Change Url - Desktop Doesn't Have IIS

Feb 11, 2011

I want to change the web site where the IIS is. My desktop doesn't have IIS. Therefore, when I hit F5, the project will try launch my ASP.NET Web Application Project from http://localhost I needs to it to launched from [URL]. How can I change the configuration so the web page with URL starting as [URL]? I need it to confirm that the project is being served by the ASP .NET development server.

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Web Forms :: Upload Picture From Desktop Code Seems Correct But Doesn't Work?

Feb 25, 2010

I am trying to do some code where a user will be able to upload a .JPG picture from the users computer. I have put the controls and also written the C# code wich in my eyes seems to be correct. What happens in the code is that the uploaded picture will replace the existing "TopHeader.JPG" picture.

However when I run the code after I have choosen a .JPG picture from the desktop on my computer. Nothing happens except of a postback of the page.

I wonder what I can be missing out in order to make this work. (I attach both the HTML code and the C# code, I will be happy to know what I could be missing out)


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Data Controls :: Change View Of Responsive GridView From Desktop To Mobile And Vice Versa Using JQuery

Dec 23, 2015

I read your inserat about responsive grid and tested it: [URL] ....

What I need is a button which allow to change mode (phone, normal) 

independently in which mode you are at the moment. How to do it?

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Show The Desktop(share Desktop) To Other Person?

Nov 26, 2010

show the desktop(share desktop) to other person on or in 3rd free party control.

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Localization :: Change UI Culture But Resources Doesn't Change Into The Update Panels?

Apr 1, 2011

I have a pesky problem: if I change the UI culture dynamically and then I reload a page, the Resources.resx file selected was changed into the page but not into the Update Panel.

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$().change Or $().bind(change,function()) Doesn't Work On IE8 - JQuery - Javascript

Nov 16, 2010

Code Example:

$(document).ready(function() {
function txtchangefunction(
$(".textCssClass").change(function () {
or $(".textCssClass").bind('change', function())

both work for Chrome etc. but not IE8. no console error comes out.

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Tried To Run Webmatrix With Admin Right It Doesn't Change Anything?

Feb 20, 2011

I have created a site with webmatrix. When I try to run it, it says it cannot because it needs admin right to make the connection to port.I tried to run Webmatrix with admin right it doesn't change anything.

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.NET Label Text Doesn't Change?

Mar 21, 2011

I have a form setup with a drop down list, a label and a button. The dropdown list is populated from an XML file and the label is initially filled in blank. The label text changes depending on the drop down box selected item and as I didn't want to have to cause the page to post back each time the user selected a new user item I set the label text in JavaScript using the .innerHTML property.

However whenever I submit the form the label text doesn't get passed through properly it always outputs "". As a test I tried setting the label to a default value in ASP.NET and as expected the result that gets passed through is the default text property.

So it seems that it doesn't like JavaScript setting the text property of the label control (which renders as span). Is there a way for C# to read the innerHTML property of the field?

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ASP.NET Page Content Doesn't Change?

Apr 2, 2010

I created an application which has a menu where it's items are created dynamicly. The menu acts as a language menu.

<body runat="server">
<form id="Form1" runat="server">
<table class="TableLayout">[code]...

I use session variables to set my current language.however if I click on the menu to change the session variable:

public void LanguageMenu_MenuItemClick(Object sender, MenuEventArgs e)
Session["language"] = e.Item.Text; [code]....

The thing is the content doesn't change, only after I click on something else.If I skip through my code after clicking on the menuItem I can see that it passes the code and it should change, however for some reason the page needs another extra trigger to modify it's content.I also see the page reloading so I don't understand why it's not changing immediatly. I guess I'm not understanding the logic just quite yet.

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Web Forms :: Link Goes To Next Page But Url Doesn't Change?

Aug 24, 2010

I have a text input to get a 'roomID' and an ASP button that calls an 'enterRoom' function:


In my head tags I have my enterRoom Sub:


Now when I click that button it essentially goes to the right page in all ways but the URL stays as my default.aspx instead of changing to users/room.aspx?roomID=23423. I've tried it in IE and Firefox with the same results. Is this something I'm not understanding about Server.Transfer or why is this happening and how do I fix it?

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MVC :: Javascript Doesn't Work On DropDownList Change?

Jun 9, 2010

I searched all day a solution to my problem.I worked with MVC 2 with visual studio 2010.I want to bind dropdownlists according to the value selected in an other dropdownlidt (but the datas are not linked in the database).In fact, I have a function in a controller and I tried to call it thanks javascript. But during the debug, it never goes in this function.If I'm not clear, ask me some question.



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Web Forms :: DropDownList Doesn't Change Selected Value

Aug 10, 2010

I have a dropdownbox which does an autopostback when selected index has changed. But the selected value never changed.



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Web Forms :: Dropdownlist Selectedvalue Doesn't Change?

Jan 21, 2010


here's the code I use after the selectedindexchange


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Security :: Membership Change Password Doesn't Working?

Feb 25, 2011

I have this code for changing a user's password when they click the password reset button (with extra code to log to ELMAH so I can try to figure out what is going wrong).

This is in ASP.NET MVC 2, using the standard aspnet membership provider, with a simple View like this:

New Password: ______
Confirm Password: ______
[Reset] [Cancel]

The route to this view is `/Account/Reset/guid`, where guid is the user's id in the aspnet membership database.

