work when I test it on the Development machine, but when uploaded on the server it goes back to a loop.

I have this to try & prevent the loop:

Basically its a label which holds the full URL once its initialised. But empty on form_Load.

If Not lblFileURL.Text = vbNullString Then
Timer1.Enabled = False
Exit Sub
End If

How Do I prevent this. It is a PostBack problem I believe.

Posted: Jul 3rd, 2009, 05:46 PM

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Web Forms :: AJAX Timer Does Trigger Event?
Have added a timer to a simple page but it does not trigger the Tick event


code behind..



Posted: Aug 04, 2010 02:34 PM

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AJAX :: Timer OnTick Event Not Being Triggered?
I am trying to modify the Interval and Enabled properties via ViewState but it is not working.
Here is my code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (!Page.IsPostBack)
//set the default Refresh Interval to 3 seconds and enable Timer to TRUE
ViewState["TimerEnable"] = true;
ViewState["RefreshInterval"] = 3000;
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional">
<asp:Timer ID="Timer1" OnTick="Timer1_Tick" runat="server"
Enabled = <%# Convert.ToBoolean(ViewState["TimerEnable"].ToString()) %>
Interval = <%# Convert.ToInt32(ViewState["RefreshInterval"].ToString()) %> >
If I use Enabled = "true" and Interval = 3000, the code works just fine!

Posted: Oct 20, 2010 04:51 PM

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AJAX :: Timer - Call Client JavaScript
how can I call a client JavaScript function on ASP.NET AJAX timer tick? Also, how can I trigger a trigger in an UpdatePanel within a JavaScript function?

Posted: May 21, 2007 01:21 PM

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AJAX :: Increment A Variable(int Type) With Timer
here I'm using a timer control to increment count variable. When I run it on the browser, it shows 1 every time when a timer ticks it's not incrementing can any body tell me why this is happening.Here is the code..


Posted: Mar 21, 2011 01:35 PM

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AJAX :: Update Panel And Timer-VB Code?
I am doing a countdown with a timer that runs every second. I have a scriptmanager, but how do I make it update behind the scenes so the user does not see it? I thought I could use an update panel, but I can't get it to work right.

Posted: May 16, 2010 01:45 AM

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AJAX :: Timer Tick Event Fired Twice?
I am using ajax timer outside update panelTimer_tick event fired twice after every 5 secondsMy Issue is why it fires twice after 5 secondsI know the interval its my setting like (interval=5000)but why it fires twice together thats why my application get hanged???

Posted: Jan 15, 2011 05:24 PM

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AJAX Timer Tick Fires Page_Init?
I am currently working on an ASP.NET project, where I am using C# as my default language. I have an .aspx page, where I have an AJAX Script Manager and an AJAX timer. When that page first initializes, it does a pretty costly operation (parses a .csv file), which I only need to do once. However, every time the Timer tick takes place, Page_Init is fired again. Is there any way to correct it?

Posted: Apr 15, 2010 03:47 PM

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AJAX :: Keep Session Alive By Using Timer Control?
To avoid that users get logged out when they haven't been active for a while, I am using a Timer-control to make a request periodically before the session times out.

My problem is that even though it is not shown (which is good), the entire page gets sent back to the client on each "tick" (25k or so, shown in Fiddler) and even if this is not really a problem, it would make me feel a lot better if less data was returned (since I am really not doing anything anyway). I am using this code in my masterpage which all of my pages use.

Code on the client side:<atlas:ScriptManager
runat="server" [code]....

Posted: Aug 30, 2006 09:48 AM

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AJAX :: Simple Timer Is Not Working In Firefox?
When a new item is inserted I want to show a message like "Successful" for 3 seconds and then redirect to main page. For that purpose I used timer control. It works fine in IE but not in firefox. Below is the tick method:

protected void UpdateTimer_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e)
UpdateTimer.Enabled = false;
lbl_Result.Visible = false;
if (lbl_Result.CssClass == "successMessage")
lbl_Result.CssClass == "failureMessage"

In firefox, it continuously refresh pages, timer never gets disabled. What should I do?

Posted: Jan 06, 2011 10:56 AM

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AJAX :: Proper / Optimal Way To Use Updatepanel With Timer
If that is even the right combination of controls to use.. I have a page that will display a list of files that have been processed or processing.. its not really time sensitive, but would like for the page to refresh the gridview every say every minutelonger(not determined yet)Is that the most optimal way to accomplish this, i mean if you are on the page, i dont want you to have to hit refresh to see any new records or status changes to the existing records..

Posted: Apr 01, 2011 05:06 PM

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