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Activation Link That User Will Press To Activate An Account

Doing an activation link that the user will press to activate an account. What i wanted to ask is, the link will go to a page and it will hit the sql server to find out if it's valid.Now what i'm afraid of is that some boot can send thousands of get's in the page, forcing the sql to be active with useless data. So is there a way to protect against this? I was thinking the "lock ip" trick i did to stop users trying to log in to a site many times. Any other suggestions are welcome. Some other think also.I use a try catch in case of a get with not or wrong data.Will this affect the site in general? I mean i don't really care if someone post an invalid get and wait for the try catch, but does this affect the performance of the site in general or a session takes the memory by default and ignore any try catching that s stalling the page.

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Security :: How To Send Activation Link To User After Create His Account
i want to send activation key to user through email to activate his account

Posted: Jun 29, 2008 11:32 AM

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Web Forms :: How To Send User Confirmation Email After Registration With Activation Link
I want to send a confirmation email to the user after they register to my website. I am using CreateUserWizard of .NET and I use C#.

My idea is after users register they get an email with a link. If they click the link, they will come to an activation page. I have done this so far:




After Guid userId = (Guid)user.ProviderUserKey;

I am very confused and not sure what to do. I understand that i need to email an url with the userID to user's email upon registration, but how to do this, and when user clicks that url in that email, how that url will automatically come to activation page?

Posted: Jan 21, 2010 06:17 PM

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Security :: Finding Tutorials For Registering And Sending An Activation Link To The User's Email Address
I program in vb

I was wondering if someone can direct me to a good quality tutorial on the process of registering and sending an activation link to the user's email address. I can't seem to find any useful tutorials online!

Posted: Feb 09, 2010 08:20 PM

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Email Newly Registered Users An Activation Email With An Activation Link
I've been programming with VB for a little over 2 years, however have never had any formal education. So the extent of my education is as follows:

I want to know how to do a mouseover for an image on my webpage, I look online for someone who's done it in VB and I try and duplicate their code and then play with it until I get the results I want.

So as you can see there is a wealth of VB coding that simply escapes me because I just haven't desired to include it or needed to include different aspects of VB in my programs / web developments. What I want now is big enough that so far (one week of online searches) I've uncovered no site or forum that has given me a tutorial on how to go about implementing what I want into myMicrosoft Web Development project. The old sources for information are only good for one or two aspects of a coding procedure, not an entire overhaul of my current .aspx files. Not to mention a bias towards hard coding in pure <html>, I get a lot of that when someone doesn't have the patients to address my question.

When I created my new project it automatically populated an Accounts folder with a Changepassword.aspx, Changepasswordsuccess.aspx, registration.aspx, and Login.aspx. I've successfully prevent the program from logging in the user after they register with a simple " ' " before an authentication line in the registration.vb code; however, the login.vb code and the code is simple beyond me, and I've yet to find a site that spells it out for me.

I've created an online test. However, the intent is to have the users only take the test once, thus after they register with their email address I want my site to send them an email with an account activation link. Once they click on this link by visiting their inbox they can then take the test.

Posted: May 16, 2010 07:59 PM

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Security :: De-activate Account After A Period Not Being Used?
I'm using membership provider (SQL) in my application. How do I set to de-activate user account automatically after a period not being used by the users?

Posted: Mar 02, 2010 08:53 AM

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Reapter And Updatepanel / Every Time The User Press One Of The Rpt Link Buttons A Different Message Is Display In The Content Window?
I have a repeater that creates a list of links buttons and a main content window, every time the user press one of the rpt link buttons a different message is display in the content window.i wanted to use ajax for this task, to accomplish this my first thought was to surround the main content window with update panel control and dynamically add triggers to each of the rpt link buttons, i tried that for a while and since it didn't work i tried another way, i added another update panel around the repeater and it worked like a charm....but i have this feeling that i made it in a "dirty" way... is this bad practice? should i try harder and add each of the repeater link buttons a trigger to the main content window update panel?

Posted: Dec 6th, 2009, 03:28 PM

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C# - Validate User Account Via Email Link?
Really sorry because this is almost "send me the code" - although really it's "send me a link to another discussion"

I am setting up a .net membership system and need to validate users from the email address they provide via a "click here to validate your account" type link.

