Forms Data Controls :: Spacing Between Columns In Datalist

Jun 9, 2010

I have a datalist with 2 columns repeating horizontally. I need some spacing between the columns and am not sure how to do it. I can use cellspacing/cellpadding but that adds vertical spacing as well, which I don't want. Just horizontal.

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Forms Data Controls :: Can Set Columns To A Datagridview Like Datalist Property Builder Columns To List Datas

Jul 10, 2009

I need to list datas in grid view in 2 column order like a datalist property builder columns number

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Forms Data Controls :: Create Header For Top Of Each Listview Or Datalist Repeated Columns?

Aug 27, 2010

i have a datalist .

i used an object datasource to show data in datalist .

and my datalist have two or more repeated columns .

how i can make header for top of each column ?

not for each item and not for each row .just for each column .?

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Forms Data Controls :: Add Multiple Columns In A Datalist , Without Adding Invalid Html Code?

Jun 27, 2010

I have the following code the form of a datalist,

<asp:DataList ID="DataList1" runat="server" BorderColor="black" CellPadding="3" Font-Names="Verdana"


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Forms Data Controls :: DataList Columns Align Horizontally - Get The Data To Align Vertically For Each Item?

Mar 30, 2010

How to align the data from a datalist horizontally on a page. Currently i have the date in a linear pattern with code below. Current formatting:

A Acityname1 Acityname2 B
Bcityname1 BCityNAme2 ------

I would like the formatting horizontal in 4 columns, as below.

ACityName1 BCityName1 " "
ACityName2 BCityNAme2 " "
ACityName3 BCityName3 " "



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Forms Data Controls :: Item Spacing In ListView?

Jun 30, 2009

I'm sure the answer is pretty simple, I just can't find it from almighty google or by searching forums. I have a ListView which shows flash movies which are e-cards. I can can control the size of the flash movies, but I would like to increase the spacing around the items. i.e. 10 pixels of spacing around each flash movie. I tried using a div container around the movies and using padding in the <div style="padding:10 10 10 10"> attibute. It resulted in placing each movie on a new line with no padding.Here is my code:


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Forms Data Controls :: Remove Spacing To Before The First And After The Last Column?

Nov 9, 2010

When creating a new column chart, by default a lot of space is inserted to the left of the first column in a series, and to the right of the last column. This means that a lot of space is wasted in the ChartArea.

How can I get rid of this spacing? In other words, how can I align the columns in a column chart so that the first column is all the way to the left of the chart area, and the last column is all the way to the right in the chart area?

Note: I have tried asking this question in the social.msdn "Chart controls" forum [URL], however there does not seem to be many people answering questions there.

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview White Space Differs From Dataset Spacing

Apr 29, 2010

I am having problems with rendering differences between a gridview control and a local report .rdlc rendering. The dataset shows different spacing between characters in the dataset visualizer than it does in the gridview. The sql reporting services report is more closely rendering what is shown in the visualizer. The dataset is filled From a DAL and then bound to the gridview and reporting service at runtime. I'm currently using VS2008 and programming in VB.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Add Data From Datalist To Another Datalist Just Selecting Data Of Datalist

Jul 14, 2009

Iam want to move data from one datalist on selecting a particular data to a listbox or new datalist without postback the page using c# language.

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Forms Data Controls :: DataList No Results / Access Datasource On The Page With A Datalist To Show The Data?

Nov 15, 2010

The problem is that i have a search page. Access Database holding the information. I have a Access Datasource on the page with a Datalist to show the data. I need to find a way on setting it up to says "Sorry no results found" when the is no results. i am unsure on how to do this though.

Below is my datasource and datalist


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Forms Data Controls :: Carry The Datalist Data Key As Parameter In Html Anchor That Is Inside Datalist?

Sep 16, 2009

I'd like to carry the datalist data key as parameter in html anchor that is inside datalist.

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Forms Data Controls :: Create An ASP Grid With Dynamic Columns With An Ability To Freeze Columns And Rows

Sep 20, 2010

I created a gridview that is made up of 4 gridviews and using a stored procedure to populate it. I create columns at runtime because the number of columns changes all the time.To make the grids editable I am adding template fields at runtime as I create the columns, this is to ensure that a user is able to edit the cells and some foot values update. Reason why I have four grids is to freeze rows and columns like in excel using javascript. The problem is that performance is very bad especially in IE, the grids take a long time to load. I am not sure if this is caused by the data load or the creation of text boxes. see some of the code below for my _aspx page:


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Forms Data Controls :: In Page User Able To Select Gridview Columns And It Will Hide Remaining Columns

Mar 18, 2010

in page user able to select gridview Columns, and it will hide remaining columns and that selection done by check box with column list bellow is Image link , what exactly I am looking for [URL] it look bellow after selection of column done [URL]

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Forms Data Controls :: Radio Buttons Within Datalist / Group Just Not Via A Datalist With Unique Names

Mar 16, 2011

Am building a Form for out intranet that runs on ASP.NET and C#, it is to be a survey from a SQL database. I have the connections setup can pull informations/Questions from the database. I am having a problem with setting up radio buttons within a datalist, ive never done this and i know they require unque names.

It is to be 4 radio buttons per question where only one can be select, i know how to group just not via a datalist with unique names

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Forms Data Controls :: Paging With Datalist If That Datalist Is Populated With Inputs Coming From A Querystring?

Jun 4, 2010

How can I do paging with datalist if that datalist is populated with inputs coming from a querystring?

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Forms Data Controls :: Getting Selected Key Value From DataList Inside Another Datalist?