The key portion of the code is where it calls `user.ChangePassword()`. You can see that it logs a message when successful. The problem is that for some users, the success message is logged, but they can not log in with the new password. For other users it logs the success message and they can log in.

if (user.ChangePassword(pwd, confirmPassword))
new Exception("ResetPassword - changed successfully!"));
return Json(new {
Msg = "You have reset your password successfully." },

The full code listing is:


Edit: Adding a bounty to try to get this solved. This is one of the most annoying problems on my issue list, and I have no idea how to proceed.

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Web Forms :: Changing A Textbox Text Doesn't Change?

Dec 22, 2010

I am using a dataview to populate existing values on page_load:


The problem is, if i change that text, and click a button and check what the value of the text box is, it is still the original database populated value, not what i changed it to.

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Configuration :: Change Framework From 3.5 To 4.0 Now Site Doesn't Even Load?

Sep 22, 2010

Changed the framework in VS2010 for the project from 3.5 to 4.0, did a build, and the error is pretty basic, and just says "HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found. Internet Information Services (IIS)".

I made sure IIS is set to 4.0, and have a separate App Pool. Any other tricks to get a 3.5 site to 4.0?

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Web Forms :: Menu And Stylesheets Not Working / Style Doesn't Change On Either Select

Oct 6, 2010

Ive got an ASP:Menu in my page and want to display a background image for each item, and have that background change when the user hovers over, or selects it.

However, the UnselectedTab style applies when the page loads but then the style doesnt change on either select or hover, ...

Code in my page...


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Root Path With Tilde - Doesn't Change Upper Case To Lower Case

Dec 30, 2010

I have my project set up with the virtual path "/MyVirtualPath", create the virtual directory in IIS 6 (W2003) and everything works fine. Then to work better with Google Analytics I change the virtual path "/myvirtualpath" and change all redicecciones and links to lowercase. also applies the class "lowercase route urls in aspnet mvc" and works perfectly.

The problem I had to modify the virtual directory in IIS, delete virtual path "/MyVirtualPath" and I created the new "/myvirtualpath", but in all cases I use tilde "~" or where I make a "RedirecToAction" (which should take "LowercaseRoute"), continues to maintain the virtual path "/MyVirtualPath". For example, if I see the HTML source code in the browser, see "/MyVirtualPath/Content/Site.css" instead of "/myvirtualpath/Content/Site.css. "

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Data Doesn't Change On Paging?

Sep 27, 2010

I have used objectdatasource with Gridview.

I have total 3000 records in DB.

In gridview settings:


but on click on page number in the footer the page is changing but data is not refreshing.

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Sequence Doesn't Change Created RequiredFieldValidator Again In Sequence

Dec 24, 2010

In my ASP.Net application, I am using ajax accordian control on my aspx page and for code behind pages.

I have used validation summary for page validation.

1st accordian Pane contains following fields:

First Name
Last Name etc.

2nd accordian Pane contain following fields:

Country etc.

while validating the page It displays error messages in following sequence:

Address cannot be blank
City cannot be blank
First Name....
Last Name....

But I want to display error messages in following order:

First Name cannot be blank
Last Name....
Address cannot be blank
City cannot be blank

I tried to resolve it by giving tabIndex to textboxes and RequiredFieldValidator, but sequence doesn't change I created RequiredFieldValidator again in sequence, but it doesn't affect.

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Use System.Web In Desktop Application

Jul 12, 2010

I just added System.Web reference to a dll assembly, the assembly is for windows applications and for web applications. IF the assembly will be deployed on a server, System.Web will be shared using GAC, and there is no overhead. But what about windows clients. I am wondering if there are extra resources or any kind of problems when System.Web is loaded into memory?

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Get Path Of Desktop In Mvc Website?

Jan 21, 2011

I want to get the path of the desktop of the users. accessing my website.

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Adding Web Access To Desktop App?

Nov 8, 2013

I have a desktop application which uses BTree/Random Access files for it's core database function. It has run successfully from DOS up to 64bit Windows 7/8 for years now. Currently being developed and maintained with PDS 7.1/VB6 and VB.NET

I now have a fundamental requirement to add/delete/update records using a browser. My users need to host their own server in their office. They have a public facing IP address. Ideally the server should be a desktop machine (W7/8 64bit) which can be used to run the desktop app as well.

Low loading; possibly 100 - 200 requests per hour.

I cannot switch to a SQL type product as this would break my desktop app (proprietary BTree/Random Access architecture)

I am leaning to writing an HTTP server in VB.NET (there are many examples available and even some components).

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Create A New App - Refactor The Classes Out Of The Desktop App?

Aug 5, 2010

I'm about to embark upon learning how to create a web site(in fact I am about to create a website for our company) which will enable users to place an order on our system. I already have a desktop, C# WPF, application that has some of the classes I am going to require in the MVC architecture of this new website. Can anyone advise me of the best practise to reuse these classes in the website. If I was going to create a new app I would refactor the classes out of the desktop app into a class library then add this to my new app by adding an existing project (my class library) to my solution but that option does not seem to exist in creating a website?

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How To Embed A Database In A Desktop Application

Sep 8, 2010

I'm going to develop a desktop tool that will require a database.

How would I go about doing it in a way that will allow me to post the code to a website so that all of the desktop applications see a new version and download the database.

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