Just wondered if anyone knew of any good tutorials or posts out there about this? I have searched for about an hour and can't find anything - hence me asking the question.

Posted: Jun 21 10 at 11:19

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Security :: Confirmation Mail To Activate An Account In The Membership Table?
I work with an ASP.NET application and the standard Membership ASP.NET database to register user.

Could it be possible to explain or to give examples how to program the system to work with a confirmation mail so that the user need to click on the link to activate his account?I would like to do this to avoid SPAMMERS

Posted: Mar 10, 2011 10:00 AM

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Security :: Activating New Account After New User Clicks Link In Email?
Could anyone provide guidance about the common technique ofsending an email to the new user -> new user clicks the link in the email -> and then theaccount becomes activated and ready for use?

Currently using theCreateUserWizard control in .NET v4 and a Membership db in SQL Server 2008. If I need to do this via custom code and not the CreateUserWizard that's fine. Would be nice to see expert thoughts on this common, enterprise quality, new account validation technique.

The link below outlines a technique for sending a confirmation email but does not include activation:[URL]

Posted: Jun 30, 2010 04:01 PM

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ADO.NET :: Need To Make A Field For Account Type In User Account Table?
Do I just need to make a field for account type in my user account table? In a technical way, if(account type = admin) then the account would log as admin; otherwise, a user with less privileges.

Posted: Feb 02, 2011 07:50 AM

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Security :: Clear Cache After Logout Button Link Is Press?
I am having a probem when logout from my website.When i copy the URL page which is the page after login,and paste it again in browser,i can direct it to the page even though i alr logout. I not using any buit in asp control,and the logout button link that i create is place at Master Page.

Posted: Feb 12, 2011 10:14 AM

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Security :: Deactivating User Roles Automatically When Email Activation Is Clicked?
I know this is a simple fix but here's my register.aspx.vb and activation.aspx.vb codes. Its given an ordinary user unauthorized permissions after activation from email link which when clicked, approves and logs them in.

Protected Sub RegisterUser_CreatedUser(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles RegisterUser.CreatedUser
If _group IsNot Nothing Then


Posted: Oct 08, 2010 06:08 PM

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Link The Authentication Account To The Table Containing Each Customer Data?
Just finished to read the Visual Web Developer 2008 book and something is still not clear.

We can use the Web Site Administration Tool to add users to our website. Suppose that each user is one of our company customers and that we want to allow them to login and edit their profile (name, company, address, city, etc.), how do welink the authentication account to the table containing each customer data?

Posted: Jul 16, 2009 12:49 PM

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Web Forms :: Activate ChecKBox Validation When Clicking Button In Created User Wizard Control?
I have a checkbox on my page that must be ticked and to validate it I am using a custom method as below. The problemis thatI now put thecheckboxand methodwithin a Create User Wizardcustom tempalte andwhen I submit the form it does not activate the validation check. If I put a normal button on the page outside the tempalte it works. Not sure If I a missing something. Perhaps I can activate it in Created User Event handler in code behind. All Button in my create user Event.

my Profile"

<asp:CheckBox ID="Terms" runat="server" />
<asp:CustomValidator ID="valTandCs" ClientValidationFunction="ValidateTandCs" runat="server" ErrorMessage="Please accept Terms and Conditions before submitting."></asp:CustomValidator>
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
function ValidateTandCs(source, args)
args.IsValid = document.getElementById('<%= Terms.ClientID %>').checked;

Posted: Oct 26, 2010 03:29 PM

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C# - How To Call A Button Press Even With The Press Of The Enter Key On Keynoard
the following is the Markup of my page based on a master page. its a log in page with a default login control.


Posted: Jan 21 at 15:43

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Security :: How To Create User Account Belong To Normal User Automatically
I facing a problem here. how can I make the create user wizard category all the new user become normal user role? I have created 2 role which is Manager and Normal User. Normal User can't view the Manager page. But after i create a new user account, i can view manager and normal user page. I want to make all the new member registration will be normal user role?

