Create A New App - Refactor The Classes Out Of The Desktop App?

Aug 5, 2010

I'm about to embark upon learning how to create a web site(in fact I am about to create a website for our company) which will enable users to place an order on our system. I already have a desktop, C# WPF, application that has some of the classes I am going to require in the MVC architecture of this new website. Can anyone advise me of the best practise to reuse these classes in the website. If I was going to create a new app I would refactor the classes out of the desktop app into a class library then add this to my new app by adding an existing project (my class library) to my solution but that option does not seem to exist in creating a website?

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How To Create A Desktop Sharing Application

Feb 2, 2011

how can we create a desktop sharing application in can we use silverlight for this?

or any third party tool that we can use?

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Create A Desktop Widget Framework

Sep 22, 2010

I like to create a desktop widget framework using its like yahoo widget or google widget any one able to create a simple widget application and plug in to this framework. how to develop this framework?

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C# - How To Refactor A Web Site For 3G

May 15, 2010

I have a traditional web site which serves users from desktop computer browsers. I am using Microsoft technologies, like ASP.Net, C#, .Net, SQL Server 2008, IIS and Windows Server 2008. Nowadays, more and more users are using 3G mobile phones, and I am wondering from software perspective, how to add new features to my web site (do I need a client application runs on mobile phone as well?) so that 3G users could have good user experience or new kinds of 3G specific applications? Any recommended documents or real samples are welcome. For 3G users, I want to distinguish from traditional less-powered and slow network access GPRS mobile phone.

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ADO.NET :: Create An Image From Webservice On Desktop Application?

Oct 28, 2010

On desktop application I am uploading photos and storing physically on the webserver with the help of webservice and in DB I am storing physical path of that photo.On the other hand, I want to download the images for later use at that time I am creating bytestream from the physical path and storing it in the dataset column whose datatype is VARBINARY(MAX)I can return byte array which creates the images on the client side very easily.The main problem I am facing here is, I am not able to convert the byte array into dataset's VARBINARY format.

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Javascript - Create Web App Shortcut On User's Desktop Programmatically?

Jan 27, 2011

For enterprise intranet web application, is there any way to create a desktop shortcut of web application on user's desktop? I'm looking for functionality similar to Google Gears, but without installing Google Gears. I'm looking to give user's a link on web application that says "Click here to install desktop shortcut", when they click on it, a desktop shortcut is installed with the custom icon for our application. Is there a way to do it using javascript or any other client side technologies? I don't want to run any exe on user's machines. Even though it's intranet, I have to jump through lot of corporate hoops, compliance approvals, etc to run exe on their machine. We are trying to avoid that, due to time constraints. User machines are windows XP with IE6 installed. They may all upgrade within next year's time to Windows 7 with IE8. Intranet web application in question is developed using 3.5, c#.

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Create A Link That Will Launch Remote Desktop And To Enter The IP Address

Jun 29, 2010

How to create a link that will launch remote desktop and to enter the IP address in the drop-down menu of the remote desktop.

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Web Forms :: Create Desktop Alert Using Application On Hosted Server?

Apr 22, 2010

i hosted my application on the IIS 7

now i've a requirement to show the desktop alert on my IIS desktop when an event fires

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Show The Desktop(share Desktop) To Other Person?

Nov 26, 2010

show the desktop(share desktop) to other person on or in 3rd free party control.

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Web Forms :: Create Thumbnail Image For PDF Files First Page Only In Desktop Applications

May 4, 2013

How can I create Thumbnail Image For Pdf files uploaded by user .. The Thumbnail contains first Page of Pdf only.. Is it Possible through ItextSharp ?

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Create Classes To Represent One To Many Relationships In C#?

Jun 20, 2010

how to create C# classes to represent one to many relationships in C#. I have a Customer and an Address table in my database. I also have a Customer class in my C# solution but how do I introduce the multiple address element? Do I have a separate Address class? Do I create a subclass in the Customer class or create a method in Customer called GetAddresses of type List which contains all of the relevant logic? In my code I need to be able to return a customer with all associated addresses and I just cannot picture the best way to achieve this using OOP.

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Architecture :: How To Create Wrapper Classes

Nov 24, 2010

I have a third party dll and i need to add some more functionalities (methods, constants etc..) so create a wrapper class. I have no idea about wrapper classes. what is the purpose of this and how to create in .NET for this 3rd party dll.

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MVC :: Create The Models Classes All The Time ?

Jan 7, 2011

Do I need to create the Models classes all the time ?

such as


I would like to use the classes straightly ,that is generated by Linq to sql?