Aug 30, 2010

I need to find which Selected Key value that was selected in the ChildDatalist inside the MainDatalist

this is my Html code...for the MainDataList and the nested Childdatalist


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Forms Data Controls :: Place A Datalist Inside Datalist?

Mar 14, 2011

I am trying to place a datalist inside datalist. I managed to place a datalist inside gridview but not datalist inside datalist.

Below is the code I am using to bind the datalist into the master gridview, I am trying to change this code in such way it will be right for datalist inside datalist but so far I did not succeed.


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Forms Data Controls :: Datalist Style / Make A Datalist?

Aug 16, 2010

i have a datalist . that is contains 7 columns in repeat layout .when i have more from 7 columns , datalist style is normal .but when i have smaller than 7 columns ! data list style is not normal,

because there are some empty columns without specific schema.

How i can make a datalist > when i have 1 columns in my datalist my first layout width be 100% ;

and dont show some empty layout ?

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Forms Data Controls :: Displays Without Line Brakes Or Line Spacing When Recall Text

Jan 29, 2011

I am using a textbox to populate mySQL database. My problem is when I recall the text it displays without line brakes or line spacing, inserted in the input textbox. I have tried all the field types i.e. Text, Small, Medium Text and Chars. I have tried gridview, repeater and datalist all displaying continuous text without line brakes.

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Forms Data Controls :: Displaying A DataList Within A DataList?

Dec 7, 2009

Is it possible to display a DataList within another DataList where the second list is fed by the selected value of the first, and retains it's unique relationship to the selected piece of data?What I have as an example is 2 main entries which are listed in the datalist1. When i click a selected button next to the first piece of data on datalist1 this bind a new sqldatasource (sqldatasource2) and display datalist2 (which is linked to datalist 1).However whenever I do bind the datasource2 is shows the data for each entry in the datalist1 and replaces all the linked tables.

My code (long):


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Forms Data Controls :: The Main Use Of Repeater / Repeated For Every Field Produced For Instance In A DataList If The Repeater Is Part Of A DataList?

Oct 22, 2009

Could anyone let me know the main use of repeater, because from what I have understood by doing some search online is that we can use this to show data that we want to be repeated for every field produced for instance in a DataList if the repeater is part of a DataList.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Convert Gridview Rows To Columns And Columns To Rows

Mar 4, 2011

I'm binding a gridview from a webservice with 30 columns and 10 rows, I need to print the same in a PORTRAIT, for that i decided to display columns as rows and

rows as columns like below:

EMP1 1 2 3 4
EMP2 1 2 3 4

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Forms Data Controls :: Space In Text Boxes & Drop Down Lists / Text Boxes Gets A One Tab Spacing?

Jan 20, 2011

Using C# and SQL as the database.I have a page with a gridview and some text boxes and drop down list boxes. A user selects a record from the grid view I query the database and fill the text boxes and drop down list boxes.

Some fields get updated periodincally thus there is no data in those fields in the database until some time.

A strange thing happens.When filling data some text boxes gets a one tab spacing .

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Spacing Of Controls Keeps Changing?

Mar 21, 2009

am haveing problems getting the positioning of controls set consistently in a UserControl. I can get the control layout correct in design mode. It look just fine when I drag the control from the solution and drop it onto the page . Unfortunately it is all wrong when I run the program

I can easily make a change and re-run the program and fix it iteratively. I hate iterative codeing especially when my boss changes what he wants the next time I show him the product.

I suspect I have something set up wrong either in the control or the page I am dropping the user control into. Maybe the whole design is wrong.


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VS 2008 - Bind Different Table Columns Into One Datalist Control?

Jul 9, 2009

I have an xml in the following format.


Now i will read the xml into a dataset, using MyDataSet.ReadXml(filename) Inside my datalist control, i have two fields one is "PropertyName" (asp:label) and other is "PropertyTop" (asp:image).

from the xml converted dataset, PropertyName is one table and PropertyImages is another table.I need to get the value from PropertyName, i.e., "GreenviewPark" and "ImageTop" field value from table PropertyImages.

we cannot use simply datalistcontrolbind() as we can only bind fields from only one table. How we can bind different fields from different table into one datalist control. My option is now to create a html table and put datalist control on specific location for each datatable. Surely there will be a better solution than this...

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Web Forms :: Spacing Between Items In Listbox?

Feb 8, 2010

I am not able to give spaces between two items in list box. I tried with css- padding, but no luck.

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Web Forms :: Set Spacing Between Each Node In Treeview?

Dec 9, 2010

How can I set spacing between each node in treeview? the spacing is not the same for all the nodes. I want to manually add different spacing between leaf node and parent node.

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Forms Data Controls :: Retrieve Data From Select Columns Without Creating Gridview ?

Sep 16, 2010

I have an accessdatasource with multiple columns, one column I use it to populate a dropdownlist. Can I use the data from other columns to insert into a table, insert being done in the aspx.vb page, without creating gridview etc.

Is it possible to make a detailsview one column visible= false and still be able to evaluate its contents?

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Forms Data Controls :: Which Flexible Data Component Using For Multiple Repeat Columns

Jul 26, 2010

I have three column and I need to flexible data listing not like datagrid.

which data component can I use?[URL]

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Forms Data Controls :: Display GridView Columns Data Depending On Conditions?

Nov 24, 2009

using DetailsView DataRowView i am able to get current row and based on conditions display specific column's data within DetailsView control.

Here is the source;


How can i achieve the same in GridView?

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