Posted: Mar 25, 2010 08:20 PM

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Web Forms :: Account Page Shows Only Information For First Created User, Not The Info On Logged In User?
I have the membership provider and the create user with tow steps, one of the steps contains a custom registration form, for each created user data will be in the database, and there is an account page shows the data that the new created user did insert during the registration process on the custom registration page,

the problem, when the user is created and logged into his account page, this account page shows only the information for the first created user, not the info on the logged in user , but the logged in user data still saved in database and not showing on his account page?

This is web.confg code:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Posted: Mar 04, 2010 05:53 AM

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Web Forms :: Apply Key Press Handler To User Control?
I want to apply a key press handler to a User Control. So there is no <body> there. where I should place onkeypress="keyPressHandler(event)"?

Posted: Apr 06, 2010 01:43 PM

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Web Forms :: Don't Allow User To Press Browser Back Button
I am trying to build a formthat will notchange theURL in the users browser, and will notallow the user to press the browser back button.Is there something I can do to accomplish this?

E.g. Form 1
Url: MyForm.aspx

Form 2
Url: MyForm.aspx (still the same url)

Posted: Nov 09, 2010 06:47 AM

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Want The User To Press A Button And Select A Folder (not A File?
is there a folder dialog control in ). i tried using the input in this way:

<input type="file" runat="server" id="d" />

but it enabled me to browse a file and not a folder.

Posted: May 4 10 at 12:34

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Want To Display A JS Confirm Box Once The User Press On The DeleteCommand Button In Datalist?
I want to display an JS confirm box once the user press on the deleteCommand button in my datalist, and only if he choose "Yes im sure" the delete process will start, where should i start?

Posted: Nov 5th, 2009, 06:13 PM

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Web Forms :: When The User Press The Button If The Email Exists Want To Show A Message Box Him?
I am creating a newsletter and I have got a problem. I have 2 text boxes. In one textboxthe user types hisname and in the second one the user enter his email address. When the user press the button if the email exists I wantto show a message box him that theemail address alreadyexists. If the email does not exist I want to insert his email on the database and show a message that he has been inserted in the newsletter list.Just to let you know guys I am using C#

Posted: Feb 10, 2010 08:17 PM

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Web Forms :: Webpage Expire When User Press Back Button Of Browser?
I want when user press back button of browser.the web page should expire.

Posted: Feb 01, 2010 04:30 AM

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Web Forms :: Load A User Control On Link Click Event Of A Link Button During Postback Of Aspx Page?
Here is my requirement -

1. I need to load a user control on link click event of a link button during postback of aspx page.

2. On button click event of a save button on that aspx page, I need to read the selected values from that user control on further postback.

If I write the loadcontrol code in link_click event, the control is not recognized at all in the button_click event. When I shift it to page_init and execute only during not postback, the user control loads with default values.

Posted: Mar 02, 2011 11:42 PM

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Pdf Will Load If Use 'save Link As' But Not If User Clicks On The Link?
After submitting a form, the user is presented with a link to a pdf document. The link is straight to the document, it is not streamed.

If the user right-clicks and chooses 'save link as,' the document saves and opens fine. However, if the user just clicks on the link, the browser takes a very long time to respond (I'm going to guess it's 3 minutes) and then adobe reader gives the following error:

"the file is damaged and could not be repaired"

This is in Chrome v5, ASP.NET 3.5 and the link is returned inside an UpdatePanel.

Posted: Jul 27 10 at 13:35

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Web Forms :: Validators Of The User Control Fires On Any Button Press Of The Parent Page?
I have a user control with contact form and validators, when I add it (user control) to my parent page I get a strangebehaviorof all buttons within the parent page, Any button I press on the parent page fires the validators of the user control. How can I vallidate the form on my user control only when I press a specificbutton?

Posted: Nov 16, 2010 01:53 PM

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Forms Data Controls :: Refreshing Gridview Which Is In A User Control From A Button Press?
I have a page with lotsof panels onit. Some of the panels areuser controls andsome are just on the page. I have a form on the pagewhere you can add users and a gridview which is a user controlshowing a list of users.When a new useris added on the formI want to do gridview.databind() for the gridview in the user control. Does anyone know how to do this?

Posted: Dec 15, 2010 09:41 AM

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C# - How To Block A User Account
I'm using membership provider. and I need to block user account in case if the user post spam. How can I accomplish it using build in features of the Membership Provider.Can I use IsLockedOut? If so how can i update it programmatically?