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Php - MVC Architecture Decision - Refactor Existing Approach Into Controllers / Views And Database Access

Feb 12, 2011

Consider the following scenario: Page written in classic ASP or PHP, which is rendering a data report (series of HTML tables for simplicity). There is one main database query and then multiple sub queries as the page renders. The report is split into sub panels, which correlate to a sub query. Therefore:

Main database query. Loop over result. For each row, execute sub query and render report panel. How would you architect a similar report using the MVC pattern? This can be split into two parts: Efficiency at database level of multiple queries, which are dependent on values from an outer query. If all data was processed and prepared in the controller, would this also be deemed inefficient if looping within the controller and then again in a view to render. Could sub controllers be used or sub panels, which encapsulate smaller sections of logic i.e. loading data and rendering report panel.

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How To Create Multiple Classes In Single DTO Class

Dec 1, 2010

I am used to making separate Business Object and List<> classes for my DB tables. Sometimes I just have a basic task in hand as displaying a list of year for a search box or having some values in a drop down.

Right now I am ending up with a lot of separate classes and List classes<> for these basic operations.

How can I make a single class for some basic tasks as these by using generics? I want to have single class for some methods like get current year, employee names, Department Name/Code, Title etc. I am using .NET 2.0.

After some searching, I found that I can achieve similar tasks by creating a DTO namespace.

What I don't get right now is how to create multiple classes inside my DTO class. Say 1 class for just returning 'year', One for 'Employee Name/Code' and so on inside the single DTO class.

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Web Forms :: Unable To Create Shared Classes In The Website

Jul 9, 2010

Whenever I create a new folder in my website (VS008) and add an item (Class) it can't be seen by the other pages, even though new class is public. Only if I add the class to the app_code folder or create a bin folder for it then it could be shared from these folders however I want to create my own custom named folders for organization and keep my classes there.

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ADO.NET :: How To Create Classes And Interfaces Using Entity Data Model

Jan 28, 2011

I am setting up my new project..We are using entity frame work 4.0..

Is there any way to generate all classes and interfaces as we create manually for 3-tier architecture...

Or do i need to generate manually...


Public Interface ITest
int testproperty {get;set:}
Public class Test: ITest
public int testproperty {get;set:}

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Architecture :: Building Layered Web Applications / Where To Create The BLL And DAL And All Classes

Dec 23, 2010

where to create the BLL and DAL and all classes in it can we place them in the App_code folder as it ll convert them into DLL Files or do we have to create a new class library project for each...

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Create Two Partial Classes For The Single Aspx File?

Nov 12, 2010

I want to create two partial classes for the single aspx file. I am using vs2005 dotnet 2.0. i could not able to access method from one partial class in another partial classes.

Partial class 1 : my main aspx page
public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page

i could not able to access meth method in partial class 2

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Visual Studio :: What Is The Difference Between Designer Classes And T4 Template Generated Classes

Jan 11, 2010

I am new to LINQ. when we drag tables we get a dbml file and designer file.

For example DataClasses1.dbml and DataClasses1.designer.cs.

Once we have them then we can start using our LINQ Queries.

In my company project I do not see this designer files and instead there are .tt files which were used as templates to greate ABC.generated.cs files. Is this same as designer class?

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C# - Class Structure With LINQ, Partial Classes, And Abstract Classes

May 17, 2010

I am following the Nerd Dinner tutorial as I'm learning ASP.NET MVC, and I am currently on Step 3: Building the Model. One part of this section discusses how to integrate validation and business rule logic with the model classes. All this makes perfect sense. However, in the case of this source code, the author only validates one class: Dinner.

What I am wondering is, say I have multiple classes that need validation (Dinner, Guest, etc). It doesn't seem smart to me to repeatedly write these two methods in the partial class:


This doesn't "feel" right, but I wanted to check with SO to get opinions of individuals smarter than me on this. I also tested it out, and it seems that the partial keyword on the OnValidate method is causing problems (understandably so). This doesn't seem possible to fix (but I could very well be wrong).

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C# - Can Base Classes See The Protected Fields Of Derived Classes

Aug 11, 2010

I don't know if this has to do with how FindControl works or how scope works. But my base class is having a hard time seeing the fields of child classes. Currently I'm planning have the derived class set a property in the base class, but there are a lot of derived classes, so that isn't a very attractive solution.


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Web Forms :: Using C# Classes Vb Classes Together In VS2008 / 3.5 Project

Mar 24, 2010

Can I use VB and C# classes together in the same 3.5 project?

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Map Model Classes To ViewModel Classes Or Aggregate Model Classes In ViewModel Classes

Dec 15, 2010

I'm curious as to what people consider better practice, between duplicating model structure in the view model and using a mapping tool to move data between the two, or aggregate the model inside the view model, i.e. have a property on the view model class that is a reference to the actual model. Which is considered a better approach in general?

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Use System.Web In Desktop Application

Jul 12, 2010

I just added System.Web reference to a dll assembly, the assembly is for windows applications and for web applications. IF the assembly will be deployed on a server, System.Web will be shared using GAC, and there is no overhead. But what about windows clients. I am wondering if there are extra resources or any kind of problems when System.Web is loaded into memory?

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