Posted: Dec 26 10 at 17:41

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Security :: Possible To Suspend A User Account
Is it possible to SUSPEND a user account? I want to do an application in which the admin retrieves a list of all the user accounts in the database, and select a particular one to suspend it. And, that suspended account would not be able to log in to the application?

Posted: Jan 16, 2011 04:53 AM

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Adding User Account From Background?
i have almost 2500 peoples details i want enter it to the database from background using one exel sheet .but when i enter all the details i want to set the password for each user in the database (must be unique)

Posted: Sep 03, 2010 10:01 AM

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Security :: How To Switch To Another User Account
I have used membership provider to implement my system. The system administrator can list the users. What I want to do is, administrator should be able to sign-in as the selected user. I can sign out administrator by FormsAuthentication.Signout but how can I sign in as the selected user? Passwords are hashed so I can not retrieve the passwords.

Posted: May 30, 2010 02:26 PM

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C# - Create Local User Account?
i have this code to create a local windows user

public static bool CreateLocalWindowsAccount(string username, string password, string displayName, string description, bool canChangePwd, bool pwdExpires)


Posted: Sep 16 10 at 18:02

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Web Forms :: Activate "btnSubmit" When The User Clciks "FINISH" On The Last Wizard Step
I am adding wizard steps dynamically (not the wizard itself). I am adding 'n' wizard steps andstep type is 'auto'.

Ialso have one<asp:ButtonID="btnSubmit" runat="server" Enabled="false" ....../>

I want to activate "btnSubmit" when the user clciks "FINISH" on the last wizard step (Note: Each Step Type is 'auto')

Posted: Apr 21, 2010 06:06 AM

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VS 2008 Creating User Account Policy ?
I would like develop an application written in ASP.NET which include an option to configure user accounts in such a way that each user account can be freely assigned to a different module to which it will has access.

So, for example, I would have one table in a database that maps user to modules.

In ASP.NET there is the whole mechanism of roles, but his assumptions are slightly different -> Here you need to centrally configure finished profiles. This can be circumvented in such a way that each application module is a separate role. And for one user can be assigned multiple roles.

But whether such a method is elegant? Should I do it differently?

Posted: Feb 20th, 2011, 01:37 PM

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How To Display Infomation Onto The Application About The User Account
I have a website that has a login (Like most websites xD) This then obviosly fetches information from a database and loads it on the page. (EG. Welcome "Display Name")

I have designed and coded a application for my site you can use the features from my web on your desktop, I have added a login (required to use the application) and a register. Both login and register work (Fetching information from the database and writing to the database).

Now I have those out of the way I'm now onto the main part of my program which is to display infomation onto the application about the user account. This could include editing the user account, uploading content to the website or viewing content from the website.. (Sorry but I'd like to explain how I have certain things to get the point across clearly )

Anyway how would I create a sort of session? Like PHP, once you login you can grab information from the database based on the information submitted from the login which was fetched from the database.. When the user presses login on my application it brings them to the main part of the application but I'm now unsure how to load variables and/or session data.

(Side note, I have also sha encryption on my website in the register/login, at the moment VB reads the information from the textbox as normal text is there anyway I can get it to read the sha encryption? and also insert data into the database with this encryption?) - This question is optional.

Posted: Mar 16th, 2010, 09:47 PM

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C# - How To Remove User Account From Active Directory
how to remove user account from active directory programmatically in Please help me id this.

Posted: Sep 23 10 at 12:45

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One User Per Userid - No One Can Simultaneously Open Same Account
I am creating a small web application(in C#/ by Visual Studio-2008) this application will be used by a number of users on a network, I am using a SQL-2005 Database to store their Login id's and passwords, now the question is: 1)I want that there should only be one user per userid(using one system) and no other user can simultaneously open the same user account(using other system) if he knows his id and password.

Posted: Jun 04, 2009 10:54 AM

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C# - How To Lock User Account On 5 Unsuccessful Attempts
I have a website developed using I would like to lock an user account on 5 consecutive login failures within a time period of 30 minutes. I do not want to do this on database side. And I know this is cannot be done by session variables. I also do not want to use cookies for this, as a user can easily disable cookies

Posted: Dec 27 10 at 22:49

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